Shao Xun listened to these past events in a daze.

She couldn't imagine a young and frivolous Emperor Ning Xi, nor could she imagine what his brave and active youth was like, let alone what the situation of the man in front of her would be if the Prince of Mercy had not died in violence.

She knew him, and when she knew him, he was already sitting on the throne, the ninety-five supreme of the imperial world.

The emperor looked at the girl's slightly confused eyes, and couldn't help but smile: "Why, it's hard to imagine, isn't it?"

Shao Xun nodded: "You are like another person."

The emperor was amused by her outspoken words, "People can change, time can really change many things, I am also a mortal, and naturally there will be no exceptions."

Is he a mortal?

At first, Shao Xun really felt that he was not like a mortal, but like a god in the world.

Calm, gentle, indifferent, and at the same time extremely powerful, cannot be defiled or destroyed.

But after getting along a few times, the mortal side of the emperor was revealed. He had his own emotions, his own preferences, and his own hidden cunning.

When confessing to a girl he likes, there is also the anxiety that ordinary people should have.

He is a mortal, not a godless god.

The emperor didn't know what Shao Xun was thinking. He continued to talk about the long-lost past: "At that time, there were fierce quarrels in the court, and the emperor was also very embarrassed. I found it too boring to be locked up in the palace as the prince and the emperor. , He took the initiative to express his mind and signaled that he had no intention of being in the throne."

Shao Xun had heard of this passage. I thought there would be a lot of unspeakable inside information in it, but I didn't expect it to be that simple.

"You gave up so easily? Just because you don't want to be restrained?"

"It is for this reason, but of course it is more than this." The emperor said frankly: "The first emperor's embarrassment is one, the Empress Dowager's dissatisfaction is one, and the brother's helplessness is also the same. In the middle of these things, I thought at the time, maybe giving up was not What suits you may be the wisest."

But now it seems that no one is more suitable for this position than him.

Shao Xun suddenly became a little curious about the Prince Mercy who had only appeared in the background when the emperor was enthroned: "What kind of person is Prince Mercy?"

Speaking of this elder brother who had passed away for many years, the emperor's expression became a bit complicated: "He… is a filial son and a good brother. He is weak but not self-pity. At that time, many people compared our two brothers. , I sometimes worry that he will be dissatisfied, but in fact he is not. He has always been very good to me and can tolerate his brother's shortcomings."

"It turned out to be… such a person?" Shao Xun murmured.

The emperor's eyes looked very pale under the sunlight, like pale tea-colored glass, but they felt extremely deep: "He is all well, but as the helm of the future of a country, he looks a little weak. Easily shaken, the Emperor Xian is actually a bit dissatisfied with this, but human nature is so, he has so many advantages, how can he insist on perfection."

"Nature?" Shao Xun repeated the word: "Nature is really so important? You said that you weren't that kind of temperament when you were young. Wouldn't people change?"

She was still young and didn't have a deep understanding of many things, but the emperor was already quite mature. He looked at this thinking girl, and he felt a bit of strange satisfaction in his heart.

She is very smart and willing to use her brain to think. Maybe because of her youth, she is not mature enough, but when the two of them get along, they can communicate in thinking.

The emperor pulled a strand of her hair messed up by the mountain wind back to his ears, and patiently taught: "This is different. I have tempered my temper. This can be done as long as I have enough patience and time, but He was born soft. He can't bear to hurt or refuse. He has not changed after years of war. It may not be easy to reverse it."

He watched Shao Xun frowned and asked, "What are you thinking?"

Shao Xun said: "I was thinking…what will I become in the future, will it be better or worse?"

The small appearance of her serious thinking is really painful, at least the emperor likes it very much. He smiled and said: "A smart girl like you will naturally become better and better."

Shao Xun raised his head and looked at him: "Let's not say whether I am really smart or not. There are so many smart people in the world, and it's not that everyone is living well."

As she saw in her dream, she was helpless and miserable, unable to save herself or not wanting to save herself, living a short life in a muddle-headed manner.

The emperor couldn't help touching her head.

Silly girl, because I will look at you.

Shao Xun didn't know if he had sensed what he hadn't finished, but she uncomfortably averted her gaze and turned to look at the astronomical phenomenon: "It's not early, my eldest brother may be coming up."

The emperor smiled: "Why, Prince of England, isn't that your brother? Even he kept it?"

These words before, absolutely poked Shao Xun's heart, but now it sounds not so uncomfortable.

"…It's not that as long as you are brothers and sisters of the same mother…

The emperor paused. He had vaguely felt that the relationship between Shao Xun and his family was not very intimate several times before, but Yingguo Duke had remarried, and there was a pair of twins of the same age under her, who were strangers to his stepmother, siblings and siblings. It's also commonplace. Now, when I look at it, even my brother is like this?

