Shao Xun knew nothing about what the mother and son said.

She stopped serving the Empress Dowager that night and was left in the sleeping hall, sleeping next to the Empress Dowager, on the outermost side of the bed.

This job is actually not easy. First of all, the elderly feel light and less. You have to stay active all night to ensure that the Empress Dowager is not awakened. Then, whenever the Empress Dowager moves a little, you have to wake up immediately and pour water when you are thirsty. , I have to wake up at night and hold the pot. In short, I can fall asleep, but the sleep must be very unreliable.

But fortunately, the Empress Dowager is in good health. She usually sleeps like Shao Xun when she turns over or something. It is not difficult to take care of. It is far worse than torturing people when Shao Xun took care of her grandmother when she was a child.

Shao Xun checked that the Empress Dowager's quilt was tightly covered, so he lay down and was ready to go to bed. He didn't want the Empress Dowager who thought he was asleep to turn around and face her. He opened his eyes and said: "Ah Xun girl, come, we say something."

Shao Xunyuan had already lay down, and leaned his head over: "Do you have any instructions?"

The Empress Dowager's voice was a little tired: "You have met the princess, right?"

Shao Xun was taken aback: "…this is natural, we had another conflict before, thanks to the empress for mediation."

The Empress Dowager also remembered that, and she sighed heavily: "She has been strong since she was a child, and she is also the temper that I used to, but her nature is not bad, but…well, in the final analysis, it was her mother who made trouble. Parents are at odds, and the emperor is so lukewarm, can she not turn to the Empress."

Shao Xun remembered the emperor's self-deprecating sentence "I am not a good father" long ago.

Not only to the eldest princess, but also to other children, he is not very caring. He gives everything that should be given and visits frequently, but he has not fully fulfilled his responsibilities as a father.

Shao Xun has always remembered this, so he subconsciously thought that the Empress Dowager meant this, so he whispered: "The empress will often talk to your Majesty about several princes and princes. If he listens more, he will naturally become more admired. Heart."

With that said, although she felt that she was taking herself seriously when she said it before the Doom, she still said: "I…I will also find a chance to mention it to your Majesty."

The Empress Dowager opened her mouth and realized that she and Shao Xun were talking about different things.

She wanted Shao Xun to be more tolerant to Princess Kejing in the future, and she also wanted to use her as an intermediary to communicate, so that the emperor could treat the child better; but Shao Xun, as a daughter who was not too close to her father, said To save others, instinctively think that the Empress Dowager is a grandmother, and what she cares about is the relationship between all grandchildren and sons.

The Empress Dowager wanted to explain, but in fact she didn't know what to explain, saying that she only cared about respecting the princess?

This is how she said the exit?

The Empress Dowager could only swallow what she was going to say: "You, what you said is right."

Shao Xun thought that she understood what she was thinking about the Empress Dowager. This was something she had always remembered. At this time, she only felt that the two had thought of going together, so she smiled, and her voice was very soft: "Manny, go to bed earlier."

The Empress Dowager nodded helplessly, and closed her eyes full of thoughts.

The next day Shao Xun woke up early in the morning. He just tidied himself up lightly, and the Empress Dowager woke up.

She called Mr. Wu: "Go and prepare your clothes and jewelry. I'm going to get up today to pack up."

Shao Xunqi said: "Manny, do you feel better today?"

"It's all right long ago," the Empress Dowager was helped by Wu's: "It's not a serious illness. After lying abruptly for a few days, her body is stiff."

Shao Xun was puzzled, and just wanted to ask why, but after careful consideration, he was a little uncertain about whether this was for his own entry into the palace…

After thinking about it this way, I feel a little guilty and dare not ask any more.

This day the Empress Dowager recovered from her illness, and it coincided with the 20th of this month, and the high-ranking concubines came to greet her as required.

The princesses happened to study on this day, and Zhao Ruotong, including Zhao Ruotong, did not come until noon. Naturally, Shao Xun didn't want to join in the excitement, so he stayed in his room to rest. But in a while, a little palace lady came to her. , Said that the Empress Dowager ordered her to send the sachet on the bedside.

Sachet? Isn't it anyone can send it?

Shao Xun's doubts flashed past, and he didn't even think about it. After turning out the sachet, he sent it over.

She inspected the main hall from the side door, and saw that all the concubines who were not inferior were accompanied by the Empress Dowager, chatting, laughing and chatting. It was very lively, so she tried to find the Wu family lightly and unobtrusively: "Mother, this is the Empress Dowager. The sachets you want."

