If ordinary Juren were not qualified to attract the emperor's attention, but since he was Shao Xun's brother, he would naturally be treated differently from others.

Seeing this group of young people entering the gate of "Yunlai Ke", the emperor withdrew his gaze and said to Shao Xun, "I have specially adjusted his examination papers. Your brother has a mediocre literary talent, but his opinions are simple and pragmatic. Although you are young, It's very mature and respectful."

When the emperor saw Weizhi's work, Shao Xun was a little admired: "Your Majesty is right. My second brother is not the kind of intelligent and natural person, but he has been diligent and motivated since he was a child. The husband said that he was solid, step by step, and never knew how to take shortcuts. At first glance, he is not clever and sleek, but it is difficult to find his fault."

When the emperor was young, he was very high-spirited and admired people who were outgoing and even a little bit public. But as he grew older in recent years, he felt that young people were too public and reckless, and he didn't think they were enough.

Although Shao Hui was born in a high school, but did not have the arrogant and down-to-earth person, the emperor was easy to have a good impression, not to mention that he was still Shao Xun's brother, so naturally he looked at him differently.

The emperor smiled and said: "Since we ran into it, why don't we call in, I see him?"

Shao Xun twitched his mouth, "Should I avoid it?"

When you meet your sister in private, you still want to be seen by others in a swaggering manner. It's too bullying.

"That's it," the emperor just said casually, listening to Shao Xun saying that he wanted to avoid it.

But I don't know if it was God's will, so I wanted to make these two people something wrong.

This teahouse is the property of Sister Shao Hui. He brought friends to play and was naturally served by someone. So an attentive little Er came to the second floor and found a private room in the back for them.

Shao Hui is nominally the most prominent of this group of elder brothers, but as soon as he was a concubine, and the people were a little dull, most of them were silent when interacting with them, and he was never a man of the world, so although he is In his own property, but he still went to the extreme edge unknowingly.

Each private room is separated by a bead curtain. When Shao Hui looks up occasionally, he finds a familiar person sitting behind a bead curtain.

He carefully identified it and made sure that this seemed to be the jade pot of his younger sister Shao Xun's body maid.

Shao Hui only thought that Shao Xun was taking the maid out and resting here. Although there was a little doubt as to why the jade pot would stay outside, he didn't think too much. He hesitated and opened the bead curtain. The pot, is Ah Xun in it?"

Yuhu guarded the door worriedly, and almost jumped up when he heard Shao Hui's voice, blurted out: "No, no, she's not here!"

When I saw the suspicious look on Shao Hui's face, he realized that he had said the wrong thing, and calmly said: "I mean, the girl is tired from walking, and now she is resting inside."

The friends behind him heard what they said. Although Shao Hui is an ordinary scholar, his sister is very famous. After all, teenagers always pay special attention to beautiful women. The young lady is beautiful and beautiful, and anyone who has seen it will have a deep impression.

At this time, a comradey boy and buddies who usually look like dogs are all in a commotion. You push me and I push you want to come forward and have a look, but I am afraid that the abrupt young lady, including Gong Sun Nan, have some expectations.

The people who served the emperor secretly raised their spirits, but these people were all officials, and one of them was Miss Shao's brother. They inevitably took a moment longer to consider how to act appropriately.

As a result, as soon as Shao Hui opened his mouth to Yuhu, several teenagers lost their balance and threw themselves on Shao Hui. He was caught off guard and jumped into the door amidst Yuhu's exclamation. Inside.

Even if it is a sister, there is no reason to rush without passing the word. Shao Hui felt a little rude, and immediately apologized to Shao Xun after he stood firm. However, when he raised his head, he was stunned and could no longer speak. Come.

The table was leaning in the room, and the people at the door could not see the figure, but where Shao Hui stood, he could barely see the small half of Shao Xun and the emperor.

But even this point is still enough to make him realize that this is a man.

Shao Xun looked at the emperor sitting opposite, sighed in his heart, and said hello: "Second brother."

