The emperor didn't want to walk along the way as the drama said. He was very steady and solid step by step, but his voice was unexpectedly soft. If he didn't listen carefully, he would not even notice any movement.

The Empress Dowager hosted a banquet in the Flower Hall, and the emperor took Kang Li to the side hall of Ningshou Palace.

There are not many rooms here, there are only a few, so one of the doors guarding the two palace ladies, the old and the young, is particularly conspicuous.

Kang Li glanced at the emperor's expression and coughed slightly: "Your Majesty, let's go over there."

The emperor paused in his footsteps, then walked to the door.

The two court ladies looked at each other, thinking that the emperor didn't know that there were female relatives inside, they subconsciously reached out and stopped: "Your Majesty, there is…"

"Presumptuous!" Kang Li interrupted the palace man's words all of a sudden: "Your Majesty wants to rest here, don't retreat!"

The man in the palace was taken aback for a moment, yet he didn't react. The other one, who was older, opened his mouth and understood it. He yanked his companion's clothes hard, and his companion also realized something afterwards. The two of them were caught by Kang Li. He waved to the side, biting his lips tightly, not daring to say a word.

Watching the emperor walk to the door and stand still, the two court ladies bowed their heads deeply to cover up the horrified expressions on their faces.

This, here is the lady of Yingguo Gongfu!

The emperor didn't move at first, and Kang Li was so anxious that he was about to jump the wall-you said that the meat was stuffed into his mouth, if he didn't swallow it, it would be too unreasonable.

Kang Li didn't care what he thought of the emperor. He did have his own thoughts and concerns.

The emperor thought for a while, instead of pushing the door directly as others thought, he reached out and knocked on the door frame a few times.

He thought that if Shao Xun had fallen asleep, he would not respond, and if he was still awake, he would first ask who the person came. He didn't expect that his hand hadn't been put down yet, and Shao Xun said directly inside: "Come in. ."

He didn't even ask who knocked on the door.

The emperor pushed the door in and closed the door easily, blocking the line of sight outside the door.

Crossing the threshold and bypassing the screen, the emperor discovered that Shao Xun was sitting with his back facing him, resting his hand on the table, propping his head and wondering what he was looking at.

The emperor walked over slowly and stood behind her.

"……looking at what?"

Shao Xun cupped his face and said, "I'm looking at my purse."

Her voice was obviously different from usual. The emperor immediately heard it. He paused, and put his hand on the girl's thin shoulders: "Is it uncomfortable?"

Shao Xun grasped the sachet on the table tightly in his hand, and then withdrew his arm, actually lying on the table: "I have a headache."

Such movements and a slightly coquettish soft tone could not be made by the usual Shao Xun. The emperor thought that she was not good enough, and his heart was tense, and he didn't care about anything else, so he forced her to turn around on her shoulders.

Shao Xun was really different from the past.

Her face was flushed, her beautiful eyes were half-closed, as if sleepy and still not awake, her red mouth was slightly pursed, as if she was full of dissatisfaction.

Like a child, Shao Xun blankly held his hot cheeks in his hands, slowly rolled his eyes to look at the emperor, and whispered, "Oh, it's so hot."

The emperor was stunned-this girl is… drunk?

Shao Xun was indeed drunk. She had never drunk such a strong drink before. She drank a large glass with this sip. At first, she felt hot and uncomfortable in her throat. After a while, the drunkenness began to rush up. Just as Deng Fei said, Shao Xun realized that it was amazing.

Don't look at Shao Xun, who looks good at acting and can speak. In fact, she can't see the figure clearly, and her mind is mostly confused. She acts only by instinct.

Taking advantage of the emperor's stunned effort, Shao Xun broke away from his arm, struggling to stand up, but immediately staggered, if it weren't for the emperor to hold her in time, he was afraid that he would fall to the ground.

Shao Xun was taken aback, and immediately aggrieved: "I'm going to… I'm going to fall."

The emperor supported her soft body, so angry and funny, what he wanted to say couldn't be said at first sight.

Fearing that she would fall and be injured again, the emperor simply lifted her up sideways and sent her to Luohan's bed to be settled.

Shao Xun was held in a daze and walked for a few steps. He didn't feel wrong, and he didn't struggle anymore. He didn't struggle until he was placed on the couch and shook his head to signal that he did not want to lie down.

The emperor never thought that Shao Xun would be like this when he was drunk. He looked like a child, capricious and noisy. It was completely different from the last time he was drunk.

He was so tossed that he lost his temper and could only help her sit up again, holding the girl's back with his hands, afraid that she would fall.

The purse in Shao Xun's arms fell to the ground during the action. She thrashed to pick it up, so the emperor helped her pick it up and put it in her hand.

"Whose is this?" The emperor had a rare curiosity.

At this time, Shao Xun's brain was a little slow, and he reacted for a long time before he clung to his purse and replied a little slow: "Yes, my mother gave it to me."

The emperor found it amusingly that the child was really drunk and confused.

Because this purse is obviously new, and I don't know if it has been a month since it was made, it is absolutely impossible for Shao Xun's mother who died young.


The emperor had something to say to her when he came here, but now he can't say it in the face of this little drunk.

