"…My home is where you are."

The emperor's breath stopped, and he looked at her for a long while.

Shao Xun looked at him with a very calm expression. She thought she was saying something sincere and not too normal. She didn't need to be serious at all, so she didn't know what kind of turbulence could be in the emperor's heart.

Seeing her face as a matter of course, the emperor squeezed her hands tightly and smiled bitterly: "You said this, don't you want to leave?"

Shao Xun tilted his head, wondering: "Why do you say that?"

The emperor did not speak, but just raised her hand and kissed hard. After a while, he raised his head and smiled: "It's nothing, you go."

Shao Xun was a little puzzled, but didn't know why. After walking two steps, she suddenly didn't want to leave. She turned around and sat back again: "I will go back later, it will take her at least half an hour to get here."

The emperor stretched his hand around her waist: "You change your clothes and dress up?"

"What to dress up," Shao Xun tilted his head: "Am I ugly like this?"

The emperor smiled and said, "You look good at all kinds of things."

In fact, Shao Xun was quite confident about this. She squinted her eyes, squatted on the emperor's lap again, and yawned, "That's it, it's not an important occasion. I have to dress up for anything."

After another two quarters of an hour, the palace people came to remind Yingguo Duchess that he was coming soon. Shao Xuncai got up to bid farewell to the emperor and returned to the easternmost sleeping hall. Lizhu greeted him: "I want a full outfit, I'm afraid it's too late."

Shao Xun sat in front of the dressing table and said, "Just put my hair up."

Lizhu combed her hair and said, "I should change clothes anyway. This one was worn when I was at home, and my wife can see it 80%. Then I think the palace treats us harshly. Isn't it a loss of face? ."

It should be said that although Zheng was the decent mistress of Yingguo Gongfu and was nominally one of the masters of Lizhu and others, the people around Shao Xun were more or less separated from the main courtyard. Unwilling to be crushed by them.

"Face is not face, it is not here," Shao Xun said: "Madam is not like that person who only respects Luoyi."

Lizhu thought, "Yes, our damsels are rich and natural without dressing up, and we are all beautiful, so why take it seriously? It's too much of a face."

Speaking of using a jade hairpin for Shao Xun to pull up a simple and generous hair bun, only two small jade hairpins in the same set were used as decorations. The earrings are more expensive. The emerald jade has a long pendant underneath. The long tassels almost fell to the shoulders, and they covered the simplicity of the hair accessories at once, making them look graceful.

Shao Xun had been sleeping with her eyes closed all the time. When she finished, she opened a glance and saw Lizhu's little caution, but she didn't say anything, just nodded, and led people to the meeting room in the next room.

The time was fine. Not long after Shao Xungang sat down, before he could doze off, someone informed Yingguo Duke-in-law that he had arrived.

Shao Xun didn't leave her alone, so he was immediately invited in.

Except for ordering the wife to enter the palace to meet the imperial concubine on the second day of entering the palace, this is the first time that Zheng has stepped into the Ganlu Hall. The previous time was a ceremonial cutscene. He only went around in the main hall and didn't even understand the furnishings. After paying homage according to the rules, they went back to their homes.

This time she finally had time to look up this prestigious palace.

The Ganlu Temple occupies a large area, which can be said to be the largest of the harem. After all, it was the emperor's own bedroom in the previous dynasty. Its area alone is not much larger than that of the Liangyi Hall.

The furnishings are also worthy of the noble concubine's name. Most of them are the noble ones that Zheng can tell at a glance. They are more expensive than those in the Shu fei Palace, but compared to the fresh and elegant Yanjia Palace, There is a little more ruggedness here.

Not only are precious utensils, paintings and calligraphy, but occasionally there are folk gadgets that are not elegant, but are embellished with wild and interesting gadgets. The gold ware may be placed next to jade, and it is not blindly pursued in the style of consistency. Feel free to do whatever you want, but I don't know if it is pointed by a famous craftsman. Such a random arrangement does not seem messy, but is scattered and unique.

Turning and entering the reception room, Zheng saw at a glance that he had seen the older stepdaughter sitting on the Luohan bed since childhood, leaning on the kang table, holding his cheek with his hand, and closing his eyes with his eyes down.

Scattered sunlight came in from the window, scattered on Shao Xun's face. Her hair was loose, and her hairpin was not as much as she did when she was not out of the pavilion. Only the jadeite earrings with gold pendants and tassels around her ears are bright. The dazzling eyes, together with the sunshine, lined her cheeks like flawless beautiful jade, the whiteness is dazzling and inexplicably shocking.

Even though Zheng had grown up when she was a child, and had a certain habit of such beauty, but not seen for a month, seeing this different style from before Shao Xun married her and another more mature and bright beauty, Zheng still Inevitably shook God.

She couldn't help but wondered from the bottom of her heart–Is this child, who is so beautiful as not mortal, really has a close blood relationship with her own daughter?

Obviously the two have the same father, and they and the sister-in-law are also biological sisters, only the mother is different. The blood flowing in Shao Xun and Shao Qiong is obviously only one-eighth different, and Zheng's own biological mother is even in appearance. Shang is more prosperous than Mrs. Zheng…

Why is there such a big difference?

Zheng thought, is it because he is a humble concubine, so his daughter and his sister's child are so far apart?

What is this?

She was thinking wildly here. Shao Xun had already heard the voice over there. She shook her eyelashes and raised her eyes to see Zheng standing at the door staring at her side in a daze.

