Once the marriage between Shao Qiong and Zheng Yunqiao was settled, Shao Xun felt that something heavy in his heart had been taken away, and he was relieved of a big deal.

But everything has advantages and disadvantages, and another change brought about by this incident is not what Shao Xun wanted.

As the saying goes, there is an orderly birth and order. In this world, there is no reason that a younger sister will marry before an older sister. Now that Shao Qiong is engaged, Shao Xun's marriage cannot be delayed anyway.

Zheng felt a little guilty for this stepdaughter, so Zhang Luo worked very hard when she got up, but she planned to compensate Shao Xun's candidate, the third prince, but there was no news.

Shu fei's previous attitude was obviously to the point of explicitness, but the Zheng family frequently entered the palace to inquire about her breath these few times, and she didn't answer her words and made an appearance that she didn't understand.

Zheng realized that the situation had changed, and felt bad at the moment. She made many hints in front of Shao Zhenyu about Shao Qiong's marriage. She almost said that the third prince were interesting to Shao Xun. Now she has got her wish, but Shu fei turned her face here and refused to recognize it. How did she explain to Shao Zhenyu!

But it doesn't work. It's just unexpected that Shao Zhenyu didn't get angry when she heard what Ai Ai said in her expectation. "Forget it if you don't succeed. I originally thought that the third prince were too weak and lacked the aura of a dragon. , Shu fei was full of calculations before entering the palace. She didn't look like a girl who hadn't come out of the pavilion. Now it's even harder to get along with her. I really want to give Ah Xun to him. I still feel that I have lost my daughter, so I just let it go. "

Zheng can be regarded as relieved, and said gratefully: "Master, don't worry, although this will not happen, I must take Ah Xun's matter into my heart, and I will find you a son-in-law who is ten times stronger than Yun Qiao."

She has boasted in Haikou, but she can't bother to inquire secretly. The matchmaker on the bright side is thinking about where there are young people who can see it every day.

Shao Xun has concerns. At this time, she is not interested in discussing relatives at all, but the refusal she says will always be regarded as the shyness of the girl. It is either comforted or reprimanded, so she simply does not bother to speak, and it will be a big deal. One vetoed one.

It's just that she also knows that this is not a long-term plan. After all, she still has younger siblings under her. Now those two are under the age of fifteen, which is not an urgent matter. Shao Xun married out so as not to delay Shao Qiong's marriage.

In these days, if a woman from an official family doesn't want to marry, there are only two ways except for her father and brother and his enlightened family, either to become a monk or to practice the Taoism.

Shao Xun knew that if she insisted on pursuing a thorough cultivation in the Taoist temple, Shao Zhenyu could not force her to marry, but once she walked this way, it would be very difficult to regret it again, so she was very cautious and her heart was always swaying. Uncertain, delay in making a decision.

Yuhu quietly lifted the curtain of the car and looked out: "It's time to go out and stroll around. This is always stuffy in the mansion, I'm afraid that I will get sick."

Shao Xun closed his eyes lightly: "That's why I brought you out. It's Ah Qiong's wedding this time, and it's also an examination for the second brother Zhang Luo. It's true that I haven't come out for a long time."

Yuhu was a little embarrassed: "Originally, Liu Xinti asked you to breathe outside, and she was newly transferred into the house to serve you. You should take her out, but now you are taking me…"

She has always been gentle, and always likes to think for others. Now she feels like she has taken Liu Xin's credit and naturally feels uneasy.

Shao Xun didn't move his eyes. "You don't have to worry about her. She is not a family born. She grew up outside and has never seen anything new."

"She acted very appropriately, but you are always indifferent." Yuhu said: "But then again, since you don't like her very much, why do you want to be promoted? We have been short of a big maid in our house for several years. Now, the girls in the yard are all going to grab their heads. This abruptly raises Liu's heart. It's not that no one is muttering, and it's hard for her to be able to hold it down."

