Ningshou Palace.

The Empress Dowager drank the rice porridge and felt that the taste was weak, so she complained: "These doctors only order some porridge and water, the taste is so weak, Suyun, you go and tell me something else."

Wu Clan laughed and said: "This imperial doctor has reported to your majesty, and your majesty has ordered that we must follow the doctor's words and we are not allowed to act privately."

Shao Xun, who had been listening quietly before, said softly: "Manny, the japonica rice has a sweet taste, nourishes the yin and nourishes the spleen and stomach. It is best for people who are sick, and it also brings its own fragrance, even if you don't let it go. The ingredients also have a flavor, and what the imperial doctor said is good for you."

The Empress Dowager said: "Then let me say that the japonica rice imported this month is not good, and there is no smell of rice at all."

Shao Xunbian warmly persuaded: "You think there is no taste, because the spleen and stomach are weak, and the tongue is not sensitive. If the illness is cured earlier, what can't you eat?"

Wu said, "Ms. Shao said that if you get better, Niangniang, the servant and maid will cook for you, cook a table for you, keep big fish and meat, whatever you want."

The Empress Dowager was angry and laughed: "You guys will coax me together. If that happens, then there will be something else to say."

That's how it was said, but there was no more mention of food in the kitchen.

Shao Xun always has a sense of measure. He speaks when he should speak, and he can listen when he shouldn't. The Empress Dowager talked to Wu about her hometown when she was young, how courageous the Emperor Xian was, and how ill the prince was sick when she was a child. Take good care of him, and talked about how disobedient the emperor was when he was young, and it was very difficult. A chat is a long time.

Shao Xun listened to them with great interest. It was like listening to a story, which was quite interesting.

Although the Empress Dowager talked with each other on her mouth, she actually kept one eye to observe Shao Xun, seeing her sitting next to her steadily, and she did not subconsciously make any weird little actions because of boredom, but instead she was crooked. Turn your head and listen carefully to these old things.

The Empress Dowager was originally interested in stretching her to see if she could sit still. Now that Shao Xun is not impatient and dissatisfied, she is listening with gusto. On the contrary, she has some interest, and she can't help but take the initiative to speak up: "Girl, you listen to this. Don't you think it's boring?"

Shao Xun came back to his senses and said in a slightly puzzled way:

"These are things that other people want to hear and they can't. I am afraid that only the older generation knows about the things before the founding of the People's Republic of China. Now that they don't come out to walk around, the ministers' fathers dare not talk about dignity at will. What do you want to know but never know, how can you find it boring?"

The Empress Dowager couldn't help laughing and said: "The parents are short, there is nothing to say, but people can't help nagging when they are old, Zhen'er is annoying to listen, and when I hear these things, I can't help but hide."

"That 80% of your Highness has listened a lot, I am afraid that I will never forget a word, but the courtier has never heard of it, and naturally finds it novel, interesting and fascinating."

Wu Clan covered his mouth and joked, "Isn't it? Don't talk about princesses in your stories. Even the slaves and maids have to recite them. That is to say, Miss Shao still finds them fresh."

"You guys," the Empress Dowager shook her head with a smile, and then asked Shao Xun said: "Do you always take care of the elderly at home?"

"It's not true. It's just that I used to serve my grandmother when I was young. It was just seven or eight years ago. Now I sometimes serve my grandmother. It's a pity…" Shao Xun sighed, "After all, going to Zheng's Mansion is just a guest. It's a long stay."

The Empress Dowager could hear that she was sincerely regretful that she could not fulfill her filial piety at this time. She only felt that this child was really rare, but she still had a knot and didn't want to show this appreciation, so she said: "It's the same when you serve your parents at home. "

Shao Xun paused, then smiled and said, "…what the mother said is."

The Empress Dowager looked up and down, and only felt that she could not find anything wrong, she couldn't help but stab her to say: "I know that you children like to live under the knees of doting old people, but you don't know that even if your parents are strict, it is for your good, especially Mother, gave birth to a baby in October…"

When she was talking about Xing, she suddenly noticed that Shao Xun's smile was a little frozen, and she couldn't help but hesitate to stop: "…what?"

