In the early morning of the next day, Shao Xun got up, and the people in the palace had arrived, waiting outside the door.

Shao Xun was already up, and these people were able to enter the house, some moved out, and some waited for her to take a bath and wash, and then they began to dress up for her.

Her face was originally very smooth, white as fat, so it was not particularly painful to twist the thin cotton thread. Her long black hair like crow feathers was coiled up by the female officer's skillful hands, and the air was filled with a faint sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance. .

The female officer twisted her hair into a delicate but not complicated Lingyun bun, which was fixed with small and inconspicuous silver and jade ornaments.

Shao Xun used to be a young girl's hair style before, leaving a thin layer of bangs. The upper part was tied into small strands with ribbons and twisted and fixed, and the lower part was scattered and tied into a bunch. This is also the most commonly used hair for unmarried girls nowadays. On this day, she combed her bangs, and for the first time all her hair was tied up and stacked behind her head, which also meant that she was about to marry from a girl to a mistress.

"Niang, let's not put on hair accessories now. After entering the palace, we will perform the canonization ceremony in front of the Ganlu Hall. After that, your first-grade dress and accessories will be put on and the gold book will be given at that time."

Shao Xun already knew about these things, but he nodded with a smile.

Then there is makeup. Shao Xun has a very good appearance. If the makeup is too strong, it will stain her good color. In addition, she must be dressed in plain clothes before the canonization, without hairpins, and the female officials will only be shallow. He stroked her eyebrows and dyed her lips, and nothing else.

After the makeup was finished, the palace people helped her put on a set of light-colored dresses that were relatively light and light.

At this time, it was close to noon, and everyone respectfully saluted, "Niangniang, you are all ready, please board Zhai Yu and set off for the palace."

Shao Huanhuan looked at the house where he had lived for eight years, sighing in his heart, and finally nodded and said, "Let's go."

As soon as they left the house, the people in the entire mansion were ranked according to their identities, with Yingguo Duke and his wife Zheng coming first.

Duke of Zhou, Hou, and Boss are all super-ranks, and Guo-gong is the most respected first-class knights. In terms of grade, it should be the highest except for the royal family.

However, the harem concubine is a concubine, and the rank of the concubine is not the same as that of the foreign dynasty. Generally, the theme above the concubine has weight, and the status of the first and second concubines is even higher than that of the concubine.

Therefore, just like Zheng's entering the palace to kneel down to worship Shu fei, now they also have to bow to the concubine, even if it is a pro-girl.

This is the etiquette to go. Zheng felt a little awkward, but Shao Zhenyu's courtesy is very natural. After the ceremony, he stepped forward and said, "Please give me a promotion."

Shao Xun said: "I hope my father and mother will cherish it, and my daughter will go now."

Shao Zhenyu and Shao Xun turned around, and the two of them walked in the forefront together, about a few feet apart, Zheng and others followed the trend, and then there were many accompanying palace attendants.

Shao Zhenyu whispered: "Ah Xun, you must be cautious when you enter the palace. The priest must not be arrogant and willful, but don't be too rigid. You are a smart child and naturally know how to grasp the scale."

Shao Xun nodded unchecked.

"Also, there is no need to worry about Shu fei. Just get along. If she is smart, she won't be embarrassed, but if it's…never mind her, now she is just a dragon heir who has more than you, prince. Well, who can't give birth."

Shao Xun's mouth twitched, feeling that his father was abnormal today.

She put her hand on Shao Zhenyu's arm imaginarily, and her mood was unexpectedly calm. She remembered the little girl who watched her father holding her sister's hand a long time ago and chewed her fingers with envy and jealousy. She seemed to never again. Can't find it.

The front line of Zhai Yu was very large, and the guard of honor took up a street. Shao Xun put his hands down and gave the last blessing to his father, who gave birth to him. He turned around and got into the car.

With Yiguan's high-pitched "start-", Yuche set off.

The waiter under the car was afraid that Shao Xun missed his family too much. If he cried, it would be bad. He said, "You can still see the Guogong Mansion outside. Would you like to open the curtain again?

Shao Xun's voice was indifferent: "No, I have a headache because of the wind and sand, so let's put all the tents down."

The waiter was taken aback for a moment, and then he hurriedly followed suit.

Shao Xun gently closed his eyes as the curtain fell side by side.

The canonization ceremony of the imperial concubine is no more solemn than the canonization of the Empress. Shao Xun first received the canonization edict read by the envoy in front of the Ganlu Hall. After receiving the imperial concubine's golden book, a special palace person took her into the house to change the imperial concubine's dress and accessories. Go up, and then the concubine will pay homage.

As for the kings ordering their wives to enter the palace, it will be tomorrow.

For the rest, Shao Xun could already foresee the embarrassment of the process of "audience of concubines to worship".

