"Noble concubine, noble concubine…"

Shu fei leaned on the front pillow, only feeling the pain in her head, as if it had been chopped with a knife and axe, and it was about to split.

She couldn't help but banged her forehead hard, and the scared Pearl hurriedly went to help her rub it and said, "Manny, Niang, are you okay!"

Shu fei pushed her away and said, "No, I can't die."

"Manny!" Pearl said worriedly: "Taking these dead and alive words in the palace…"

"In the palace?" Shu fei raised her head and sneered: "There is almost no place for me in the palace. What about these rules."

"You can't say that, the empress dowager is just reading the grandfather's contribution to Great Zhou…"

"So you trampled me in the mud? I'm not from the Shao family, or my uncle's niece?"

Shu fei closed her eyes tightly: "That girl…you shouldn't have kept her hands back then."

Pearl of course knew who she was talking about, but in fact, both master and servant knew that no one had left their hands at the time. It was Shao Xun who was lucky to have escaped, and by the way, the eldest prince also escaped.

This is almost like retribution.

Thinking of this, Pearl shivered inexplicably, and calmly said: "You don't have to worry too much, your mother, you still have three majesty, the emperor is your confidence."

Speaking of the third prince, Shu fei found it harder to let go. She was silent for a long time before suddenly saying: "I regret a little…"

Pearl was taken aback-Shu fei was a person who made up her mind and would definitely put it into practice. She never had the word "regret" in her heart, but this time…

Pearl looked at her cautiously, only to hear Shu fei slowly say: "I knew this before, so I might as well ration her to Bin'er…"

But now it's too late to say anything. Miss Shao's entry into the palace is already a no-brainer. What's more serious is that the status of her family still concealed Shu fei's side.

"De fei and the others are not sure how to look at the joke behind the scenes," Shu fei gritted her teeth: "I've never been humiliated like this before when I grow up, your Majesty… even if you don't look at the love for so many years, it looks good. On Bin'er's face, I shouldn't have that girl press on my head." "This is the empress dowager's idea. Your Majesty has never cared about these." Pearl said.

"But even if your majesty doesn't care about it right now, that girl will grow into that fox look, who knows if it will be in the future…"

"I'm worrying too much," Pearl said with relief: "Your Majesty has never seen any beauty, no beauty, big girl… the hairy girl who is only ten years old, even if she is a little more regular, she can still be fresh. How long does it take? Lili looked good back then, but now she is just that way."

I have to say that even though Shu fei knows that the emperor has seen many beautiful women, but Meicheng Shao Xun has few, she also understands that Pearl said only to comfort her, but it still made her feel a little more comfortable. Unlike just now, it seems that there are bones the size of an egg in the throat, making people feel uncomfortable and nauseous.

"And the old fox of Yingguo Duke… I don't know what he plans."

Compared to whether there is a higher ranking than her, this is the thing that makes Shu fei feel like a dog in her throat.

Before everyone knew it, many people regarded her and Yingguo Gongfu as one, which also greatly increased the weight of the third prince.

But now it's better. There are two Shao concubines in the palace. The relationship between her and Yingguo Gongfu is clearly revealed. In addition, this incident revealed that the emperor's attitude towards the third prince… …

Her head is about to split apart, but she has to hold on, "Open the closet, I will pick a piece of clothing…"

She snorted coldly: "Our noble concubine is about to enter the palace, can't you just make a clean show to others?"

Even if the emperor pays more attention to it, it takes as little as half a year to spend as much as several years in marriage.

According to the rules of the dynasty, women should get up at noon on the second day of the imperial decree, set off from the private residence, enter the court, and choose a good day and auspicious day for the canonization ceremony. The time of the "good day and auspicious day" varies from person to person, and some enter the palace on the day It was successfully canonized, some of which took a few days, and some of them could not be completed in a few years.

Shao Xun belongs to the first situation. She will perform the canonization ceremony after entering the palace the next day. Not surprisingly-if the emperor gives face, she will share the room that night.

The empress dowager's decree was issued together with her majesty's imperial decree, and Shao Xun was already an undisputed imperial concubine immediately. Yingguo Gongfu had been prepared for a few days in time, and there was still a lot of humming, and the guests were not inferior or even said. It's far beyond the normal honourable family to marry a daughter.

Everyone is very interested in this matter, and they all want to make up for the prize. The only pity is that the imperial concubine began to prepare to enter the palace after receiving the order, and did not see the guests.

Zheng was caught off guard by the sudden imperial concubine position.

To say, she is not expecting Shao Xun to pass badly, but… how to put it, the mind of being a stepmother may be so complicated. Seeing that her stepdaughter is not doing well, she will feel distressed and worried, but if she does. It's great—especially if it's better than her own children, it will be full of unhappiness.

But no matter how complicated her mood is, it is useless. She still has to comfort her while her position is not everything, and it is not known whether she is favored or not. At the same time, she is conscientious and conscientious to help Shao Xun.

Things that I didn't prepare because I was afraid of not enough grades need to be refilled. The only good thing is that Shao Xun's birth mother's dowry is well organized, and the accounts are very clear. It is clear at a glance which ones should be brought into the palace and which ones should be left. , It saves a lot of effort.

Yingguo public attached great importance to these and personally asked people to open their private treasury. All the treasures and precious treasures saved since the founding of the country were selected and sent to Shao Xun to add makeup.

The Zheng is also the first time to handle this kind of thing, busy looking at the head and ignore the tail, but Shao Xun, who was able to help her in the past, is not working well now, and can only count on Yizhong Shao's relatives and daughters and Mrs. Zheng who came to help. Run together.

