Shao Xun didn't want to show such a guilty conscience, but she couldn't help it. In fact, she really didn't want to be seen.

Hearing the emperor's sigh, she felt a little at ease in her heart. Fortunately, the people behind her were always considerate, and except for a light sigh, she didn't say anything else.

Shao Xun knew both of them. In fact, she could already tell who it was just when she heard the sound.

Shao Qiong walks briskly all the way, climbing the mountain for a long time as if walking on the ground, even with the energy of jumping. In contrast, Zheng Yunqiao behind her seemed to be slow, and every step he took was like a nail under his feet, and Shao Qiong had to urge him from time to time.

Shao Xun looked at the pair of men and women. She didn't feel uncomfortable or disappointed. She had no time to think about anything else. She just wanted them to go away quickly. Otherwise, he kept hiding like the emperor of Great Zhou. He didn't mind, herself. There is no room for self-confidence.

It's a pity that the heavens fail to meet people's wishes. The more you are afraid of something, the slower and slower Zheng Yunqiao walks. In the end, even if Shao Qiong urged her, he stopped completely and refused to go any further.

The two stopped at a place not far from Shao Xun, and Shao Qiong pouted and said with dissatisfaction: "Cousin promised to take me to the top of the mountain to see the scenery."

Zheng Yunqiao obviously hesitated, and after a long time he said: "We should wait for your brothers and elder brothers to come together so that we can come out alone…"

"What are you afraid of? We haven't secretly come out alone, why didn't you say this at the time?"

Come out alone?

Shao Xun really didn't know about this. It didn't sound like it was only once. Shao Qiong is still like a child now, so why did the two of them make a confession in private?

"But, but…" Even after a few steps, Shao Xun could still see Zheng Yunqiao's face turned blue by this sentence: "I thought, I didn't know…"

Shao Qiong's voice lowered: "Cousin, are you afraid of my sister being angry?"

Zheng Yunqiao stopped talking.

Shao Qiong originally went to pull his hand, but at this moment he threw it away, and his voice was filled with an angry tone: "You all care about your sister. Since this morning, Yun Ling's nose is not a nose or an eye, and his grandmother also loves it. Sister, you are doing the same now…you said you treat us the same!"

When Zheng Yunqiao saw her voice cried, he was a little flustered, and said helplessly: "Sister Ah Xun is going to rest…"

Shao Qiong turned his head and went back, Zheng Yunqiao followed and tried his best to explain. He said that he would not dare to run around with her alone, and he could only say repeatedly: "Cousin! Call my cousin Acu, and he will go wherever he goes. you."

The two cried one by one and the other, until the sound was completely inaudible, and Shao Xun relaxed.

But as soon as she exhaled that breath, she heard the emperor say in a tone that seemed to be joking: "Sister Ah Xun, huh?"

Shao Xun turned his head: "That's my cousin."

"I know that is your cousin," the emperor seemed to be smiling, but the smile was like a layer of floating light, only vainly attached to his eyes, but could not reach the bottom of his eyes: "Cousin cousin, childhood sweetheart, really intimate ."

Shao Xun's melancholy was all dissipated by the distraction of Shao Qiong and Zheng Yunqiao just now, and he said directly: "Don't you understand the situation just now? Why bother to talk about it again."

The emperor said indifferently, "I only saw one wishful thinking, one with a heart."

"Then your vision is too bad." Shao Xun was very calm, and didn't take his sour words to heart: "It's obviously a kind of affection, one and a half pushes and a half."

"…Is your cousin given to your sister?"

Shao Xun replied: "Not yet, but soon."

The emperor remembered that she had said "don't marry anyone", and understood that "anyone" might specifically refer to Zheng Yunqiao at this time. His heart was slightly relaxed and his expression became natural.

"Just now, your sister was right. The scenery on the top of Guangming Mountain is worth seeing. I'll take you up to see it."

Shao Xun moved a little, but hesitated: "What if they really bring my brother up with me in a while?"

The emperor wanted to tell the truth when he ran into it, but he knew that Shao Xun was thin-skinned, and he would definitely not agree with this. He could only say: "It will take a long time for them to go down and come up again. We will go down another road after watching. I won't run into it."

Shao Xun couldn't help but smile, and he agreed.

The emperor squeezed the tip of her nose helplessly: "I have lived to this age, and I never knew that I was so shameless. If I want to see the person I like, I have to sneak in, girl, this is a good thing for you."

Shao Xunben was a little guilty, but looking at this man's smile, he suddenly became confident again: "Can you still go?"

The emperor smiled and said, "Go, why not go."

Shao Xun became a lot more relaxed when he stopped going on the topic of whether to force or like or not.

To be honest, in front of the emperor, although she always had a lot of considerations and worries, it was undeniable that if she didn't want to worry about the troubles, and just talked about getting along with him, Shao Xun could feel that kind of joy.

She didn't want to live up to this beauty, nor did she want to live up to this pleasure, so she simply put aside all the things she couldn't figure out and couldn't solve for the time being, and just played happily. "

The emperor seemed to see her thoughts, and couldn't bear to force her to make a decision at this time.

The two people's ideas hit it off, put aside the dispute together, and joined hands to reach the summit of Guangming Mountain.

It is really beautiful here.

