When the emperor stepped into the courtyard gate, he saw Shao Xunzheng standing at the gate of the hall and smiling at him at a glance.

The crimson, cumbersome and slightly old-fashioned clothes worn on Shao Xun made her more dignified and elegant, as if she was slightly raised by two years, and made her a little older and more mature than usual. Mingli.

The golden phoenix hairpin is inserted in the temples of the clouds, and down along the golden chain is the round and flawless Lizhu, dotted against her bright and small face, the eyes are soft and beautiful, and the eyes seem to be filled with thousands of stars. It is new at this time. Wholeheartedly, unreservedly poured down to the man not far away.

It is like the light that Goddess puts on people from the sky.

This is already Shao Xun's home, and she greets another master who matches her with expectation and joy.

The emperor could clearly feel that he could not control his heart like a young man, and made it beat faster. The bottom of his heart seemed to be slightly hot, as if there was a warm current gushing out, so that his whole body was warm from top to bottom. Let him speed up the pace involuntarily and walk in front of Shao Xun.

Shao Xun wanted to salute, and was dragged by the emperor's arm to help him up. She looked at her carefully for several times. She tilted her head and asked, "What is your majesty looking at?"

The emperor followed her arm down and gently held her white fingers: "Naturally look at how beautiful our girl is."

Shao Xun was supposed to make fun of him, and the two girls guessed what he said, but somehow, when he heard a very common compliment from him, he felt that his cheeks were slightly hot, and he turned red unknowingly, and said no jokes. Out.

The emperor couldn't help but touched her face with his hand.

Shao Xun raised his head following the strength of his palm, his eyes bright, with a shyness and a smile, just looking at him like this.

Two people stood at the door, looking at me and looking at you, without talking or moving, as if they could stare at each other.

The two of them reunited, so naturally they couldn't see enough, but the other palace people couldn't let the two golden masters just stand in the air.

So Liu Xin and Yuhu Noodles looked at each other, still Liu Xin hardened her scalp and stepped forward, but she also felt obediently, saying: "Your Majesty, it's cold now, so don't let the empress stand in the wind."

After hearing this, the emperor really came back to his senses, and squeezed Shao Xun's fingers in his palm. It didn't feel too cold, so he was relieved.

He took Shao Xun's shoulders and led her into the house.

As soon as he entered the door, the emperor looked at the furnishings everywhere: "I was afraid of attracting people's attention, so I didn't come to take a look. The furnishings and layout were chosen by myself. I think it should match you well. Do you think it's still to your liking?"

Shao Xun said: "Why not? It's just that the time is too short, so I can only look at the sleeping place and the main hall of the Xipei Hall."

The emperor said: "I will accompany you to stroll around?"

Shao Xun agreed.

The Ganlu Temple is roughly located on the central axis of the Taiji Palace, very close to the Liangyi Temple, separated by only a Ganlu Gate.

The location of this palace is excellent, and its significance is extraordinary. Although the Empress and concubine lived in the last dynasty, most of the time it was enlisted by the emperor as a sleeping hall or a place of play.

Before Emperor Ning Xi entered the Taiji Palace, the Empress Dowager disliked that the Ganlu Temple was too close to the front, and was noisy during major festivals. She chose Xian'an Palace, which is closer to the East Palace to the east, and moved with her concubines at the time. Up.

At that time, Emperor Xian renovated the place left by the Empress Dowager and moved in.

After the emperor ascended the throne, he didn't want his father to occupy his palace right after his death. In fact, this place was already regarded as the inner court. If the concubines wanted to come and go very easily and make him feel easily disturbed, he combined the royal driver's daily life and government affairs with his study. One place moved forward to the Hall of Liangyi, and the Hall of Ganlu was empty from then on.

Although this palace did not clearly stipulate who it was to live in, the owners of the past dynasties were not unknown people. This is why De fei said that when someone started to clean up the nectar hall, she was like an enemy.

After so many years, the palace has been completely renewed, and there are not many shadows left by the emperor.

Since setting this residence for Shao Xun, the emperor did not intend to let her live with others, so the entire palace was filled with Shao Xun's things, leaving no blank space for people to imagine.

There are three main halls, two east and west rooms, and two auxiliary halls. One is a bedroom, the other is a storeroom for storing items, and the other is the side hall of the penthouse for the people living in.

Shao Xun was dragged by the emperor to finish walking around this large palace, and then he returned to Xicijian.

The emperor sat on the bed of Luohan: "I chose Ganlu Temple for you just because I think this is the closest to the front, so I can come and visit frequently, but I forgot to ask you what you meant."

"I think it's good." Shao Xun stood beside him: "I also want to be closer to you."

The emperor looked at her softly, then pulled her to his side, and with a little force, let her fall on his lap and hugged her like a child.

Shao Xun looked left and right subconsciously, and then realized that the two can get along with each other properly. Even if someone saw it, they would be too intimate and unruly at best to say anything else.

Shao Xun looked at the emperor for a while, and took the initiative to put his arms around his neck: "Your Majesty…"

The emperor held her slender body, and then reached out to touch her white and slender side neck: "Is it unaccustomed?"

