"I think the eldest princess is spoiled by the empress dowager. How can the couple be so forced?"

This was in Shao Xun's outside home in Zheng's mansion. The two families made an appointment to go outing together. The time was too early in the morning and it was a little bit cold. I was afraid that the elderly Mrs. Zheng could not bear it, so I got together to chat and kill time. .

The speaker is the second wife He, and she has a subtle expression: "Even if she is an emperor and has a noble status, she doesn't speak the same day as ordinary women like us, but when she gets along with her husband, do she still have to put on the air of a princess?"

Zheng Yunling was very willing to listen to these secrets in the palace. After hearing it, he couldn't wait to ask: "Second aunt, didn't the princess forgive the husband? I heard that the husband and wife were hugging each other and crying. Many people saw it. Up."

He smiled and said: "This is also a fact, but before the princess was willing to come forward, the consort knelt for two hours at the gate of Ningshou Palace. From the afternoon to dark, if it hadn't been raining that day, I didn't know it. When will it be."

Yun Ling looked excited and wanted to ask something, so Gong Sun gave him a fierce look. She was a little aggrieved, and squeezed Shao Qiong away from Mrs. Zheng: "Look, grandma, my mother is staring at me."

Mrs. Zheng lovingly patted her on the head, and said amused: "Exactly your second aunt asks something that shouldn't be asked, you should stare!"

Zheng Yunling looked sad: "You only like your cousin, you don't love me anymore."

Shao Xun sat on the other side of the old lady and couldn't laugh or cry after hearing the words: "Why does this have my business?"

Yun Ling couldn't help but walked around to Shao Xun's side, trying to drill into her arms: "I don't care, I won't be rare when you come, you have to supply me."

Shao Xun was itchy by her, couldn't help but laugh, and put her in his arms:'Okay, then I will love you for the old lady, all right. "

"This is what my cousin said," Yun Ling chuckled. She glanced at Shao Qiong who was sitting back again, and added: "It hurts more than Ah Qiong."

Before Shao Xun said anything, Gong Sun cried: "Your cousin Ah Qiong is older than you, neither big nor small."

Shao Qiong obediently said: "Auntie, it's okay, I'm not much different from Yun Ling, you can call me sister or not."

Zheng Yunling curled his lips vaguely, and listened to his mother complimenting her: "Ah Qiong is getting more and more sensible. It can be seen that she has grown up, mother, don't you think?"

Mrs. Zheng smiled and said: "Our children are all sensible, even Yun Ling is just a little more lively, there are still rules, so don't always blame it."

What else does Gong Sun have to say. He looked at the sky and said, "Time is almost up. Yun Qiao and the others will be impatient. Old lady, sister-in-law, shall we go out?"

It was really late, and everyone rode in a carriage and walked to the outskirts for fear that it would be noon.

Zheng Yunling and Shao Xun walked in front with Mrs. Zheng on the left, and Shao Qiong and Gong Sun were behind them.

Listening to Shao Qiong said: "Cousin is going to have a local exam, but unfortunately we are old now. It's not easy to congratulate him in person. Auntie, please tell him for me."

"Brothers and sisters who grew up together, what are you afraid of? Just talk about it yourself."

The old lady couldn't hear her clearly. Shao Xun didn't hear it. Only Zheng Yunling felt almost furious when she heard it. After looking at Shao Xun, she barely broke her face with Shao Qiong on the spot.

She suffocated and rolled her eyes.

During this period of time, Shao Xun didn't know what was going on. The number of visits to Zheng's house was rare. Zheng Yunling had to tell her if he had a full stomach. Unfortunately, there was no chance. Now that she finally had a chance, she couldn't wait to be alone with her. Talk to your heart.

It is a pity that she was called into her car by Gong Sun before she got on the carriage, and she stared at Shao Qiong helplessly, and looked at each other with disgust.

On the other side, Shao Xun accompanied Mrs. Zheng to sit in a cart. The cart slowly started, taking out tea and cakes from the secret compartment and placing them on behalf of the old lady.

Mrs. Zheng looked at her for a long while and said, "Ah Xun, do you know what your aunt meant?"

Shao Xun paused and put the tea cup back on the table. She was silent and did not speak.