Shao Xun pursed his lips: "Naturally, she was promoted because of her great ability."

Yuhu wanted to say something, and he felt that the carriage stopped, and the guard under the carriage said, "Big girl, the'cloud guest' is here."

Yuhu asked, "Shall we go shopping in the East Market or go in for a drink of tea?"

"Yunjianke" is a restaurant and teahouse, located in the most prosperous east city center of the imperial capital. In the past, Shao Xun and his brothers and sisters went out together. This is the property of the Shao family…It should be said that it is the property of the former mistress's wife, Mrs. Zheng, now under the name of Shao Xun, and it is cleaner and cleaner than elsewhere.

Shao Xun rubbed his forehead: "Go ahead and sit down."

Yuhu waited for her to put on a drapery hat, and the white gauze under her chest covered most of her face. Through this white gauze, outsiders could only vaguely see the vague facial features.

In fact, it's not that there are no girls or women outing on the street. You don't need to wear a drapery if you don't have to. It's just that Shao Xun is a little eye-catching. It's impossible to get close, but it's easy to be disappointed in the end, and Shao Xun simply succumbed to it and covered his face.

Yuhu led Shao Xun into the teahouse. It was still early and there were not many guests.

When the host arrived, the shopkeeper of'Yun Laike' came out to greet him personally: "Please peace of mind for the girl."

This is her confidant. The whole family is held in Shao Xun's hands. Shao Xun nodded and was about to go inside. The shopkeeper was embarrassed: "Girl, there are guests in the private room reserved for you… Saying that it's your acquaintance, the guy at the head is really not like an ordinary person, and the little guy didn't dare to refute it. Look at this…"

Shao Xun said: "The friends of the elders in the family do know you, so don't worry."

The shopkeeper was relieved.

Behind Shao Xun, Yuhu was a little confused, and while the shopkeeper was leading the way, he asked in a low voice, "Girl, did you make an appointment? When did it happen? Which elder was it? ?"

Although this series of questions are commonplace, Shao Xun is still a bit embarrassed.

"…It's a long story, let's talk about it later."

The shopkeeper said as he walked: "Girl, this month's accounts have been sent to the house, and the profit is roughly the same as last month."

Shao Xun had seen it a long time ago, and she nodded and said: "This year's business is not easy to do, this is already rare… On the contrary, it is Zhenbao Pavilion. The profit does not fall but increases, and it exceeds several times. It looks very strange."

The shopkeeper said: "This little man knows that there are big things to be done in the palace these days, and all kinds of gifts, jewellery, and jewellery can be bought very quickly."

"In the palace?"

"No," the shopkeeper said: "Isn't it a big deal for the master of the middle palace?"

Shao Xun was about to go upstairs and paused: "… Empress Empress…?"

"Yes, although there is no explicit announcement, but in private, there are decent palace people in the palace. The news is the best. They all say that this New Year's Day is going to be held, and the Empress of the security is about to get up, and they all panicked to prepare for the birthday gift. Before there was a letter from the court, the bottom was tumbling."

Shao Xun was startled at first, and then slowly said: "The mother of the country is supreme, it should be like this, before… it was she who neglected her."

The talking room was outside the private room on the second floor, and the shopkeeper stepped back.

At this moment, Shao Xun opened his mouth to let the jade pot stay outside. The jade pot was stunned for a moment, and then immediately said: "This is not possible, I can't leave the girl!"

Shao Xun insisted: "Sister Yuhu, if you stay outside, I'll go back and tell you what's the matter."

Yuhu can usually control Shao Xun, but when it comes to the critical moment, Shao Xun has the final say. At this moment, seeing Shao Xun's expression, she knows that there is no room for change, and she can only carry 120,000 points. Rest assured, watching Shao Xun enter the private room.

Shao Xun raised his hand and opened the door. What he saw was a man in an indigo robes sitting by the window, holding a tea cup and looking at her with a smile.

