The emperor's hand held her tightly until the time had passed.

Shao Xun listened to the concubine chatting with the Empress Dowager, occasionally interjecting when she was interested.

If she said that the emperor was happy, she would pull her index finger with a hand; if something interesting happened, she would tap the back of her hand a few times; if what they said made the emperor dissatisfied, she would squeeze it gently. finger.

In front of everyone, it's not good for the two of them to have a very intimate conversation, and the emperor is not likely to intervene too much when a woman is talking, but through the hands of the two, it seems that they are always talking all the time. It's the same as talking to the other person.

Shao Xun was a little embarrassed at first, but he couldn't get his hand back. The action became more noticeable when the action was too big. After a long time, seeing that there was no extra communication between the two, the concubines slowly took their attention back. , And no one can see what they are doing through their sleeves.

Later, the Empress Dowager finally felt tired, and Shu fei who was observant of her words said goodbye. Others saw that the imperial concubine was here. It was a bit difficult to go away the emperor at this time, and it was not easy to rely on them. They all retired to the palace one by one.

Seeing the Empress Dowager turning around with teasing gaze, Shao Xuncai abruptly withdrew his hot hand from being held.

"Okay," the Empress Dowager was really in such a good mood today, and she was more amiable to the emperor than usual: "I won't keep you anymore."

The emperor did not move, but subconsciously glanced at Shao Xun, and the Empress Dowager laughed and said: "Don't worry, I don't want to leave anyone, take your concubine back and talk."

The emperor's eyes softened as well, and he knew to refuse: "She has just entered the palace, she should be by your side to show her filial piety."

When the Empress Dowager saw him superficially sounding, she was actually awkward and duplicity. Not only was she not angry, but happier: "Then I will leave her behind?"

The emperor paused, knowing that the Empress Dowager was joking, so he turned the words without changing her face: "But the Empress Dowager may have been tired after talking all morning, so we won't bother too much."

The Empress Dowager shook her head happily: "Emperor, you are really…"

Shao Xun followed the emperor out of Ningshou Palace.

She didn't have the emperor's face that couldn't move, but she was ridiculed by the Empress Dowager for a long time, and her thin face was red.

The emperor took her to the imperial house: "I will give you a ride?"

He clearly wanted to go to the Temple of Ganlu with her. Originally, it was "fellowing with me", but the emperor remembered that he was angry with the Empress Dowager a long time ago when the two were still very strange. , I ran into a little girl on the road when I was leaving.

He was very impressed with her at that time and had a little inexplicable thoughts, so he invited her on a whim, but was rejected mercilessly.

If I remember correctly, that was what he said when he invited.

He was very impressed by the refusal, but Shao Xun couldn't remember clearly. She didn't react, so she bluntly said: "I came by coach."

The emperor held his forehead and laughed for a while, and said bluntly in Shao Xun's puzzled eyes: "I want to sit with you."

When Shao Xun understood it, she felt that she was really slow just now, but after thinking about it, she still said, "…Let's sit on our own."

Shao Xun was not so virtuous, and he did not insist on anything but his virtue, just considering that everyone in the harem has not gone far, especially those low concubines who are not qualified to sit in a sedan chair and need to walk, maybe they have not walked a few steps yet. It would be too ostentatious to sit in the same sedan chair so swaggering and swaggering through the market.

The emperor paused for a while. He already knew Shao Xun very well. He understood her concerns without any effort. He thought that the future would be long and did not force it. He just tilted his head and said, "Then walk with me. go back?"

Shao Xun looked at him, and finally nodded gently, and took the initiative to hold his hand.

The two really walked slowly from Ningshou Palace back to Ganlu Hall. The emperor and noble concubine's sedan chair were carried and followed far behind, almost invisible.

Shao Xun took the emperor's arm as he walked and said, "Are you here to pick me up today?"

The emperor nodded: "I am worried that the Empress Dowager will embarrass you."

"How could it be?" Shao Xunshi smiled: "The empress dowager has always been good to me. She has never been embarrassed or even said anything to blame."

The emperor's heart was a little complicated, but he was more pleased that Shao Xun was able to get along well with the Empress Dowager. He laughed a little lowly: "I know that no one will dislike you."

"Not really," Shao Xun knew he didn't have that great charm. "The Empress Dowager might just see you like me. That's why I love the house."

The emperor couldn't help smiling, and stretched out his hand to scrape her beautifully-lined nose: "Who is the one who loves the house and the crow, don't you know?"

Speaking that the two of them happened to have reached the edge of the Taiye Pond, Shao Xun didn't want to move after walking for a long time. The emperor took off his cloak and laid it on a large stone bench by the lake: "Take a rest?"

Shao Xun nodded quickly, and sat next to the emperor on the stone bench.

She lightly leaned on the emperor's shoulders, and snuggled with him for a while, before whispering softly: "The concubines in the harem will go to greet the Empress Dowager today. I expected it."

The emperor said: "Really? I didn't expect this. If I knew they were there, I would go later."

"Huh?" Shao Xun asked, "Why is this?"

"…I'm worried that you feel uncomfortable."

Shao Xun smiled: "Does your majesty think I'm jealous?"

The emperor raised her chin to look into her eyes, from which she could easily see the soreness that she might not have even noticed.

"I'm sorry," he rubbed the end of Shao Xun's eyes with his thumb, and then kissed lightly here: "I don't know…"

I don't know if I will love a woman like this. This is something I can't predict even if I count it as exhaustive.