He is an elder brother, and it makes sense to come in. No one dared to roam around at will. He stared at Shao Hui's back eagerly, hoping that Shao Xun would invite them in and sit together. In the end, he saw Shao Hui shivering suddenly and hurriedly at the fastest speed. Closed the door.

Several brothers dissatisfied: "Ahui, are you not with us anymore?"

Shao Hui wiped the sweat from his forehead, "You guys, go to the reserved room first. I have something to tell my sister."

There was a sorrow outside the door, but helpless, had to mumble and follow Xiao Er away.

Many people secretly sat back on the stool and breathed a sigh of relief.

Shao Hui turned around, and his original slow voice became a little anxious: "Ah Xun, you, this is…"

At the beginning, people like Shao Xun who used to enter the palace were not familiar with the appearance of the emperor, not to mention that Shao Hui was a concubine. He entered the palace a handful of times from childhood to large, and he had no impression of the emperor. Now in his eyes , This is a handsome-looking, but completely unfamiliar man who is in the same room with his sister, naturally panicking.

Shao Xun felt very embarrassed. She coughed, with a clear conscience, and introduced very simply and directly: "Second brother, this is your majesty."

Shao Hui has been a little uncomfortable since he was born. At this time, he was extremely slow. He didn't understand what Shao Xun meant for a while. He was still thinking about who "Bi Xia" was. It took a few blinks of an eye to react in horror. come.

With great horror, he looked at the gentle and smiling man, and then, still remembering the etiquette, tremblingly knelt down and proclaimed: "Caomin see my emperor."

The emperor glanced at Shao Xun with a smile, and said warmly: "Get up."

Shao Hui's mind was confused and could be knotted. He stood up very slowly, and couldn't help but also go to see his sister.

The atmosphere was a little silent, Shao Xun smiled, and casually found a topic to make his brother less nervous: "I haven't seen my auntie these days. I wonder if she has always been good?"

"… She occasionally felt the wind and cold, so she didn't wait in her mother's room, but it has been all right in the past few days." He felt wrong after he said this, and stumbled and added: "Thank you for your concern."

Shao Xun nodded, and then said: "I met your Majesty by chance today, and I talked a few more words…I just mentioned you just now."

It's okay not to say this. Shao Hui becomes even more nervous when he says it. He tremblingly said to the emperor: "The grassroots are terrified."

He is so nervous now. It's fortunate that he doesn't stammer, and he can't ask anything. The emperor is not embarrassed. He asks a few academic questions at random. Seeing that he has answered fairly quickly, he is kind. Shao Hui couldn't help being flattered with a few words of praise.

"I see you have an appointment with others, so I will withdraw."

Hearing the emperor let go, Shao Hui restrained himself from not wiping the cold sweat that had flowed to his ears on his forehead. He was about to resign respectfully, but he stopped when he saw Shao Xun still sitting next to the emperor.

He hesitated for a moment, but still mustered the courage to speak: "Your Majesty, can Caomin take his sister with him…"

Shao Xun was really surprised now, she opened her eyes wide: "Second brother…"

The emperor didn't expect that he would remember this, so he raised an eyebrow and smiled: "I will send someone to send her back to the house."

Shao Hui is very honest, and he never thought that an emperor who looked very serious was actually good at talking nonsense. He believed what he said. He breathed a sigh of relief and thought to himself that he was too suspicious and thought about that.

He gratefully said: "Thank you, your Majesty, the people are grateful."

After he retired from the room respectfully, the emperor squeezed a fist into his mouth and laughed lowly: "What you said is pertinent, he is really not very smart."

Shao Xun groaned: "You are bullying him for being an honest person."

The emperor didn't intend to deceive Shao Xun's brother. He just found an excuse at the time. When ordinary wise people heard this, they would pretend to believe in wit, but he didn't expect that Shao Hui really believed in it. Too faithful.

"He doesn't usually cheat so well. He just believes in your golden words and can't lie." Shao Xun said dissatisfied.