She thought that the task was complete, she turned around and wanted to leave. She didn't want Wu Shi but directly held her wrist, raised her volume and said, "Manny, Miss Shao has brought your sachet."

The Empress Dowager said with a smile: "Ah Xun? Come here."

These days, Shao Xun actually met several imperial concubines in the Empress's Palace, but they all met each other sporadically. He had never come out to meet people in the public like this.

The Empress Dowager was uncharacteristically, and Shao Xun immediately realized what was going to happen. Her heart beat violently twice, and then quickly calmed down.

She took a deep breath, took the sachet and walked safely to the Empress Dowager and saluted: "Niangniang."

The Empress Dowager looked at her smile and was in a good mood. She took the sachet and hung it on her waist, and pulled Shao Xun said: "This girl has taken care of me these days, and finally got vacant, and she was supported again."

Shao Xun has been a celebrity in Ningshou Palace these days, and others have echoed in order to please the Empress Dowager.

"Miss Shao is really hard."

"Thanks to her for taking care of you."

Even De fei glanced at Shu fei, raised her eyebrows and smiled: "This child deserves to be in the same family as Shu fei, and is so considerate."

Hearing this, Shu fei's eyebrows jumped, but her face seemed very happy: "I can't compare to Ah Xun's carefulness, so that the empress dowager can be so loving."

The Empress Dowager nodded: "I feel unwell this time, and I always feel bad. It is indeed thanks to this child who is taking care of me."

Before Shao Xun's "Empress Dowager's honour" could be said, the sound from outside the hall came in: "My Majesty, please peace of mind."

The Empress Dowager obviously felt her hand twitching unconsciously.

She lowered her head and smiled, and then asked someone to bring the emperor in.

At this time, Shao Xunneng noticed that the atmosphere in the bottom changed suddenly. Except for the Empress Dowager, everyone stood up. Many people, including a few concubines who were not too young, did not think they had taken care of their clothes and hair accessories. Even De fei looked like this. Everyone can't help but reach out to help the hairpin.

When the emperor came in, everyone saluted him, and he greeted the Empress Dowager again. After everyone was seated again, Shao Xun found that the air in this room seemed to have become thinner, and the atmosphere was the same as chatting with the Empress Dowager at first. Time is completely different.

Even if the emperor is a husband who does not treat concubines harshly, his mind can still control the joy of these women and the future of their children.

This person has a good temper, but while they want to flatter and please, they still have a strong sense of awe that cannot be ignored.

The Empress Dowager smiled and said: "When you come, no one dares to speak."

The emperor sat on the main seat on the other side, waved his hand when he heard the words, and said casually: "What is the Empress talking about? Why don't you continue, I just listen."

De fei concubine interjected: "The Empress Dowager will praise the Shao family girl for her care with her concubine. The concubine looks at this little girl, and she doesn't know if there are any arrangements at home."

The emperor raised his eyes:'Oh? "

This seems to be a reaction between interest and disinterest. As soon as De fei was about to pick it up, she was quietly snatched by Shu fei: "She is from a child's family, so she can't be praised by her sister De fei. , The concubine's cousin loves his daughter, how come there is no arrangement."

"The concubine heard that a girl from a Yingguo Gongfu had appointed her uncle's house a few days ago," Zhao Ruotong's biological mother Gong Concubine did not dare to speak in public. This is the fourth princess's concubine Feng Zhaoyi: "Could it be Miss Shao?"

"Miss Shao, have you made a kiss?" De fei asked directly.

Shao Xun shook his head: "Zhaoyi may be talking about my little sister, she appointed her cousin Zheng."

The Empress Dowager took Shao Xun's hand: "Your sister has decided on someone, and your marriage must be in sight. Does your father have a charter?"

Shao Xun should have been shy when she heard this topic, but the Empress Dowager had ordered the following words to make her a little stupid. She didn't know how to react, and couldn't be ashamed. She could only lower her head: "Parents In the words of the matchmaker, the courtiers and daughters obey the arrangements of their parents."

"This can't be better," the Empress Dowager said with a smile: "It's not fate, I want to fill this "matchmaker", will you?"

Shao Xun looked at the Empress Dowager. After a long while, her lips moved slightly, but before she could say anything, Shu fei couldn't help but interject: "The empress is so good at the matchmaker, and you can't forget her family. Bin'er has reached his age. The concubine has already spotted two or three young ladies, but she doesn't know which one to order. Why not come and take care of the concubine?"

Anyway, the person who knows you best is often your enemy. De fei had vaguely guessed Shu fei's mind early on, but at this moment she was finally determined.

