The emperor encircled Shao Xun's waist from behind, tied the belt with both hands and paused for a while, did not retract it, but gently pressed it to her abdomen.

He did not move.

Shao Xun subconsciously pressed the back of the emperor's hand, and then remembered what happened just now, as if he was scalded, quickly let go of his hand, turned around, bit his lip and asked, "How did your majesty come here?"

The emperor's hand fell free, and he took Shao Xun's shoulders and took her to sit on the small couch together: "I want to say that I came to visit the Empress Dowager…you have to believe it."

This is what it means to meet her specially.

"You just…"

Shao Xun kept covering his face, and then quickly interrupted the emperor's words: "You forget what happened just now…"

The emperor couldn't help but want to laugh, and forced himself to comfort Shao Xun said: "I actually didn't see anything."

"…Really?" Shao Xun was originally ashamed. When he heard the emperor say that he hadn't seen anything that shouldn't be seen, he immediately felt hopeful, so he immediately put down his hands and cautiously looked forward to: "I really didn't see it?"

The emperor couldn't help but smiled. He smiled and said, "This…what do you call me?"

Shao Xun was taken aback for a moment, and then he immediately realized that the "don't see anything" was another nonsense. The most damning thing is that every time this person deceives someone, he always refuses to cover up for how long, and immediately. Let people know that she has been fooled, so that she has no room for self-comfort.

"–Your Majesty!"

The emperor finally stopped his smile and waved his finger to Shao Xun. Shao Xun glanced at him suspiciously, and finally put his ear close to him.

The emperor curled his lips and leaned over to Shao Xun's ear and said, "Do you still remember what happened to me when I was in Fenglinxuan…"

Shao Xun's face flushed red as soon as these words came to her ears. She couldn't help closing her eyes with shame, and gritted her teeth and said, "You, what are you talking about?"

The emperor was full of innocence at this time: "I mean this time is not as good as the last time…"

Shao Xun rushed up and covered his mouth tightly: "You are not allowed to say any more!"

The emperor accepted it when he saw it. He knew that Shao Xun was sometimes frank and sometimes thin-skinned, and stopped commenting on the scene just now. He just turned her around and shaved her nose: "You are also not four bodies. Qin, I can't even tie my belt."

Shao Xun took a few deep breaths before pulling her mind out of her embarrassment and shyness. She touched the belt around her waist and retorted: "I don't even know this, but I was just scared."

As she said, she raised her face, her eyes bright: "I serve the empress dowager and she feels very good."

The emperor was taken aback, and his first reaction was: "The Empress Dowager asked you to do it yourself… Did she embarrass you?"

Shao Xun blinked and wondered: "What's this? I'm here to take care of the sick, so I don't do it myself, can I just watch it from the sidelines?"

The emperor's eyes condensed, and he lowered his eyes to explain: "What I mean, this is just a cutscene. You don't need to do anything. There is no shortage of palace people around the Empress Dowager."

"How can it be the same," Shao Xun's cheeks bulged slightly, "Is there a lack of people around my grandmother or grandmother? It's just that we tried our best."

The emperor touched her cheek: "It doesn't need to be like this, she won't treat you like that."

"No," Shao Xun tilted his head slightly, resting it on the emperor's shoulders, and subconsciously adjusted his sitting posture so that the little girl could lean more comfortably.

"I want the empress dowager to like me, but instead of pleasing her elders, I want to do my best to take care of your mother."

The emperor stared at her, only to hear her a little embarrassed: "This is your mother, I can't be by your side for a while and take care of your mother for you. Isn't that supposed to happen? ."

The emperor shook his whole body. He did not expect that she would say something like this. The emotion in his heart can be imagined. He didn't speak for a long time, and after a long time, he whispered: "Don't you feel tired?"

Shao Xun's eyes curled up with a smile: "I'm not tired, I can do something for you, I like this."

This is… Aiwu and Wu?

The emperor knew in his heart that Shao Xun had not seen the Empress dowager several times, and it was even more invisible to say how close she was, but she was able to serve the Empress dowager in such a sincere manner, not for anything else, but because she was the mother of the emperor. That's it.

