Yuhu two people are right.

Don't look at Shao Xun's sound asleep now, but the habit he has cultivated over the years is not something he can let go of overnight.

When Yinzheng arrived a little more, Shao Xun woke up on time.

Yuhu had expected it long ago and bent over at the head of the bed and said, "Manny, the Empress Dowager won't get up until Chenzheng. It's time for you to take care of everything. You can sleep for a while and call you when it's time."

Shao Xun stayed with the Empress Dowager for a few days. She knew the work and rest of the Empress Dowager much better than the emperor's son, but she still shook her head: "I wake up, and I can't sleep well anymore. Let's get up. ."

Asked again: "Your Majesty, when did you leave this morning?"

Lizhu glanced at the standing self-ringing bell: "I'm afraid it's not nearly half an hour."

"So early?" Shao Xun was a little worried: "Have you had breakfast."

Liu Xin neatly helped Shao Xun put on his clothes: "In terms of time, it should be too late."

Shao Xun pursed his mouth and stopped talking.

Others thought this topic had passed, but when Shao Xun was sitting in front of the dressing table and putting on makeup, she couldn't help but raise her head and said: "Will the Imperial Dining Room prepare breakfast for your Majesty after the morning?"

Everyone was taken aback, and a forty-year-old palace person calmly replied: "Don't worry, your majesty, if your majesty feels hungry, once you order, the dining room will serve meals as soon as possible."

Shao Xun looked away from the mirror and stared at the middle-aged woman: "Are you?"

The palace man knelt down and kowtowed: "The slave servant Qin was formerly a member of the Sixth-rank Division of Shangyi Bureau. Now he has been favored by Your Majesty, and he is promoted to the fifth-rank Shangyi, accompanied by the noble concubine."

"You used to be a errand in Shangyi Bureau alone?" Shao Xun asked.

The Qin clan said: "If you return to Niangniang, the slave and maidservant had served as a errand in the Liangyi Hall before."

Shao Xun understood that this was the person sent by the emperor to take care of her, and nodded, "Get up."

When Qin got up and stood aside respectfully, Shao Xun asked Ren Lizhu to curl her hair up and asked: "I have made food in the small kitchen here. If I send it to the Liangyi Hall, will it be compliant? ?"

Qin nodded and said: "The dim sum made by the masters of the palaces is often sent to your majesty to eat, but… it is another matter for your majesty to use it or not."

Shao Xun's eyes moved, and the Qin hurriedly said, "Niangniang is naturally different from others, so you might as well send it for a try. Even if your majesty doesn't use it, it won't hurt your face. After all, the one sent by others hasn't been used by him."

Shao Xun was not afraid of losing face, but felt that if there would be preparations, there would be no need to do so. But after hearing what Qin said, he felt that it was the emperor who passed the meal, and the imperial dining room would act.

She then ordered: "Lizhu, you go to the small kitchen and stare at making two or three snacks… just yam purple sweet potato cake, white jade jujube paste roll… and goose palm duck letter. Wen is there when you are done, wait for your majesty When the morning is over, send it to the front, saying that I let it go."

Anyway, it's only a few steps away from the Liangyi Hall, and it's still hot to send a snack.

Lizhu said: "Just these few? Do you want to make up six or more?"

Shao Xun couldn't laugh or cry: "How many mouthfuls can your Majesty have, and there will be lunch afterwards, just a pad."

Glass beads should be.

Qin squinted at the side, but felt that this young imperial concubine was different.

Shao Xun got up early, and she had a chariot, so she arrived early.

When Wu Shi heard that the imperial concubine had arrived, he was very surprised and hurriedly went to serve in the side hall where she was.

Shao Xun saw her, put down the teacup, smiled and said, "I haven't seen you in a few days, how good is the mother?"

At this time, Wu Clan did not dare to ask for it, and bowed down and said: "The slave and the maidservant visit the concubine."

Shao Xun personally helped her up: "Mother, don't be polite, but the Empress Dowager got up?"