Shao Xun crouched and bowed: "Your Majesty Wanan."

The emperor motioned to her to flatten her body, and pointed to the opposite seat: "Come."

He Jinrong was waiting next to him. At this time, he poured tea for them separately, and then retired very wittily and went with Yuhu for company.

Shao Xun sat down, and the emperor said, "I have free time today, so I want to come out and see you…Is it easy for people to use it?"

Shao Xun raised his eyelids: "Those of yours can be regarded as personalities wherever they go, so why bother to make people condescend to serve me?"

There was a bit of displeasure in her words. The emperor had anticipated it, but he did not compromise, and said gently but firmly: "I just don't worry about you. The kid you picked out of them has a good skill. It's better to stay with you than to protect the house. It's more convenient. You don't want to enter the palace. If there is anything outside the palace, I can't handle it."

Shao Xun might not know that the emperor's move was kind, but she could also taste a very obscure but not negligible desire for control.

After all, the emperor is the emperor. No matter how gentle his face is, no matter how good his temper is, he is also strong in his bones. The more he cares about Shao Xun, the less he can restrain his desire for control. Shao Xun can feel that the other party is trying his best to constrain, but she still feels ignorant. Taken.

But on the other hand, she has never been so caught in the palm of her hand to stare at all the time. This unobvious but strong protection and control made her feel a little bit at a loss. At the same time, there is also a kind of, how to say… …It seems to be a feeling of peace of mind.

This is a very subtle emotion, but it is definitely not disgusting.

Shao Xun scolded himself as a cheap bone in his heart, and he was quite accustomed to being stared at and controlled.

Most of her unhappiness today is blamed on her being unworthy. It really fell on the emperor who was the culprit, but there were not many.

Seeing that Shao Xun kept silent, the emperor was a little worried that she was annoyed, but in any case he did not want to leave her alone outside the palace. He hesitated for a long time, thinking that he took a step back and said: "If you don't like them, just Another batch is worthless."

Shao Xun was about to get annoyed and laughed: "Well, isn't it all the same thing to change, don't you tell me the outside yard, the one in my yard has been transferred to the room, and then what is the matter?"

The emperor got what he wanted to know from her expression, and immediately smiled: "What name did you choose for that child? If anything happens in the future, I will send someone outside and ask her not to leave you."

"Also, what do you want in this way, a careful, caring, reliable talent, not even a name for anyone-her family seems to be Liu, now her name is Liu Xin."

"It seems that you are quite satisfied." Seeing that she was not disgusted, the emperor's mood became quite good: "You don't have to worry about me in the future. If you don't use it well, send it back and choose a good one."

Shao Xun frowned, trying to say something, but suddenly saw an acquaintance from the window.

"That's… My second brother and Gong Sun eldest brother."

I saw a group of young people walking through the window as if they were about to enter this teahouse. Among them were the two young masters of Yingguo main branch, Shao Hui and Gong Sunnan. Several people were talking and laughing. Gong Sunnan was the most active, and Shao Hui was mostly Hearing a few people talk, he looked like a somewhat silent teenager.

"Your second brother…" The emperor thought for a moment: "It's Shao Hui, right? This year, Qiuwei won Juren, and his ranking is above the middle."

Shao Xun was a little surprised: "Do you even know about the rural examination?"

It's normal to say that Chunwei can allow the emperor to pay attention occasionally… But the township test is held in every province and capital. There are so many provinces in the big week, so many talents take part in the test, unless they encounter fraud and make it to the sky, or else to him It should be a trivial matter to say who will be selected. After all, there is a champion every three years, and there are countless number of people.

The emperor didn't hide it either, and said honestly: "I just wanted to see how good your brother-in-law is, so I paid attention to it."

In the end, I didn't see Zheng Yunqiao's name, but happened to see that Juzi had the same surname as Shao Xun, who was still taking the test in the capital. After asking again, I realized that this happened to be Shao Xun's concubine.

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