Shao Xun felt that he didn't know why, the faster the time passed. Before, he was laughing and playing with the maids. It seemed like one day was invisible, but now, it seems that a long time has passed in the blink of an eye.

She thought that this might be due to growing up.

The atmosphere of the banquet in Yingguo Gongfu was very cheerful. They were all relatives, and there were not many outsiders. The men and women were just separated from each other.

Shao Xun helped Zheng to complete the banquet decorations, ingredients and personnel arrangements. In fact, Zheng originally planned to let Shao Qiong learn how to manage the house with Shao Qiong, but Shao Qiong is really not that piece of material. .

Shao Xun is actually a very patient person. Since he agreed, he would definitely teach her well. On the contrary, Zheng couldn't stand it. For fear of delaying things like this, he drove Shao Qiong to play after a few attempts. went.

From the evening when the banquet started, everyone was very happy to talk and laugh, Gong Sun kept pulling Shao Qiong to talk, and beside him was Zheng Yunqiao, who was more silent than usual.

There were a few participants in the two township exams, but only Shao Hui did it. There should have been a few banquets to celebrate. This was one of the reasons for this banquet. As a result, when the Zheng family arrived, they thought of Zheng Yunqiao's weekdays. Libi Shao Hui was a hundred times more spiritual, but he lost the election. Congratulating Shao Hui at this time would definitely embarrass the Zheng family. Therefore, from the top to the bottom, none of them mentioned the national examination, but instead avoided the topic.

The difference between the pros and cons is indeed like a cloud of mud. If Shao Kui or even Shao Ying are cited today, then no one would care about Zheng Yunqiao's feelings and ignore them.

Only Shao Xun saw Shao Hui sitting quietly in the corner, and he was completely forgotten by the protagonist, so he brought a gift to congratulate him.

It can be seen that Shao Hui doesn't care about this. He is not very good at sociability. If he sounds good, he is introverted. If he sounds bad, he is clumsy. If there are so many people who come to flatter him, maybe he still doesn't know what to say. .

But facing Shao Xun's kindness, he still felt a little pleased, and after thanking him, he got up and sent her back to her seat.

At this time, everyone saw Shao Qiong and Zheng Yunqiao sitting on both sides of Gong Sun. The smart and sensitive have almost understood the implications of Shao and Zheng's family, so they can't help but whisper, and a lot of prying eyes are on Shao Xun.

She lowered her head to prepare the dishes for Mrs. Zheng, all pretending to see nothing and not notice.

Mrs. Zheng smiled on her face, but she kept sighing in her heart. At this time, she patted Shao Xun's hand and said in a low voice, "Look, there are many gossips. If it were… ."

Shao Xun shook his head: "What do you do with these things, now it's done. Please try to accept Ah Qiong. Although she does have some shortcomings, she is better at obedient. You relax your mind and carefully train. You may not be able to teach a perfect one. , The granddaughter-in-law who fits your mind."

"I think it's difficult," Mrs. Zheng sighed again: "But I hope it can be as you said."

Shao Xun lightly smiled and stopped talking.

Mrs. Zheng looked at her with a faint expression, and wondered: "Ah Xun, are you uncomfortable? Why do you look unhappy?"

Shao Xun was stunned for a moment, and touched his face: "I…I'm fine. Maybe it's because I'm a little tired after banqueting in the past few days."

"You should also pay attention to your body," the old lady said: "But on this point, the one in your family is doing a good job. He knows to ask you to take care of things together, and is also prepared to not be rushed in the future in the host… But how does she do it? Is your daughter left behind?"

Shao Xun thought of the chaos that Shao Qiong had given her and Zheng Shitian these days, and couldn't help but twitch at the corner of his mouth, "Isn't she still young?"

Mrs. Zheng sneered: "What is young, she is less than two years younger than you. It seems that in a month or two, you will be able to take your mother off when you are several years younger than her. The dowry is taken care of in an orderly manner, and no one has seen her without praise, but she…hey, your father is used to it."

This Shao Xun really didn't know how to pick it up. She didn't understand that her grandmother in the previous life accepted Shao Qiong very quickly. How come she would pick her nose and her eyes upright in this life. It was a shortcoming no matter what.

Fortunately, Mrs. Zheng was afraid that the more she thought about it, the more unwilling she became, and the more she thought about it, the more regretful she would be. She didn't say anything at all, otherwise Shao Xun would not know how to comfort this unreasonable old lady.

Mrs. Zheng changed the topic decisively to prevent herself from being disturbed: "Ah Xun, when you enter the palace in a few days, you should dress up. It is estimated that there will be many boys from official families, although people like us pay attention to their parents. My destiny, but if you have something to look at, come back and talk to your grandmother, let's plan faster too."

If in normal times, Shao Xun would definitely be able to hear that the focus of this statement is boys, but she is now more sensitive on another matter, and immediately asked: "Into the palace?"

The old lady said: "The Empress's Thousand Autumn Festival is coming, and your mother will definitely take you there."

She didn't lower the volume when she said these words. There were a few women from Shao's family not far away. Shao Xun called them aunts or aunts. They were very interested in this. One of the Li's interjected: "Old man Has anyone heard about the palace? We have spread it all over the place. This Thousand-Autumn Festival is not a small scene. The eldest girl should go and take a look."

Shao Xun clamped the dish into the bowl in front of Mrs. Zheng, and then gently put down his chopsticks.

"Our eldest girl is so handsome, even the prince deserves it…"

When she finished saying this, she was pulled by the person next to her. Li's reaction all at once, and a little scornful said: "I mean…the big girl has a good appearance and good character, she will have a good end."