He remembered what happened before. She almost shed tears when she heard how Yingguo Duke loved her at Fenglinxuan. When she was drunk and confused, she also subconsciously yearned for the love of her father and brother…

At that time, he was preconceived and thought he knew well about the Shao family. He thought it was just a little girl's complaint, but now it seems…

The emperor's expression gradually sank. He stared at Shao Xun and asked, "Is your family treating you badly?"

Shao Xun's voice is a bit dull, but his expression is still calm: "What is good? What is bad? Madam is not my biological mother. It's pretty good to be able to do this now."

"What about Yingguo Duke? What about the son?"

Shao Xun pursed his lips: "…Naturally it's not bad."

The emperor didn't speak, he was waiting for her to continue speaking.

Shao Xun said slowly: "It's just…you have seen that, my sister has a lively temper and is more likable…"

She felt a little regretful when she said this, because the words came out of her mouth with a sourness that couldn't be ignored, and it seemed that she was jealous of her younger sister and was more spoiled.

…Well, she was indeed jealous once, and she was very, very jealous.

"I didn't see anyone else."

Shao Xun opened his eyes wide, and heard the emperor repeat word by word: "I don't see how others are, I just think you are likable."

Shao Xun suddenly felt a little sore in her eyes. She grinned reluctantly, then remained silent for a while before whispering, "Thank you."

The emperor couldn't see her like this, so he opened his arms jokingly: "Since you want to thank you, girl, do you want to rely on it?"

In order to make Shao Xun happy, his smile was not as indifferent and gentle as he used to be, but with a bit of heroic and cheerfulness. This look is really a shadow of unruly in his youth.

Shao Xun sniffed, a little bit of tears making a smile, and he really leaned in while complaining, "What's this?"

The emperor did not expect Shao Xun to be so cooperative. He was accustomed to being rejected. The first time he met Shao Xun and took the initiative to get close, he was a little flattered. It's like a phoenix egg.

It is undeniable that at least at this moment, Shao Xun did feel that it was better to just agree to his thoughts.

The emperor opened his mouth and said: "They have no eyesight, and they can't distinguish pearl fish. You don't need to be entangled with these things, just treat it as unfavorable."

Shao Xun said softly: "Am I a pearl?"

"Isn't it," the emperor said with a smile: "Little Pearl."

Shao Xun said: "I didn't care about these for a long time. After all, there are so many unfortunate people in the world. What can I do? If people who can't even eat enough to hear me complain about the partiality of family members, I'm afraid it will I'm groaning without illness."

Having said that, the emperor himself knows better than anyone else, the neglect and partiality of parents and family… but a little bit will be perceived by the children, so that the damage caused over time cannot be simply smoothed out.

"The Empress Dowager also prefers her elder brother."

Shao Xun straightened up and watched him listen carefully…

"He has a soft personality and is sensible and sensible. Compared with my childhood, he is not worry-free, and he is indeed more likable."

The emperor looked at Shao Xun and smiled: "Unlike your sister, Prince Mercy is really likable. At least I always remember how he carefully taught me to read and play with me. He was not in good health. Every time I lie in bed, I still don't forget to care about whether I have anyone to take care of me. When I watch the Empress Dowager eccentrically towards him, I also think that such a child is indeed more worthy of love."

"This is different from you again."

This is not as good as my own situation.

Shao Xun thought, Shao Qiong is good at acting like a baby, but she can't say anything about her character, so she can still complain about her unfair treatment, but the emperor is like this, I'm afraid he himself thinks. Dissatisfaction is a fault.

"That said, he is really perfect?"

"Naturally not." Although the emperor was still laughing, his eyes became very deep: "I have said that he is too soft-hearted and does not know how to refuse and is not firm enough-this is the biggest shortcoming."

Shao Xun didn't understand—it was indeed a shortcoming as a prince, but what they were discussing was about being a child, being a elder brother, this… it's not a shortcoming at all.

The emperor seemed to just mention it, not intending to talk in depth: "The empress dowager is my biological mother, and your stepmother in your family may have increased the barriers, but if your biological mother is still there and loves the sons of the world far more than you, you may be more Easy to accept, right?"

Shao Xun frowned and thought about it carefully, then raised his head and said honestly: "No, your majesty, I might mind more sadness."

The emperor got the unexpected answer, he was stunned for a while, and then smiled at her frankness.

He laughed very freely, but Shao Xun was confused: "What are you laughing at, are you laughing at me carefully? But this is the truth."

The emperor finally stopped laughing, coughing, and still said with a smile: "I am not laughing at you, but at myself."

Shao Xun tilted his head and became even more puzzled.

"I laugh at myself and deceive others. It's not as good as you, a little girl." The emperor slowly calmed down and said to Shao Xun: "I also minded back then. Even if the Empress Dowager is my mother, the same is true for the prince compassionate."

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