Shao Xun straightened up and leaned back on the front pillow: "Mother."

Zheng recovered from the mess of thoughts, and was a little flustered at her nominal daughter. She hurriedly stepped into the door of the room partition, and then bowed in obedience: "The courtiers, please ask the concubine, Jinan."

Shao Xun said to Yuhu: "I'm not picking up my wife yet."

When Zheng was helped up, Shao Xun said: "Mother doesn't need to be polite, please sit down soon."

As he said, he waved his hand and motioned to the palace clerk to move the seat.

Zheng didn't know why, he was a little nervous, and he refused to sit in the chair again and again.

Shao Xun originally waited for Zheng to speak first, but after waiting for a while, he didn't see any movement from her. He couldn't help covering his mouth with a veil and yawned. Then he took the initiative to greet him: "How is everything going on in Fuzhong?" "

Zheng awoke, and quickly replied: "Everything is okay… It's just that the country's father has been thinking about the mother here, the palace is not at home, for fear that the mother will be wronged. "

"Everything in the palace is fine." Shao Xun's eyes opened completely, as if he suddenly felt energetic: "There is nothing better."

Zheng didn't believe this very much, but she didn't look like a strong smile when she saw her. After a pause, he asked: "The Lord of the Country also asked his minister's wife to ask him–how did your Majesty treat you? ?"

Shao Xun's originally flat expression became vivid involuntarily, and his eyes were very bright, "Your Majesty is fine…"

Zheng did not need to say anything else. She was also a woman, and she had come from a young age. You only need to look at it. From the manner in which she mentioned the emperor, you can see how the emperor treats her.

It must be pampering, after all, only the flowers that have been carefully nourished and painstakingly watered can bloom full and lively, rather than withering in the palace like withered grass.

Zheng didn't know what it was like for a while, and he should be relieved and happy, but he only felt a bit of a blockage, so he said slowly: "It is natural to be pampered by your Majesty, but this is also the most illusory thing… The meaning of the public is to give birth to a prince as soon as possible."

Shao Xun's expression faded, but he didn't say anything. He just said, "It depends on fate."

By the way, she has no children yet!

Zheng thought of this, but he was energetic: "It's not difficult. If you are lucky, you can get pregnant soon after marriage… But if you don't have that blessing, after a long time, your feelings will fade. It's good."

Shao Xun pursed his lips, and finally endured the discomfort in his heart: "This urgency is useless. It will happen when it should be. If there is no fate, what to say…"

However, Zheng could not wait to continue: "Take advantage of your first entry into the palace, when you are full of new feelings, hurry up and give birth to a prince, even a princess, or wait until your Majesty's new life… "

"…This is really bad." Shao Xun narrowed his eyes and interjected abruptly before she finished speaking.

Zheng was stunned: "What?"

"I said, what my mother said is really unacceptable." Shao Xun lowered his head to play with the fringe on the skirt, and said casually: "I just entered the palace, so you make up your mind that I will fall out of favor in the future? Mother always Speak appropriately and know what to say and what not to say. Why do you want to say these unpleasant things in front of me today?"

The Zheng swallowed subconsciously, and opened his mouth for a long time before continuing, "Niangniang, Niangniang blamed the ministerial wife for not listening? It's just for your own good… As the saying goes, loyalty is against your ears…"

"Really? Then I know my mother's kindness," Shao Xun raised his head and smiled, with a very soft smile: "It's just that these people know everything in their hearts, but they should say a few words of advice that is not only ugly and of little use. Well…Perhaps, when Ah Qiong becomes a pro, tell her, maybe she doesn't think what your mother said is not good…"

Shao Xun was very eloquent for a while when she was young, and when others taught her, she would retort, and the rebuttal was well-founded, but adults were easily blocked and speechless, but later he was fined a lot for this. Secondly, the reason was "Just listen to what the elders say, how can you talk back?" She gradually didn't dare to refute anything.

Later, no matter how others were educated, whether it was a long-term speech or a stern expression, she could listen to her face without changing her face, and act as if she was very convinced that she had been taught. Afterwards, she would not change her words, but she would never do anything. The reason for "disrespect and respect for the chief" was punished.

The Zheng hadn't been spoken face to face by Shao Xun for nearly ten years. He was ashamed and terrified when he was said. He was stunned on the spot and couldn't say a word.

Shao Xun's eyes curled up, and there was a slight smile in his eyes: "After all, you are not my biological mother. You should be more respectful and polite to each other. Only in this way can we be harmonious, don't you think, mother?"

This sentence made Zheng like a lightning strike—she married Shao Xun to Yingguo Gongfu at just over one year old. For so many years, except for the first two years or with Mrs. Zheng, no one ever said about her." "Not the original partner" "not the biological mother" these words.

Shao Xun's mother died when she was born. For the sake of family harmony and not embarrassing others, even the elder son Shao Kui did not mention this. Now Shao Xun suddenly points it out, like being stabbed by a sharp needle. There was no pain, but the consternation and intense discomfort left Zheng in his throat.

Just as Shao Xun was taught that "the elders should not be violated", now there is a difference between the imperial concubine and the Zheng family. The Zheng family can not say anything to refute the dissatisfaction in the Ganlu Temple, but can only hold back. In the throat, I can't vomit or swallow.

"That's right," did not look at Zheng's green and red face, as long as she confirmed that she would never mention things like "falling out of favor in the future", Shao Xun, like the okay person, changed the subject casually: "Originally, you What do you want to say when you enter the palace? The Shen family got rid of it, right?"

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