She has reached the age to be married, but the Zheng family has never made it clear that this is a signal to the people in the two Fufu. In addition, in recent days, Gong Sun's performance has become more and more explicit, she and Zheng Many people have heard of the disputes between the old ladies, and if you don't know at this time, it would seem a bit stupid.

Mrs. Zheng sighed: "Don't take those things to heart. With my old bones, no one can grab your things."

It stands to reason that the old lady is the mother-in-law and the Gong Sun family is the daughter-in-law. There should be no suspense in the confrontation between the two. However, the current marriage of men and women is about the "parents' destiny", and the maternal destiny here accounts for a large share. The old lady is an elder, it is impossible to be engaged to the grandson if she wants to ignore Gong Sun at all.

Therefore, it is true that Mrs. Zheng has the upper hand because of her status in this world, but if Gong Sun persists, it is also a troublesome thing.

If it were Shao Xun before, she would indeed be very distressed about this matter, but now, her whole mind is worrying about another matter, and she has no intention of distracting her cousin or cousin.

She had never thought that one day she would come to the marriage in person, but now it seems that instead of looking at things so stalemate that is not embarrassing or embarrassing, it is better for her to take the initiative to make a decision for this paragraph although there is no black and white. But the two families have been tacitly aware of the end of their marriage for more than ten years.

She didn't want Mrs. Zheng to bother about this kind of thing anymore: "Grandma, I don't think… you don't need to stalemate with your aunt about this matter."

Mrs. Zheng froze for a moment: "What do you mean, do you want to watch your sister come to grab your things?"

Shao Xun shook his head: "Cousin is not mine, he has his own ideas… I have too."

"What can he think? He has you in his heart, and everyone can see it."

"Grandma, in fact, you know everything in your heart," Shao Xun pondered his words: "If my cousin really doesn't marry me, my aunt won't hold on to this day."

Mrs. Zheng was speechless for a while.

Zheng Yunqiao may indeed like Shao Xun in his heart, but he has a lot of scruples. He neither dared to use fierce and absolute means to violate his mother's life, but also has a pity and compassion towards Shao Qiong. Although he has expressed his attitude, his attitude is not that. This kind of decisive determination can make people cut off their thoughts when they hear it, so it gave Gong Sun a gap to intervene.

But this is not to blame him, after all, Shao Xun himself is not firm, in contrast, Zheng Yunqiao can be regarded as sincere to her.

"I can't blame my cousin, between us… we didn't have that share at all. Rather than being upset for this trouble, we should just let it go and everyone is happy."

"Everyone is happy!" The old lady's temper came up, and her eyebrows were almost upside down: "I dared to stretch out my hand under my eyelids. Isn't that the opposite? Ah Xun, you obviously didn't object to marrying Yun Qiao before, now it is. What's the matter…Did you force you to force you?"

Shao Xun couldn't figure it out: "What does this have to do with my father?"

Mrs. Zheng said angrily: "Your aunt said that Shu fei wants you to be the third prince concubine. Your father is already a little tempted after hearing this… This old man, he has a stepmother and becomes a stepdad. The palace is so good. Why don't you ask his baby egg to go."

In simple words, he said earnestly: "Listen to your grandmother's words, don't be moved by your mother in a few words, your cousin, being a mother-in-law may be more difficult to deal with than Yunqiao and his mother… Besides, the palace is not an ordinary person. Yes, the heaven is unpredictable, it's not a good place for women."

The front was okay. After hearing that, Shao Xun herself was faintly uncomfortable. Her eyes moved, she did not dare to think deep, but explained for Shao Zhenyu: "You have wronged my father. He can do nothing. Did not say."

Moreover, according to her observation, Yingguo grandfather heard that Shu fei was a little tempted at first, but he only thought about it and didn't make any substantial actions. After that, Shu fei didn't have anything to do. He went through a period of In consideration of time, I don't know if I don't like the third prince. In short, he never mentioned this matter. In his mind, Zheng Yunqiao still ranked first in the marriage of Shao Xun.

But now that is the case, if Shao Qiong is really not Zheng Yunqiao not marrying, or even more intense, whether he will hesitate or not, that is also in doubt.