She really didn't want the girl from the Shao family to be a daughter-in-law.

In fact, Shu fei's reason, De fei, can be roughly guessed, and it has nothing to do with the attitude of Yingguo Duke.

But from the point of view of De fei, Shao Xun's weight cannot bring about a firm "third prince", and Yingguo public will also be biased. Coupled with the advantages of her own qualifications, it can already eliminate some of his father's failures. The disadvantage of willing to support wholeheartedly.

At least De fei was really thinking this way, like the eldest prince Qi, her mother is not good enough, so once her daughter becomes a prince, she quickly clings to it and follows the prince desperately, but there are such things. There are advantages and disadvantages.

Qi-shi is naturally jealous and can't tolerate people at all. If you want to meet a dedicated husband, maybe you can live a life of piano and sound, but she just meets Zhao Yanwei, who is uncomfortable without sleeping for a couple of days. Don't be upset.

Now Qi-shi is pregnant, Jingui is tight, and the noise is particularly fierce. The eldest prince is almost annoyed by the family, and De fei has to be exhausted in order to mediate the relationship between the two. The white hair is a little more. root.

Shu fei is fine, she still dislikes the ready-made daughter-in-law candidates. She single-mindedly wanted to choose a daughter-in-law for her son that would bring the greatest benefit, but she didn't even consider the third prince' wishes.

At the moment when De fei was full of defamation, the Empress Dowager had already laughed and said: "Yan Bin was born to you, your own children, you have your own mothers to worry about them, and there is no need for my old lady to be troublesome. …"

When Shu fei's eyes lit up, she knew that this meant she would not interfere in the prince's marriage. She was happy in her heart. As soon as she was about to give her some verbal concessions, she heard the second half of the Empress Dowager's words: "…I only worry about it." My own son."

Shu fei was startled slightly, the joy in her eyes had not had time to conceal her, and she didn't react to the empress dowager's meaning for a moment. She just felt that the surroundings suddenly fell silent, and several concubines who had been talking in whispers were silent. Take a closer look. , Everyone's expressions were stunned, and then they were quickly overwhelmed with extreme shock.

De fei reacted fastest, her pupils suddenly tightened, she straightened up unconsciously, and slammed her fingers on the hard armrests, her delicate half-inch nails suddenly broke, and she didn't feel any pain at all.


Shu fei still had a dazed face, her throat kept rolling up and down, and when she met the smiling but profound gaze of the Empress Dowager, she suddenly reacted.

She was so shocked that she had forgotten to cover up her emotions. She opened her mouth wide and couldn't say a word. She watched as the Empress Dowager turned to the emperor and asked, "Emperor, what do you think of this idea?"

The emperor's eyebrows lightly raised: "How come it has happened to me again."

The Empress Dowager smiled and said: "This is just pretending to be stupid, and what the mother said is clearer–" She lowered her head and was pierced by everyone's eyes, and pushed Shao Xun forward: "Do you think this girl how is it?"

At this time, one of the imperial concubines in the hall was counted as one, and they all understood the meaning of the Empress Dowager in astonishment. Almost none of them was happy to see this, so they could only look at the emperor with a glimmer of hope, hoping for the nearest The emperor who had no interest in the harem for several years could dismiss the Empress Dowager's absurd plan.

But when they followed the emperor's sight and looked towards Shao Xun, their hearts fell to the bottom of the valley inch by inch.

Impossible, just don't think about it in normal times. Once the Empress Dowager takes the initiative to make the connection, the emperor can't refuse such a stunning beauty.

After changing the world, no man would refuse to come if he wanted to.

Sure enough, the emperor's gaze was fixed on Shao Xun, and then he looked away as if nothing had happened, but he didn't rebuff: "Why ask me, you should go to Yingguo Duke for the idea."

Everyone sighed in their hearts-sure enough, no man would refuse.

Shu fei's heart seemed to be immersed in the icy cold water, her body was almost trembling, her face turned white involuntarily, her mind was chaotic like a ball of thread, she couldn't find the slightest clue, she couldn't think of a way. To stop this absurd "happy event".

De fei was naturally also uncomfortable. She had a calm face, so she could only slow down by looking at Shu fei's expression that was far more ugly than herself.

The Empress Dowager seemed to have a very pleasant voice: "Just have this sentence, and naturally you don't care about the rest."

In the whole matter, neither of the two asked the opinions of the concubines present-they were also not qualified to have an opinion. These women of all ages could only see one thing from the invisible girl who was led by the Empress Dowager. thing.

——The harem pattern that has stabilized for several years is about to usher in a major change.

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