In the end, Shao Xun didn't know how he got out of the main hall.

Although she knew that this happened sooner or later, she thought she was ready, but after experiencing it, she still found it difficult to look directly at it.

If she really didn't know anything, she would have been forcibly rationed to the emperor by the Empress dowager, but when she saw the behavior of the emperor dowager, she knew that this was also a double act, which was really embarrassing.

There was also the reaction of the imperial concubines at that time. The awl-like eyes were fixed on Shao Xun, but everyone had a stiff smile on their faces, like a low-quality smiling face mask, and said on their lips. With flattery like the Empress Dowager's eyesight, Shao Xun knew that if her eyes could turn into substance, she would have been pricked long ago.

But among the people in it, the only person she faced without feeling embarrassed was Shu fei who was related by blood.

She could see the anger and embarrassment on her face that could barely maintain her calm expression. Seeing this nominal cousin feel so uncomfortable, she couldn't be said to be very happy, but at least she was relieved. of.

The conspiracy that was enough to ruin Shao Xun at the time has been concealed without a trace. If it weren't for that dream, except for Shu fei and her confidant, no one would know that this gentle and amiable cousin had planned it. What have you done.

Although Shao Xun finally decided not to retaliate due to various reasons, she couldn't have no resentment in her heart, but so many things happened after that, and the emperor had almost completely occupied her mind. Whenever she saw Shu fei in person, she could only think about it. It turns out that she still has such an enemy in the world.

This is a bit strange. If Shu fei did not harm her and treats her sincerely, then Shao Xun would not be able to accept the emperor anyway. But then again, if "that incident" did not happen, and Shao Xun did not meet the emperor in order to save himself, would they still fall in love?

Shao Xun herself did not know what the answer was, but she thought that even if the lives of the two did not intersect, she and the emperor were still only ordinary emperors and courtiers, so there might be regrets, but Shao Xun still hopes to have no oneself. In this world, he can also live comfortably and happily.

At that time, Shao Xun almost couldn't lift her head in front of everyone. Seeing that the Empress Dowager had achieved her goal, she was no longer embarrassed. Shao Xun asked her to stay here to be observed and looked at. She found a reason for her to go back and rest, which was regarded as a relief for her.

When Shao Xun returned to the apse, the first thing he did was to start packing up his clothes. The reason was very simple-the Empress Dowager had recovered from illness, and she had said everything that should be said, and it was time to go home.

Sure enough, when Shao Xun took the initiative to say goodbye to the Empress Dowager, the Empress Dowager was a little bit reluctant, but she still agreed: "It's time to go back and prepare."

Shao Xun solemnly bowed his head to bid farewell to the Empress Dowager, and at the same time expressed his gratitude.

The Empress Dowager sighed: "Get up, you don't need to be polite, we will have a long time together with my wife. As long as you take good care of your majesty, you will live up to my intentions."

She said this sincerely, so Shao Xun promised to be very serious.

One guest does not bother the two masters, the Empress Dowager sent You Xiang to send Shao Xun back to Yingguo Gongfu.

You Xiang didn't enter the door this time, but stopped at the door. Finally, he lowered his voice and told Shao Xun's ears: "Big girl, the slave and maidservant heard a little wind on the matter of position. You will definitely not be lowered. Please take a moment. I'm impatient, just waiting in the mansion, that's what happened in the past few days."

He was selling well to Shao Xun. Although Shao Xun didn't need it very much, he finally got the love. She nodded and said, "Thank you, the internal officer for the point."

You Xiang's eyes couldn't help but smile into a gap. A decent fifth-grade chief eunuch in his palace respectfully saluted Shao Xun, and then he took the person back.

Shao Xun entered the mansion and wanted to change his clothes first, and then go to greet the Zheng family. Unexpectedly, he was called to the main courtyard before he could enter the courtyard.

Zheng and his two children were sitting in the East House. As soon as Shao Xun entered the room, he was dragged over before An even had time to ask: "Ah Xun, do you know what happened in the palace?"

Shao Xun's first reaction was that the news in his own home was so well informed, but after a few hours of work, did he get the news?

Zheng continued: "Your father and eldest brother were called into the palace, and the person who preached the decree didn't say what it was for. It's really anxious."

Shao Xun understood, and asked: "Did you call two people at the same time?"

"No, at first I called your father alone, but later I was just catching up with your elder brother who was also doing an errand in the government office, so he was simply brought in with him, and only had time to send a letter to the family."

Zheng was worried, but Shao Xun was very calm: "Mother should not worry. Father is called to the palace to play political affairs as usual."

Shao Zhenyu, as a Yingguo Duke and a commander of the Great Zhou military, had to face the sacred report after a short interval of time. It should be a very common thing.

Zheng said anxiously: "This is different. In the past, it was just a little eunuch who came to send a letter. This time, He Jinrong gave the order of Your Majesty to pass the imperial edict, let alone bring your brother in. This is unusual."

