The emperor walked directly to the Empress Dowager: "The empress is lively here."

The Empress Dowager was very happy. She smiled and said: "It's lively, just because you missed her son, but by coincidence, you made up for it… Donghuai, let your majesty take a look."

She naturally felt that the emperor must be the head of the east, and he happened to be next to the princess Kejing, letting the two of them get close.

But the middle-aged palace man named Donghuai quietly raised his head when he brought people to the table and chairs. He glanced at Kang Li's wink behind the emperor, paused slightly, and led the people to place the emperor's seat in the west. .

The Empress Dowager didn't take it seriously, after all, if the relationship between mother and child is concerned, it is also appropriate for the son to sit under the mother.

The emperor raised his eyebrows slightly, and sat down here without making any comments.

Deng was a little embarrassed. After all, she was the emperor's widow-in-law, and it was always weird to sit with her uncle.

So out of suspicion, she motioned to the maid to withdraw the table in front of her and her seat back.

Only then did Shao Xun realize that there was no one between him and the emperor, only a place for one person was vacated.

She subconsciously moved her seat aside, but found that if the table doesn't move, then she can't move far.

The dishes and wines in front of the emperor were ready. Li Yan spoke first. Her voice was very soft, like a mouthful of honey, which made Shao Xun feel sweet when she listened beside him: "Your Majesty, Empress Dowager. Niangniang has been looking forward to you for a long time. You are late, but you have to fine a glass of wine."

Shao Xun clearly saw her concubine shivering next to her.

The emperor did not speak, but the Empress Dowager said: "Today's banquet is the wine offered by Ke, emperor, you just have a few drinks."

Princess Kejing said: "Father, there is a winemaker in my daughter's family, who has an ancestral kungfu. This is his best'Taoyuan Stuff', and my daughter specially brought it into the palace to invite you to try it."

Fei Deng reminded: "Zhen'er, you can't drink when you have a child."

Princess Kejing is not mean to Deng, who has no conflict of interest with her. She politely said: "Xie Deng Niangniang cares, I just touch my lips and don't know how to drink."

Fei Deng breathed a sigh of relief and nodded.

The Empress Dowager is most willing to see others caring about Princess Kejing, especially since this person is Deng, she is even more happy. She smiled at Deng gratifiedly, and then said to the emperor: "You taste it, it is also a piece of filial respect. ."

The emperor raised his glass: "I wish the empress dowager a long life."

Seeing this, everyone picked up the wine glasses and toasted the Empress Dowager.

The Empress Dowager was so happy that she drank the contents of the cup in one sip, then put down the cup: "How about this wine?"

The concubines and clan relatives all praised one after another: "The princess's wine is really well-deserved, mellow and delicious, it's really not a common product."

Shao Xun himself felt that although Princess Kejing was quite annoying, the wine at home was indeed delicious. Not only was it mellow, but it also had a sweet taste, which was very suitable for her taste.

She couldn't help but put her lips together and took another sip.

"How does the emperor feel?"

The man looked away calmly, turning the glass in his hand, "Yes."

He said this as an admiration, he didn't want the Empress Dowager to listen to it, but he laughed and attracted everyone's attention.

She pointed to the emperor and said, "I knew that you always fool people, and this time it is not surprising."

"The son is telling the truth." The emperor said: "Don't wrong the mother and the Empress."

The empress dowager's face showed a loving and irritating expression: "The mother doesn't know you? I have learned from the stubborn guys in the barracks since I was a child. I don't even want to burn a knife when drinking. This Taoyuan brew is something women drink. I'm afraid you might taste lighter than white water. How can it be delicious?"

The emperor looked at the wine glass and laughed lowly: "No wonder it is said that Zhizi Moruomu is said to have been accepted by the son."

