Shao Kui's heart maintained a state of five thunderstorms until Shao Zhenyu returned from Ningshou Palace.

During the period, his expression looked at the calmness that was diametrically opposite to his heart. It was not so much to maintain calm as to be dull.

It was the kind of woodland whose expression was completely broken after being extremely shocked.

Yingguo public stayed in Ningshou Palace for half an hour before returning to the Hall of Two Instruments.

When the emperor heard the pass, he put down the Zhubi who had reviewed the memorial, turned his wrist, and glanced at Shao Kui's side. Seeing that he was still standing there with no response at all, he sent it to others. Shao Zhenyu entered the hall.

When Shao Zhenyu came in, his head was down. No one could see the expression on his face clearly. Once he entered the hall, he didn't even approach the imperial case. He knelt down and bowed his head from a distance without moving for a long time.

This time the emperor didn't get up. He didn't even ask how Ningshou Palace's conversation turned out. He just said as if nothing happened, "Shao Qing has worked hard in entering the palace today, so let's go back to the palace and rest first."

Shao Zhenyu paused, then squatted his head vigorously: "Chen…Thank you Lord Longen."

Shao Wei recovered his senses in a daze, and followed his father's head to resign.

The emperor nodded slightly and approved the request of the father and son.

The two of them were silent all the way from the Liangyi Hall to the gate of the palace. No one said a word. Until Shao Zhenyu abandoned the official sedan and got into the carriage with his son, he sighed heavily.

Shao Kui glanced at his father.

Shao Zhenyu's eyes were uncertain: "Do you know what the Empress Dowager and Concubine Chen said in Ningshou Palace?"

Shao Kui opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but his exit was just a silent breath.

Shao Zhenyu was also in a mess. He didn't notice his son's abnormality at all. He just muttered to himself: "They said they want Ah Xun to enter the palace…"

He closed his eyes slightly, making it difficult to see whether his mood was good or bad: "It's not for the third prince, let alone the elder prince, but…"

"…Your Majesty." Shao Kui answered suddenly.

Shao Zhenyu was taken aback, then frowned, "How did you hear about it?"

Shao Kui came back to his senses completely at this time, watching his father smile bitterly, his eyes were full of complicated meanings.

——His sister is pressed under the pillow every day, and the jade pendant that is easily hidden is now hung on the belt of the emperor, can he not guess it? !

When they returned to Yingguo Gongfu, Shao Zhenyu and the two went straight to the main courtyard. As expected, they saw Shao Xun and Zheng's mother and son.

As soon as Shao Zhenyu entered the door, he ignored Zheng's coming forward and looked around for a week before directly saying: "Ah Qiong and Ah Ying go out first."

Before Shao Ying had time to say a word to his father, he was taken aback for a moment and looked at his compatriot sister.

Shao Qiong had just been reprimanded by Zheng in front of Shao Xun, and now he was angry. He snorted and mumbled: "Go out, who is rare."

After speaking, he pulled Shao Ying out of the door.

Shao Zhenyu didn't have time to talk to her now. After asking someone to close the door, he looked at Shao Xun, who seemed to have no abnormal expression, and said straightforwardly: "The Empress Dowager asked Princess Chen to be a matchmaker for you. Do you know about this?"

Zheng paused when he was putting Shao Zhenyu's clothes in his hands. Hearing this, his eyebrows jumped involuntarily.

Shao Xun raised his head, but his eyes fell down, without looking at anyone: "…I know."

Shao Zhenyu took a breath: "You…should have said it earlier."

Shao Xun said: "The Empress Dowager only mentioned it today."

"Look up?" Shao Zhenyu said: "Who to mention, are you the only one?"

Shao Xun pursed his mouth, his voice was very flat: "In front of your majesty and…you empresses."

Shao Zhenyu couldn't help pacing back and forth in the house. Shao Xun could see his excitement, but only he knew whether that excitement was positive excitement or negative resistance.

Shao Xun thinks that if it is not perfect, it is impossible to say that there are both.

