The emperor's news is very accurate.

After Shao Xun returned to the mansion, he waited one night with some anxiety. In the morning of the next morning, You Xiang, the chief eunuch of Ningshou Palace, took the Empress Dowager's verbal order to the gate of Yingguo mansion.

That day was the Great Dynasty Meeting. Shao Zhenyu went to the early dynasty, but Shao Kui caught up with Xiu Mu, and Zheng Shi Shao Ying and Shao Qiong stayed at home and did not go out.

It must be said that there are people in the palace, no matter what you are doing, you must put them down to receive guests.

You Xiang is the chief eunuch of Ningshou Palace, but in fact, he is not as decent as the Wu family. He was the eunuch who was in the palace in the previous dynasty. It was not until the first emperor entered the Taiji Palace that he was assigned to the empress Tang family. In the beginning, he was just a little eunuch, but he rose to this position step by step in the past two decades.

But Wu is the dowry of the Empress dowager's maternal family. He has been by her side for so many years, and has witnessed the birth and growth of Prince Mercy and the present-day saint. The love is naturally not comparable to You Xiang, an outsider who is a half-way monk.

Perhaps for this reason, this internal official is usually very low-key and cautious in his words and deeds. Even if he does not know the inside story of Shao Xun's being called into the palace at this time, she still gives her enough politeness and respect.

"Entering the palace?" Zheng was quite surprised.

This kind of task of calling the courtier's daughter into the palace to accompany is just a trivial matter, and there is no need to use the decree. Therefore, You Xiang just verbally conveyed the meaning of the Empress Dowager, and there is no need for someone to wait for the Fengxiang case to kneel and welcome.

"Exactly," You Xiang put the teacup back on Table Mountain, and said sternly: "My lady of yours got the eye of the empress dowager when she entered the palace several times. Now that she is unwell, she remembered to call her to the palace to accompany her."

Zheng always knew that her stepdaughter was well-rounded and made people unable to make mistakes, but she did not expect that she would be able to please the Empress Dowager and her elders. You must know that apart from the princess, Ningshou Palace never showed a different view of anyone. .

She looked at Shao Xun, who was standing by the side, and smiled and asked You Xiang: "The mother's will should be obeyed, but I am afraid that our children have been spoiled since childhood. If it is not done in place, please bear with me. ."

You Xiang waved his hand: "Hey? Where is it? It's an illness. In fact, the empress dowager just wants Miss Shao to go to the palace to accompany her for a few days. There is no shortage of people to work, and she won't really be a laboring lady."

Shao Kui listened in the sidelines, not only confused, but also a little worried. He said, "In addition to her sister, can the empress call others?"

"This…" You Xiang said, "I am only responsible for coming to your home to come to the ward, but no one else has heard of it."

Shao Kui was taken aback. Before he could say anything, Shao Qiong interjected curiously: "Father-in-law, is my sister really alone?"

You Xiang thought that he had already said it again, but he didn't understand why the lady had to ask again. He was a little impatient, but he was used to being a man and didn't show it. He just nodded.

Shao Qiong pouted: "So, I still have to be locked up at home?"

Zheng slapped the back of her hand severely, causing her to shut up.

You Xiang picked up the teacup again, covering half of his face, then put it down, and said to Shao Xun: "Miss Shao, let's not delay, you go to clean up, I will be waiting for you in the carriage."

After that, Shao Xunying went to the room and brought the baggage he had packed up a long time ago.

On the way, Shao Kui was quite worried and said: "Ah Xun, you must be cautious in the palace. I'm not sure what the empress dowager means, and… don't forget to say hello to Yanjia Palace… "

He was worried that the entry into the palace this time was related to the selection of the concubine by the third prince. Although he was very optimistic about the prince, he thought that if he really guessed it, he would be more polite to Shu fei, so that it would not be a bad thing. "

Shao Xun nodded: "Brother don't worry."

Zheng said, "Would you like to leave? Do you want to send someone out to invite your father back?"

Shao Xun said: "No, my father has been doing a lot of official duties these days. This is just a trivial matter. Don't bother him to run."

This time it's really not a trivial matter, Zheng thought, it's about the royal family, it's about the Empress Dowager, it's not an exaggeration to be more cautious.

She made up her mind to invite Shao Zhenyu back to discuss when Shao Xun left.

Watching Shao Xun on the sedan chair heading to the Taiji Palace, Shao Qiong said with envy: "My elder sister doesn't know how the empress dowager was so blue-eyed, it's really curious… I want to play in the palace too…"

"Don't say a few words," Zheng said with a frown: "Your sister like a safe person in the palace is still worrying. If you change you, your father and brother may not be able to sleep at night."

This is the truth. Zheng knows the flaws of her daughter quite well. She is fine in front of her family. Whenever she meets the superior on a big occasion, she will always appear to be ignorant. This flaw is generally seen in the face of Yingguo Duke. It's not a big deal, but the Empress Dowager is not a good talker, and she will be embarrassed when she feels uncomfortable…

Then she frowned and said to Shao Kui: "When did Ah Xun meet the empress dowager, did she tell you?"