Shao Xun had already arranged everything she should bring, and now she didn't need to do anything. She was forced by Mrs. Zheng to sit on Luohan's bed and read a book to pass the time.

Shao Qiong looked at Shao Xun in a daze on the kang table with her cheek supported.

But Shao Xun had a lot of experience in dealing with this younger sister. She was holding the book and looking at the book one after another. She seemed to have not noticed Shao Qiong's expressions.

In the end, Shao Qiong couldn't help it, and asked, "Sister…Are you going to be a noble concubine in the palace?"

Shao Xun didn't raise his head either: "Yes."

"But, are you willing? Mother always said that the gate of the palace is as deep as the sea and the rules are like Shijishan. It is not a good place for our girls… Are you so happy when you go?"

Shao Xun reluctantly put down the book: "Sister, think about it again, did my mother say that'you' are good to go, or are you not good to go?"

Shao Qiong didn't react for a while: "What, what? Isn't this a meaning?"

Shao Xun smiled and did not reason with her, but said: "I am naturally willing, the empress dowager is kind and kind, and your majesty becomes martial virtue, outstanding, why am I not willing?"

It's not that she wants to be so blunt, but if she's silly and not stupid at this time because of her reserved words, she will tell others after a few days, "My sister doesn't seem to want to enter the palace. She wouldn't be surprised by things like "forced".

"But, there are so many concubines in the palace…"

Shao Xunwei smiled and said: "Those are women with excellent moral character, and they are more worthy of my association."

Shao Qiong was dumbfounded and speechless by these words. It took a long time before she racked her brains and squeezed out a sentence: "Also, Shu fei is our aunt and treats her sister so well. If you enter the palace, don't you , Isn't it just robbing her husband?"

Shao Qiong unconsciously lowered the volume of the last words, but Shao Xun still heard clearly. She squinted her eyes, but her voice was calm: "Then Ah Qiong, do you think your sister treats you well?"

Shao Qiong was taken aback, then nodded.

She really couldn't say that Shao Xun, the sister who always tolerated her and took care of everything, was bad for her.

Shao Xun then smiled and said, "Then…didn't your cousin become your fiance?"

This sentence was so lethal that Shao Qiong's expression changed the moment she understood it. She unconsciously opened her eyes and her pupils tightened: "I, I didn't! It was my aunt who thought…"

Shao Xun raised his hand to stop her illogical and persuasive defense: "You don't need to explain anything. I don't care about this either."

She looked at this little sister who had loved and hated when she was a child, and couldn't help reaching out and touching her delicate cheeks.

Shao Qiong was inexplicably afraid of her at this time, and she shrank unconsciously, but did not dare to avoid it.

At this time, Shao Xun finally slowed down: "Ah Qiong, you have grown up, and you are no longer the child who was held in your arms by your mother from time to time when you were young, and you can't wait to chew your food for you… …"

"People cannot be young forever, nor can they be kept in the arms of their parents forever. You are about to become a wife, a daughter-in-law, or even a mother. When you have children and nurture them, you can still be like now. Are you confused?"

Shao Qiong opened her mouth, subconsciously defending herself: "I am not confused…"

Shao Xun shook his head: "You have to know what you really want and what you like…Ah Qiong, ask yourself, do you really like what others like? The rest of the meal that others eat is so delicious?"

Her words were not serious, but the meaning was a little serious. Shao Qiong was a little wronged, her eyes flushed unconsciously: "Sister, how can you say that to me…"

Shao Xun sighed when he saw this: "What I can say or not is the last thing I can tell you and do for you, no matter how much you want to hear, you won't have any more."

She rubbed her forehead and said tiredly: "I'm a little tired, sister, you go back first and let me sleep for a while."

Shao Qiong was a little at a loss, hesitated, and stood up, "Then, sister, you have a good rest, let's talk about it later…"

Seeing her walking out one step at a time, Shao Xun couldn't tell what she was thinking. She shook her head, picked up the book, and read it again.

Shao Xun's position is enough for her to take the people she wants to take into the palace to serve, but once in the palace, she must be separated from her family, which is not a good thing.

Among the four maids, Liu Xin was given by the emperor, so there is no reason to stay outside the palace. Also, Yuhu has been with Shao Xun when she was a baby, and she couldn't give up anyway. She was also double ten years old. She decided not to marry a few years ago and has been serving her own girl. Both of Lizhu's parents died, and they were sold into Yingguo Gongfu. There was no one in the family for a long time, and there was no burden to choose to follow Shao Xun into the palace.

Only Liucui was the son of the family in the mansion. His parents and brothers were all working as errands in the mansion. Although they were loyal to Shao Xun, there was no way to ignore their relatives and leave them to enter the palace. Shao Xun was the master.

After Liucui reluctantly said goodbye to Shao Xun that night, Liu Xin held a box and walked in with a smile: "Girl, this is for you."

Shao Xun unexpectedly took it and opened it. Inside were a pair of gold earrings inlaid with tassels.

"There was a letter from outside saying that your majesty was worried that you were afraid. I originally wanted to visit you quietly today. However, there are so many people in the mansion that it is difficult to avoid it. So I personally picked this one for people to come in. You apologize."

Shao Xun couldn't help laughing-he wanted to come here now, but it was true that he was hit by someone, so the apologization was false. The two had not seen each other for many days, and it was true that they missed each other.

She looked at the cleverly made eardrops in the box, her eyebrows were bent unconsciously, and even the vague anxiety in her heart was mostly eliminated.

There is nothing to be afraid of. After today, her life is a new and worth looking forward to. The past has been all over the past, and it is no longer worth her worry and sadness.

She got what she wanted, and the next step was to maintain it, guard it, and enjoy it. What's most happily is that she will not be alone on the road in the future.

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