Shao Xun did not speak, and the younger brother Shao Ying said, "Big sister, what do you hear in the palace?"

Shao Xun glanced at him, and then whispered: "It is a blessing or a curse, and I will know when my father comes back."

Shao Qiong drank water from time to time, and yawned: "Daddy didn't make any mistakes, what are you afraid of."

She brought up the spirit and asked: "Sister, what fun happened to you in the palace, how do you get along with the empress dowager?"

"Nothing special, the empress is also very kind," Shao Xun said: "But she also mentioned you."

Shao Qiong's eyes lit up: "What did you mention about me."

Shao Xun curled the corners of his lips and smiled and said, "Ask you if you have assigned it to the Zheng family."

Shao Qiong was taken aback, the smile on her face froze, and she stumbled: "Yes, is it…"

Zheng was in a bad mood at first, but in addition to having a snack for her son, the two daughters were like okay people. She inevitably became irritable and could not scold her stepdaughter, so she could only scold Shao Qiong and said, "Okay, when will these things be said no? Okay, is it time to chat?!"

Shao Qiong's eyes turned red, but she realized that her mother was really angry, so she didn't dare to talk back, so she bit her lip to one side and became sulking.

At this time, Shao Zhenyu, who was taken to the Hall of Two Instruments, had no time to wonder if his precious daughter was wronged.

He and Shao Kui waited in the penthouse for a short time before being called into the Nuan Pavilion. At this time, Shao Zhenyu had a premonition that things may be unusual today.

Because the Liangyi Hall was where Emperor Ning Xi handled government affairs on a daily basis, the cabinet was not far away, and the two ministers of military and political affairs communicated with each other, but they often did not necessarily see Shengyan immediately, because there was more than one person in front of them.

This time I was summoned as soon as I arrived…

Shao Zhenyu cleared up his emotions, and with a solemn expression, he took his son to bow and bow together: "The ministers bow to my emperor, and I wish your majesty be safe."

The emperor sounded with a smile: "The two Aiqings should be flat."

Shao Zhenyu and Shao Kui's hearts were relieved at the same time-this tone, at least it was not a bad thing.

After sitting on the imperial case, the emperor first asked Shao Zhenyu to report the recent military report of the Dudu Mansion. Shao Zhenyu knew everything about the Great Zhou army, so it was not a panic when he played the right time. The two monarchs and his officials discussed for a quarter of an hour. , I finished the official business.

Then the emperor didn't forget Shao Kui, so he asked a few questions about the errand he was carrying, and then stopped.

Then the hall fell into silence, until Shao Zhenyu's heart was raised again, the emperor slowly said: "Shao Qing, you have known me for more than 20 years."

Shao Zhenyu's Adam's apple moved, and he swallowed: "Your Majesty is right. The minister is fortunate to know your Majesty. It has been twenty-five years since then."

The emperor nodded, "In the past few years, the old Yingguo Duke and the first emperor have worked hand in hand to lay down the world of the Great Zhou, and he is in harmony with his monarchs, and you are my minister of the humerus; I also believe that your children and grandchildren will also be the Great Zhou in the future. The mainstay of the Shao family, the Shao family is loyal and loyal, and has made great contributions…"

When he got here, Shao Zhenyu couldn't listen, nor dared to listen anymore. He took Shao Kui and knelt on both knees, bowed his head and said, "The minister is terrified."

Seeing a cold sweat on Shao Zhenyu's forehead, the emperor got up, got off the throne, walked around the table to the two of them, and personally lifted Shao Zhenyu up: "Shao Qing doesn't need to be polite."

Shao Zhenyu was so frightened by his words that he wanted to kneel again, but was firmly held by the emperor's arms like iron tongs, and couldn't kneel down: "Your Majesty…"

The emperor smiled gently, "Little Shaoqing please also, kneel at every turn, it's not in the friendship of our two families."

Shao Kui was more frightened than his father. He had no experience, and the city was not deep enough. He still couldn't understand why the emperor's attitude was so gentle and his words were so polite. On the contrary, he gave people such a great sense of oppression.

With all the wild thinking in his head, Shao Kui inadvertently raised his head when he got up-he didn't dare to raise it too high, his sight just touched the position of the emperor's waist.

But it was this eye that made his eyes suddenly freeze, and a pair of eyes stared at a certain place in a daze, and never moved away.

Shao Kui went from unbelievable to horrified here, his eyes barely glaring, but the emperor on the other side fell silent, as if he was pondering the language.

This makes Shao Zhenyu feel even more nervous, because the longer he stays in the court, the more profoundly he can realize a truth, that is, the more polite and intimate the upper person is, the more vigilant he should be, because that represents him. To have something to ask for, and to let the emperor put down his body and ask for each other, must also be extraordinary.

At least Shao Zhenyu is already thinking about what he has in his home, or what he can do for the emperor, to be worthy of the 95th Supreme's humility to such a degree, and he-can he afford it.

At this time, the emperor finally said: "This time the empress dowager summoned Aiqing."