The Empress Dowager's smile gradually faded, and she said in a daze: "I know you are making me happy… and a good boy…"

Then she may have noticed that there are too many outsiders here. It is really not a good place to talk, so she took a little exposed look and called people to drink a pot of wine again: "I know you are not used to drinking, and you don't have to reluctantly, here. I have specially reserved your favorite drink for you."

Compared with the attitude of the Empress Dowager, the emperor seemed very calm. He didn't say much, just smiled and accepted the Empress Dowager's kindness.

"Put a pot on everyone's table." The Empress Dowager's mood was obviously cleaned up: "You can also taste the emperor's favorite wine… Keep a cup and get drunk."

De fei said: "The empress dowager is really a motherly heart, and the concubines were very touched when they saw it."

Others, including Shu fei, also joined, and sighed the love between mother and son between the Empress Dowager and the emperor.

Shao Xun heard it but didn't agree with it. Maybe it was because she was in a different environment since she was a child, and the relationship between her relatives was more complicated, so she had a unique understanding of the topic of family affection.

The feelings between the empress dowager and the emperor… how to put it, a bit like the meaning between Shao Xun and Shao Kui.

Love is still in love, and the pain must be very painful, but…the estrangement is deeper than the self-existing family relationship, like a gap that is not too wide but bottomless, separated between the two, outsiders can't see , But only oneself knows how conspicuous this gap is and how difficult it is to ignore.

Shao Xun had always tried to play down his own existence, without saying a word, hoping that everyone would forget her best, but now he couldn't help but look like the emperor.

The palace man was filling the cup again, and the emperor was lowering his eyes at this time, as if observing the clarified drink in the cup, Shao Xun stared at him with a slightly plain expression in a daze.

At this moment, the emperor's eyelashes trembled, and he raised his eyes abruptly, catching Shao Xunmei's gaze that had no time to escape.

It's really "catch".

The distance between the two of them is actually only one seat apart, and they are already very close. That line of sight almost pinned Shao Xun tightly in place. Her pupils tightened for a moment, and his eyes were locked in his sight. In the eyes of the bottom, you can't move a minute.

Maybe after a long time, or maybe just after a blink of an eye, Shao Xun suddenly retracted his gaze, lowered his head and stared tightly on the desktop.

Perhaps it was nervous or eager to conceal her emotions. Shao Xun's hand touched the table indiscriminately, and she touched a cup. She happened to feel that her throat was burning to death, so she quickly picked it up without thinking about it. Just drink it if you want.

"Cough, cough!"

This is no luck. Shao Xun took the wrong cup in a hurry and drank the spirits newly given by the Empress Dowager just now as Taoyuan.

The wine is really strong, even people who are used to drinking may have to take a small sip to stand it, let alone Shao Xun who drinks more fruit wine.

She coughed violently on the spot. She still remembered that it was at the Empress Dowager's banquet. She tried her best to cover her mouth and reduce her voice, her eyes were red.

The emperor's eyes condensed, and he straightened up subconsciously.

At this moment, Fei Deng, who hadn't moved since a while ago and had no sense of existence, suddenly leaned over, helped Shao Xun slapping her back, and stroked her chest again, helping her to suppress her cough anyway.

Shao Xun took a sip of water with Fei Deng's hand, and then felt the burning sensation in his mouth eased a lot.

She took a deep breath with lingering fears, and never dared to see the emperor anymore. She only said to Deng: "Manny, thank you.

Fortunately, the Empress Dowager was pestered by De fei and others to talk, and there was no one paying attention to it.

The thankful Deng did not speak at the first time. She continued to pat Shao Xun's back and looked at her with a smile over and over again. She smiled and shook her head until Shao Xun looked at her with some confusion: "It's just a matter of effort, don't take it to heart."

Shao Xun felt that there was something strange in the empress's smile, and she looked at each other suspiciously as soon as she didn't know it.

Deng's expression has not changed. Due to her health, her lips are a little pale and her complexion is not good, but her manners are very elegant. She reminded: "This wine is too strong, and the stamina is a bit more than normal, Shao Girl, be careful of getting drunk."