In fact, the same is true. Shao Xun's own biological mother has passed away. She can't get close to her stepmother for various reasons. It is always a pity for a girl.

But she does not have a mother, the emperor does. She is subconsciously getting close to the emperor, and she wants to get close to everything he has. She wants to do something for him, and she also longs to treat his mother as her own. .

Others' mothers couldn't fight with her, but she had love for the emperor, and this love was so much that it overflowed to the Empress Dowager who was not familiar with her.

Sooner or later is not late. It is not when the emperor usually asks the Empress Dowager for peace. He has a lot of government affairs to deal with in the past few days, so he just took a look at Shao Xun quietly and didn't disturb the others. Went back again.

Shao Xun rested for a while to cultivate the spirit, and when it was night, he returned to the Empress Dowager's dormitory to wait for her to eat dinner and drink medicine. At night, she helped Mother Wu to sleep with the Empress Dowager.

Such meticulous and dedicated care, smarter and caring than the palace people, and far more skillful and attentive than the palace concubine, it didn't take long for the Empress Dowager to get acquainted with her quickly, and sometimes she can sleep next to the Empress Dowager at night for easy care. .

These days, when Princess Kejing was pregnant and her body was not stable, the Empress Dowager ordered that she was not allowed to go out without major incidents, and she lacked a younger person who was closest to her.

And the other grandchildren, the grandchildren who are about to reach adulthood, are not counted. They are busy going to school, busy participating in politics, and have no free time to care about their grandmother.

Among the girls, the second princess is a gourd with a sawed mouth. When Shao Xun is present, it's good to talk endlessly, but she also only talks to Shao Xun. It's not easy for others to say something about it; the third princess is a little flattering and petty. Although the Empress Dowager didn't say anything, she was actually a bit disgusted.

Then there is the sixth prince Zhao Yanjie, the Empress Dowager usually loves this youngest grandson, but his mischief also makes the infected Empress Dowager a little unbearable to be quarreled.

At this time, Shao Xun stayed with her at all times, taking care of her daily life, caring about her diet, talking and chatting with her, making fun and relieving boredom, and doing nothing more or less just to get the benefit. This is two things, it is strange that the Empress Dowager can still have a feeling of disgust. .

Not only the Empress Dowager, but in Ningshou Palace, including Madam Wu and Chief Executive You Xiang, no one can say a "no" when mentioning Shao Xun.

The concubines in the harem also took turns to the Ningshou Palace as usual, but they still passed a veil and a cup as before.

It's just that I could spend some time in Ningshou Palace and chat with the Empress Dowager, but since Shao Xun came, they always brought her with her when looking for conversations. The language inevitably contained ridicule. Among them, marriage events were mostly important. Shao Xun himself It was a bit embarrassing, and the Empress Dowager got closer and closer to Shao Xun, and she felt uncomfortable when she heard these words, so she sent them away not long after, even Shu fei was no exception.

After all, you have to take care, you need to be intimate, and you need to chat. Shao Xun alone can do the job, and the others are clumsy and useless.

In the past few days, the emperor has come to Ningshou Palace to ask for peace not many times, or even less than before. It is all about Shao Xun's absence, in order to avoid suspicion, so that no one can think of the emperor and Shao Xun afterwards. Even once.

But it was a coincidence that day, Shao Xun made a pot of red date tea for the Empress Dowager. After a while, the emperor arrived before he could be replaced to rest.

As soon as he stepped into the hall, the teapot in Shao Xun's hand almost overturned.

The emperor didn't expect to see Shao Xun here, but he didn't avoid it either. After all, she served the Empress Dowager in Ningshou Palace, and she hadn't met the emperor even once, which seemed a bit eager to cover up.

The emperor greeted the Empress Dowager well, picked up a stool at will and sat down, and asked, "How is everything going for the Empress Dowager these days?"

The Empress Dowager nodded and glanced at Shao Xun, who was a little overwhelmed with the teapot next to him: "Ah Xun, what are you going to make me tea? Give your majesty a cup too. He is most impatient with the sweetness we drink. Tired of things, try the'today' cup to see if it makes any difference."

Shao Xun was stunned for a moment, then lowered his head to say yes.