Zheng couldn't help catching up: "Master, this is…"

Shao Zhenyu waved her hand and motioned her not to ask first, then came to Shao Xun, pondered for a moment, and slowed down his tone: "Ah Xun…this kind of thing, you should talk to the ward at home anyway. , I don't believe you didn't hear any wind beforehand."

He lowered his voice and said, "How is your majesty's attitude?"

Shao Xun lowered his head: "Your Majesty's mind, I dare not guess."

"You… alas!" Shao Zhenyu couldn't help sighing: "You don't know why, I don't have any preparations now… I don't know what attitude to pose before the mother."

He knows that this daughter is prudent, but she doesn't know how to interact with others, and she doesn't take the initiative to like it. Now it seems that he doesn't even know how to fight for this kind of thing. Is it too introverted? Such a temperament, if… …Can you really talk to your Majesty?

Shao Zhenyu's face was indistinct with joy and anger. After hesitating for a long time, he waved his hand and said: "You go back first, I will think about it again."

Shao Xun crouched and saluted without saying a word, then turned his head and went out.

Upon seeing this, Shao Kui also petitioned Shao Zhenyu to resign, and followed Shao Xun out of the main courtyard.

Shao Xun walked quickly, and it took Shao Kui a little effort to keep up with her: "Ah Xun, wait a minute."

He stopped in front of Shao Xun, with a serious and serious expression: "Did you know about entering the palace a long time ago? Also, what does your Majesty mean."

Shao Xun still maintained his previous rhetoric: "I don't know."

Shao Kui stared straight at the younger sister in front of him, as if he hadn't explored her thoughts for a long time, so that he actually felt that this should be the closest relative in the world, and he didn't understand at all.

"Are you lying to your brother?"

Shao Xun raised his eyelids, his long eyelashes flashing to look at Shao Kui.

"The jade pendant that you have treasured for many years, the collateral you made with your own hands, is now with your Majesty, but you say you don't know?"

Shao Xun was startled, and then came to understand why Shao Kui knew that he was telling lies.

She felt ashamed and not annoyed or annoyed–something inadvertently wearing jade outside, happened to be discovered by Shao Kui that this kind of thing was placed on the emperor, the possibility is too small, ninety-nine percent of it was intentional. Showed to others.

Without waiting for Shao Xun to say anything, Shao Kui continued: "Your Majesty said that he "extremely loves that thing and cherishes the abnormal". Can you explain this too?"

At this point, Shao Xun really has nothing to say.

Seeing that she didn't even explain, Shao Kui was already sure of what was going on.

He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he was slowly disappointed and sad: "Ah Xun, do you know what you are doing? Do you know who it is?"

Shao Xun did not look at him: "Big Brother, I know this better than you."

"I think you don't know anything!" Shao Kui's voice was irrepressible with anger: "That is the emperor, the emperor, and the lord of you and mine!"

He saw that Shao Xun didn't speak, his words became more and more eager: "Your Majesty has sons and daughters, three thousand harems, and even all the beautiful women in the world to please him. What do you think you can get by provoking him?"

Shao Xun was not in a hurry. She slowly said: "I know all of these. I am willing to take these risks… and I will never regret it."

Shao Kui looked at his sister like a stubborn gambler: "Your Majesty is as old as you. He is more than enough to be your father. Now you can't see it. After a few years, he will get older. Big, so old that the hair is gray and the eyes are blurred, I see what you take…"

"Shut up!" Shao Xun originally thought that he was at least worried about him and taught him, staying calm and trying not to reason with him, but once Shao Kui's words reached the emperor, she was immediately angered: "What are you talking about? You dare to criticize your Majesty!"

Shao Kui's anger and disappointment was blocked by Shao Xun's sudden attack. He stared at Shao Xun's eyes that were extremely beautiful because of his anger. After a while, he said: "I, I am your brother. , Isn't it more credible than outsiders… You are really confused."

Shao Xun knew that this elder brother might indeed be for her sake in a certain sense, but now she has not entered the palace, nor can she pull the emperor himself to swear, so she no longer tried to persuade her brother, but directly said:" Okay, then I'm really wrong, and I admit it, then? Brother, do you want to go into the palace and reject your majesty now?"