"No." Shao Kui was worried and embarrassed: "She doesn't talk to me very much recently…Mother, do you think it's the third prince…"

"It's impossible," Zheng said with confidence this time: "You don't know the empress dowager because you don't see it. The third prince can't work for her. If Shu fei gets sick and asks Ah Xun to enter the palace, there will still be Kind of meaning."

After Shao Xunzi had that "dream", he never told his family about the things in the palace. They only thought that she had a good relationship with the second princess, and that she was in the princess courtyard when she entered the palace. They never knew that Shao Xun had experienced it. What, guessing at this time is naturally extra troublesome.

.. .

Shao Xun didn't know what Zheng and Shao Kui thought, and didn't want to care. She stepped into Ningshou Palace, tidyed up, and followed You Xiang into the Empress dowager's bedroom in peace.

It was coincidence that it was Shu fei who served by the Empress Dowager at this time.

She was standing by the bed with a bowl of porridge and water. When she saw Shao Xun, she almost thought she had misunderstood the person: "Ah Xun?!"

As a result, the exclamation was very small in the sleeping hall, so Shao Xun went straight to the Empress Dowager, but he didn't hear it.

No one knew whether the Empress Dowager was sick or not, but since talking to the emperor that day, she is really a little uncomfortable.

She leaned on the head of the bed and watched Shao Xun kneeling in front of her bed. Her mood was absolutely complicated.

On the one hand, she really doesn't feel bad about Shao Xun herself, and because of her good looks and good manners during the previous meetings, she looked at her somewhat differently; but on the other hand, her existence was real. It really threatened the status of the Empress, and indirectly might have a bad influence on Princess Kejing.

But the Empress Dowager herself really doesn't like the Empress, and can even be called disgust. With the increase of several factors, she now has both likes and dislikes about Shao Xun's senses, which is naturally very complicated.

But since she agreed to the emperor, she didn't want to show this complexity, so she called Flat Body in time.

Shao Xun got up and stood firmly. When he raised his head slightly, he saw the Empress Dowager staring at him in a daze, and he showed her a slight smile.

The beauty of her birth made her smile more beautiful when she was sincere. The Empress Dowager subconsciously responded with a smile, and then she realized that she shouldn't be too kind.

She sighed in her heart: Well, since we are going to send the Buddha to the west, she will naturally be sent to the west, so that she can forge a good relationship for Zhao Ruozhen. Don't help others and don't please. The gain is not worth the loss.

"Girl, come and sit by my side."

The Empress Dowager called her exactly the same way as the emperor. Shao Xun was very used to this, and immediately took a few steps forward and sat on the stool in front of the bed.

Shu fei was very surprised when she saw from the side, she couldn't help but tentatively said: "Manny, this child is here…"

The Empress Dowager said with a smile: "I'm not feeling well these days, you are all bored, or the little girl is fresher, just think of this child, let her go into the palace to accompany my old lady for two days."

Because of her previous calculations, Shu fei was always uncomfortable when she met Shao Xun, the niece she liked very much before. She was fine and didn't want to see her. Therefore, she has not been declared to be in the palace for some time recently. Gong saw her.

She was a little bit surprised, but she couldn't show it now, and she was caught off guard completely unexpectedly, so when she tried to keep calm, her face seemed more stiff than the Empress Dowager: "This… is her blessing. Minute."

Speaking of what he was holding, he took a step forward: "…Empress dowager, your porridge is ready, eat it while it's hot."

Only then did she discover that Shao Xun was sitting by the bed, occupying her previous seat.

Shu fei thought that with Shao Xun's consistent style, she would definitely give way to herself, but this time she guessed wrong.

Shao Xun raised his head very naturally and reached out to take the wrist of Shu fei's hand, and whispered, "Niangniang, let me come."

Shu fei was unprepared, so she was easily taken away from her hand, and then said, "Ah Xun…you just need to talk to the Empress Dowager."

Shao Xun glanced at her delicate and beautiful face, it seemed that Concubine Chong Shu smiled, and said softly: "Your mother must be tired. If I serve the Empress Dowager, you can rest."

But the Empress Dowager didn't say how she went to rest. Shu fei was not good at grabbing, so she could only stand aside awkwardly and watch Shao Xun blow the rice porridge and feed it to her mouth.

The Empress Dowager was actually not very at ease, but seeing the little girl feeding her food so carefully, she was embarrassed to refuse.

Unexpectedly, Shao Xun seemed to be an experienced person. He didn't see his hands and feet in a hurry. Every spoonful was left cold and hot just right. Then he fed it neatly to the Empress Dowager's mouth. After the Empress Dowager swallowed it, he deliberately stayed there for a while, and so on. When the porridge water falls into the stomach, the next bite will be delivered at the right time. The time is accurate, and he knows carefully to wipe the corners of the mouth of the Empress Dowager. The hands are still very stable, and in short, he is quite skilled.

