What's wrong with her?

The emperor only thought that this little girl was not unlovable in any way, she was clearly good in everything.

But what makes a girl who should be a goddess think she is unflattering?

Shao Xun shook his head and completely calmed down his emotions. It was originally a family affair, and it was only when he used it to tell the emperor that he was dizzy.

"Don't mention these," she quietly raised her eyes, and tentatively said: "I…may I go?"

The emperor promised not to force her Haikou to boast, and naturally there would be no reason to disagree.

Seeing him nodding, Shao Xun quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to go out immediately.


Shao Xun stopped in place and slowly turned around.

Can see the anxiety in her heart, the emperor couldn't help but laughed and said: "Little Cat, are you going out like this?"

Shao Xun was stunned for a moment, and then remembered that he had just cried, his face might be…not very good-looking.

In fact, what she didn't remember was that before she passed out, she was more fierce than crying just now, so now her face is a little more embarrassed than she thought.

Fortunately, she doesn't usually put on powder, otherwise it will be even more embarrassing.

Shao Xun was a little embarrassed and took out the veil and wiped it twice on his face, but it felt useless.

The emperor observed for a long time, walked over to her, and stretched out a hand.

Shao Xun paused, then hesitantly put the veil on his hand.

The emperor looked around, walked to the table and picked up the teapot on the table, poured some tea on Shao Xun's handkerchief, and then sat down at the table: "Come here."

Shao Xun's pace was slow and slow, and he came to the emperor slowly, and was seated on a stool by the emperor.

He squeezed her chin with one hand, letting her face face the light, and wiped her face with a handkerchief in the other hand.

He was attentive and serious, touching her face with his fingers, but he didn't seem to have any enchanting thoughts, but Shao Xun looked at his eyes and felt that this moment could make her better than his hugs and kisses just now. Strongly perceive his feelings.

-His affection.

The emperor's techniques were not very skilled and looked a little clumsy, but he still meticulously wiped Shao Xun's face cleanly. When it was over, he looked at it, then stopped his hand, raised his head to say something, and he was right in front of him. Shao Xun's gaze.

She stared at him unblinkingly, and when she was spotted, she didn't avoid it. On the contrary, the emperor's heart palpitations for a moment, unconsciously looked away, and then couldn't help but move back.

"… Wiped clean."

"…Thank you, Your Majesty." Shao Xun replied.

She stood up: "I should go now."

The emperor grabbed her slender fingers as if he was trying to stay, but he didn't say any words to stay. He just said: "Whatever you want, do what you don't want, don't do what you don't want, I don't force you, of course others Not so much."

Shao Xun lowered his head.

Shao Xun's hands were clasped together. Shao Xun's hands were like white porcelain. They were flawless but very slender. The emperor didn't spend much time outside in recent years. The bronze color that appeared on the battlefield a few years ago had faded clean, but it was better than Shao. Xun's hands are a little deeper, but they are in sharp contrast with the girl's in shape and size.

His fingers are also very long, but not like Shao Xun's ten fingers that are as delicate as shaving green onions. Instead, the roots are distinct, with clearly distinguishable calluses, and the palm of his hand is also large, which makes it easy to hold Shao Xun's hand. The package is tight.

This is a pair of man's hands, but it gives Shao Xun an extremely stable feeling, so that she does not want to take it out immediately, but subconsciously nostalgia for this feeling.

Thinking about this, Shao Xun's fingers bend unconsciously, as if he was about to hold back. The emperor immediately noticed this faint almost negligible movement. Just as his heart moved slightly, Shao Xun lifted his hand. Sucked it back.

"…I sent someone to send you."

"Thank you for your kindness, but…no need." She bowed to him at last: "…The courtier retires."

The emperor didn't make a sound, just watched her retreat quietly. After a long time, he clenched his fist and exhaled heavily.

Shao Xun pushed the door and went out. At a glance, he saw Dao Kang Li standing by the door, his eyes piercing and he looked very energetic.

As soon as he saw Shao Xun, he became more energetic. Although he didn't hear any movement, he still asked hopefully: "The girl is tired, but should the slave and maid prepare the sedan chair? Or does your majesty have any instructions?"

Shao Xun knew what he was thinking as soon as he heard it. The complexity that was filled with the heart just now disappeared without a trace. She hooked her lips, but she felt a little bit of a smile: "Thank you, the internal officer Kang for your concern, but I don't know where the palace man who just stood by the door has gone?"

Kang Li looked at her freely and did not seem to have a tired posture. He was a little puzzled. Don't answer deeply, "You can rest assured that they understand what should and should not be said."

Shao Xun said "Oh" without saying much, not to mention any sedan chair, and left straight away.

Kang Li was left in the same place. The monk of Zhang Er really couldn't figure it out, thinking that this Shao family girl was too arrogant, and her father had to be polite to herself. It's hard for the bride to enter the room, the matchmaker Threw it over the wall?

Shao Xun wanted to find the second princess, but when he arrived at the gate of Ningshou Palace, he was stopped by the Empress Dowager Wu.

"Girl, several princesses and six princes are a little drunk, and they were left in the palace to rest by the Empress Dowager."

Shao Xun was a little surprised, but still said: "The troubled mother takes me to the room where the second princess is. I'm going out of the palace, so why should I say goodbye to the princess."

Madam Wu has been observing this young lady who seems to have great luck in the future. It seems that her movements are no different from the past, and because she slept, her spirits are not languid, but she is better. In fact, She has some points, and when she hears that she still has the heart to say goodbye to her friends, she is more certain about her judgment.

