The lunch in the flower hall finally ended.

Thanks to the pot of wine that was rewarded later, although everyone was not as powerful as Shao Xun reacted, they were somewhat drunk.

Ningshou Palace couldn't hold so many people, so the Empress Dowager sent all the concubines away, leaving only a few grandchildren to rest here.

The arrangements were made for the children to be settled, and after a few words with Princess Kejing, the Empress Dowager fell into the air.

She rubbed her forehead and looked a little tired, "Where is the emperor? Everyone is gone, please come over."

Mother Wu hurriedly responded, and went to the side hall herself to invite the emperor.

The Empress Dowager also drank a few sips of wine, and now she felt a little headache. She was leaning on her back and closing her eyes to rest, waiting for the emperor to come over and talk, but didn't want to hear only one footstep in her ears.

This was Wu's footsteps. The Empress Dowager didn't open her eyes until she came to her. She asked casually, "Why, is it because the emperor can't wait to have already left?"

Wu's mouth opened, but he didn't know what to say.

The empress dowager couldn't hear the answer for a long time, so she opened her eyes somewhat puzzled.

I saw Wu Shi couldn't hide his horror, his face was full of disbelief.


"What's the matter?" The Empress Dowager frowned unconsciously: "Just say anything, you know I hate other people's hesitation."

A very embarrassed expression appeared on Wu's face. She considered her words, and leaned in her ear and whispered a few words before the Empress Dowager became impatient.

The Empress Dowager was originally leaning on the couch, and she was a little careless even when she asked, mainly because she thought that no matter what happened at this time, it was not too big for her, and she was not worthy of her attention.

But when Wu Shi really told the story, the eyes of the Empress Dowager who had been half-closed because of exhaustion suddenly widened. She unconsciously straightened up and said, "What did you say?!"

Wu Clan awkwardly repeated the key points: "…Your Majesty… I went to Miss Shao, and it is still…"

"Okay, needless to say." The Empress Dowager waved her hand: "I see."

Wu Shi was obviously relieved.

After being shocked, the Empress Dowager slowly calmed down. She asked, "Where is the one who serves the child?"

Wu said, "…I was pushed aside by Kang Li's eunuch. If it weren't for the slave and maid, I'm afraid I wouldn't even dare to move until now."

The Empress Dowager also knew if the emperor had to do something, it would be too difficult to expect two ordinary palace people to stop her.

She thought about it carefully, and there is indeed something abnormal about the emperor today.

In the past few times, I had a banquet to celebrate the respect. It was too noisy to invite him, so I agreed in person, saying that I would come when I had time, but every time it was over, I didn't see anyone, so she didn't bother to call him again this time. Now, this person came up by himself instead.

And at the banquet, he obviously didn't want to stay for a while, asking him to go back first, but he refused to live or die. Isn't this a ghost?

The Empress Dowager said in a huff: "What I said, today is so good to talk, it was their master and servant who fooled people together after a long time. This is really the drunkard's intention not to drink."

Wu Clan said: "Then…you have to go to the slave and maid…"

"What are you going to join in the fun?" The Empress Dowager sighed: "If nothing happens to the two of them, wouldn't you take the initiative to provoke the emperor to anger?"

Staying in the same room with Miss Shao, and nothing happens…

Wu thought, this is too difficult: "In case your Majesty wants to…"

"Then it would have been a long time, and it would be nothing to go."

The Empress Dowager thought about Shao Xun's appearance, and said amused: "Really, I can't blame him for self-cultivation in the past few years. I still think he really wants to be pure-hearted and not eating the fireworks. In the end, it turns out that those porridge and side dishes are not rare. Up."

To say that there are all kinds of concubines in the harem, not only the unsurprising look of Concubine Gong, but also the natural beauty of Li 嫔. It would be a bit biased to say that they are all "porridge and small dishes", but if you talk with Shao By comparison, this analogy sounds unexpectedly appropriate.

Wu Shi looked at the empress dowager's expression and tentatively said: "Manny, do you seem to be disgusted?"

The Empress Dowager glanced at her: "My son has taken advantage of others. What disgusts me?"

"The maidservant just feels that this is a matchless and unemployed…"

"What kind of matchmaker do you want?" The Empress Dowager said calmly: "The emperor is the emperor, the supreme of ten thousand times, and he should have whatever he wants."

Wu was shocked by this seemingly plain sentence, and only listened to the Empress Dowager continuing to say: "Besides he has not had a close person for so long, I still can't rest assured that he was still a little interested in the harem when he was young. In the past few years, the years have grown, and even this little interest is not left. The youngest Yanjie is six years old. Should this continue to be a monk?"

"Although the emperor of Taoism is ruthless, but this person has to worry about something in order to be popular."

"Then say that, do you think your Majesty really cares about Girl Shao?"

"Wait and see," the Empress Dowager leaned back again and closed her eyes: "If you have been rewarded these few days, that would be the case, but if there is no news for a while… Instead, pay more attention."

Upon seeing this, Wu put a thin blanket on her legs for the Empress Dowager, and saw her suddenly opened her eyes: "The two palace people… let them shut their mouths tightly, the other girl still has a reputation…"

"Then you don't have to worry about it, Kang Li has sealed up people's mouths like a monkey."

The Empress Dowager nodded: "It's pretty well done."

Shao Xun seemed to have slept for a long time, so that when she woke up, she didn't find it right for the first time.

She couldn't open her eyes in a daze, and subconsciously wanted to reach out and rub her.

But it did not succeed.

Her hand seemed to be firmly held, and she couldn't move it.