She walked slowly to the emperor's side and poured the jujube tea from the pot into the emperor's teacup.

The emperor tilted his head slightly and watched Shao Xun's movements, not too wide, but his eyes didn't leave her a step when he took a closer look. When the tea was poured, he smiled slightly at the girl, and then he was about to get a cup.

"Wait, this tea is a bit hot!" Shao Xun said hastily.

She boiled the pot directly on the charcoal fire. Before handing it to the Empress Dowager, she always blew it a little bit cooler before sending it. But this time the emperor clearly saw the heat in the cup and stretched out his hand, so Shao Xun was so frightened. Stop.

The emperor looked up and said softly: "It's okay, I don't feel hot, don't worry."

How could it not be hot, Shao Xun's eyes rounded, his back turned to the Empress Dowager, and silently motioned for him to put down his teacup.

The corners of the emperor's mouth were slightly bent, and he did not touch the hot teacup graciously.

The Empress Dowager was leaning on the bed, and Shao Xun's worried expression was invisible from her perspective, but from her son's demeanor, the eyebrow lawsuit between the two could be guessed exactly.

After all, the emperor's mood is very different from the past. Although at first glance it looks as gentle and elegant as before, but deep down, it is really different.

Still "not feeling hot"?

I'm afraid it was not deliberately burned to fight for others' care and sympathy.

The Empress Dowager snorted: "Girl, come to me, your majesty has a thick skin, and he won't be able to burn him if he wants to drink hot metal in the future."

The emperor couldn't help but lowered his head and smiled. On the contrary, Shao Xun hesitated. When he returned to the Empress Dowager, he always couldn't help worrying about the emperor, but he did not look back before the Empress Dowager.

Serving the Empress Dowager naturally did not have so much entanglement. Shao Xun personally blew the tea in the cup to the Empress Dowager's hand.

The Empress Dowager drank a sip of warm and sweet red jujube tea, and felt that her mood was stained with sweetness.

Shao Xun saw that the emperor's eyes were actually bright, and she subconsciously paid attention to his every move, but she knew that this was not the time, so she wanted the Empress Dowager to say goodbye: "The courtier will leave first."

She should have rested, and the Empress Dowager did not stay much longer, and immediately nodded in agreement.

Eyes sent Shao Xun out, and when she left, the emperor said, "Is this kid still what you like?"

The relationship between him and the Empress Dowager is not unharmonious, but it is harder than the usual close mother-child relationship, and there is less to say. Please be assured every one or two days, and sitting is no more than a cup of tea.

But talking about Shao Xun is a common topic, and there are more conversations between mother and child.

The Empress Dowager said: "It fits my heart? I'm afraid it's more to your heart. I remember that she didn't mean anything to you when we ate together last time. What method did you use? It didn't take a few months. I see. You are so confused by that child, you can't remember anyone else when you see him."

Shao Xun was still young, and he was only good at concealing bad emotions. He didn't know how to conceal the love he gave for the first time. The kind of joy and love that met his lover always unconsciously revealed, and it couldn't be concealed. The Empress Dowager was a person who came over and was an insider, so how could she not be able to see it.

But when the emperor saw Shao Xun's love, he was not less in love than the other person, maybe even more, but he was older and knew how to restrain and cover up. That friendship was like the spring water of rising tide, with restrained calmness and immobility. The sensual invasion, but only a little bit of it was exposed.

The emperor didn't refute when he heard what the Empress Dowager said, but just asked, "How does the Empress Dowager feel?"

The Empress Dowager was silent for a while before she said: "I am a good boy, I look better than everyone else. I don't have to say about the appearance and temperament, but the most rare thing is the sincere and sincere… how rare we are. You all know what to do with her, you know in your heart, I don't need to say anything more."

This was not beyond the emperor's expectation. In his eyes, Shao Xun was not bad. If it was bad, others would be blind. He nodded, "Then what do you mean…when is it right?"

The empress dowager still sighed thinking about the Empress and princess Kejing, but being able to turn the matter to such a degree is already considered good, and the matter has ended, it is useless to say more, so she said: "My illness is almost recovered, and she will go back. , And get ready in two days."

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