"Why don't you ask your cousin to see if this is the case?"

Shao Kui still didn't understand this, but Zheng Yunqiao understood it almost instantly.

The pupils in his eyes suddenly tightened, his face suddenly turned pale, he stared at Shao Xun blankly, and stood there blankly.

Shao Ku was puzzled: "What does this mean?"

He went to see his sister, but Shao Xun ignored him, so he went to see Zheng Yunqiao: "What happened?"

Zheng Yunqiao looked away, his lips trembled, and he couldn't speak.

Shao Kui was not a fool either, he naturally became suspicious when he saw this scene, and he forced Zheng Yunqiao to ask: "What does Ah Xun's words mean? You can make it clear!"

Zheng Yunqiao opened his mouth, but didn't know how to explain it.

Strictly speaking, he and Shao Qiong didn't do anything excessive on the mountain. If he had a thick-skinned face, he could push it off, saying that those were just brothers and sisters getting along normally, but unfortunately, his behavior was considered good. Shao Xun's face is not so thick, and he can't do things that can be sophistry after being seen by Shao Xun.

Seeing him screaming and speechless, Shao Kui's face sank completely, no matter what brother or not, he was about to have an attack by pulling his collar, and Zheng Yunling was so scared that Zheng Yunling hurriedly stepped forward and stopped: "Cousin, watch Brother, don't be impulsive…"

Shao Xun frowned and watched the farce, and finally scolded: "Okay! Do you want to be ashamed and throw it outside? Don't stop!"

Zheng Yunqiao finally raised his head, with an obvious pleading in his eyes: "Sister Ah Xun, I want to explain to you that things…not what you think."

Shao Kui said: "What else do you want to tell my sister? Explain in front of me, what kind of medicine are you selling in the gourd."

Shao Xun ignored Shao Kui. She looked at Zheng Yunqiao's almost pleading gaze and pursed her lips: "Brother, take Yun Ling to avoid it first."

Shao Kui looked at his sister and Zheng Yunqiao, gritted his teeth, "You…"

He saw that Shao Xun's expression was extremely cold, and he didn't even look at himself. He knew that everything he said was empty talk now, and took a deep breath, pulling Zheng Yunling away, who didn't want to leave.

Although Zheng Yunqiao has a mild temperament, he is the kind of person who is indecisive about men and women and can't make sense for a long time. Shao Xun really didn't want to listen to his explanation to explain it. It was a waste of time, so he raised his hand to stop him. If he wanted to speak, he chose to preemptively speak directly: "Cousin, you don't need to explain, no matter what situation you and Ah Qiong are in now, it has nothing to do with me."

The reason why she singled out the matter in public just now was because she really didn't want to listen to Shao Kai's nagging anymore, so that she had nothing to say to him and had little to do with Zheng Yunqiao.

Zheng Yunqiao's mouth was half open, and all the explanations were stuck in his stomach and couldn't come out.

Shao Xun continued: "The marriage contract between our two families has not been fulfilled. If it is not a promise, then there is no need to keep it. You don't need to tell me anything."

Zheng Yunqiao finally got his language back, and he whispered: "How does it have nothing to do with you? Me, I…"

He flushed, and it took a long time to confess that he had been in his heart for many years: "It is you that I adore, and I only regard Ah Qiong as my sister. What you saw before was that I was afraid of… afraid of injury. I didn't dare to say anything hard because of her."

Shao Xun took a deep breath and fully understood that starting from Shao Qiong's road, it was impossible to make sense. People simply didn't think that he was vacillating from the bottom of his heart. He believed in his heart that he didn't hurt the two girls. A way of doing both.

How can you accuse him of this, and how can you explain it clearly to him?

Xia Chong can't talk about it, I don't understand it at all!

Shao Xun simply said directly: "Did you hear what I said to Yun Ling?"

Zheng Yunqiao's flushed face slowly turned pale, "…I heard it, don't be angry, I said that my cousin Ah Qiong is just…"

"Brother and sister affection." Shao Xun continued: "I know, this is what I want to talk about-cousin, I am only brother and sister affection for you."

It seemed that the mountain wind had blown, and Zheng Yunqiao could not help but shudder when he heard the sound of the wind whistling in his head.

Shao Xun's voice is very normal, and he can't hear the slightest emotions similar to "frustration" and "suffocation", and there is even a bit of…

Very vaguely impatient.

Shao Xun has tried his best to make his words calm and friendly, but he can't understand the other party if he doesn't talk too hard.

Now she just wants to cut the mess with a knife, and her words are a little blunt: "This has nothing to do with Ah Qiong, it has nothing to do with her aunt, and the third prince are even more nonsense. Cousin, I don't want to marry you because I don't. Like you, it's all right before. Now that my aunt has a dispute with her grandmother, it's not a good thing to stay in a stalemate like this. It's not that you don't marry. You… It doesn't seem that I don't marry. In that case, why bother Caused the two elders to hurt their feelings? So, can you understand?"

What she said every word, the language was straightforward, and there was no room for misunderstanding of the meaning. How could this be unclear?