Shao Xun knew that even though they were curious, they might not be malicious and unwilling to embarrass others, so he smiled softly, "I have given you good words."

Seeing that she was not angry, several people relaxed, and secretly sighed that Shao Xun had a good temper. Then they didn't dare to mention this, and they changed the topic hurriedly. They were also interested: "The birthday of Zhonggong was not so big before. For several years, the Empress said that she was sick and did not attend… Tell me, on her own birthday, it was not interesting that it was a few concubines who attended the call."

Another person lowered his voice and said, "Could it be that the Empress is pampered again? Tsk, they are half-old milfs, and it would be weird if they are pampered again…"

"When your majesty was a prince, he was obviously arrogant with her. When he became a Empress, he was frustrated… But it is also understandable that the chaotic flowers are gradually becoming charming, and the Empress is not so overwhelming, and there are more beauties in the harem. , Who will bother her patiently."

Shao Xun's fingers twitched unconsciously, and his heart sank uncomfortably.

They are so mean to the Empress, not for other reasons, the main reason is that these are the relatives of the Shao family.

Don't look at Shao Zhenyu's face-saving love for Shu fei. Even if she has third prince, she is not willing to stand in line to support her, but for offshoots, there is a concubine in the palace who has given birth to a prince is their confidence, even I feel more secure than being a relative in Yingguo Gongfu. In this way, the Empress is their natural enemy, and there is not much respect in their words.

Mrs. Zheng frowned: "Don't talk about heaven and family affairs."

Just talk about the Empress's affairs, it's not good to talk about the saints in the words.

Several people looked at each other, and one of them lowered his voice: "Old lady, you have good ears and eyes, and this abruptness is going to be a grand banquet. Whether the Empress wants to be pampered again, we know that there is a bottom in my heart."

Mrs. Zheng was silent for a moment, and still said: "I don't know how it is, but Ningshou Palace was responsible for the whole process this time. Princess Kejing is very caring. As for the Palace of Two Instruments, it is not something we can inquire about. "

This alone was enough, the women's hearts were half relieved, and after thanking them, they talked about it again.

Just after Mrs. Zheng finished speaking, she turned her head and saw Shao Xun's eyes blankly, her expression was very different from the past, as if she didn't know what she was thinking.

"Ah Xun?"

Shao Xun came back to his senses, smiled at the old lady, and then hesitated: "Grandma, you have endured a lot of things, do you know many things in the past?"

"You child, I don't necessarily know everything, but what do you want to ask? Maybe I really know."

Shao Xun felt like a stone was pressed in her heart from the beginning, and her stomach was so heavy that she almost nauseated. She felt difficult in her throat and reluctantly asked: "Your Majesty…Did you get along well with the empress?"

Mrs. Zheng smiled and said: "I think you want to ask, everyone knows this. It seems to say to your aunt-raising the eyebrows of the case, respecting each other as guests, not to mention how deep-rooted, but more harmonious than most couples. ."

Shao Xun nodded and asked the key point: "Then…why is it so?"

Mrs. Zheng's eyes narrowed: "This…it's a lot of different opinions, and some say it's a Empress…" She stuck to Shao Xun's ear and said, "Murder the emperor's heir."

"Is it the prince?"

Mrs. Zheng nodded slightly: "Yes, but before the birth of the eldest prince Wei, she had already shown signs of falling out of favor when Your Majesty became the throne, but it was not obvious. After the birth of the eldest prince, she began to stay in the dark and waited for her to show up. Up."

Shao Xun slowed down his breathing as much as possible, and asked in a steady tone, "That means, 80% of the fall from favor at the beginning was due to other reasons, for example…Less and relaxation?"

"That's not enough," said Mrs. Zheng: "The Empress is two years older than her majesty, but it was not even double ten at that time. It was just the age of grace and prosperity. Besides, what your aunts said was too mean. Now, the beautiful and bright woman born to the Empress was also a beauty back then, far from the point of fascination.

Shao Xungang let out a sigh of relief, and listened to Mrs. Zheng to continue to say: "However, with a new person, it is possible that the old friendship will fade. Once the affection is not there, the woman will go to the doctor in a hurry and do something wrong. The past."

Affection fades, and affection is not there.

Shao Xun suddenly smiled on his expressionless face.

"Is this a very common thing?"

On the one hand, Mrs. Zheng felt that such remarks should not be told to unmarried little girls, and on the other hand, she also felt that it would be good to let her know what a man looks like. I don't want to say anything about it. Look at Libing. I had to spoil myself for a while when I first entered the palace a few years ago. , Just look away, it's a big taboo to be too horny."

Shao Xun's throat moved up and down unconsciously, but there was still a slight smile in her eyes. She looked kind and dignified. She whispered, "I understand what you mean, I know…"

Mrs. Zheng felt relieved when she saw that she was still very sensible.

At this time, Mrs. Zheng of Yingguo Duke-in-law motioned for her daughter to go to serve with Mrs. Zheng, so as to cultivate her feelings.

Shao Qiong hesitated, and did not defy his mother, walked up to Mrs. Zheng, and said, "Grandma, can I be with you?"

At this time, Shao Xun felt that the stone in her heart had reached her throat, and she was going to lose her stance when she was uncomfortable. Now she only feels that Shao Qiong is just right. She swallowed and kept smiling as much as possible and said: "Just right, my sister sat down. Come here, I feel…a little, a little bored, I want to go out and get some air…"

She was smiling, but her face was indeed pale. Madam Zheng thought she was bored by the indoor heater and so much popularity, and said: "Then you go for a walk… bring people, don't go far."

Shao Xun nodded immediately, and walked out of the water pavilion where the banquet was located without squinting with his attendant Lizhu.

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