"It's me who is in danger, not your fault…"

His movements were not heavy, but Shao Xun opened his eyes and trembled, and he couldn't make it out even with half his strength.

She could perceive the complete stability of the emperor's embrace, just like him, as unshakable as a mountain.

Push him away, push him away!

Shao Xun could almost hear the deafening sound in her ears, and every sentence urged her to respond in rejection.

She gritted her teeth, put her hand on his chest, and couldn't help closing her eyes tightly.

The emperor held her back with his hand, lowered his head like when she was asleep, and kissed tentatively, and then immediately felt that the person in his arms became tighter for an instant.

He sighed in his heart and let go before Shao Xun finally raised his strength to refuse.

Shao Xun was let go, but still tilted his head, closing his eyes and reluctant to look at him.

The emperor looked at her for a long while, then said: "Are you afraid?"

Shao Xun slowly opened her eyes, her body still trembling uncontrollably, she turned her head and said, "I… shouldn't I be afraid?"

She finally summoned the courage to look directly at him: "Your Majesty, you are the emperor, you can do whatever you want, but, but I'm just an ordinary courtier, so I should be afraid of it."

The emperor's heart sank immediately, knowing that the child was not-at least not yet ready to deal with it.

Today, he is indeed a little hastily.

However, there is no way to accurately grasp the timing of this kind of thing. If it is to be delayed, I don't know when I can pierce this layer of window paper.

In emotional matters, sometimes decisive action may be more useful than careful calculation.

In this way, the emperor said: "You don't need to be afraid, I didn't force you."

Shao Xun looked at him with hesitation and faint shaking in his eyes.

Just listen to the emperor with a chuckle: "Besides, don't you know if I do what I want?"

Shao Xun finally calmed down and flushed uncontrollably. She was a little embarrassed, but she didn't know how to deal with such words.

The emperor slowly stretched out his hand and put his fingers on the side of her face. Shao Xun trembled his eyelashes lightly, but did not evade in the end.

His hand stroked her face with extremely light and gentle force.

"Do you understand what I mean?"

How to understand this?

Shao Xun's lips were trembling. She wanted to speak, but her finger was pressed against her lips.

"Do you want to?"

Obviously he was asking her, but he reached out his hand to keep her from speaking. Perhaps the emperor already knew the answer to the question, but he didn't want to hear the result from Shao Xun anyway.

Shao Xun looked into the emperor's eyes and felt that the mist that covered his emotions had dissipated, and she could clearly see the strength under the calm wrapper inside.

He is very serious, very serious.

Shao Xun sensed this inexplicably, but she still shook her head slowly and firmly.


The emperor was not surprised. He withdrew his hand, after thinking about it, and then asked: "Is it wrong with me?"

Shao Xun was stunned. Although she had long guessed that Emperor Yi's temperament would not be angry with her for such rejection, she did not expect him to ask this sentence.

After she came back to her senses, she shook her head quickly subconsciously, much harder than just that time.

"Then why don't you want to?" He thought of the fact that she had just called her father to him, and felt a little uncomfortable in his heart: "Because I am older and you are much older, you dislike my youngest?"

Shao Xun was anxious: "No, no, you are not old!"

The emperor calmed down. Both of them were silent for a long time before saying, "You don't want to enter the palace, are you?"

"Do you really dislike me, or do you simply do not want to enter the palace?"

Shao Xun pressed his lips tightly and rolled his throat up and down, but the emperor never looked away, as if he had to get an answer.

She took a deep breath: "I, I only consider you to be…a respectable elder, only admiration, this is not love."

As she spoke, she couldn't help but observe the emperor's expression. Seeing that his face didn't seem to change, she dared to continue to say with difficulty: "You…you might just pity me, just…"

In fact, she was wrong. Although the emperor's expression did not change and looked very calm, he was actually grinned by the excuse Shao Xun found in his heart.

elder? Respect? Admire?


The emperor's face was very indifferent, but his actions were the opposite. He directly took Shao Xun's hand and interrupted her.

Shao Xun opened his mouth slightly, not knowing how to react in shock.

The emperor's tone was quite gentle: "You said that when I am an elder, let's try and see, OK?"

Shao Xun didn't understand what he meant at first, but she could instinctively perceive the danger. She stepped back, but was grabbed by her wrist and pulled forward and moved to the emperor.

The two were very close at this time, but the emperor didn't do anything, and the arm of his right hand opened.

This was a gesture. Shao Xun looked at him for a while before swallowing unconsciously.

Then, with a very slow motion, she gently leaned up.

The emperor was much taller than her, and there was a clear gap even when she was sitting. She just leaned on his shoulders like this, and the fit was just right, as if she was born to sleep here.

Shao Xun closed her eyes, and she could hear the emperor's heartbeat—perhaps her own heartbeat could not be said, because the voice was very rapid and loud. The emperor was so calm and composed. Only she could be so nervous. Right.

"Am I like an elder?" the emperor asked.

Shao Xun paused, gritted his teeth and said, "Like!"

The emperor's chest shook, and he smiled: "Really?"

He wrapped Shao Xun's arm with one hand, and reached out with the other hand and gently lifted her chin so that the beautiful eyes were facing him.