Shao Qu was stunned: "What?"

Shao Xun took a step forward: "I said, I was wrong, can you go and reject your majesty and the meaning of the Empress Dowager for me? Or take a step back, you can persuade father to refuse, brother, can you?"

Shao Kui's feet seemed to have long nails at this moment. He was firmly nailed to the ground. He could only watch his sister approaching as if forcefully, and listened to her saying such aggressive words in the same soft tone as before: "Now It's too late to enter the palace, are you going?"

Shao Kui didn't move. His Adam's apple was rolling up and down. He thought it was very simple to speak. In fact, after a long time, he struggled with a sentence from his throat: "Father… doesn't necessarily answer."

Shao Xun's eyes curled up, as if smiling: "Brother, you look smart when you are outside… Why are you always so naive when it comes to housework… Oh, don't be angry when I say this. ——It's so naive and a little stupid."

She raised her eyes as if to look at Shao Kui, her gaze was soft and gentle, and her tone was gentle, "From this point of view, it's not like my brother. Instead, she and Ah Qiong are like brothers and sisters who have been in the belly of a mother. Up."

The sharpness of her talent gradually disappeared, and as usual, she is the good sister who has a temperate temperament and does not fight or grab.

Shao Kui saw that Shao Xun had 70% similar eyebrows to his biological mother, but he couldn't say a word.

At this time, in the main house.

The tea that Zheng should have handed to Shao Zhenyu has been poured on the ground, making the expensive carpet dirty with the cup.

"What? Your Majesty?!"

For the first time, Shao Zhenyu knew that his wife's voice could be so loud, and his brain hurts because of the noise.

Zheng was also taken aback by her own voice, she quickly calmed down, sat on the chair next to Shao Zhenyu, and asked: "Not the third prince?"

Shao Zhenyu sneered, "Does the Maotou kid go to work for the Empress Dowager and Princess Chen? He is not the prince."

Zheng was shocked at this time, and he didn't notice that his husband's tone of speaking about his nephew was subtly different.

"Yes, but Shu fei is in the palace, and your majesty's age… is really surprising."

Shao Zhenyu lowered his eyelids: "Can I think of it? When I entered Ningshou Palace, I was still thinking about whether to refuse to marry the third prince… As a result, I heard that the Empress Dowager was thinking about it and wanted to pay for her majesty. Concubine… Oh, my expression at that time was afraid that the slave servant in her palace could make jokes for a long time."

"Then how are you going to reply to the Empress Dowager?"

"Prepare?" Shao Zhenyu glanced at Zheng curiously: "I already replied in person at Ningshou Palace. What preparations do I need."

Zheng's eyes widened: "Already…! You, what you should come back to discuss with me and the children."

She didn't ask if Shao Zhenyu refused or agreed – if she came back to think about it, the result would be suspenseful, and if she answered in front of the Empress Dowager, the result would be self-evident.

"I can only agree." Shao Zhenyu's face froze: "Originally it was only a concubine, the royal only needed to make an order, but in consideration of my father's face, Princess Chen acted as a matchmaker, and the Empress Dowager personally said that I had to agree with… Is there a second option? You can only agree if you change."

No, it's different, Zheng thought.

After changing her, if the palace wants her daughter Shao Qiong to enter the palace, even if she knows that she can't refuse, even if she knows this is a great honor, she will definitely find a way to delay it for a few days.

The result may be the same in the end, but the daughter's lifelong event… is still a major event such as entering the palace as a concubine. Even if she knows the result, she will definitely struggle and hesitate, and it will take at least a few days before she can make up her mind.

In short, it will never be possible for Yingguo public to be so decisive.

"Then… Is this just the meaning of the Empress Dowager? What did your Majesty say?"

"Your Majesty didn't say anything, he acted as if everything was arranged by the Empress Dowager, he just agreed casually."

"This…" Zheng didn't know what it was like: "The days after the big girl entered the palace…"

Shao Zhenyu narrowed his eyes: "I just asked your Majesty Ah Xun's attitude. She said she didn't know."

He looked at Zheng and said he was asking her instead of saying to himself: "…Do you believe this?"

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