Shao Xun's throat was burning hot now, and her face started to flush. Naturally, she knew that the sip of the wine she had just drunk would be worth a jar of Taoyuan Stuff, but she is still relatively clear on her mind, so she thinks she can tolerate it.

Deng Fei smiled and said: "Don't you think it will be too late after a while in public. I'll go and talk for you. You can rest in the side hall for a while and see if you will get more and more drunk."

Shao Xun quickly stopped: "The empress dowager is on her head, don't disturb her interest for me."

Fei Deng whispered: "Who said I'm going to disturb the Empress Dowager."

As she said that, she turned her head to look at the emperor, and said concisely: "Your Majesty, this child seems to be a little drunk. Why don't you send someone to take her to rest for a while?"

The emperor has been paying attention to this side since just now, almost seeing the end from the beginning, naturally, there is no need for Fei Deng to say anything.

He beckoned, Kang Li answered yes, walked in front of Shao Xun, lowered his voice and said, "Miss Shao, the maidservant will take you to rest."

The emperor and Deng were both looking at her, and Shao Xun also gradually felt that drunk rushing sensation. He had no choice but to stand up as unnoticeably as possible and followed Kang Li.

The second princess sits on the far side, but if her attention totals 10 points, then nine points are on Shao Xun. Naturally, she also saw this scene. She originally wanted to accompany Shao Xun regardless of whether the Empress Dowager was tall or unhappy. By my side, but watching Kang Li and the palace people around the Empress Dowager follow Shao Xun, I felt relieved.

After all, it is impossible for anyone to make trouble under the eyelids of the emperor and the Empress Dowager at the same time.

After the Empress Dowager had finished speaking with the concubines, she turned her head and looked at the emperor again, only to find that Shao Xun was not there. Before she could ask, Deng walked behind her and whispered about her drinking spirits by mistake. .

The Empress Dowager listened for a while and said, "Is she still a child? I can be frivolous in doing things… I will send a few more palace people to watch her. Don't have no one to serve in Ningshou Palace. Wouldn't it be wronged to her? "

When others asked, she refused to say more, saying only that Shao Xun was too much to drink and had a rest. This was also the peculiar tolerance and consideration of the elderly, and wanted to help the little girl save face.

She only said to the emperor next to her: "It was your pot of wine that got them all drunk."

The emperor just laughed, and after a long time he laughed and sighed: "…it is indeed my fault."

Naturally, the emperor's drinking volume was not comparable to Shao Xunneng's. He drank half of the pot of wine in front of him, and he was not drunk. He had neither headaches nor brain fever. On the contrary, he felt that a group of women rushed to talk, and he had a headache.

Halfway through the banquet, except for the Empress Dowager who was busy taking care of Princess Kejing and not paying attention, many others could see that the emperor was impatient, but due to their respective purposes, they did not say anything, only Deng reminded him softly: "Mother, I see your majesty. Can't sit still."

Only then did the Empress Dowager notice that her son had almost drunk wine. She was a bit regretful that the emperor didn't say a few words with Princess Kejing this time, but she still accepted: "Emperor, if you are tired, go back first. Well, my mothers talk to themselves."

She thought that the emperor was eager to leave immediately, but saw him stop for a while and hesitated.

As soon as the Empress Dowager's doubts arose, Kang Li explained in due course: "Your Majesty wants to wait until this is over, and I have something to tell you alone…"

The Empress Dowager thinks she understands, thinking that he is impatient to stay here and listen to the women, but also has something to discuss with herself. She doesn't want to take another trip, so she said understandingly: "Then you go find a place to rest in the temple. Now, when we are done, we will naturally call you."

The emperor didn't say a word, but raised his eyes and looked at Kang Li.

This look caused the great eunuch to shrink his neck.

The emperor was silent for a moment, but finally heeded their advice.

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