Mrs. Zheng fell silent, and said after a long time: "Are you really unintentional to your cousin?"

Shao Xun hugged her and said, "Grandma, I can't be a husband and wife. It's also good to be a brother and sister. Moreover, if my aunt doesn't agree with me, even if it is true, the twisted melon is not sweet, how can I get along in the future?"

This sentence touched Mrs. Zheng. After all, she insisted that she wanted to find a good place for her granddaughter so that she could take care of her from time to time. However, this kind of care cannot be a lifetime. In the future, she will spend more time with her mother-in-law. Gong Sun's stubbornness would take a lot of effort to please her, and it would be too wrong for the child.

"Why doesn't she fall in love with you?" Mrs. Zheng snorted coldly: "She doesn't like smart people. She chooses Yun Qiao's wife for the stupid ones."

Shao Xun said helplessly: "Ah Qiong is not stupid either."

"It was really not stupid at the beginning," Mrs. Zheng said, "Who knows if it will become really stupid after pretending to be stupid."

"Don't be like this, grandmother, Ah Qiong is just used to her wife's dislike of everything, but how bad he can be. Besides, father and brother like her. Isn't this a good point?"

Mrs. Zheng just felt a little swift when she thought of this anger-the marriage of the two surnames, the wife's love from the father and the brother is indeed a big advantage.

But she thought about it again, this love was shared from her granddaughter, and it was not so comfortable.

Guangming Mountain occupies a convenient location. It is close to the capital, just a few miles outside the city. The famous Jinguang Temple was built on the mountain. According to legend, it is very efficacious and incense is flourishing. Throughout the year, there are thousands of miles away to worship Buddha and make wishes. People, cigarettes curl all the year round, seem to never stop.

Mrs. Zheng is getting older, even if it is a mountain that is not very high, she can't climb, and when she is less than halfway up the mountain, she changes her car to reach the top of the mountain.

The Shao family and the Zheng family specifically checked the days of worshipping Buddha this time, but they can do it, and other families can also do it. Therefore, there are a lot more people on Guangming Mountain than usual.

However, no matter how many people there are, Yingguo Gongfu should not be neglected. It is reasonable to say that the reception should be given priority. But this time I don't know what is going on. I waited for a long time before seeing someone come to greet me, although the monks kept working hard. Mrs. Zheng's apology makes Mrs. Zheng somewhat uneasy in the end.

"Is it possible that the nobles in the palace did not succeed?" He said with a smile: "The masters who used to entertain us are not there, and the abbot does not show up. It can be seen that we are too busy."

Shao Xun's eyelashes trembled lightly, and he pulled the old lady's sleeves: "Grandma, don't pursue it. It's a waste of time. What if you don't have time to pay a visit?"

The old lady heard the same reason, and said politely: "We are late, please masters lead the way."

This time, Shao Kai, Shao Ying and Zheng Yunqiao were both here, but the female elders were all in front of them, so they were all at the back.

Temporarily emptied the people in the main hall and poured out the space for the women of the two families. Everyone, regardless of whether they believed in the Buddha or not, could not help being solemn and paying respectful worship before the solemn and tall golden Buddha statue.

After all, the time for clearing the field is limited. When the Buddha was worshipped, the people did not stay in the main hall much, and followed the monks to the apse, ready to listen to the high monk's lecture.

A few children will definitely not be able to sit still, lest they lose their ugliness, the adults will tell them to take someone else to play.

Shao Xun is often the one who can sit down the most. She usually accompanies her elders at this time, but this time she said to Mrs. Zheng: "Grandma, I am a little tired from climbing the mountain and want to take a rest."

Mrs. Zheng loved her and immediately agreed. She looked around for a week, looking for a proper monk to help her find a place to rest. This is a middle-aged monk who said: "Call the poor monk to show the young lady the way."

This monk had a high status in the temple and knew the Zheng family well, so Mrs. Zheng assured her granddaughter to her.

When Shao Xun walked out of the palace gate, he followed Liucui, who was in line, and said, "You follow the old lady and take care of her for me."

Liucui was a little worried about her, but since Shao Xun insisted, she couldn't refute it, so she could only answer silently.

Shao Xun glanced at the monk and took a deep breath: "Lead the way."

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