Her somewhat unconscious mind finally noticed the difference.

Since she grew up, she has only slept in the same bed with a few girls or the second princess. The girls, especially Yuhu, are always overly cautious when they are with her. They only dare to squint at the edge of the bed, although the bed is more They feel a lot of comfort, but they actually don't sleep well, so that afterwards, if not necessary, Shao Xun will not let them suffer.

And Zhao Ruotong sleeps well, stays still all night, puts his hands on his abdomen when he falls asleep, and never moves when he wakes up.

But now… who can hold her hand while sleeping?

Shao Xun felt that the bed board beneath him seemed to be radiating heat, which was harder than before.

Thinking like this, she finally opened her eyes, and the first thing that caught her eye was the bright yellow dress.

She was taken aback for a moment, and then suddenly opened her eyes, and her sleepiness instantly flew out of the clouds.

——Where is the "bedboard" under her? It is clearly the body of an adult man!

Shao Xun subconsciously let out a short exclamation and was about to turn over and leave.

It is a pity that she has soft legs and feet, and she has no time to see clearly. She rolled over and exceeded the edge of the couch, and she was about to fall off.

At this moment, both hands wrapped her waist in time and drew her back in a thrilling manner.

Under inertia, Shao Xun fell on the man again.

She put aside her eyes and didn't look at this person, because she could guess who this person was without looking at her.

The emperor took her by the arm, helped her up, straightened up himself, and asked very naturally: "Did you hurt?"

In his tone, it was as if it was normal for two people to be alone in a room and on a bed.

Shao Xun took a deep breath and pressed his lips tightly.

She felt that the emperor was as stable as Mount Tai, as if she did not perceive the embarrassment that did not appear in the atmosphere, and did not speak, but looked at her quietly.

Finally, Shao Xun suppressed the panic in his heart, and took the initiative to speak: "Your Majesty, this…" She choked, and then continued: "What's the matter?"

Seeing that her head was about to fall to the ground, the emperor reached out and raised her chin, and turned her face to face himself: "Look at me talking."

This action is not what the emperor would do to his courtiers under normal circumstances, but because Shao Xun was just lying on his body and sleeping, in contrast, it seemed that he did not go too far.

Shao Xun is now hiding and unable to hide, running and unable to run. He can only do enough psychological construction, and then he dared to raise his eyes and look at the emperor, "Why do we… like this?"

The emperor said: "Do you remember what happened?"

Shao Xun bit his lip and shook his head.

She was really drunk and confused. She couldn't remember what had happened. She only knew that she was lying in the emperor's arms when she woke up.

"you're drunk."

Shao Xun looked at him-she naturally knew that she was drunk, but… after that?

The emperor slowly opened his mouth: "What do you do when you are drunk, don't you know what you do?"

"What?" Shao Xun was confused, and she subconsciously explained: "I, I really don't remember."

"I don't remember this time…" The emperor nodded, and then immediately said: "Then you always remember the last time, right?"

……Last time?

Shao Xun felt as if she had been struck in her mind. She was struck by lightning in an instant, and she was stunned on the spot: "You mean…no, it's impossible."

"Why is it impossible?" the emperor asked softly, and then he calmly retorted her with "facts": "Aren't you drunk that time? Once drunk, what's weird about making the same mistake twice?"

Shao Xun only felt that she couldn't argue, she opened her mouth and tried to explain: "No, I am not…"

She wasn't really drunk last time!

Could it be said that she is actually suffering from drunken morality, but it was just covered up by the medicinal properties last time?

The emperor's tone was too determined, and he couldn't see that he was talking nonsense at all, and it made Shao Xun really start to wonder if he did something he shouldn't do.

She still couldn't believe it, and asked hesitantly: "What did I do?"

The emperor said solemnly: "I just wanted to come to you and say a few words, but I didn't expect you to be drunk. When I saw me, I asked if you were beautiful or smart, and…"

"……What else?"

"I also asked why I didn't like you, and then I rushed over and refused to let it go."

Shao Xun really didn't want to believe that these were what he said, but the emperor's description was so vivid that she couldn't help but believe it.

She barely contained herself, her cheeks and eyes flushed as if she was about to bleed.

Because of shame, she approached the emperor and said in a low voice and eagerly: "I didn't mean it, I was very drunk at that time… I don't know…"

At this moment, she looked up and found a smile in the emperor's eyes that hadn't concealed it. Then she realized that something was wrong: "No, your majesty! You…"

She looked at the emperor with a smile but didn't say anything, she couldn't help feeling a little anxious, "Your Majesty, is it me?!"

The smile in the emperor's eyes was deeper, he just said, "I didn't lie either."

Shao Xun subconsciously grabbed the emperor's sleeves, but in a hurry, he forgot to keep a distance. The two of them were sitting on a small couch together. She leaned forward inadvertently. If outsiders looked at it, maybe Would think she was stuck in the arms of the emperor.

The emperor saw how cute she looked, even more so now, and finally couldn't stand up and laughed after a long while.

At this time, Shao Xun was almost certain that the emperor was deliberately teasing herself. She was a little annoyed: "Your Majesty, why are you…"

Before he finished speaking, he was pressed into the broad warm arms.

Her voice stopped abruptly, she couldn't remember anything, her mind went blank, she could only listen to the laughter and vibration coming from the man's chest in a daze.

The emperor hugged the delicate and slender body in his arms, and it took a while before he stopped smiling.

Then he lowered his head slightly, and whispered against Shao Xun's hair as if sighing slightly: "Silly girl, this time, I offended you."

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