The viewing platform is made of wood, surrounded by half-person-height railings. From top to bottom, you can see layers of greenery and dotted with dark red maple leaves that have not had time to change. The blue sky seems to be far away. People are close, but they seem to be farther and farther than usual.

Shao Xun took a deep breath, feeling the sweetness of the mountains in every breath.

Her face is brightened by joy, facing the pure sky and the greenery of the mountains, the autumn sun is not strong and not weak, and the just right sunshine prefers such beauties, gently touching her white porcelain and jade-like face, delicately The light dust bounced between her eyelashes, and the whole person was as beautiful as she was going to flutter.

Shao Xun looks at the beautiful scenery, while others look at the beauties.

The emperor looked at her intently for a while, and touched the back of her hand on the railing: "Is it cold?"

The wind in the mountains is actually cool, but Shao Xun covered his hot face: "It's not cold, I just climbed the mountain, and now my whole body is hot."

But her hands were cold.

When the emperor thought of Master Hui Yuan's words, he felt a little worried, and he stretched out his hands in front of Shao Xun.

Shao Xun thought he was going to test the temperature of his palm, so he put his hand on it, and then the emperor wrapped her in his own hand.

She was startled for a moment, and the emperor put her hand tightly in the palm of her hand: "Your hand is too cold, and the blood does not reach the fourth end, there must be a deficiency in the body."

Shao Xun couldn't help but laughed, watching his eyes gleaming little by little: "Girls are all like this, I've already counted them."

"That's because you don't do much activity. You have such a good riding skill. Don't let it go… I gave it to you daily, but I didn't use it a few times."

The emperor himself was more open-minded towards women. His children, regardless of gender, had to learn how to ride and shoot. If they wish, they can also learn some martial arts. Compared with the previous imperial princesses who were abused by the princesses and wanted to reunite, they had to learn how to ride and shoot. The blocking emperor is much better.

Shao Xun wanted to compliment, but after hearing it, he didn't feel right.

"Hmm… If I went to Yulin Garden, wouldn't you happen to have gone too?"

The emperor was told that the central issue was not panic. He shook Shao Xun's hand vigorously: "You will know if you go."

Shao Xun lightly tweeted, and pulled out his muted hand into his sleeve, turned his head and continued to look into the distance.

She saw a vermilion in the distance, she couldn't help but squinted and asked: "Your Majesty, do you know what it is?"

The emperor followed her gaze and looked: "…that's Taiji Palace."

Shao Xunxin had a meal: "I can see it here…"

It was the emperor's home, but when he looked at it, his eyes were a little complicated: "This palace is older than the ancient trees in this mountain. Whenever I look at it from a distance, I always feel that it is built to the same level. A behemoth with a big mouth.

This is not a commendatory term.

"Tai Chi Palace that everyone aspires to, how can you describe it like that?" Shao Xun said.

The emperor looked at the palace where he lived for most of his life. Shao Xun thought he could not speak, but he listened to him slowly and said: "When I was fourteen years old, I lived there with my parents and brothers. I thought it was only temporary. The residence will move out when the feudal king builds his residence in adulthood. Who would have thought… More than 20 years have passed in a blink of an eye. It is really a giant beast, and it can swallow time and all the past with its mouth open."

Shao Xun had always wanted to know one thing. Before the change, she would not speak even if she was suffocated in her heart, but now looking at the emperor's calm profile, she has a feeling that no matter what she asks, this person will never speak. Mind.

"…Did you think you would stay in Tai Chi Palace for a lifetime?"

This question is still a bit euphemistic, and the emperor laughs a little bit, because the essence of this question is whether he had ever thought of being an emperor in the first place.

"Only you have the courage to ask." The emperor turned his head and touched Shao Xun's face, with pampering and affection in his tone: "I only tell you the truth – I did."

This answer did not surprise Shao Xun. She leaned on the railing and listened quietly without interrupting.

"But I just turned this thought in my heart. At that time, in order to establish the reserve, the court had to quarrel. You know, I grew up in the army, and every battle to establish the Great Zhou Dynasty was more or less. If I have participated less, I have naturally received much more support than my brother."

He said: "The prince who is compassionate is my compatriot's elder brother."

Shao Xun nodded. This is also a person who everyone knows but does not mention easily. Until today, more than a decade later, there are still many people who secretly think that Emperor Ning Xi poisoned his brother in order to seize the throne. .

"The throne represents the supreme right. Every man has a yearning for it more or less, and I can't avoid it, but… how to say it, at that time, I was young and frivolous, and I lived in the palace for a few months. I am impatient, and I still miss my days in the army, and I feel in my heart that it might be more desirable to be a general who goes to battle and kills the enemy."

Shao Xun usually has no channels to understand the emperor's youth. He sounds particularly fascinating: "You… also have a time when you were young and frivolous?"

The emperor laughed and said, "I was young too. At that time, I couldn't sit still. When I heard that I was about to go to the battlefield, my eyes were shining. At the beginning, several old uncles in the army said that I was a born general and that I should live in a military camp all my life in."

However, he is already such a gentle and noble man, he can't see that he has been on the battlefield and has been stained with blood. On the contrary, he looks like a man who was born to be an emperor with a jade seal in his hand.

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