Shao Xun took a breath and pulled the corners of his lips: "No… nothing."

The Empress Dowager just wanted to embarrass her because of the little discomfort in her heart, but she didn't really want to do anything. At this moment, she was a little at a loss and looked at Wu's subconsciously.

Wu Clan rolled his eyebrows and thought for a moment, thinking of something, he leaned over to the Empress Dowager's ear and said: "The lady in this girl's house is a stepmother."

"Ah? This…" The Empress Dowager was a little surprised and blurted out: "Isn't your grandfather the Zheng family? There are twins…"

The empress dowager stays in Ningshou Palace all the year round and loves to listen to other family affairs to pass the time, but the death of Yingguo Duke-in-law Zheng's dystocia was after all more than ten years ago, and the empress does not need to remember the relationship between the houses so clearly. She only remembered that Yingguo Duke-in-law was born in the famous Zheng family, and she was very blessed to give birth to a baby. The others have long been impressed.

Isn't this the child's mother?

At this time, Shao Xun had sorted out his emotions, and replied casually: "The younger brother of the minister is from the current mother, and she is the sister of the mother of the minister, so both of them are from the Zheng family in Jiangyin."

The aunt is a stepmother, and there are younger brothers and sisters who are not a few years younger and are infinitely beautiful.

After all, the Empress Dowager is a woman. When she was young, she was not from a high-class family. There were many short things in her parents. When she was older, she directly became the noble Empress Dowager. Instead, she would not think about these things from "marriage" or "marriage". From the perspective of "good" and "interests", it pays more attention to the situation of the children in it.

In her opinion, Shao Xun is undoubtedly the most embarrassing and pitiful kind of children who lost their mothers.

The Empress Dowager was so poor that she couldn't bear to embarrass her any more.

Upon seeing this, Shao Xun quickly added: "In fact, my mother has always been good to courtiers, not worse than his younger siblings…"

The Empress Dowager sighed and waved her hand, indicating that she didn't need to say anything more.

The stepdaughter and the stepmother are really weird as if they came out of their own. The difference is just that the superficial skills are not in place.

This child's stepmother must be the one who can do it, but she has her own child soon after entering the door. How true is it to say that she loves?

She subconsciously felt sorry for Shao Xun, but she got better by three points unconsciously.

At this time, Shao Xun arrived at a cup of moderately warm water to offer to the Empress Dowager: "Then you can drink some water to moisturize your throat."

This was another very empathetic move, which caused the Empress Dowager to sigh incessantly. After drinking, she was embarrassed to say something, so she rubbed her head and said, "I've been sitting here for so long, and I feel a little tired."

Shao Xunbian stepped forward to support the Empress Dowager to stand up, patted the pillow with one hand, carefully supported the Empress Dowager to lie down, and then tightly covered her with the quilt.

The Empress Dowager glanced at Wu Shi, who knew the opportunity to leave.

Shao Xun sat on the stool beside the bed and whispered to the Empress Dowager, "You can sleep for a while, and the courtiers will stay here."

The Empress Dowager nodded, and after a while, when Shao Xun thought she was asleep, she suddenly heard the Empress Dowager suddenly say: "Girl, do you know the emperor's mind?"

Shao Xun originally thought that the Empress Dowager's attitude was tacit and would not mention it to her, but now it is only slightly stunned to hear her ask like this, and he calmly said: "The courtier knows."

The Empress Dowager wanted to say something, but when she saw her, she felt that she didn't have to say anything.

The child was afraid that he knew everything in his heart.

It is the emperor who is in charge of other things, and it is useless to tell her.

In the end, the Empress Dowager didn't say anything, just closed her eyes slightly, and fell asleep after a while.

