However, Master Huiyuan is Master Huiyuan after all. In the realm of the capital, it is reasonable for him to be highly respected in the circle of dignitaries and dignitaries.

Even though the bubbles of confusion and confusion in his heart are about to overflow, his face still has the kind of incomprehensibility that an eminent monk should have.

Regardless of whether she is the emperor's daughter-in-law or daughter-in-law, she is the royal family anyway.

"Poor monks have a limited level of cultivation. I only see so many. The so-called secrets cannot be revealed. That's the case.

Mrs. Zheng was stunned by the profound expression on Master Huiyuan's face, and she really didn't ask any more questions. After Nene thanked her, she took her daughter-in-law and granddaughter to leave.

After listening to the Buddhist scriptures for a few hours, Mrs. Zheng was confused by what Master Huiyuan said. She was not in the mood to go to enjoy the scenery. She directly ordered her servants to call the children back, and set off for the journey down the mountain.

There was something in her mind, but she couldn't stand her age. After a day of exhaustion, she couldn't open her eyes while sitting in the car. Did she not hold back and fell asleep.

The He family and Gong Sun family were not young either. They still had energy to go up the mountain. They couldn't hold it down anyway, so they also sat on the sedan chair and let Yun Lingyun follow them quietly.

Shao Xun didn't need to be by his grandmother's side, so he walked a bit slower, and unknowingly fell behind the coach.

Zheng Yunqiao was not far away, but now he only dared to look at Shao Xun quietly after a while, and did not come up to talk, instead Shao Qiong twittered like a little sparrow, talking non-stop by his side, Zheng Yunqiao low. I didn't know if there was any response.

As for Shao Ying, the kid couldn't stay idle. He had been fed up with the slowness of the team, and ran in front of the old lady early in the morning.

Shao Kui was rarely beside the two of them. He walked aside by himself. Seeing Shao Xun's order, he hesitated and followed.

"What did you say, how did he lose his soul."

"He" was naturally talking about Zheng Yunqiao.

Shao Xun said: "Just to make it clear, elder brother, I won't talk about the previous things anymore. I have already told my grandmother that I won't discuss marriage with my cousin anymore. This marriage will never be over."

Shao Kui actually had a hunch for a long time, and now listening to his sister categorically say it, there is still a kind of unspeakable uncomfortable feeling.

The marriage contract that my biological mother was secretly engaged in when she was alive, it was so gone.

He wanted to say something, but when he thought that Shao Xun was quite cold towards him, he didn't dare to say any more and didn't dare to persuade him anymore. He just asked, "What did you see at the time? What did Yun Qiao do… impolite thing?"

Shao Xun said frankly: "Actually, there is nothing too unspeakable, but he has a guilty conscience and dare not say anything."

Then she described the incident when she saw Zheng Yunqiao and Shaoqiong on the mountain.

After Shao Kui heard it, he couldn't help but feel annoyed-Zheng Yunqiao and Shao Qiong did not do anything too out of the ordinary, but the atmosphere between the two was clearly innocent. That's it… and turn your head to miss Ah Xun?

The face he wanted to persuade Shao Xun to save was gone.

Shao Xun hadn't paid much attention to him recently, but now he sees his cousin who is praised by him slap him in the face like this, and he feels ashamed to see his sister. I really worry about where I go, and I haven't figured out how to talk to Shao Xun for a long time.

After a long while, he stumbled and comforted: "You are not too young anymore. I will help pay attention to the marriage…"

Shao Xun glanced at him, hum, and responded.

Shao Kui turned his head to see that Shao Qiong, who was pestering Zheng Yunqiao talking in the distance, sighed and said: "You just said that there is no love between men and women for Yun Qiao. Ah Qiong is still so young, but he doesn't know why he likes so desperately. He, is this… really fate?"

Shao Xun first looked at Shao Kui and found that he was sincere in what he said. He felt a little funny in his heart, and a smile naturally appeared in his voice: "Big brother wants to see if our sister is really fond of our cousin?"

Shao Kui was stunned: "…Isn't this obvious?"

Shao Xun's gaze swept across Shao Qiong's face and said, "Then give it a try."

Just when Shao Kui was at a loss, Shao Xun deliberately kept looking at Zheng Yunqiao. Although he himself drooped his head listlessly and didn't notice it, Shao Qiong saw it.

She blinked, smiled at her sister, and then took Zheng Yunqiao to quickly walk to this side: "Big brother, sister, why are you so biased? Isn't it good for us to chat together?"

Zheng Yunqiao took out his hand calmly, lowered his head and did not look at Shao Xun or Shao Kui.

Shao Xun smiled and said, "Isn't it because you guys are having a good time talking, don't you bear to interrupt… What are you talking about?"

"Let's talk about the scenery! The scenery of Guangming Mountain is too beautiful, but it's a pity that you can't come and see it often." She said as she walked, seeing that Zheng Yunqiao and Shao Kui didn't talk to each other, and hesitated, "Am I saying something wrong?"

"No." Shao Xun's expression was very relaxed: "I heard that the scenery at the summit is the most beautiful, but it's a pity that I didn't make it today."

"My cousin and I went to see it," Shao Qiong Yuanyuan's eyes curled up with a smile, and then she thought of the relationship between Zheng Yunqiao and Shao Qiong, her voice stopped abruptly, and some hesitant explanations: "Also, there is also a big brother, sister. Do not misunderstand……"

Shao Xun felt Shao Kui's gaze shifted, and she relaxed and said, "What can I misunderstand… You should get along well, if it's better for your eldest brother, who would make him so dumbfounded."