These two people should really have done nothing.

After confirming this, Madam Wu's attitude was more cautious and respectful—the emperor was interested, and nothing happened after the two had been alone for such a long time, or the woman was not attractive enough—of course it was impossible.

Either she was so cherished that the emperor did not want to be abrupt and restrained his desires because of cherishing.

And this is precisely the most rare.

Madam Wu was embarrassed: "The princess just now insisted on looking for a girl, but… the slave maid could only tell her that you were drunk and clamored to go home, so I sent you back."

Shao Xun thought, this is all right now, how I feel that I know what I should know and what I should not know.

This mother obviously knew it, she was the Empress Dowager's confidant, and it was definitely impossible to hide it from the master.

And the second princess is not a dull person. She has drunk some wine now, so she was fooled. Once she wakes up, she may not be unaware of the problem.

Shao Xun felt his embarrassment pain in the end.

The emperor is Ah Tong's father!

Madam Wu looked at her words and thoughts, and didn't want to embarrass her anymore, so she stopped mentioning it in an empathetic manner, and called two court ladies, specifically instructing them to send Shao Xun out of the palace.

Sitting on the Arhat bed, the Empress Dowager was asking the little palace lady to hand over the cut fruit.

She forked a small piece of apple while thinking about when the emperor would come out. At that moment, there was a notification sound: "Mother, your majesty is down."

The Empress Dowager waved to the little palace lady to take the plate and walk away, "Sell him in."

After the emperor came in and asked to sit down, the Empress Dowager did not speak, but looked at him for a long while.

The emperor smiled and said, "What is the mother looking at?"

The Empress Dowager snorted: "Look at how this iron tree blooms."

The emperor raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

The Empress Dowager couldn't understand the way he was only thinking about what he said.

Her own son knew it for himself. When others saw this, they thought it was because the emperor was prudent, or he was unwilling to say things to others to worry about, but the Empress Dowager knew very well that he was very arrogant. He looked gentle and didn't. Talking too much, in fact, he may feel that others are not worthy of listening to his thoughts, and he does not bother to talk to other people.

She is very curious about one thing now. When the emperor was with that little girl, did she have this virtue?

The Empress Dowager asked: "Your mind is always difficult to guess, but there should always be a charter. What position do you want to give, girl?"

The emperor raised his eyelids and said, "I haven't gotten a stroke of the eight characters yet, what position are you talking about."

The Empress Dowager leaned back and sighed: "You."

The emperor said: "The mother and the Empress don't have to worry about this. The son is measured and won't be criticized."

The empress dowager can never see the emperor's temperament anymore. She is also a mother. She has no less worries about her son than any mother-in-law: "Who cares about any criticism? The personal mouths outside are more broken than women, if anything goes wrong. If you take into account what they say, then you can only shrink your head and do nothing to match their intentions… I am worried that there is no one around you who knows cold or hot, that girl you like it, and I think it's good, then It's better to call people into the palace earlier than to see you thinking about you every day, and you can't eat it."

She said this purely from the identity of the emperor's mother. Although the emperor did not approve of the advice she gave, the concerns still made him feel warm.

His voice eased: "Mother, everything is fine here, but you are the one who should take care of you when you are older. The other day, it was not a low back pain. People who are too hospital only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. I heard that There is a master at Jinguang Temple who has superb medical skills and specializes in curing such old diseases. He will be invited into the palace to take a look for you."

The Empress Dowager naturally felt relieved when she heard it, but she refused to say: "It's all decades old. It's impossible to say that it is impossible to cure the root cause. It is not worthwhile to invigorate the public."

The atmosphere between the mother and the son is rare and intimacy and harmony. Mother Wu sent Shao Xun back to her home. She didn't dare to disturb her when she was going to report, but she watched the two chat with joy.

At this time, the palace person came in and reported: "Manny, the princess is back."

In Ningshou Palace, Zhao Ruozhen was the only one who was called a princess without a prefix.

The Empress Dowager frowned and said: "Didn't you just return to the house? Why did you come back again?"

The man in the palace hesitated a little: "…I heard that it was because of an awkward relationship with the horse, so I returned to the palace in a fit of anger."

When the Empress Dowager heard that her eyebrows were about to stand up, she slapped the table hard: "This is unreasonable!"

The emperor asked, "Is the princess okay?"

"The princess is very good," the palace lady replied: "It's just a little angry, as if she is crying, her eyes are red, she is in the side hall now, and she refuses to see anyone."

The Empress Dowager was distressed, and she immediately went to see Princess Kejing: "It's the opposite, Lin Qun, this kid, I'm still here, so I dare to bully Zhen'er, come here! Take him into the palace for me!"

The emperor was afraid that she would get angry, so he persuaded her: "Don't worry, mother and Empress, Lin Qun is not a frivolous person, first ask what is going on with Ke Jing…"

"Isn't it that he can still be Zhener's failure?" The Empress Dowager's anger couldn't disappear. "Tell him to come into the palace and kneel at the gate of Ningshou Palace to see who is to blame."

She said that she couldn't care about anything else, so she asked the palace man to help, and went straight to the side hall to see Princess Kejing.

Wu stayed, looked at the emperor's face, and cautiously said: "Your Majesty… have a cup of tea…"

The emperor looked outside the door for a moment, and then said warmly: "Mother, don't be busy. There are still political affairs that have not been dealt with in the previous dynasty. I will go back first. You can apologize to my mother and Empress for me."

Then he nodded to Wu Shi and went out.

Looking at the emperor's back, Wu opened his mouth several times, but couldn't say a word.

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