The Empress Dowager was originally to catch the ducks on the shelves, but after a few clicks, she noticed it better.

To be honest, there is a specialization in the surgery industry. Her "daughters-in-laws" have ten fingers that do not touch the sun and spring water. They are far from taking care of others as well as the maids. It is common sense for the Empress Dowager to be sick. Do it, or she would be the despondent of being the Empress Dowager.

Therefore, the concubines rushed to offer their filial piety, but the Empress Dowager herself was not very useful. Whenever they were served several times, she would change to the palace, and then let them talk to the side and hand over a cup or something. This is the filial piety. .

However, Shao Xun's figure was even more delicate than the imperial concubines looked. Unexpectedly, his movements were quick and careful, which made the Empress Dowager unexpectedly satisfied.

She was in a good mood as soon as she was satisfied, and even if she was a bit grudge against Shao Xun before, she couldn't help but soften her heart at this time.

When the bowl of porridge was finished, Shao Xun handed the empty bowl to the palace clerk and handed over the veil at the right time. The Empress Dowager took it and touched the corner of her mouth: "Shao girl is thoughtful in doing facts," and then couldn't help but said to Shu fei: " But compared to you clumsy people."

Shu fei was already in a good mood, and at this time she subconsciously made fun of her: "The empress didn't dislike it before. It can be seen that the newcomer is better than the old one, which puts us behind."

Shao Xun's eyebrows moved lightly, and the Empress Dowager also covered her mouth with a veil—Shu fei was just joking, but she didn't want to have even reached the point.

This is really embarrassing. After a few more words, the Empress Dowager said: "You have a lot of things in your palace, so just go back first. I have this kid here."

Originally, the concubine's concubine was just going through the scene, especially Shu fei and De fei, with errands on their bodies. When the time came, she smiled and said, "The empress is so good to rest, and the concubine retires first."

After she saluted and retired, the moment she turned around, she unconsciously wrinkled her slender eyebrows until she returned to Yanjia Palace.

Her most useful maid, Pearl, came to ask what was wrong when she saw it, and Shu fei repeated what had happened in Ningshou Palace.

Pearl was surprised: "This is the decentness of our family. The empress should be happy. The big girl is liked by the Empress Dowager. Isn't she better than the people on De fei's side?"

Shu fei squeezed the bridge of her nose, and said tiredly: "But what I don't know is that I'm not at ease… I always feel that I've been negligent."

She turned her mind, and suddenly "a flash of inspiration", she straightened up and said, "The Empress Dowager can see her. Shouldn't she be rationed to Bin'er on her own?"

"This…can't it? Didn't the Empress Dowager always care about these things?"

"Who said it doesn't matter," Shu fei frowned: "If she likes it, she will take care of it. Don't you think that the princess's marriage is handled by the thousands of selected old ladies? Ah Xun is not better than the princess, but she should really let it go. If the Empress Dowager has moved to be a matchmaker, it may not be impossible."

"The empress is the biological mother of the Third Royal Highness. No matter how she goes, she can't go past you. Let's talk about it…" Zhenzhu said: "In fact, our eldest girl is well-rounded. What you want and what you do. Find someone It's not easy for a girl who is more outstanding than her. If you get it right, it may not be a beautiful thing."

Shu fei sighed: "She's good at everything, but she doesn't have a good father… Since I was a child, the country's father has not dealt with me. Well, but he is partial to him… so neither lukewarm nor hot, like Bin'er is someone else's nephew, Ah Xun is a good daughter, but if he wants to change his position, I am afraid that the weight is not enough, so don't be taken up as a concubine in vain. "

"What's more," Shu fei thought of something, her dignified face slightly distorted: "After the last time, when I think of Bin'er's future wife who almost slept with someone else, I feel tight."

"Then…what about the second girl? I looked at the Duke and seemed to love the little daughter more."

"Ah Qiong?" Shu fei was even more disgusted: "Don't say that Yingguo Duke is just a little bit miserable, and it is not enough to let him support Bin'er wholeheartedly. Even if she really has this ability, I still look down on this kind of thing. As for the daughter-in-law who is holding her back, if the mother of the future behaves so rashly and does not know how to advance or retreat, isn't it a joke?

In front of her confidant, Shu fei's temperament seemed a lot more real, and she said helplessly: "The blood relationship is far away. Even if his daughter is married in, it is unknown whether he will give birth to the eldest son, and she has the qualifications. I don't know how to say that the loyal and patriotic will never stand in line, but in fact, I am afraid that when the time comes, the gain will not be worth the loss.

If I was born to my uncle's father…No, this is not enough. It should be said that if I were Shao Zhenyu's daughter, and Bin'er was his grandson, then it would be possible for the old fox to bet…"

But in fact, Shu fei is only Shao Zhenyu's cousin. She can neither guarantee that his daughter will be a Empress when married, nor can she guarantee that she will be able to give birth to a prince if he is a Empress. Can the prince who retains his blood inherit the prince? Tradition is even more invisible.

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