"What's not to believe?" Zheng asked in confusion: "Your Majesty Tianwei is unpredictable, would you explain your thoughts to a little girl?"

"That's right, but…" Shao Zhenyu leaned his head up on the back of the chair: "No matter, it's useless to think about it. The palace prepares the palace room and picks her up into the palace. It may take a few more days. Yizhi can only come down, so you can prepare with your children."

Zheng swallowed: "Then…what position can a girl enter the palace?"

Shao Zhenyu frowned: "I don't know yet, the Empress Dowager only said,'Never treat me wrong.'"

Zheng said: "Will it depend on the face of the lady in the palace…"

Shao Zhenyu glanced at his wife, then closed his eyelids, and said slowly: "It really depends on Shu fei's face, but…"

He snorted softly: "If she really has that face, we will lose face."

Zheng was stunned and listened to Shao Zhenyu: "If Shu fei's weight in the eyes of the Empress Dowager and Her Majesty is heavy enough, we will never let Ah Xun, a teenage girl who has not given birth, cross her when she entered the palace. The position of the seal, Ah Xun is at best that his concubine has not run away; but if… according to our family's identity, that concubine can't be taken."

How could Shu fei, an offshoot daughter, compare to Ah Xun, who is the eldest daughter of the incumbent Guoguo.

"Shu fei can appoint concubines. If those two don't pay much attention to her face as the birth mother of the prince, then Ah Xun's identity can be taken one step further…a noble concubine (Zhaoyi Zhaorong, etc.), or a second concubine It's not impossible to think about it."

From the words of her husband, Zheng felt something that scared her: "Master, you, what do you mean… are we going to turn our face with Shu fei? What about the third prince? He is a serious heir…"

"What do you do, his surname is Zhao, what does it have to do with us," Shao Zhenyu's tone was far less ups and downs than hers, and he said a little indifferently: "It can't be talked about turning your face, it was originally not a road, but now it is farther away. That's all, but…how many catties Shu fei has, this time I can tell the difference."

It's not just Shao Zhenyu who can think of this layer.

The words of the Empress Dowager spread throughout the harem within a few hours, and half a day later, the noble ministers in the capital also heard the news.

Although most people think that it may be more reasonable for a girl in a Yingguo Gongfu's main branch to match a prince, but considering that your Majesty's interest in the harem has become less and less in the past few years, the empress dowager is in a hurry, and she wants to find the most outstanding girl for her son Human nature.

On the contrary, the Yanjia Palace has always attracted attention because of the recent Li Chu turmoil. The girl who is going to enter the palace this time is the cousin of Shu fei, but her identity is more than that of her, so this child's position was first granted. In fact, it is inversely proportional to the status of Shu fei in the heart of the empress dowager.

If you are bolder, you can further speculate that the possibility of the third prince's lockdown is also inversely proportional.

The emperor's ownership of the prince's position has been noncommittal, and there is no news from everyone who tentatively goes back and forth. Unexpectedly, a newcomer entering the palace is the best chance to find out his mind.

In this situation, people from all walks of life couldn't help but stretch out their hands. Some went to see the Empress Dowager, some went to see Yingguo Duke, and the very dumbfounded went to chat with Shu fei, just to test Shao Xun's entry into the palace. As expected, she was invited out by Shu fei without a smile.

Even Mrs. Zheng, Shao Xun's grandmother, couldn't help but visit Shao Xun in Yingguo Gongfu.

Shao Xun said amused: "Is my grandmother also coming to find out the news?"

The old lady patted her hand and groaned: "You child, we don't get involved with that kind of thing. Whoever loves to be the prince should go. I have been hanging on for you since I heard the news. Heart, I'm afraid you will suffer."

To be honest, as soon as the fact that the granddaughter was chosen by the Empress dowager to enter the palace as a concubine was passed on to Zheng's mansion, almost everyone had their jaws dropped. Mrs. Zheng was still worried about the life-long event that Shao Xun had not decided a while ago. When I came down, I would remember that Shao Qiong's kind of cultivation was not good, and then I couldn't help but complain about Gong Sun.

As a result, Shao Xun was settled, and it was still a good place that no one could think of. However, the palace walls were deep and the emperor was much older than her, which always added a lot of worries to the elderly who cared about the younger generation. .

In fact, Gong Sun's reaction to this incident was obviously greater. Compared with Zheng Yunqiao's loss of soul, she was more restless and uncertain all day long. She also wanted to go to Zheng to inquire about the internal situation. It was Mrs. Zheng who forced her to strengthen her. Stay at home and don't allow her to get involved in this matter.

"You tell your grandmother honestly, what kind of seat can I get, so I can calm my heart."

"Grandma, the Empress Dowager really didn't mention this to me, can I rush to ask if she doesn't mention it?" Shao Xun said helplessly.

"So what do you guess? You always count it in your heart, right?"

Shao Xun had no choice but to say: "I'm afraid of you, I guess-it shouldn't be low, let's go."