He paused, then said: "Her old man and Princess Chen are waiting for you at Ningshou Palace."

Shao Zhenyu mentioned that the heart in his throat was half relieved.

Since it was summoned by the Empress Dowager, it must have nothing to do with the court, and in any case it would not be to the point of destroying the family.

It's no wonder that Shao Zhenyu, as a super-grade master, is so cowardly and always worried about the destruction of his family, but you are in the court, seeing a lot of banquets in tall buildings today, and the tragedy of tomorrow's shackles. Naturally, you are always alert. Be cautious in everything.

It's just… Princess Chen?

Wang Chen is the first emperor's cousin, Zhao's eldest elder, and Princess Chen is his original wife. The couple is now too old to go out to socialize. Now the emperor specifically mentions her, it seems to be There must be a reason.

In this way, there are only symbolic elders… Shao Zhenyu can only think that the princess will come forward when the marriage of his children is involved.

He was a little flustered thinking about this-he hadn't figured out whether the third prince was worth his support. If he really married his daughter, and imagined that he didn't contribute much before, not to mention that the eldest daughter's marriage was of no value. In terms of love alone, this daughter's life between her husband and Shu fei is definitely not easy. If it is more serious, she may not have a comfortable life in her life.

Shao Zhenyu knew that it was absolutely impossible for him to throw rats in the hands of others because his daughter was in the hands of others, and it would be impossible for any daughter to overwhelm the family.

Intellectually, he absolutely did it in order to avoid suspicion of parting ways with his daughter, or even alienating him from no contact. However, his daughter who has raised it for more than ten years said that he would give up and give up, and he was not that easy to accept emotionally.

Shao Zhenyu's mind turned wildly, thinking that if Princess Chen is really the mediator of the third prince, is it possible for him to refuse, and for what reason to refuse, if a deal is done, will the third prince grow up to be worthy of their support? Qualifications.

He originally thought that Shao Xun's marriage was not in a hurry, so these things were just passed in his mind before, and he didn't think about it. He wanted to stretch it again, and there would be time to think about it in the future, but he didn't expect things to come so soon. He has no time for careful consideration.

He is preconceived, and all his thoughts and concerns are on the third princes, but he did not expect that if he really wanted to marry his daughter as a concubine for the third princes, then the emperor, as the elder, could mention it to Shao Zhenyu himself, without the need for another generation. The Empress Dowager and Princess Chen intervened again.

Shao Zhenyu's head turned frantically and almost smoked. It was extremely embarrassing for Shao Zhenyu to maintain a calm and slightly panic standard expression on his face, and to bow to the emperor without making a mistake.

As a result, when he retreated, he ran into his son who was in a daze.

This is a mistake that must not be made when facing the saint!

His current mood was already at a critical point where he was waiting for an attack. At this time, his anger was on his head. In front of the emperor, he suppressed the attack. He just whispered and said: "Aju, in front of the holy driver, you are doing it. what?!"

Shao Kui still stared straight at the emperor's waist. He was scolded before he regained his senses. His mind was still full of all sorts of incredible conjectures, so that he couldn't tell him to be scared, just a slightly sluggish salute. : "Your majesty, your majesty forgive sin…"

The emperor's eyes narrowed slightly, and then slowly said, "You don't need to be polite. I asked people to summon you into the palace together. I also want to take a closer look… Shao Qing's eldest son, your father goes to Ningshou Palace to meet the Empress Dowager. Stay here with me for the time being."

Shao Zhenyu couldn't, so he had to respond. Before leaving, he glanced at Shao Kui vigorously and signaled that he must be cautious and not make mistakes.

It's a pity that Shao Kui's mind is more chaotic than him now, and he doesn't have the energy to receive the warning in his father's eyes.

As soon as Shao Zhenyu left, the emperor asked Shao Kui gently: "I think Aiqing has a solemn expression, and seems to be worried?"

A spirit of Shao Kuimeng came back to his senses, and subconsciously shook his head to deny: "The minister is extremely frightened and dare not think too much."

The emperor smiled softly: "Really…"

Said that he turned his head and was about to walk towards Yu'an, Shao Kui's eyes flickered, and his heart struggled violently for a moment. Finally, he couldn't help but tremble before the emperor took his seat: "Chen…Chen sees that the accessories on your majesty's waist are very much. Exquisite…"

"That's what Qing said?" The emperor raised his eyebrows slightly, stroked the web hanging on the silk tape with his fingers, picked up the flawless white jade along the way, and rubbed it in his hand.

Shao Kui's body leaned forward subconsciously, and his eyes moved with the jade pendant. As long as this thing was in the hands of the emperor or in the stove, he would reach out and take a look.

As if sensing Shao Kui's desire to take a closer look, the emperor shook his head.

"This is a gift from others. If it is anything else, I will give it to you." The emperor's voice is slow, so that people can hear it very clearly: "It's just that this thing is my favorite. I cherish the abnormality. I am afraid it is inconvenient to borrow love. Qing took a look.

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