Shao Xun looked at the purse in his hand and then at the emperor. At last he flattened his mouth and asked aggrievedly: "Why did you come?"

Her eyes were hazy, and her usual extremely restrained calmness and self-sufficiency faded away, so she had seven points of innocence.

The emperor's heart skipped a beat, and he whispered: "Are you waiting for me?"

Shao Xun blinked dullly at first, and then fixed his gaze on the emperor, his eyes slowly accumulating water vapor.

The emperor hesitated for a moment, reached out his hand and gently touched her face, warmly said: "What's the matter? Are you wronged?"

Shao Xun shook her head vigorously. She looked at him with her misty eyes. After a long time, she asked softly: "Am I not good-looking?"

The emperor looked down at this stunning face: "…It looks good."

"Am I not smart?"

"You are very smart."

"Is that I'm not pitiful and cute (1)?"

The emperor was not talking, just holding her cold face in one hand and wiping away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

Shao Xun sniffed, and the emotions in his eyes were as clear as a shallow stream, allowing the emperor to understand the mind of the girl in front of him without having to look closely.

She is begging for mercy and love.

She also fully deserves the love and pity of anyone, including the emperor himself.

"Then… why don't you like me?"

With these words, the emotions that the emperor had been restrained in his heart suddenly surged up unexpectedly. He gritted his teeth, and then couldn't help holding Shao Xun's back neck tightly, lowering his head, his voice was a little unnoticeable hoarse: "Who That said, who said… I don't like you?"

Shao Xun couldn't move when he pressed it there. He looked at him ignorantly and repeated: "You…you don't…"

"Little girl, I like you very much," the emperor was extremely serious at that moment: "I…"

Shao Xun suddenly plunged into the emperor's arms and started to cry.

The emperor's body tightened, and he subconsciously embraced her, almost unable to believe that this would go smoothly.

Before the happiness in his heart could be expressed, he was suppressed by the distress of seeing Shao Xun crying more and more fiercely.

He had no choice but to turn around with Shao Xun, sit on the couch, gently pat her back, and softly coaxed: "Good boy, don't cry…"

Shao Xun was sitting on the emperor's lap, lying on his shoulders, and crying vigorously around his neck, still muttering something in his mouth.

The pity in the emperor's heart almost overflowed, and he couldn't help but stick to it, wanting to hear what Shao Xun was saying.

Just listen to Shao Xun crying vaguely while choking and crying: "Dad…Dad…"


It was almost a basin of cold water splashed down, and the emperor's heart that was unable to control his beating was forcibly calmed down instantly. He paused, and immediately lowered his head, pressing against Shao Xun's head to confirm again.

Sure enough, I heard it right just now. At this time, Shao Xun was crying very sad, tears streaming down his face, but calling her father and brother in confusion.

——She has admitted the wrong person…

The emperor was angry and laughed immediately, and now he wanted to turn Shao Xun around and beat him twice.

But this anger was lost for the most part while watching Shao Xun trembling and crying with tears on his face.

The girl's eyes seemed to shed endless tears, crying so sad and wronged, she easily soaked her own temples and the clothes on the emperor's shoulders.

The emperor looked at her for a long time, finally reached out and touched her forehead, then followed the white and clean side face to his ears, and wiped the tears on her face with his thumb.

Although the emperor was a little sulking in her heart, the movements on her hands unconsciously were full of compassion and comfort. She didn't know if the drunk Shao Xun was aware of this complicated emotion. She choked and silently opened her mouth. He opened his eyes and looked at him quietly from bottom to top.

This kind of immaturity is completely different from the girl who is calm and restrained in front of the emperor on weekdays.

To such a girl, who can really get angry at her.

The emperor's mood was complicated and helpless, his fingers came behind her ears unconsciously, and he subconsciously rubbed them for her.

Shao Xun felt comfortable in the vague sadness, and her unconscious tears disappeared. Perhaps what she subconsciously seeks is not the joyful tears, but the patient and wholehearted comfort of others.

When the emperor faced her, he had no lack of patience.

After a while, Shao Xun's head rested completely on the emperor's shoulders, first blinked a few times, and then these beautiful and delicate eyes closed slowly and comfortably.

She fell asleep.

The emperor looked at her sleeping peacefully in his arms, even if he was really full of anger, he would dissipate, not to mention that he was not very angry.

When Shao Xun was completely quiet, he realized that this was a beautiful girl…no, it was a woman, lying in his arms at the moment, sleeping unguarded.

The emperor stared at her sleeping face for a long time, instinctively wanting to get a little reward and compensation.

He hesitated for a long time, and finally slowly, with full restraint, lowered his head and dropped a kiss on Shao Xun's temple.

The two of them had a very close contact not long ago, and they actually saw a lot of each other and touched a lot of the things that should be seen and touched.

But the emperor knew that these two times were different.

If Shao Xun was begging for love last time, then this time he was begging for love… the kind of love with compassion that can give her peace of mind and trust.

These are two completely different things, and the emperor did not want to destroy this trust in any way.

He raised his head helplessly, not daring to move too much for fear of frightening the child in his arms, so he could only lean to the side gently, and leaned against the head pillow with Shao Xun.

After a while, he also slowly closed his eyes.

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