The night is getting deeper.

Just when the emperor had hugged his exhausted little girl in his arms and went to sleep together, there were many sleepless people in Tai Chi Palace.

Countless pairs of eyes stared at the Temple of Ganlu, their hands couldn't penetrate into the temple, so they could only endure their inner anxiety and stared at its door, hoping to see any movement all the time.

In the Yanjia Palace, Shu fei had not fallen asleep either, and there were only a few candles in the bedroom, which seemed dimly lit.

Shu fei lay on her delicately arranged bed surrounded by fragrance, but kept her eyes open, and through the dim light, she was struggling to count the stripes on the bed drape above her head.

The palace guard of the night watch held a faintly lighted lamp and came in lightly, trying to cover the quilt for the master, and then turn off the lamp.

But before she could open the bed curtain, she was startled by Shu fei's faint voice: "…Is there any news over there?"

The palace man was taken aback, and then a little embarrassed: "Hui Niangniang, there is not yet…"

Shu fei sat up, and the palace staff quickly wanted to put on her clothes, but she waved her hand and refused: "When is it?"

"…Just after the beginning of the Ugly, the lady will go to bed first," the palace man hurriedly said: "There is someone watching from the Ganlu Temple. Your Majesty will leave, we will tell you about it!"

"…Ugly Chu?" Shu fei's tone was especially sarcasm in the middle of the night: "Don't have to wait…heh, it's unclear whether he can get up from that girl's bed by daybreak…"

That palace person is not a pearl, and the relationship with Shu fei can not be regarded as a heart-to-heart relationship. Hearing the words, she was embarrassed. She did not dare to agree with the imperial concubine, and she did not know how to comfort, so she could only repeat dryly: "…The empress still sleeps first Right."

But how can Shu fei fall asleep!

Now she was full of irritability all over her body, wishing to get up and smash the things in the whole palace to vent her anger, but she was no better than De fei, and her temper could come up as she pleased.

Shu fei wanted more face, so she couldn't get angry in front of everyone, and she couldn't let people know that she was now angry with the emperor for favoring the newcomer.

What's more frustrating is that she can't even smash things to vent her anger now-the people in Yanjia Palace are not in charge of all the utensils in the harem. She has repaired something with her front feet, and the whole palace on her back feet can guess that she is. For what needs to be supplemented.

She was waiting this night, waiting for when the emperor would come out of the Ganlu Temple, but now it's midnight, besides, she is in a room of a peerless beauty, just like I saw her before, drinking two cups of tea and talking about the children. It would be too self-deceiving to leave afterwards.

It's not that she, as a palace concubine, would not allow the emperor to spoil others, but… the emperor had obviously been able to stand for such a long time before, and people thought that this was completely pure-hearted.

Therefore, even if a newcomer enters the palace, it will inevitably give people a illusion and expectation that this uneventfulness is also a decoration, and he has noble status, but he must be like them to stand alone.

Although this kind of thinking is too optimistic, Shu fei can be sure that less than half of the women in the harem are looking forward to it.

Expect the emperor to ignore her on the night the imperial concubine enters the palace, or take a step back, and go to the Ganlu Hall for the sake of face, and come out soon.

But this long night of waiting slapped them on their faces like a slap, telling everyone plainly-it's not that the emperor sees through the world and refuses to be female, but that you are not young enough, not beautiful enough, and not likable enough.

Compared with other people, Shu fei is even more resentful in her heart. The person who stepped on her head and stepped her into the mud is her cousin. Only half a month ago, she was still abandoning others and tried every means to think. Let her stay away from her son, and don't want to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix.

Fortunately now, Shao Xun did not climb the "dragon son" of Zhao Yanbin, but directly climbed the real dragon of his father.

Who said that the fate of life is not wonderful enough? If there is still a chance to choose, Shu fei must immediately assign her to her son without saying anything. It would be better than talking to…

Let people see enough jokes.

Shao Xun didn't know what Shu fei thought, and didn't care about it.

In this very chilly early winter, she slept comfortably in the warm arms of the emperor all night, and she was a little confused when she opened her eyes.

At this time, the sky was still dark and there was only dim light in the room. Shao Xun woke up soon after opening his eyes.

She was barely wearing any clothes now, and she was sleeping on the same bed as the emperor's arm, still a little bit sore.

This is a wonderful feeling.

She has never been so intimate with anyone, even if it doesn't count as last night's…

Just sticking to his skin, it seemed as if two beating hearts were glued together without any barriers. They were intimate without distinction.

Shao Xun raised his head slightly in the emperor's arms, and then the faint light carefully looked at the man who was already her husband.

Looking at it, she felt very dissatisfied again, so she stretched out her hand and quietly poked the collarbone in front of her, gently.

A bit hard.

She raised her head. The emperor's chin was sharp and angular, and it usually looked very expensive. From her angle, the jaw line looked extremely beautiful. If you only look at this place, you will have the illusion that this person is very arrogant.

But he was obviously so gentle.

Shao Xun felt itchy hands from the bottom of her heart. She endured it for a long time, but couldn't help but touch the line on his chin again.