Shao Xun blinked and then shook his head: "You don't need to be like this. I'm just sad that I haven't been able to participate in your past. I think of your high spirits and magnificent times. It is someone else who is by your side instead of me. I feel a little sorry… When I'm jealous, I'm afraid I will be the least qualified one."

"There are many of your imperial concubines who have outstanding looks, or both talents and good character, and they have nothing wrong with them. I was the one who came to the top later, but I still want to be selfish and despicable. Their husbands-now that they have taken advantage of them, how can they still have the face to mind their existence."

Shao Xun is not as generous as it seems. On the contrary, due to her childhood experience, her possessiveness has become stronger. Now she is calm and calm on the surface only because she trusts the emperor's will and knows that he likes herself—— I only like myself.

This satisfies her most greedy desire, so that she is extremely tolerant of others.

I like you, like everything about you, and even like your past without me, and I only expect a return.

——The promised is with me and only belongs to my future.

This must remain the same…

Shao Xun gently closed his eyes: "Your Majesty, I said, I can deliver everything I have."

The emperor gazed at Shao Xun's white face tenderly, stretched out his hand to gently caress the black hair on her temple, watched her quietly open her eyes, and stared at himself with those quiet and clear eyes.

He smiled: "Don't worry, I know everything."

Shao Xun also laughed, an uncontrollable smile from the heart.

She straightened up, looked around, and saw that there was no one here, and even the guard of honor and palace servants who followed the two stopped in the distance with a wink, most of which was blocked by the rockery.

Shao Xun hooked the emperor's neck with his slender arm and looked at him with a smile.

The emperor squeezed her back with one hand, lowered his head slightly and kissed her.

With gentle restraint and a little bit of tentative deep kisses, Shao Xunjing couldn't help but half-closed his eyes, enjoying it all with his heart and soul.

The emperor seemed to have a low laugh, and his subordinates pressed slightly, the two of them pressed closer together, and the kiss deepened.

It wasn't until Shao Xun, who was proactively provoking people, couldn't stand it first. He couldn't breathe, his arms were slightly loose, and a soft whimper sounded in his throat. The emperor took his hand unhurriedly and pressed his lips tightly. Separate, pat her back to help her get along.

Shao Xun finally calmed his breath, looked at him and said dissatisfied: "Why is it always me…"

"What…what do you want me to say?" The emperor couldn't help raising his long eyebrows, and said with a smile: "Wait a few days to pick a free time, I will accompany you to ride a horse and archery, okay."

Shao Xun thought for a while and nodded.

What she thought in her heart was that she had to take care of her body and give her strength a bit, because she was young, so she didn't always have the power to fight her.

The emperor looked at the emotions flashing in her eyes, and only found it interesting and cute.

Two people…It should be Shao Xunxie who had enough feet, and then walked back to the Temple of Ganlu together.

The emperor accompanied Shao Xun for lunch, then took a nap with her arms around her, and then went to the Hall of Liangyi.

After the meeting today, there were a lot of affairs. He received ministers one by one, invited cabinets to discuss matters, and from the evening he criticized them to deal with political affairs, so he was too busy to breathe.

Shao Xun was not boring either. In the afternoon, when Zhao Ruotong saw that the emperor was not there, he came to Shao Xun Palace to talk to her and joke. The two people explored the Ganlu Temple carefully, and they were very happy as they watched and talked. Just one day passed.

It is said that the gate of the palace is as deep as the sea, but it is also possible that the emperor is tightly protected. On the contrary, Shao Xun feels a hundred times happier than at home.

Tai Chi Palace was once described by the emperor as a "time-consuming behemoth", but Shao Xun felt that it made her feel comfortable.

In this Miyagi, there is her lover, her best friend, and a mother-in-law who treats her very well like the Empress Dowager. Life is far more enjoyable than watching others at home, but the mother's kindness and filial piety have a strong face and laughter. .

Every day when the emperor is there, two people read books and play chess and chat together. They can even paint together when they have time. They are like-minded in this respect, and they don't feel bored.

Shao Xun had little experience, and was far less knowledgeable than the emperor. He was like a library of hundreds of families. Whether he was in the world, astronomy, geography, piano, chess, calligraphy, or riding, hunting and archery, there seemed to be nothing he didn't know.

Occasionally I talked about things that Shao Xun didn't dabble in, such as the government affairs that the emperor talked about casually. As long as she expressed doubts and confusion, he would patiently and carefully tell Shao Xun again, never saying that she was a woman and shouldn't talk about politics.

In this way, even if there is still a little difference in the original, it seems that two people who have not completely tuned in their thoughts, words and deeds, after getting along for a period of time, they fit in every aspect just right, and their words and deeds, knowledge, thoughts and even concepts have gradually become consistent. The meaning is different occasionally, and it's also fun as if it's fun.

The emperor was busy in the previous dynasty, and there was still a lot of time when there was no time to accompany her, but she could chat with Zhao Ruotong or serve the Empress Dowager. Even after a short while, everyone knew that she was not difficult to get along with, and some concubines gradually came to chat. .

Some of these people have ulterior motives, and some want to give in to flattery in order to protect them, but some of them are really idle and want to find someone to talk to and pass the time.

Shao Xun of these kinds of people got along for a while, and he had feelings, and the emperor would also help distinguish, and gradually he could understand the intentions of each person, and how to treat them differently and how to get along with each other.

The days in the deep palace are not boring, on the contrary, they are very interesting. The time goes very fast, and a few months pass in a blink of an eye. If someone outside the palace asked for a sign, Shao Xun actually felt like "I don't know the years in the mountains."

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