Seeing Shao Xun coming in with the arm of the Empress dowager, the concubines looked different, but they were generally decent.

When the Empress Dowager was on the main seat, she was first moved to a chair for Shao Xun, so that the concubines who saluted her were exempted.

Seeing them seated, the Empress Dowager was holding the tea cup, her face was a bit of a smile but a smile: "What kind of wind is this blowing you all?"

Only high-ranking concubines would dare to take such words. De fei smiled: "The lady is like a mirror in her heart. The concubines are usually tired and lazy. Today is so diligent, don't you just want to come and see the new sister."

The words were frank, and the Empress Dowager looked slightly awkward: "No matter, some days will be long in the future, why rush for a while."

Although Shu fei usually doesn't speak much, but every sentence is very decent. Today, it should be her turn after De feifei said it, but now it is different. As long as Shao Xun is there, everything she says is wrong.

Just talk about the title, De fei can call her "sister" with a cheeky, but can she call her "Sister", but can she?

And in the past, Shu fei mentioned Shao Xun in front of others, always in the tone of the elders in the family, with a condescending sense of instruction, but what attitude should she have now?

Everyone thought about it from the perspective of Shu fei, and felt that if they were embarrassed and embarrassed, their heads would be very worried.

Well, this is definitely not gloating.

De fei has diminished somewhat from the depression that started last night. She curled her lips and said: "The lady said that the days are so long, so don't dislike the annoyance of the concubine sister."

She called a sister, and Shu fei felt uncomfortable.

Shao Xun knew that this was not even spoken to herself, so she didn't want to catch up on it. Instead, she said, "The concubine is still young, so don't scare her."

What this said.

The corners of De fei's mouth that had just been raised can't help but droop back again, and it is rare to think of a place with other people-as if we were never young, why didn't you see you protecting people like this back then.

De fei and the others slandered on one side, but couldn't help but take their eyes to Shao Xun on the other side.

She is really as beautiful as ever. Even if she has seen it more than once, she has to admit that Shao Xun is really a country of beauty. If she is in troubled times, she will be labeled as a disaster for the country and the people. But in today's heyday, she is like this. His birth makes this appearance nourished by the rich nourishment like a peony that is about to bloom, as if it can always bloom undefeated forever.

The sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl was just when she was young, her youthful temperament was fading quickly, her thick black hair was tied into a fallen pony bun, and the golden phoenix hairpin with pearls was inserted diagonally on the side, nothing else. Gold and jade hair ornaments.

As a newcomer who has just entered the palace, this dress is simple, but with her grand appearance, the makeup looks very expensive, such a simple dress is a bit lazy, implied spring, and slightly reveals a little bit of a woman's style. .

All in all, with such a face, no matter how you dress up, you look good, and each has its own charm and is not monotonous at all.

The older ones are fine, and the younger concubines, especially the Li concubines, gradually look ugly.

At this time, the sixth prince who was held in Yibi's arms was a little unable to sit still, and struggled hard, and was a little dissatisfied with being held tightly by his mother, and shouted at the Empress Dowager: "Grandma!"

The Empress Dowager hadn't made love to her grandson for a few days, so she said to Yi Bi: "Quickly stop holding him, let Yanjie come to me…Speaking of which, these children have not seen the imperial concubine yet, right?"

The term "seeing" here means "seeing".

Yi Bi nodded, and just as he was about to let Zhao Yanjie go up, he listened to Feng Zhaoyi saying: "The children are in order, so let the second princess go to see the imperial concubine first."

The atmosphere was quiet for a moment, and Yi Bi quickly laughed and said, "Niang, Jie'er can't sit still…"

Before she could finish her words, the second princess who was sitting next to Concubine Gong suddenly got up.

Concubine Gong wanted to pull her, but didn't.

Everyone in this room focused their eyes on her, waiting to see what the situation of the former good friend is now, and whether the second princess had turned his face with this "sister".

After all, a friend became a concubine, and it didn't sound any better than that of Shu fei.

As a result, the situation did not develop in the direction they thought–or in the direction they wanted. Zhao Ruotong walked to the Empress Dowager and Shao Xun in three steps and two steps, very smoothly, and said without reluctance: "Ruotong has seen the imperial concubine empress. "

The voice was very loud, clearer than any words she had said before others.

Everyone was stunned, and Shao Xun stretched out his hand to help her up.

It can also be seen that Zhao Ruotong is a little nervous, and the palms held by Shao Xun are slightly sweaty. She raised her head and smiled at Shao Xun with a little shyness.

Shao Xun also smiled: "We don't need to be polite."

"Oh," the soft voice sounded: "The second princess is really broad-minded, she can see everything."

This voice is very special, but it is not easy for anyone who has heard it to forget. Shao Xun frowned slightly and raised his eyelids. As expected, he saw Li-pin, who was sitting down, also looking here.

Li Yan touched Shao Xun's gaze, with very bright brows and eyes slightly bent, as if thinking of something interesting, she turned to talk to Concubine Gong: "Concubine Gong, I want my concubine to say, you My daughter's eyesight is so good. I knew early on that we could have a concubine in the future. Seeing my concubine was blind, she didn't have time to flatter her. It's not in time for her."

This sounded like flattery at first, but in fact, unless the kind of stupid people present can understand the subtext in her words.