This sentence was very shocking. Zheng Yunqiao's fist was unconsciously clenched, but his head was lowered even harder.

Shao Qiong never thought that Shao Xun would say this, she was speechless, not knowing how to react: "Sister…"

Shao Xun said with a serious expression: "Ah Qiong, I have already made it clear to my grandmother and cousin that we only have…cough, only'brother and sister', there is absolutely no meaning between men and women. I have never known about this before. How should I put it, the elders don't know how to turn down their kindness. I only learned a while ago that my aunt was looking after you. It's…great."

She spread the words directly in this way, with that sense of relief that not only made Shao Qiong dumbfounded, but also stabbed Zheng Yunqiao's wounds, even Shao Kui, a person who was quite dissatisfied with Zheng Yunqiao. I couldn't bear to look straight away, not looking at his embarrassed expression.

Shao Qiong pursed her lips and was a little speechless: "But, but, my sister was originally…"

"Don't mention old things," Shao Xun said softly, "I finally put aside a piece of worry, sister, you must get along well, or I will die of guilt."

Shao Qiong's and Shao Xun's naturally curved lips gradually fell. She didn't know why. She had obtained the results she dreamed of. She was not happy at all, so she could only forcefully laugh in the gentle eyes of her sister. : "Yes, is it…"

"Of course it is." Shao Xun said and looked at Shao Kui and said to him: "Let's go see my grandmother, stop here, let them stay alone for a while."

She didn't care about Shao Qiong and Zheng Yunqiao's respective moods. She pulled Shao Kui and left. Before leaving, she did not forget to give Shao Qiong an encouraging look.

Seeing her sister leaving without looking back, Shao Qiong's expression was a little startled, and she couldn't tell what she was thinking about now, but the fingers that had been pulling Zheng Yunqiao's cuffs unknowingly loosened them.

Shao Kui kept thinking about what Shao Xun had said. Whenever he had a chance, he looked back to his sister and cousin. Only the two of them kept walking with their heads down, and no one spoke. Even before they came to Zheng Yunqiao, they chatted endlessly. Shao Qiong rarely remained silent.

Without Shao Qiong's initiative to approach, the atmosphere between the two people became inexplicably embarrassed.

After seeing a relatively steep stone step, Zheng Yunqiao raised his hand to help Shao Qiong, but she subconsciously avoided it, Shao Qu widened his eyes in shock, wondering why it happened in such a short time. Such changes.

He couldn't help looking at Shao Xun beside him, who just raised his eyebrows at him lightly, and then whispered softly, "Look, that little fool."

Since talking with Shao Xun, Mrs. Zheng has been relieved about Zheng Yunqiao's marriage, and Gong Sun seized the opportunity, fearing that his mother-in-law would regret it, and finalized the marriage as quickly as possible.

Shao Xun's uncle, Zheng Yongming, was the chief envoy of Shandong at the time and participated in politics. He is now in office and far away from Kyoto. Everything at home can only be known through the transmission of letters from his mother and wife.

He naturally prefers Shao Xun, but once he was far away in Shandong, he was beyond reach. His second wife strongly opposed it. Later, his niece gave up, and even his mother was relieved, so he could only step back and accept his concubine. My sister's daughter became a daughter-in-law.

As for Yingguo Duke, he loves his little daughter very much. The Zheng family keeps lobbying, and the Zheng family also unifies their opinions. He personally asked Shao Xun's opinion and found that she was selfless towards his cousin and was willing to give in. The answer was to follow the good faith and agree to this marriage.

So far, the marriage of the Shao and Zheng family has been firmly established. The marriage contract between Shao Qiong, the second lady of Yingguo Gongfu, and the young master of the Zheng family has also been firmly implemented on paper. People close to them have also heard of this. An interesting incident happened in the incident-at least in Shao Xun's view, it was an interesting incident.

That is when Shao Qiong was talking about marriage between the two families, he hesitated to tell Zheng that she did not want to marry Zheng Yunqiao, this should be her sister's marriage.

One can imagine how angry the Zheng family is. She has planned for this marriage for a long time. As the wife of the Chaopin Guogong, she doesn't know how to be cautious in front of the Gong Sun family. Everything is for her daughter to have a stable and good home. She also asked Shao Qiong what she meant before. At that time, she was shy and timid, and she looked too happy to do it. But now she wants to say something wrong?

Not to mention that the Zheng family could not agree, even if the Zheng family agreed, the Zheng family and Yingguo Duke could not go back again. Such a change of relatives back and forth would definitely cause the two families to be embarrassed and laughed together.

The marriage of the two surnames is not a trivial matter. If Shao Qiong does not go, they will never have the face to ask Shao Xun again, so this must be done.

Or even a little bit earlier, as early as Shao Xun persuaded Mrs. Zheng and explicitly rejected Zheng Yunqiao – or earlier, when Gong Sun was almost upset with Mrs. Zheng about marrying Shao Qiong as a daughter-in-law. , Shao Qiong has no room to retreat.

When Zheng saw Shao Zhenyu, he didn't even mention it, so he directly taught Shao Qiong and suppressed it.

This incident was secretly told by a servant in the courtyard to Yuhu. Judging from Shao Qiong's unswollen cheeks the next day and the blue ash under Zheng's eyes, it might be true.

Shao Xun was just a little funny when she heard it, but she didn't take it to heart. This matter was completely over here. In the future, it is their own business whether the two people are going to be good or bad, and it has nothing to do with Shao Xun.

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