It took nearly an hour for Shao Xunshou to wake up after the Empress Dowager. When he opened his eyes, he saw Shao Xun leaning against the bedpost with his eyes half-closed, but he still stayed on the bedside without moving.

The Empress Dowager couldn't help but feel a little moved for a little girl like her to be able to sit still.

Shao Xun was just restoring her mind and did not fall asleep. She noticed it as soon as the Empress Dowager woke up, got up and said in a low voice, "The mother is awake? But want to drink water?"

The Empress Dowager nodded, and Shao Xun once again neatly poured a glass of water, and helped the Empress Dowager up and waited for her to drink it. What he thought was that he was sick before, and the emperor himself fed water and medicine.

She is also very accustomed to taking care of the elders' daily life, plus this is the mother of the lover, waiting more willingly, without any complaints.

This person's heart is long, and the true feelings before the sick bed are the easiest to distinguish. The Empress Dowager can feel her sincere heart, and her heart is even more complicated.

In short, after spending a long time with this girl, I can only say that the emperor has a unique vision and that the person chosen does have her benefits. Even without this good look, Shao is far more likable than the Empress.

The Empress Dowager drank the water and patted Shao Xun's hand: "My child, what is your maiden name?"

The days to get along will be long in the future, so I can never keep yelling "girly girl".

Shao Xun gestured a word with his fingers: "The single name of the minister's girl is'Xun', and everyone in the family is called'Ah Xun'."

The Empress Dowager hummed: "Ah Xun, go and change your Madam Wu in, you go and rest."

I couldn't help but say: "Don't stay at Ningshou Palace for a few days and you will get tired and thin. I won't be able to explain to the emperor then."

Shao Xun was a little embarrassed to be teased by his lover's mother like this, and he was a little embarrassed at once, and he unconsciously covered his hot cheeks, turned and walked back.

Watching Mother Wu lead people in to serve the Empress Dowager, Shao Xun returned to the house arranged for her.

It's said that the treatment in the entire Tai Chi Palace is the best. The most extravagant palace is not Liangyi Palace, but Ningshou Palace. This is true. It's just late autumn and it's not winter. It's just because the Empress Dowager is old and afraid of the cold. The earth dragon has slightly ignited.

The room for Shao Xun was not far from the Empress Dowager's sleeping hall, and there was also an earth dragon. The slight warmth came up, making Shao Xun feel hot, but also a little drowsy.

She closed the door, opened the baggage and took a thinner water-red skirt with a white magnolia pattern embroidered on it, and brought it to the screen and wanted to change it.

There was a knock on the door.

She came to the palace to attend to the sickness, so naturally she couldn't bring the maid. There was no doubt about him at the moment. She thought it was the little palace maid who was arranged by You Xiang to take care of her, so she directly called people in.

At this time, she had already taken off the thick tuck and put on a skirt. While putting on the cross-necked shirt, she said casually: "I'm here."

She was so busy changing her clothes that she didn't have time to pay attention to the footsteps. It wasn't until a clear breathing sound came from behind that she was shocked and turned around quickly.

It happened to look at each other with the emperor.

She hadn't worn her clothes yet, and her front arms were even open, revealing the cool… underclothes inside.

Shao Xun couldn't help but let out a low exclamation. Before the emperor had time to see any reaction, he turned his back to him hurriedly and closed the placket, and tremblingly went to tie the belt around his waist.

I don't know if it's nervous or embarrassing, her dexterous hands were as if they were frozen, shaking her belt a few times and then they fell apart.

The more you make mistakes, the more anxious you make mistakes, and the more anxious you make mistakes, the emperor sighed while sweating on Shao Xun's forehead, walked behind her, and stretched out her long arms around her stiff body.

Her waist is very slender, and ordinary people can easily wrap it around with one arm. The emperor's body is slender and the arms are long, so she can easily wrap her in his arms without touching her body much.

Shao Xun froze and watched the emperor's fingers go around her and took away the belt from her hand, but in the blink of an eye he tied a simple knot and fastened the belt.

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