In fact, only half of what Shao Xun said was the truth. If two or three months ago, she still had deep expectations for this marriage and did not have that unbearable dream, then the reason she wanted to reject Zheng Yunqiao now might be true. Among those reasons.

A man who doesn't want to marry with his sister, and doesn't want to endure her aunt's eyes for the rest of her life. She admits that she had indeed expected to be Zheng Yunqiao's wife before, and maybe there was a little bit of love between men and women, but this was not enough for her to accept a period of life. Stained marriage.

But now, to be honest, Shao Qiong's intervention is really the most trivial one of the reasons she personally broke the marriage.

Zheng Yunqiao is like a statue made of stone, standing there can't move.

Shao Xun said as mildly as possible: "I have already told my grandmother about my thoughts. You are about to negotiate a marriage. It is a good idea to marry you. I naturally hope that you and Ah Qiong can continue the connection you made with the previous generation. Go on, but if it doesn't work and changes to other ladies, I still hope that you will be able to play and sing, and achieve Consummation."

Zheng Yunqiao's lips trembled: "Is that…Is that so?"

Shao Xun felt that he couldn't figure out the thoughts of these men. He really seemed to have been hit now. He had a deep-rooted affection for her, but he was not completely ruthless when facing Shao Qiong. .

The relationship between men and women can be so complicated.

She suddenly avoided it.

Shao Xun now only wants to make a complete break with this incident. There is something on her own side that makes her at a loss. She still can't figure out what to do, and she really doesn't have the energy to blend in with other people's love. The hatred is in.

So no matter what Zheng Yunqiao's performance was lost, Shao Xun did not waver, she hardened her heart not to see it, and calmly bowed her politely: "Grandma and they have no juniors to serve, I'm going to pass, cousin, let's see you later. "

After saying that, he didn't even look at Zheng Yunqiao's face. He straightened up and went straight to the apse, leaving him alone, not knowing what he was thinking.

Shao Xun told the emperor the truth before. She served Mrs. Zheng in the apse, smelling the scent of sandalwood ten times heavier than in Master Huiyuan's room, and listening to Buddhist scriptures that she didn't understand, but the kung fu of a cup of tea. I feel dizzy.

Fortunately, she came late today, and the lecture had come to the end. When the abbot Huiyuan on the stage had finished speaking the last word, Shao Xun breathed a sigh of relief and helped Mrs. Zheng to stand up.

Master Huiyuan no longer gives lectures alone, but this time Mrs. Zheng saved the face of her friends and made an appointment with the master to say a few words. When the lecture was over, she took Shao Xun and others into the inner hall. .

As expected, Master Huiyuan was already there. After the two people met, Mrs. Zheng said, "My old man, this time, I want to ask Master to see for my granddaughter, what is her fate."

Master Huiyuan glanced at Shao Xun, and immediately recognized that this was the girl the emperor personally brought to him, and he smiled calmly, "Old lady, it's okay for the poor monk to talk about the scriptures, but look. Fortune-telling, but not the director of poor monks."

Mrs. Zheng is usually not very convinced of these, but she feels that Shao Xun has been a bit uncomfortable recently, and the marriage with Zheng Yunqiao is about to end, so she can't help it. She asked her to find the most prestigious Huiyuan. The master wanted peace of mind.

Shao Xun didn't expect Madam Zheng to make this idea. She was a little bit dumbfounded. After all, although some monks and Taoists claimed to meet each other, it didn't matter whether they were true or not, they knew from the fact that the emperor specially invited him into the palace to treat the Empress Dowager, Master Huiyuan. He is good at medicine, but I have never heard of it.

Master Huiyuan usually sees more middle-aged and elderly women who are rushing to seek medical treatment with this kind of illness. He didn't even move his eyebrows and smiled and said, "The poor monk will take a look for this young lady… I don't know the old lady thinks. Which aspect do you look at?"

Mrs. Zheng whispered: "Marriage… or something."

Hui Yuan understood now. He looked at Shao Xun's facial features in a decent manner, and said, "Miss, this is a very rich and noble face."

To say it is to say it for nothing.

Mrs. Zheng was a little dissatisfied, and said patiently: "My granddaughter is a child of a Yingguo Gongfu's main branch. She was born with wealth and honor. What I asked was… Well, how is her marriage and how can she do it smoothly?"

Master Huiyuan smiled deeper: "The poor monk is talking about marriage. Will Miss Yanzhi's destiny make her more noble and richer than this moment?"

Shao Xun's eyelids twitched and suddenly raised his eyes to look at Huiyuan.

Mrs. Zheng was stunned.

The Gong Sun family frowned behind the old lady, while the He family was a little excited. She couldn't help but whispered to the old lady: "Does this mean the third prince…"

"Alright!" Mrs. Zheng hurriedly scolded, interrupting He's words, and then asked Huiyuan a little eagerly: "Can the master be more specific?"

Little did they know that their conversation had confused Master Hui Yuan.

The third prince?

But it was the emperor who was with this girl before. If she had anything to do with the third prince, why did the emperor take her with her?

Or is it that the emperor is so kind, and even his future daughter-in-law cares so much? Huiyuan thought a little confused.

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