Shao Xun stopped paying attention to Shu fei, as if nothing had happened before, holding Zhao Ruotong's hand to the Empress Dowager, deliberately joking: "The empress must know that I came empty-handed. This is the purpose of deliberately mentioning this. I want to see it. My joke."

The Empress Dowager pointed at her and smiled with all her concubines: "Guess what this kid is telling the truth?"

Feng Zhaoyi looked at Shao Xun's body and guessed: "The concubine and others are all uninvited guests today, and the imperial concubine and empress do not know it, so…the truth should be told."

However, Yi Yan looked at Shao Xun who was pulling Zhao Ruotong, his eyes rolled, and said: "The imperial concubine empress was especially considerate when she was attending the empress dowager's ill. The empress dowager was always praised when she mentioned it. Now, with her attentiveness, concubines don't believe me. The empress didn't prepare, I'm afraid she had guessed carefully about this concubine's point."

The Empress Dowager then looked at Shao Xun: "How about? Girl, don't take out your good things yet."

Shao Xunbian beckoned Liu Xin in the inner room to come forward, and smiled at Yi Bi, but Yi Bi, who was just scared by her, was a little flattered.

As soon as Liu Xin walked in with the tray in her hand, there was a message from the outside: "Mother, your majesty please peace with you."

The Empress Dowager's eyebrows trembled and said: "It seems that the evil wind is really blowing today, even your majesty is blowing."

The smiles of De fei Shu fei and others inevitably became a little stiff.

Although they usually greet the Empress Dowager, what they look forward to most is to run into the emperor, so if they can catch a few words, they will give him an impression, and they will also remind him of them. Come, sit in the palace, and then ask the child carefully, it's also decent.

But today, to be honest, few people would like to see the emperor run into the Empress Dowager's Palace so actively.

A joke, everyone knows that people are clearly coming to see the new little beauty, and no one wants to be a foil.

Sure enough, after the emperor came in, although he didn't make any big moves, his eyes swept to the Empress Dowager for the first time.

"Mother, do you feel good today?"

The Empress Dowager nodded and saw that the left couch opposite to the Kang table was empty. He just wanted to stand on his right side in a daze. He couldn't help feeling funny in his heart. At the same time, he also had a kind of his own son. A normal person also has normal feelings of joy, anger, sorrow, and joy.

Thinking about it this way, she felt relieved and her mood improved by three points: "What do you want to do, I won't give your Majesty a seat."

There was a palace person who had a little difficulty moving the chair—the emperor was standing between the imperial concubine and the Empress Dowager. If a chair was placed there, the three people would all be close to each other, and there was no gap.

But they didn't dare to say to the emperor, "Your Majesty, please change your position", so they hesitated a bit, and bit the scalp and stuffed the very wide chair into the open space between Shao Xun and the Empress Dowager.

The emperor didn't say anything. He immediately sat down and asked: "What is the Empress talking about? Have such a good chat?", the Empress Dowager said: "Is talking about the meeting ceremony of the imperial concubine for several children."

"Oh?" The emperor smiled and looked at Shao Xun, with an unconscious intimacy in his tone: "What have you prepared?"

Shao Xun took a piece from the tray and held it in his hand to show the emperor: "It's a ruby ​​from the south."

The emperor took it over and took a closer look, and saw that the gem was long and small, brightly colored, and transparent, and it was invaluable at first sight. He nodded and said, "It's not a common thing."

"I and my concubine thought, the princesses are no longer children. In the future, they will be inlaid with this ruby ​​on the crown, it will definitely look good."

Then she looked at Zhao Ruosang again: "Four princesses?"

Feng Zhaoyi paused and pushed the fourth princess on the back: "The imperial concubine is calling you."

The fourth princess is only twelve years old this year, at the age when she doesn't understand the truth, but at least the etiquette is sensible, and she also salutes respectfully: "Good concubine and empress."

Shao Xun took her into his arms and handed her the gems in his hand: "Do you like it?"

There is no little girl who does not like shiny jewelry, even if you are a princess, the eyes of the fourth princess lit up immediately, and after looking at Feng Zhaoyi, seeing that she didn't say anything, she immediately grabbed it into her hand. At that time, I did not forget to thank Shao Xun: "Thank you, Niangniang."

Shao Xun gave the second piece to Zhao Ruotong. While the four princesses loved the rubies, they secretly took a glance at the piece in the hands of the second sister. After comparing them for a long time, they saw that the two rubies were exactly the same, so they were relieved. , I became more happy.

Shao Xunchong and Zhao Ruotong blinked.

Next is Zhao Yanjie.

Yi Bi was afraid that he would make trouble again, so he didn't dare to let him go alone, so he held his hands and handed him to Shao Xun's hands: "Quick! How did the mother and concubine teach you?

Children are always bullying and fearing hardship, and Yi Bisheng is afraid that Shao Xun will look at the face, and his son will be naughty in front of her without a wink, so he always keeps his heart in mind.

Unexpectedly, the sixth prince have a good memory, and I still remember that he bullied the second princess and was stopped by Shao Xun before. He restrained him and threw him to the palace man twice, comforting his second sister with a glance. She didn't impress him deeply. Goodbye, she has always been a little guilty, and she is no exception now.

He was born with a tiger head and a tiger brain, very cute, and now the way he obediently salutes Shao Xun is also very pleasing.

Shao Xun couldn't help but touched the child's face. After watching it for a long time, Yi Bin was a little disturbed.

The emperor said: "What are you looking at?"

Shao Xun turned around and said to him, "Look at where the Sixth Prince was born most like you?"

The emperor followed her to take a close look at the little son. After a while, he was a little embarrassed: "Hmm…? Is he like me?"

Among other things, the plump face almost squeezed his eyes by half, and as soon as he lowered his chin, he could see several layers, which looked like him.