Shao Xun shook his head dullly.

"That's homesickness?"

Shao Xun denied: "I don't want home, I just want you…"

The emperor's breathing stopped for a while, and then smiled bitterly: "Girl, where did you learn these words?"

Shao Xun straightened up and looked at him: "From the bottom of my heart, without being taught, why, don't you want to listen?"

The emperor smiled silently, and then said: "I can't be more willing, but… after a day of tossing, and didn't rest much, are you hungry?"

There was no beginning and no end to these words, but Shao Xun only ate a few cakes a day, so he was naturally hungry, so he didn't think much, nodded honestly, and the emperor quickly asked someone to pass the meal from the imperial dining room.

He has recently paid great attention to health preservation, and dinner has always been light and small. The legendary imperial meal was placed in front of him, and Shao Xun realized that it was very different from what he had imagined to be full of big fish and meat.

But the taste is better than expected.

The emperor refrained from eating too much, and was afraid that she would eat more when she was hungry and press her stomach, staring at her when she was seven or eight minutes full and stopped.

After the meal was removed, Shao Xun touched his stomach: "…Well, it seems that I have not eaten enough."

Hearing this, the emperor also reached out and probed her abdomen, feeling that it was not sunken down, and said: "You are eating too fast. You shouldn't be so anxious next time."

Shao Xun nodded obediently, and then said: "Let's take a look in the study. I don't know if the layout of my book is in order."

The emperor paused, then put his hand to his lips, and said slowly: "…it won't be too late to see it tomorrow."

Shao Xun was stunned: "Tomorrow? Then today…"

The emperor couldn't help but smile, he stood up and held the girl's shoulder: "You go and change your clothes, relax."

Before he turned his head, Shao Xun was handed over to the palace clerk, and he was dragged into the bathroom in the Xipei Hall and stood in front of Muchi. Only then did he have an afterthought.

Her face flushed completely, and she could even see the blush on the back of her neck.

The palace people who were attending the bath were told. At this time, they all held back their smiles, and gently waited on Shao Xun to take off her makeup, take off her clothes, and carefully serve her. After bathing in the bath, she took another piece of plain white. She helped her put on the thin but constantly exposed bedding.

Finally, she pulled up her hair with a hosta without any other modifications.

In short, before Shao Xun's mental preparation was ready, he was sorted out and taken to the bedroom.

The emperor is faster than her, now he is leaning on the couch, reading a book.

He heard the movement and looked up and saw Shao Xunzheng standing awkwardly in the doorway, as if nails had grown on his feet, but he didn't go this way.

The emperor smiled, put down the book in his hand, and slightly opened his arm to Shao Xun.

Shao Xun pursed the corners of his mouth, walked slowly to the emperor's side step by step, and then stuffed himself into his arms, his voice aggrieved: "Your Majesty, I'm a little scared…"

Her understanding of this kind of thing is in a few fragments of that dream, but apart from the vaguely seeing it will make people very painful, the others are vaguely remembered, it is better to be Zheng Shisai before leaving. The fire avoidance picture for her is useful.

Of course she would be afraid.

The emperor was not surprised, but comforted softly: "Don't be afraid, there is me."

He took the trouble to soothe Shao Xun's back again and again, and after a long time, he felt that the person in his arms slightly relaxed his tight body.

The emperor lowered his head and asked something in her ear. Shao Xun responded with a sense of melancholy, but he was still buried in the emperor's arms, with his arms firmly around his waist, and he didn't move.

The emperor then hugged her directly, hugged her and walked towards the bed.

Shao Xun became more nervous during these few steps, and when he reached the bed, he still hugged the emperor tightly, and refused to let go of anything.

The emperor was not in a hurry, bent over and put her on the bed, pressed down along her body, dragged the back of her head with his palm, and kissed her gently on the side of her neck.

Shao Xun couldn't help but wince, and quietly opened his eyes to look at him: "Your Majesty, I'm really scared, does it hurt…"

"It's not in the way," the emperor gently groped the delicate skin in front of her ears with his thumb, then leaned down and kissed here: "No…"

The emperor was gentle, his movements were light and slow, and he was not eager at all. On the contrary, he was very organized, but this gentle style gave Shao Xun a great sense of security, and he slowly relaxed without realizing it.

Perceiving the changes in Shao Xun, the emperor dared to let go of his hands and feet slightly.

Just like a little frog being boiled in warm water, Shao Xun's bottom line is slowly lowering, but his endurance is gradually increasing.

She relied on her instinct to call him in a daze, "Your Majesty, Your Majesty…"

With twelve minutes of restraint, the emperor touched her forehead and whispered: "Call my name…"

Shao Xun gritted her teeth and ignored it at first, but in the end the tortured would cry. The other party still refused to move. She couldn't help but let go, and cried out with a bit of dissatisfaction: "Zhao Huan—you ,you……"

The emperor patiently gave her a bit of sweetness, and said very slowly: "Girl, continue…"

Shao Xun closed his eyes tightly, and finally opened his mouth unbearably: "A Huan… Huanlang, please…"

The emperor was finally satisfied.

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