The emperor finally stopped his smile, beckoned Shao Xun to sit over, and said seriously: "Your brother is willing to protect you. Is he getting along well with him at home?"

Shao Xun thought for a while: "His aunt used to be my mother's dowry, and there was no conflict. It's just between half-mothers, it's really hard to tell."

The emperor said: "Even if you are unfamiliar, it is rare to dare to speak in front of me for you."

Shao Xunye said: "He is a good person, but his identity suffers. There is no elder brother to be valued, and no younger brother to be favored. It is a pity that my father doesn't love him much."

When the emperor listened, a thoughtful look appeared on his face.

After a while, he recovered from his thoughts and watched Shao Xun sitting obediently beside him, lowering his head and playing with the tea cup in his hand. The fingers were white and transparent. The emperor blinked and said: "Isn't it boring? I heard that some silver building jewelry in the East City have a bit of meaning. I will accompany you on a walk?"

Shao Xun paused, then set the cup in his hand: "I don't lack these. Besides, there are quite a few people who know you in Beijing, so going out like this is too eye-catching."

She lowered her eyelids, raised the small teapot, added new tea for herself and the emperor, and whispered: "If you don't feel bored, let me drink tea with you."

The impetuosity of the emperor when he was young has long been smoothed out, and now he can sit and stand his temper. Moreover, with Shao Xun, it is impossible to be bored no matter what, so he really sat with her for a long time, until Shao Xun. Xun felt that if he didn't go back, he might be hit by Shao Hui, and the two said goodbye.

Before Shao Xunlin left, the emperor did not forget to say: "Forget it this time, you must take that Liu Xin with you next time you go out. Did you hear that?"

Shao Xun nodded, then bit his lip and stopped talking.

"What's the matter?" Upon seeing this, the emperor looked down at her in doubt, and then explained: "Don't you want to take people? You are obedient, I am not looking for someone to look at you, I am concerned about your safety and preparedness."

Shao Xun took a deep breath and shook his head, "It's nothing, Your Majesty, I remember… You will go away in a moment."

Watching Shao Xun turn around and leave, the emperor still felt that she seemed to be unfinished, but he couldn't figure it out.

Here, Shao Xun took the jade pot back to the house. He didn't say anything along the way. Yuhu had something to say, but seeing Shao Xun's appearance, he pressed it back into her belly for the time being, and wanted to mention it again when she felt better.

Shao Xun is very grateful for Yuhu's thoughtfulness. She does have a lot of things in her mind now, and she really doesn't want to explain anything else.

Back to the house, several maids came forward to change her clothes and wipe her hands and face. She looked at Liu Xin, who was doing things neatly, and said to her: "You will be waiting in the room from now on. The monthly money will be partly distributed from the front yard, and there will be another part of our own. When the day comes, we will take care of Liucui.

Liu Xin is very ordinary. Although her facial features are correct, she doesn't know why she looks a little inconspicuous. After hearing this, she was relieved, and her tone could not help but cheer: "Thank you girl."

Liucui and the others looked at each other, knowing that it was the girl who had admitted Liu Xin's position, and that she was already her own.

Lizhu said, "By the way, the lady in the courtyard sent someone, saying that she would invite relatives to gather the day after tomorrow, and ask the girl to take the time to discuss the regulations and help the resettlement."

Shao Xun thought for a while and asked, "Is the grandmother's family also invited?"


Shao Xun understood that Zheng Yunqiao also participated in Qiuwei this time, but his luck was very bad. He was caught in the wind and cold when he entered the examination room, and he could barely survive the first test, so it is not surprising that he lost his name. .

The Zheng family was 80% worried that Shao Qiong had just made a marriage with others, and his fame as a good candidate over there was not good. I would like to ask the Zheng family to comfort and appease them. By the way, I would like to mention the marriage of the two to the relatives. After all, it is still Many people think that Zheng Yunqiao is for Shao Xun.

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