In the previous section, I had been busy preparing for the winter solstice for many days, and the emperor finally got off for the past two days.

This day was neither an early morning nor did he need to go to the Empress's Palace to ask for peace. He didn't need to get up early, so he hugged Shao Xun to accompany her for a long sleep.

Until it was already there, he opened his eyes and looked at the self-ringing bell on the table, and then looked at the girl in his arms still sleeping in a dazed state, with no sense of being awake.

It's too late, and it's not a good thing to sleep too long. The emperor was afraid that Shao Xun would have a headache from sleeping too much, so he patted her on the back lightly: "Girl, wake up."

Shao Xun hummed a few times, opened a gap in her eyes, then closed her eyes again, and when the emperor called her again, she began to mumble and coquettishly drill into his arms: "I don't want to think about it… I can't afford it. …"

The nephrite jade in his arms was warm and fragrant, and the emperor was more helpless, so he got up from the bed, put on a piece of clothing at random, opened the bedclothes to let the light in, then turned and sat back on the bed, and wrapped Shao Xun tightly with the quilt. Yes, with gentle pressure on her hands, she helped her sit up.

Shao Xun was forced to leave the bed and collapsed, so he could only lean forward and leaned on the emperor, reluctantly opening his eyes: "I slept late last night, I will lie down for a while…"

With a pot on his forehead, the emperor couldn't help crying or laughing, and couldn't help pinching her nose: "What a shameless girl, but only two times. I will let you go to sleep when I am. Now it's past time, yourself. The more tired and lazy, how can it still have anything to do with last night?"

"I have rare things today, can I read the book with you?"

Although Shao Xun closed her eyes, she couldn't help but smile. She opened her eyes laboriously to look at the emperor: "You do something else first, I'll get up soon…"

The emperor was unmoved, "It won't be possible, you will be hurt for a long time. If you don't move anymore, I will do it myself."

Shao Xun simply said, "Then do it yourself."

The emperor was not just talking about it. He immediately lifted the quilt wrapped around Shao Xun, reached out to unbutton her shirt, and wanted to change her clothes.

He didn't think so much at first, but his hand slipped across her chest inadvertently. Both of them froze for a while, and then the emperor continued to move without changing his face, but Shao Xun was mostly sober.

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty…" She was a little embarrassed: "I, I'm awake, or come by myself."

The emperor raised his eyebrows: "Come by yourself?"

Shao Xun nodded nervously.

"Even if it's too late," said the emperor tightly locked her in his arms with only one arm, and unbuttoned her piece by piece with the other hand.

It was winter at this time, and it was already very cold outside, but the Ganlu Temple was equipped with an earth dragon. Although the bedroom was not warm as spring, the emperor would not be afraid of freezing Shao Xun for a while.

Shao Xun's energy was useless in the emperor's hands. After struggling for a long time, he couldn't move a bit, and he couldn't hide anything until he lowered the clothes.

In this broad daylight, the sky is bright, and I rarely see the sun's skin as white as snow. Shao Xun's blush is about to bleed, and even the neck and the bottom are pink. She can't stand it, she can't help but close her eyes tightly. Begging for mercy: "Your Majesty! Your Majesty, I was wrong! I dare not…"

The emperor's fingers stopped, and the tone was rather subtle: "Don't dare?"

Shao Xun quietly opened his eyes: "Your Majesty, I, I'm cold…"

Her skin was warm, and this was nonsense, but the emperor stopped very slowly, put a quilt on her, and said lightly, "It won't be that easy next time."

Shao Xun breathed a sigh of relief, then turned his face to leaning on his shoulder, and said with a slight dissatisfaction, "Don't scare me…"

The emperor touched her hair and didn't say a word. He just frightened her deliberately, or seriously wanted to do something, or was a bit serious, then only he knew.

Shao Xun is more open to this aspect at night and can be honest about his desires most of the time, but due to his ideas, he has never tried to do anything during the day.

Knowing her, the emperor took a few deep breaths without changing his expression, released the person in his arms, got up and put on clothes.

Shao Xun also took the opportunity to change his clothes.

Today I have nothing to do. Shao Xun intends to spend a day in the sleeping hall, and does not bother to dress up. He wears a half-new and timeless short coat of lotus and lotus color that is often worn at home, with a light red skirt, just calling people to come in and wash up. His hair was loosely tied up, and he didn't wear any jewellery in a bun, and he looked pretty even if he was face up.

It was indeed late, and it was only a few hours away from lunch. The emperor worried that Shao Xun would eat too much now, but would not be able to eat it at noon, so he ordered people to eat only minced meat and vegetable porridge, and asked her to pad her belly first.

I don't know if Monk Huiyuan once said that Shao Xun was not very restrained in eating and drinking. The emperor was very strict in this regard, except that he would follow Shao Xun's own wishes after a few days. Other times, he would follow the advice of the imperial physician. Careful recipes to take care of her.

Shao Xun has his own small kitchen at home, and he has a lot of money in his hands. He can do whatever he wants without using the things in the house. He can eat whatever he wants, and eat whenever he wants. The adults in the family can only do whatever they want. Regardless of whether she was treated harshly or not, she didn't get the details, but she won't investigate the details. She can decide what she eats or wears.

So after entering the palace, she was a little uncomfortable at first, but found that the emperor was unmoved by how to act like a baby here, so she obediently listened to it, but after a while, she actually felt accustomed to it, and was aware of it. The stomach and intestines are much more comfortable than before.