Wu shook his head: "You came too early, and the empress dowager hasn't woken up yet."

On the one hand, she felt that it was a rare good thing for Shao Xun to come so early on the second day after entering the palace and to respect the Empress Dowager. On the other hand, she could not help worrying about another thing…

Wu Clan looked at the new imperial concubine quietly, and saw that her cheeks were white, faintly red, and her eyes were clear and clear, as if she had…

But this is too energetic, and it seems that there is no.

She opened her mouth, not knowing what to say, and was asked by Shao Xun again: "Is your mother eating well these few days? How many hours do you sleep in the night? Are you suffering from headaches?"

The Wu hurriedly put aside those wild thoughts, and cautiously answered Shao Xun's question.

After answering these questions one by one, the little palace lady over there came to pass on: "Mother, the Empress Dowager woke up…"

The Wu hurriedly said: "Noble concubine, maidservant has to wait on her."

Shao Xun smiled and nodded, and then said, "Mother Torrey asked for me, don't you know if your mother dislikes me for being clumsy and not serving me properly?"

Mr. Wu was taken aback for a moment, and then he respectfully said: "The slave and maid understand."

When Wu Shi returned to the sleeping hall, the Empress Dowager had already stood up.

"Where did this go?"

The Wu hurried forward to take the clothes, and while expertly helping the Empress Dowager to put on the outer shirt, he said: "The imperial concubine has arrived, and the slave and maidservant went to say a few words."

The Empress Dowager just woke up, she didn't realize who the "concubine" was for a moment. After she understood in the blink of an eye, she was even more surprised than Wu, she opened her eyes wide: "Last night…didn't the emperor visit her? I slept well. Early, could it not be possible to leave afterwards?"

"Where can it be," Wu said, "Your Majesty is directly from the Temple of Ganlu this morning."

The empress dowager's expression has changed a little–this, if this is the little beauty who embraces his heart…

Wu said in a low voice: "The imperial concubine just asked if he could come in and serve, do you want to…"

The Empress Dowager nodded hurriedly: "Let the child in, I… I will also ask in private…"

When Shao Xun came in and was enthusiastically picking jewelry for the Empress Dowager with the jewelry box, the Empress Dowager looked at Wu Shi, then coughed, and slowly said: "Ah Xun, did you sleep well last night? Xi? Not used to it?"

"How about this?" Shao Xun picked out a pair of jade earrings and put them on for the Empress Dowager, and then replied: "Very good, I sleep better than at home…Guo Gong's mansion."

"Ah, I'm not referring to this, I mean… how are you and your majesty… doing?"

After a pause, Shao Xun understood what the Empress Dowager was referring to. Her face immediately turned red, and she groaned, "Mother!"

The Empress Dowager went to hold her hand: "What's so shy about this, everyone passes by…how on earth?"

Shao Xun didn't know what to say for a while, she stopped, and the Empress Dowager's heart was cold: "Couldn't… there really is no round room?"

Seeing that the Empress Dowager would start thinking about "How can you avoid the doctor if you are sick" from "Is it possible for the emperor", Shao Xun hurriedly explained: "Yes, some, we…"

When she asked the emperor to "come again", it went smoothly, but in front of the Empress Dowager, it was really hard to tell, until her face turned red, she suffocated a very low sentence: "We, we are already consummated…"

The Empress Dowager still didn't believe it: "Really? Then… why did you come here so early?"

The empress dowager can't remember what happened in the past two years, but no matter what it used to be, now that he has been for so long, Shao Xun is what he really likes, and it took a lot of effort to get it right. This stunning beauty, let's not say you want to be greedy for the bedclothes, how can you not let people be so energetic early in the morning.

Only then did Shao Xun know why the Empress Dowager had such a question. On the one hand, she was shocked by the divergent thinking of the married elderly woman, but on the other hand she was so ashamed to raise her head. Until the Empress Dowager asked, she couldn't help but blush. Go up and say a few words in her ear.