Well, the bones here feel harder than the collarbone, like steel wrapped in flesh and blood.

The more she saw the love and joy, the more it surged, biting her lip, still couldn't help but want to touch his face lightly.

Just like a little girl, she finally got the doll she wanted to her heart. She was so excited that she couldn't put it down, she couldn't help but watch him and touch him.

As a result, as soon as her soft fingers touched his cheek this time, she was pinched neither lightly nor heavy.

Shao Xun was startled, and then saw the emperor shake his long eyelashes and opened the eyes that were still radiant at this time.

There was a smile in his eyes: "What are you doing?"

Shao Xun was caught secretly by someone else, and said in a panic: "When did you wake up… Did I wake you up?"

There was not much sleepiness in the emperor's voice. He circled Shao Xun's fingers one by one: "There is a kitten jumping around on me, can I not wake up?"

Shao Xun was a little embarrassed, and put his arms around his waist close to his arms: "I'm sorry, I, I…"

Can't help it…

With her movement, the two of the two leaned closer together, and the emperor made a soft hiss involuntarily, looked at the girl who trusted in his arms, smiled bitterly and said softly: "He's here to provoke me again…"

"What?" Shao Xun heard a few words and subconsciously raised his face in the emperor's arms to look at him.

"Nothing… I mean," the emperor saw something, subconsciously looked away, thought about it, and moved back confidently.

He asked in a low voice, "Yesterday… did it hurt?"

Shao Xun felt embarrassed instinctively when it came to this, but the emperor asked very seriously, so she endured shyness and replied softly, "…it doesn't hurt."

She was originally very scared, because whether it was her grandmother, stepmother, or the grandma sent to teach her in the palace, they all said that it would be very painful the first time, and that if the pain is unbearable, she must not refuse to resist the emperor. Obey, the more you obey, the easier it will be to live better. I also said that it won't take long anyway.

Even if Shao Xun didn't think there was anything at all, he was terribly afraid of being said every word, and he was naturally nervous at first.

But they didn't expect the situation to be completely different from what they said. The emperor was very gentle and slow to do anything, so much so that Shao Xun hardly noticed the pain when he shared the room for the first time, and even if it did, it was fleeting.

On the contrary, the emperor deliberately extended the time for… so that the strange feeling circulated in Shao Xun's body, which was really a bit grueling.

The emperor's eyes darkened a bit uncontrollably, but his voice remained calm as usual: "Is there no discomfort besides?"

Shao Xun felt that yesterday's feeling could not be called "discomfort", on the contrary, there were some very…how to put it, very strange and comfortable.

She thought this in her heart, and knew that it was impossible to confide this to other people anyway, and with a little shyness, she leaned into the emperor's ear and whispered a few words.

The emperor didn't expect to hear such a frank and frank description. For a moment, he was provoked by this girl and couldn't resist, almost unable to restrain his desire to move.

However, considering that Shao Xun was young, and it was the first time last night, it would have hurt her, so he abruptly held back.

His arms tightened slightly, and when he kissed the corners of her lips, he used a little bit of strength, which eased somewhat.

On the contrary, Shao Xun was a young man who was far less restrained than an older man. He was caught off guard and kissed so that he couldn't concentrate.

The two looked at each other in the dim light. In the emperor's extremely self-sufficient and forbearing gaze, Shao Xun bit his lip and couldn't help but whispered: "Yes, can you… I mean you want to come again— -Well!"

Her lips were kissed hard, and she couldn't speak anymore…

This time the emperor didn't use too many methods, and he was worried that she could not bear it, so it was over as soon as the sky fell.

This day was just in time for the three-day imperial meeting. The emperor comforted the little girl as he waited. After fainting, he found helplessly that it was almost time to go to imperial court.

He Jinrong tapped the door frame lightly outside, indicating that it was time to start.

The emperor took a deep breath, opened Shao Xun's arms around him in a very slow motion, then gently laid her flat, wrapped her in the quilt, and released the breath.

When he turned his head one step at a time and pulled his leg out of the bed with difficulty, he finally understood the temptation contained in the ancient phrase "Since then, the emperor will not come back early".

However, his willpower was not bad at all, and he didn't delay political affairs because of this. Before the hour came, he put on his dragon robe, washed it, and was ready to go forward.

Before leaving, I couldn't help but go back to the room and glanced at Shao Xun. She saw that her cheeks were flushed and her sleep was fragrant. Then she told the Yuhu and others next to her, "The concubine has to ask the Empress Dowager for peace. , But there won't be until after Chen Shi, there is still plenty of time, don't wake her up too early… If it's time, she really can't get up… Then send someone to the Liangyi Hall to talk to our ward. Go and explain to the Empress Dowager."

Liu Xin and others responded, only the two people who accompanied Shao Xun since childhood, Yuhu and Lizhu, knew that this order was also a free order.

—— Shao Xun has always been cautious on this. At that time, at home, as long as he was not sick and couldn't get up, he would never be too late to send greetings to the country's father, old lady, and wife.

Besides, the Empress Dowager was the emperor's mother-in-law, and Shao Xun would definitely deal with it with all his might on the first day when she saw her mother-in-law.

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