This answer surprised Mrs. Zheng, because she knew Shao Xun very well and knew that she was accustomed to behave steadily. As long as she was not more than 90% sure, she would not speak easily. There were many things that could make her "guess". It may be a positive answer in her heart.

But the answer made the old lady a little relieved: "I haven't heard the news yet, so I kept it so tight."

Shao Xun was a little helpless. She really hadn't heard anything. Whether it was with the Empress Dowager or the emperor, she had never asked the question of position.

It's not reserved or something, but she understands the emperor's will, and she believes that this person will never wronged herself anyway, not to mention that even if there is really something wrong, there must be his difficulties, if she really let someone like the emperor really do. There is no way to solve it, and Shao Xun will only feel sorry for his situation, let alone force anything.

Mrs. Zheng took a reassurance pill and went back soon. Shao Xun immediately asked someone to close the hospital door and continued to complain.

In the past few days, the threshold of Yingguo Gongfu is going to be broken. It's fine for them to disturb Shao Zhenyu and Zheng, and there are people who want to come to Langgan Xiaozhu in the name of visiting Shao Xun, and Shao Qiong has also been The humming and harp added to the chaos, so that Shao Xun was so annoyed that he simply said that he was sick and saw no one, which made him calmer.

If it weren't for Mrs. Zheng, she could stay behind closed doors until she entered the palace.

Everyone stared at Ningshou Palace. The most nervous of them was the people in the harem. It would not be an exaggeration to call them Ruling's Great Enemy. Even De fei couldn't sleep well at night.

She was sitting cross-legged in the Buddhist hall that day, chanting the scriptures distractedly, even the concentration of the Buddhist scriptures could not make her feel at ease.

After a while, she couldn't help throwing the gavel violently, and straightened up impatiently, "Isn't there any news?"

The personal palace clerk hurriedly held the wooden mallet and the Buddhist scriptures on the table in both hands, and prayed three times in fear, before turning around to appease De fei: "The person who delivered the decree doesn't know if anyone has entered Yingguo Gongfu. Door, be patient and stay calm."

De fei held her head: "I can't calm down, and my eyelids have been jumping since yesterday-don't you say that you are entering a newcomer, so that we can be like a big enemy, like a Empress, but It's a yellow-haired girl…"

"It's not you who should be facing the enemy." Gong Ren said: "The one in Yanjia Palace is about to jump the wall in a hurry. Why are you worried about it? Isn't it good to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight? "

"I thought the same way, but I didn't expect that Shao's status was so tightly concealed. I didn't think it was good to vacate the Ganlu Hall at the beginning. You said that the internal officials went in and out of the Ganlu Hall so much back and forth. Over and over, what kind of system is hiding it strictly, if you don't have any ideas, what do you do with your mouth so tightly."

"Shu fei must be more anxious than you. She suffers. Isn't it our advantage? No matter how big a newcomer is, he is a newcomer when he enters the palace. Can he pass you?"

"No, you don't understand. I'm afraid that the front door will reject the wolf and the back door will welcome the tiger…"

In fact, Consort De did not know why she was so irritable. In recent years, there have been few newcomers coming and going in the palace. She had the eldest son of the emperor. When did she not sit firmly on the Diaoyutai, but this time…

At this moment, news finally came from outside the palace.

"Niangniang… The empress dowager's decree has been handed down…"

Seeing the hesitation on the waiter's face, De fei's heart felt even worse, but she forced herself to calm down: "What's the seal? You put it bluntly, the main palace counted when the palace was first organized. What is the place of Ganlu Hall? , Just give it to the newcomer, that person must have a high score… Was it a concubine directly? What title was given?"

The waiter was still a little hesitating, De fei forcefully calmed herself, and smiled reluctantly: "…Couldn't you be a first-grade first-class concubine… Xianfei?"

In fact, when she saw the messenger's expression almost as a bereaved concubine, De fei had a bad premonition in her heart, but she still had a glimmer of hope without hearing it with her own ears. Now it is just that her premonition has come true. She closes. He closed his eyes: "…It's a noble concubine, right."

Seeing that she had guessed it herself, the servant finally breathed a sigh of relief and nodded: "The Empress Dowager Yizhi, Shao's service is meritorious, and she came from a famous family, and she was first named…a first-class noble concubine."


The person in the personal palace was shocked and subconsciously supported De fei, although she was shocked to the point of stumbling, but still tried her best to comfort her master: "You, don't worry, she is just a taller birth, it is all because of the face of the old Yingguo Duke… …"

De fei pushed her away, still standing steadily: "Yes, that girl was born tall, and the world can't find anyone taller than her, but I gave birth to a prince in vain! After so many years, Seeing to be a grandmother, she didn't even touch the concubine's side, she was a 16 or 7-year-old girl…"

After a long fire, De fei calmed down. In the worried eyes of the palace man, she forced a smile and said: "Okay, I admit it, who made us'bad birth'! But after someone claimed to be the founder of the country , Is the prostitute of Yingguo Gongfu? Why didn't you come to see me as a noble concubine? In the end, even I can't match it!"

"Shu fei…heh…"

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