The emperor has been on the throne for many years, and there are actually many concubines in the harem. Only De fei and Shu fei can be equal to Shao Xunping in grade, but all of them are more senior than her.

Shao Xun entered the palace a lot of times since he was a child. He met these concubines as a ritual. Now he has to work with others, and he has become their immediate boss. This is really… I don't know who he is. It's even more embarrassing.

When Shao Xun redecorated his makeup and changed clothes, all the people who should be there were already there. Shu fei and De fei were sitting on both sides of the main seat. Their faces were similar to each other. When they heard the emcee sing the concubine, The eyes slowly turned.

At this time, Shao Xun was wearing a crimson maiden's imperial dress, wearing a Xia Phi and a long gown, embroidered with Luan and Phoenix moiré patterns, with jade leather and ribbons, and a golden phoenix and pearl hairpin in the bun, one on each side. , With five beads, with red treasure head ornaments and several jade hair pins.

This is a very gorgeous dress, but the imperial concubine and virtue, virtuous, and sage coexist in the same name. The dress and accessories are only slightly different, and they are roughly similar.

However, Shao Xun is young and has such a magnificent beauty. His whole person is as bright as the sunrise and as beautiful as the moon. When she was dressed up, dressed in Great Zhou clothes, and walked towards the second De feishu calmly step by step, she was clearly wearing similar clothes and similar jewelry, which could give people the illusion that they were not of the same rank.

De fei's eyebrows jumped involuntarily, and then slowly got up.

Shu fei, until Shao Xun had already walked in front of her, barely concealed her expression with a smile, and stood up from the chair.

The three people met with each other, and none of them spoke much, and took their seats one after another.

After that, the imperial concubines came forward to salute the imperial concubine according to their ranks. These low ranks did not require Shao Xun to respond in person. They only needed to reward the gifts that had been prepared for a long time.

Perhaps today was the first day Shao Xun entered the palace. Everyone couldn't touch her tone, and the emperor's attitude was unclear. They all chose to stand still. No one was stupid enough to be the first bird so quickly, even De fei and Shu fei. I recognized it for the time being with his nose.

The atmosphere was still harmonious, and Shao Xun didn't want to deliberately embarrass people to stand up, and the worship service went smoothly to the end very quickly.

After sending away the concubines, Shao Xun returned to the bedroom with a few henchmen.

"What do you think of the empress?" Yuhu's mouth changed fairly quickly.

"Too awkward," Shao Xun took off a phoenix from his head and raised his eyebrows slightly. "The others are fine, but I didn't say a word with Shu fei and De fei except when we saw the ceremony. ."

"I'm afraid I'm not used to it yet, and I don't know how to call it?" Lizhu smiled: "How should Shu fei call you? You can't be the same as before. Just open your mouth and call your name directly?"

At this moment Liu Xin held Shao Xun's hand: "Manny, you still have to wait first, let your majesty see if your new dress is not good?"

Shao Xun knew that the emperor would come very early: "This is not a new style. De fei and Shu fei still wear exactly the same clothes as me."

"How can it be the same." Liu Xin smiled playfully: "If your majesty does not praise your good looks, my name will be reversed."

"That's good," the lively Lizhu also came to join in the fun: "Aunty… the lady is so good-looking, I bet your Majesty will praise you at first sight."

Shao Xun couldn't laugh or cry, so they had to let them reinsert Fengchai.

At this time, it was already evening. Shao Xun was still wondering if the emperor would come back after dinner, and whether he could take advantage of this time to stroll around the palace that already belonged to her. Someone had already spread the word: "Mother! Your Majesty has passed the Ganlu Gate, and I'm looking forward to it!"

Shao Xun was naturally very happy, but he felt that the little servant in this palace was a bit too surprised.

She didn't know that the emperor had been cold behind the palace for a while, and even if he came, he was just sitting in the wombs of a few concubines who had given birth to children or had served for a long time.

It is a good thing that Shao Xun first appointed a noble concubine, but the palace people who were assigned to the Ganlu Temple naturally hope that she can be favored. After all, she is new and has no qualifications, even if she is in a high position, she may not be able to live well, and the palace people follow her. Nothing will be lost, and the day will naturally be hard to endure.

Therefore, in this temple Shao Xunshang has not yet recognized the face of the maidservant, one of them counts as one, and all hope that his master can get the holy favor, it is best to give birth to a boy and a half daughter quickly, so that even if you have no favor in the future, you can With a support, no one dared to take it lightly anymore.

Now the newly-arrived imperial concubine has a beautiful country, high status, and everything is very beautiful. The only thing I am afraid of is that the emperor is still the same as before. If he doesn't come, he won't come. If your majesty does not come, even if he is a fairy, he wants to be born. It is also difficult to raise emperor's heir.

Therefore, when the emperor actually came here, they were all overjoyed and excited, and they looked more excited than Shao Xun himself.

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