The Empress Dowager heard it, and one of her eyebrows couldn't help raising her eyebrows. She let go of her heart and gave a "tsk" at the same time, and commented: "This child, I know how to pity and cherish jade…"

Shao Xun was forced to disclose the private affairs between the bed and the bed, feeling ashamed and ashamed, so he sat on the round stool and put his head on the Empress Dowager's shoulder with affection: "Manny… let's not talk about it… …"

She is dignified and self-sufficient at home and does not easily speak intimate private conversations with others, but as the emperor's mother, in her heart, she is already heavier than everyone in Yingguo Gongfu, and more worthy of being close to them. Therefore, at this time Ashamed, he subconsciously used the way he was with the emperor on his mother.

Hey, it's also a coincidence. Don't look at how the Empress Dowager is not getting along with this son, the eyes of the mother and the child are surprisingly the same when looking at the little girl.

Seeing that she was so beautiful, the Empress Dowager naturally acted spoiled at herself, and her heart was almost softened immediately, she couldn't help but smiled and touched her hair, and the fine lines in the corners of her eyes curled up: "What's so ashamed of? It's all human nature… Okay, I won't say anything."

The two people who were already mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, under Shao Xun's initiative to get close, were more harmonious and intimate than before, and the Wu family on the side was very pleased and happy to see them.

After all, since the princess Kejing closed her house to raise her baby, the Empress Dowager has not been happy for a long time.

And to be honest, even when the princess is there, the Empress Dowager may not be in a good mood.

She is an older person, and she has to consider everything she wants and do for her granddaughter. Although she is happy when she sees her, how can there be no sorrow in her heart? It becomes a habit to worry about it.

She was a little bit emotional on this side, but the Empress Dowager was rare but she didn't think so much. She happily discussed with Shao Xun about which jewelry looks good, and when she all dressed up, she took a photo in the mirror, and she couldn't help but laugh. He pointed to Shao Xun and said to the Wu family: "Look at this kid, you have dressed me as an old fairy."

"How could it happen," Shao Xun pretended to be dissatisfied: "So much spirit, only you can sustain the color of this emerald."

Wu took a look, and agreed: "Earrings and jasper hairpins are both well chosen, not very extravagant, but they are bright when you look at them."

The Empress Dowager herself is actually very satisfied, but the old child, the old child, wants to be modest and humble, to provoke others to praise her again.

At this time, a palace official reminded: "Manny, the masters of the palaces have arrived one after another, and they all said that they are here to please peace."

The Empress Dowager blinked and looked at Wu Family: "Look, I'm all confused. Is it every five or ten today?"

Wu smiled and said, "Where is every five and ten, did you really come to greet you as a maiden? It's obviously that the drunkard's intention is not to drink."

Said and pointed to Shao Xun.

Shao Xun also expected that she met the questioning gaze of the Empress Dowager, and said openly: "Then I will stay with you, and it's not that I can't see people."

The Empress Dowager just liked her strength. Hearing this, she twisted her face lightly, got up and stretched out her hand to let her hold her, and went all the way to the main hall.

When they arrived, the concubines were talking in twos and threes, and even De fei and Shu fei also tried to test each other's attitude towards the concubine.

Only the second princess stared at the inner temple, guessing when Shao Xun would come out.

The grandchildren were obviously more than the second princesses. Although today was not the day to greet the Empress Dowager, all the imperial concubines had made appointments. Not only did they arrive by themselves, but also the children with children.

-Except for the three older princes.

The second prince did not have a biological mother, and walked closer to Xianning Palace, but the Empress and princess Kejing were not there, and no one called him.

Everyone knows why the third prince are the cause. As for the eldest prince, his son's problem, De fei also knows in his heart. It's fine to molested the little girl secretly before, but now everyone is his concubine. Seeing something, it's better to let him go farther away. After a long time, maybe the idea will fade away.

In addition, Feng Zhaoyi was sitting next to the Fourth Princess, while Yi Bi held the Sixth Prince tightly in his arms to prevent him from being mischievous.

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