Shao Xun curled his lips and went to see the Empress Dowager.

The Empress Dowager could not refute her face, she looked left and right, hesitated for a while, and tentatively said: "Ears?"

Shao Xun paused and said amusedly: "How could it be an ear?"

At this time, Yibi said, "Is the empress talking about the underside of the nose and the part of the mouth?"

Shao Xun's eyes lit up: "Do you feel like it too?"

Speaking of putting the Sixth Prince in front of him, he nodded the corners of his mouth and nose with his hands: "Here is the most similar."

When it comes to this, Yi Yi said something more: "Concubine feels the same way, but this kid is too fat, and only the wife is careful, this can be seen."

Shao Xun is not particularly fond of children. When she was young, Shao Qiong left a deep psychological shadow on her, but only now did she realize that children who looked like the emperor could naturally gain her favor.

It seems that looking at him can let Shao Xun from the emperor's calm and steady appearance, glimpse the childhood and juvenile years he has had.

This is also what Shao Xun was unable to participate in anyway, and always regretted it.

She raised her head and silently looked at the emperor.

The emperor was moved by her soft and clear gaze. He couldn't help but want to touch the corner of her eye and face at this moment, but considering that there were too many people at this time, he curled up the fingers that were randomly placed on the armrest. , Suppress the desire in my heart.

Although he didn't even look at Zhao Yanjie's chubby face that could hardly find any edges and corners, he could not see any similarities with himself, but this does not prevent the emperor from agreeing with Shao Xun's words with a smile: "There is something like that. "

Shao Xun couldn't help but glanced at the Sixth Prince again, which made Liu Xin hand over the remaining gift to Yi Bi.

It is a large and unique golden lock, made of pure gold, which weighs heavily in your hand.

"Don't blame me for favoring one or the other." Shao Xun joked: "It's just that Your Royal Highness is still small and the gems are fragile. If you hurt him, it won't be good. When he is older, I will supply him."

Yibi hurriedly said: "How dare your concubine, your mother's things are all good, but this child is naughty. According to your concubine, this golden lock is very good. The gem was given to him, so he would fall in two days if he didn't keep the balance. It's broken."

Shao Xun nodded, then rubbed a hand on the frizzy hair of the sixth prince before handing it back to Yibi.

When Yi Yan went down and watched the concubines passing down the gems and golden locks to watch and enjoy, Shao Xun took Zhao Ruotong and said, "Let's go to the Ganlu Temple together in a while, have you not seen it yet? Let's go shopping together. visit."

Her voice was filled with the excitement of wanting her best friend to visit her new home. Zhao Ruotong was naturally very willing, but she also immediately noticed that the emperor had heard these words, turned her head slightly, and looked calmly on her. .

Zhao Ruotong paused for a while, then curled his lips, and refused reluctantly: "The homework that the master assigned yesterday hasn't been written yet, so let's go to you when I finish writing."

Shao Xun was very sorry, but he had to agree.

When Zhao Ruotong returned to her seat, the gem was passed to the Empress Dowager. She watched the light while discussing with the concubines.

Taking advantage of this gap, the emperor coughed lightly with his hand against his lips, and said in a low voice: "The snack is good, thank you for the noble concubine empress."

Shao Xun Leng suddenly heard him calling himself "the noble concubine", somehow he felt very embarrassed.

I didn't say anything clearly, but I always felt…

She didn't change her face but said, "Then which one do you like?"

The emperor did not hesitate: "White Jade Roll."

"Lying," Shao Xun broke him: "You obviously prefer salty." It must be the goose-foot duck letter that suits his taste better.

The emperor shook his head without explanation.

He usually doesn't have much interest in sweets, but isn't this different from the past? Shao Xun has always felt the sweetness in his heart. When he eats desserts that he usually finds sweet and greasy, he feels that when he thinks of Shao Xun Can appreciate the deliciousness of sweets.

But this is not suitable to be said here.

Even though the imperial concubines seem to be concentrating on flattering the Empress dowager, in fact there are almost no people who really don't pay attention to the emperor at all. Although the expressions of the two people have not changed much, they don't know if there is anything to whisper. Closer, closer, closer.

The two people's hands are placed next to each other on the armrests, and some thoughtful women don't want their eyes to see through. Through the sleeves of the emperor and the noble concubine, let's see if the hands of the two are in front of the Empress Dowager. Shamefully hold together.

Most people still endure and dare not speak, only De fei said coldly: "What are your majesty and noble concubine talking about? Why don't you let your concubines listen to them?"

Shao Xun was taken aback. The fingers that were quietly entangled by the emperor under his wide sleeves shivered suddenly, and he subconsciously wanted to withdraw it, but the emperor quickly but calmly grabbed him.

The emperor raised his eyebrows lightly, gave De fei's face, and said: "I'm saying that the snacks given by the concubine this morning are good, the concubine doesn't believe it."

At this time, the Empress Dowager returned the ruby ​​to the second princess, and she also showed some interest: "What snack?"

Noting that everyone's eyes returned to her, Shao Xun only felt that the fingers she held with the emperor were hot, but she still looked like nothing else on the surface: "Your Majesty said that the white jade jujube paste rolls are delicious. The concubine thinks he should love the goose-foot duck letter more."

"What am I supposed to be." The Empress Dowager smiled: "…maybe people will be better off now."

Not only De fei, but the expressions of the other people with ears erected are all subtle-is it an illusion, how do you feel… There is something in the words of the Empress Dowager.

Shao Xun really couldn't stand it anymore, she couldn't help squeezing the emperor's finger hard.

The man's expression didn't move, but the place covered by the sleeves separated her five fingers. Under the eyes of so many people, one of them was inextricably entangled with his own fingers.

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