It seemed that the previous meal couldn't be cured, and it hurts and vomited. It seemed that things that would not get better after a few days of delay would not happen again.

After the two of them drank the porridge together, the emperor took a book of travel notes at random on the Luohan bed in the study. Instead, it was Shao Xun, who was extremely picky. He picked and picked on the shelves of several walls without deciding which one to look at. .

In the end, she was really not interested. The emperor raised his eyes and said, "If you don't like it, don't read it. Let me take a look at this book."

Shao Xun nodded, the emperor leaned on the front pillow, and Shao Xun leaned on him and squeezed into a seat with him.

The emperor put the elbow of one hand on the table to hold the book, and the other arm was around Shao Xun's shoulder and arm, and the two quietly flipped through the travel notes together.

When he saw one place, Shao Xun pointed at a line and asked: "This scholar wrote so vividly, but is Taishan really such a majestic and majestic? Or is it just like everyone else? Everyone says that when he hears ancient legends. ?"

"It's a famous place under some prestige," the emperor recalled for a moment, and said: "But Taishan is indeed worthy of the name, and it is unforgettable to see."

"Is that so sure?" Shao Xun turned his side, changed his posture and asked, "Have you been there in person?"

As far as she knows, this man has been on the throne for so many years and has never been on a tour.

The emperor nodded her head amusedly: "The entire Jinan Prefecture was put down by me with troops. Did you say I have been there?"

This Shao Xunzhen has never heard of this. The dynasty has only been established for more than 20 years. Although the emperor has also ordered the compilation of history, it is actually a big project and it looks like it will take a few years to complete. Therefore, Shao Xun is concerned about the things before and after the founding of the country. They are all derived from word of mouth from the elders, or a few essays, which are not comprehensive.

She became a little interested: "Then have you visited many scenic spots?"

The emperor said: "Some have been there, but most of the time the military situation is urgent. Even if you get to the foot of the mountain, you must first appease the local officials and people. There is no such thing as a leisurely trip to the mountains and rivers. It's just that Mount Tai is really special. I didn't want to go, but later the emperor. When I arrive, I will accompany him to the board once."

"I'm really a frog at the bottom of a well. The highest mountain I have climbed is Guangming Mountain on the outskirts of the city, and the widest river is the moat…" Shao Xun was a little depressed at first, but after thinking about it, he said again: "But you have been to so many places. In the war, I was born to death. I sit back and enjoy my achievements like this, and live a stable and stable life in the capital. In fact, it is even more rare."

The emperor lowered his head and kissed the top of her hair, and said warmly: "It doesn't matter if you are safe and stable, or you have to go to the mountains and water, you have everything you want. I planned to wait for the stability of the political affairs, so I took the time to make a trip to the south. There are emperors in the north. Now everything is stable, the South also needs to appease."

Shao Xun's eyes lit up and he was very pleasantly surprised: "Really? Take me with you then?"

The emperor nodded with a smile.

Shao Xunbian kept thinking about going out in her heart. She was not attentive while reading. She felt sleepy again when she wandered around. She rubbed her eyes and said, "Your Majesty, I can't open my eyes…"

The emperor softened his heart when she saw her dazedly, and said: "Close your eyes and take a break."

Fearing that Shao Xun was uncomfortable in this position, he moved her down, let her take off her shoes, put her head on her lap, and asked someone to take a blanket and cover her.

Shao Xun closed his eyes and said, "I haven't finished reading this travel note…"

"It's okay," the emperor stroked her profile and whispered softly, "Will I read it to you?"

Shao Xun tilted his head, looked at him and nodded: "Yeah."

The emperor's voice was calm and sweet, and his words were clear and emotional. At first, Shao Xun could clearly describe the scenery he had read in his heart, but he became more relaxed when he listened, and his consciousness gradually blurred.

Seeing her breathing steady, the emperor couldn't bear to wake her up, so he thought about letting her go to sleep for a quarter of an hour or two.

After a while, Liu Xin came in and passed on: "Niangniang…"

The emperor frowned, compared to a gesture that made her whisper, and said in a low voice, "What's the matter?"

Liu Xin was taken aback, and then lowered her voice: "Your Majesty, someone outside the palace handed a sign to see the empress…"

The emperor felt that the man really didn't wink, so he waved to make her retreat.

Unfortunately, Shao Xun slept shallowly. He was awakened at this time. He also heard Liu Xin's words. He opened his eyes and held the emperor's hand and said, "Don't worry, maybe it's Mrs. Deng?"

"Mrs. Deng?"

"It's Deng." Shao Xun straightened up and woke up, "After the canonization ceremony, didn't all the princesses and wives come to worship? At that time, she was very ill, so she sent someone to sue her and said she was waiting for her illness to recover. Just come to see me. I heard that she is getting better a few days ago, so I guess today…"

As she asked, she looked at Liu Xin, and Liu Xin said: "It's not Deng. It's Yingguo grandfather who asked to see her. She said it was from Zuodu Yushi's family, apart from filial piety, and the elder son wants to discuss with you about the marriage."

"What can you discuss with me," Shao Xun complained, but he also knew that this was the first time his mother's family went to see the palace after entering the palace, so that it was the marriage of her brothers. Said: "Go and invite her into the palace."

Liu Xin took the lead, and Shao Xun put on his shoes listlessly: "Your Majesty, you rest here first, I'll come when I go…"

Seeing her unconcealed reluctance, the emperor couldn't help but smile, and took her hand and said, "Why, I don't miss home?"

Shao Xun thought for a while, and said the truth: "I don't want to, and… I now think that the place where you are is my home."

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