The emperor's eyes were also very good. They were a pair of long Danfeng eyes. They looked very energetic and beautiful in shape. They were much more beautiful than the beautiful men praised by many people outside the palace.

It's just that the dragon robe on his body seems to have magical power, which can cover all the prying and praise of his appearance. As if he was an emperor, his appearance was useless. When people talked about him, they would only say his character, momentum, and ability, but he never mentioned that he was also a very handsome man.

Shao Xun stared at these eyes in a daze. It was too late when he noticed that the opponent was not acting properly.

The emperor lowered his head very calmly, turned his face and approached her.

Shao Xun was obviously panicked, but before she could say anything, the emperor was already close, and the two breathed together. The moment Shao Xun held his breath, he gently kissed her lips.

Shao Xun has never been so intimate with others, perhaps in the previous life, but there is no similar fragment that she remembers, so she never knew that a person's lips can be so warm.

She was held tightly in the emperor's arms, but the kiss was indeed quite gentle and gentle. The emperor even restrained her from going deep, but the mere lip contact was enough for Shao Xun.

She froze there, did not struggle but did not dare to respond, even forgot to breathe.

Can people be so close to people?

But the emperor didn't dare to stay longer, for fear of frightening the little girl who had no experience in the world, he finally kissed her lips gently, and then stopped.

It wasn't until he was held in his arms again that Shao Xun recovered and realized that he hadn't breathed, he hurriedly took a deep breath, and then coughed violently.

The emperor helped her pat her back smoothly and watched her expression. After getting the answer he wanted, his heart relaxed gently.

As soon as Shao Xungang was calm, he straightened up and retreated from the emperor's arms, not even looking at him anymore.

The emperor was not angry either, he whispered: "Did you refuse because you didn't want to enter the palace?"

Indeed, I was not so cold just now. It would be too embarrassing if Shao Xun used the words of his elders to prevaricate him.

Shao Xun shook his head with his eyes down. Just when the emperor thought she was going to deny it, he listened to her: "I don't know, Your Majesty, I… I don't even think about it…"

She raised her eyes slightly: "You are right. I don't think you are wrong, but…I don't know why, but what I can be sure of is-I don't want to."

Her emotions were not fierce, nor was she flustered as before, but the emperor knew that this meant that she was speaking from the heart.

Shao Xun looked at him: "Your Majesty, you are rich in the world and you should take everything you want. There are three thousand beauties in the palace. There are children and grandchildren soon, but I…"

Obviously the previous sentence was okay, but she couldn't help but choked up when she said this: "Anyway, please, beg you not to force me, I, I can't resist…"

When the emperor saw her as if she was about to cry, his expression changed. He touched her face and saw that the fruit of tears was about to flow out, so he hurriedly hugged her and coaxed, "What are you crying for?" I said. If the past won't force you, who would dare not make it?"

Shao Xun didn't want to cry. She felt that she should say what she wanted to say very naturally and calmly, just like every time she concealed her emotions before, but she couldn't help it. She didn't know why she couldn't help it. , Let the emperor hold such soft words and comfort in her arms, she didn't want to push away, but the tears became heavier.

She choked for a while, and finally calmed down, her hand unconsciously grabbed the corner of the emperor's clothes, and whispered: "Your Majesty, I don't need to marry."

The emperor froze for a moment.

"As long as you don't force me to enter the palace, I don't need to marry anyone."

Would you rather die alone than accept him?

The emperor didn't expect to hear such words, and he immediately felt like he was stabbed with a needle.

But after all he had experienced a lot, and he was sad only for a moment to understand immediately-if Shao Xun really hated him to such a point, her reaction when she kissed her just now would have been different.

The emperor was taken aback by those words before, but now he wants to understand, he can't help but twist Shao Xun's nose: "You didn't want to marry someone originally, use my pursuit as an excuse, so courageous."

He rebuked, but the tone was actually gentle and spoiled. Shao Xun didn't feel scared at all, but was embarrassed to be poked.

"What's the reason for this again?" the emperor said, his eyes sharpened inadvertently, but Shao Xun leaned in his arms and didn't see: "Could it be that you have suffered any emotional injury? Your cousin? "

When the emperor first saw Zheng Yunqiao, he only asked a question indifferently. It seemed that he didn't care at all. Shao Xun didn't expect that he had such a reliable memory. When it comes to marriage, he can instantly think of him.

"It's not related to him." Shao Xun said: "I just don't think it's interesting, I am…"

She withdrew from his arms as she spoke, looked at him and asked: "Your Majesty, you want me, what can I do?"

The emperor was stopped by the question. He thought about it carefully, and then asked, "Then what's wrong with you?"

Shao Xun's eyes widened slightly-yes, she really never felt that she was doing a bad job, but she just didn't get the sincere love of others.

So unpleasant, isn't it an unbearable shortcoming?

The emperor likes her now, but this might just be a superficial look, such as seeing her have a good appearance, but if you really get along day and night, you might change your mind one day.

Just like her father, didn't he treat her as a treasure from the beginning? After getting along for a long time, naturally I no longer like her.

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