Shao Xun's brows wrinkled deeper. She was about to use something to teach Libi a lesson, and she felt her hand was squeezed hard.

She looked at Zhao Ruotong and saw her eyes lowered and her lips pressed tightly.

In this gap, Concubine Gong had already said with a tone of wishing to calm down the matter: "This kid doesn't know that he has this fate…"

Libi also wanted to stop at the end, but after hearing Concubine Gong's words, Shao Xun and Zhao Ruotong did not speak for a while, and the anger in my heart somehow burned more vigorously, and couldn't help but want to say too much. "The princess doesn't know. Is it because the concubine knows that it is not possible?" Libi squeezed the veil tightly in her hand: "I said that the princess is so shy, why did she fall in love with the concubine, it turned out to be…"

"I do!"

This is Zhao Ruotong suddenly speaking in a low voice. Although the voice is small, but I don't know why, he can suppress Liyi's voice and make her silence for a while. After a pause, she still doesn't react: "What?"

Zhao Ruotong raised his head, his face turned pale, but his eyes were wide, as if he was using this method to frighten the enemy: "I said I would!"

Her voice gradually increased: "The noble concubine is good with everything, I am willing to associate with her… Not only me, the empress dowager and your majesty will use their eyes to see, and naturally they will know her benefits. Isn't it natural to like the noble concubine? I don't like her, but who do I want to like—Manny Libi, are you?"

Others were stunned when they heard what she said. Some even looked at the silent princess with admiration, and no matter how they heard it, they felt that she should have the next sentence-are you worthy?

Although she didn't directly say this sentence, she could hear the overtones, including Libi herself.

Libi herself never thought that one day she could be countered by the second princess. She squinted her eyes: "Princess, you speak…"


Shao Xun's good mood has been disturbed. She herself feels that it is inevitable for women to be jealous, but it is cheaper to be verbally smeared with two sentences, and she has already had the advantage, and the two others' acid will let them go.

But these people actually used the princess as a raft for the sake of being jealous and insinuating. This is really too soft for the persimmons. Is the second princess still the same as before?

She turned her head and glanced at the Empress Dowager who seemed to be closing her eyes and restlessly too lazy to move.

The Empress Dowager seemed to be able to perceive Shao Xun's gaze. At this moment, she opened her eyes slightly to meet her, and then nodded almost impossible to find.

Shao Xun had a count in his heart, turned his head and said in a deep voice, "Libi, who is the princess for you?"

Libi felt something, she shook her teeth unwillingly: "The princess is a princess, what else can it be?"

Shao Xun shook his head: "The princess is the daughter of the emperor. If you really have something wrong, you can point it out as a direct advice, but she is at a loss. What identity are you? You dare to ridicule and then bring it. Going to the palace…what, do you think that the palace and the princess have been intersected, who insulted others?"

"… My concubine didn't say anything," Li Qi said stiffly: "Just a few jokes…"

Shao Xun didn't go to reason with her at all, and directly called someone: "Come here, please ask Empress Li to go out now, think clearly before coming out in your own palace."

Everyone was shocked, then looked down and said nothing.

Li Yan's eyes widened suddenly. She was the last concubine who had been spoiled for a while in the past few years, and no one knew whether there was any remaining affection from your Majesty.

Therefore, although the position is not high, it is quite special among the concubines. Except for De fei and Shu fei, she dare not provoke anyone else. As long as it is not excessive, no one else is generally theorized. After only saying a few words that are neither yin nor yang, consciously there is nothing at all, so she was about to be subjected to such insults. She immediately couldn't help but yelled: "Manny! Concubine didn't say anything at all, how can you…"

Seeing that the Empress Dowager closed her eyes and frowned, Shao Xun was worried that she would be noisy by Libi's sharp voice, so he gently pressed down with his hand, and made a gesture to silence her, with a slight heart. In his tone of voice, he said gently: "Okay, Libi, save yourself a little dignity."

Libi's words were abruptly stuck in her throat. She looked around and saw that it was because of Shao Xun's own status or the acquiescence of the Empress Dowager, or because she was not popular in the first place. Everyone avoided her by appointment. Without anyone speaking for her, he flushed involuntarily, pulled the kerchief hard, gritted his teeth in the implied oppressive eyes of the palace people, turned his head and walked away quickly.

As soon as Lili left, the lower concubine was silent for a while, and the higher-ranked concubine Gong and others were also afraid to speak for a while. It was Shu fei's chuckle that broke the tense atmosphere: "The concubine became serious after entering the palace. ."

Shao Xun turned his head to look at her, and said with a smile, "Does Shu fei think I'm doing something wrong?"

She spoke very politely, and even used the same address as before entering the palace. She honored Shu fei as "Niangniang" and called herself "I", but somehow this made the smile on Shu fei's face slightly stiff. , And then disappeared a little bit.

Feng Zhaoyi, who was sitting under the hand of Shu fei, felt the invisible pressure, she swallowed, and the hand holding her daughter was a little sweaty.

At this moment, the Empress Dowager suddenly opened her eyes, as if she had just woken up, and did not notice the weird atmosphere here, wiped her eyes with her kerchief, and smiled to herself with a smile: "Look. I, actually fell asleep, where have you been? Noble concubine, if Tong gave you a gift, you should return a gift too."

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