That's enough.

Zheng is still a person who knows the current affairs. On the one hand, she understands in her heart that Shao Xun can no longer let her handle it, but on the other side, she can't help but always want to try to find her sore spots and poke them.

After so many years, it has become a habit to grind soft knives. If she doesn't strike a few words, she will become more and more dare to speak, and her words will become more and more smooth.

Shao Xun didn't mean to pursue it any more, and as soon as he changed his voice, it came to Shao Kui's marriage.

But Zheng hadn't awakened from the embarrassment he had just now, and he was stunned for a long time without answering the words.

Shao Xun asked with curiosity, "Is my mother still thinking about what I just said?"

She, how could she put on such a plain and not half embarrassing look?

Zheng's throat moved up and down, and he was forced to suppress all the thoughts that were surging in his heart: "No…no, I mean, yes, the girl kept her mother's filial piety for three years, and it was full. Twenty years old, it's too late if I don't decide."

Shao Xun nodded, and said casually: "Then set it down, my eldest brother is not too young. The marriage contract of the Shen family was set a few years ago, and there is no point in dragging it down."

"What Niangniang said," somehow, the more Shao Xun relaxed, the more nervous Zheng became. It took a long time to say: "I just want to discuss with Niangniang to see when it's suitable…"

Shao Xun blinked, "Ask me? Shouldn't this be as soon as possible? I have been engaged for more than three years, and I have been prepared for it. Big brother and a man can afford to wait, and other girls can't waste time like this. ."

After a few words, Zheng finally managed to regain his mind from the conflict just now. Although his face was still stiff, he could still answer normally: "…I shouldn't have worked as a mother, it's just that the grandpa thought Niangniang and Shizi are brothers and sisters of the same compatriots, so I have to tell your ward whatsoever."

Shao Xun smiled: "Father is considerate for his eldest brother."

Zheng came to Shao Xun naturally with a mission, but she couldn't hold back for a while, and she said something that shouldn't be said. For the first time, Shao Xun was so unrelenting to give her a faceless face. I originally thought that Shao Zhenyu confessed. Everything is pretty stable, but now he instinctively realizes that this child may not be as easy to talk as before.

"What your father meant… is to see if you can go to your Majesty to ask for grace…"

She hesitated like this, Shao Xun became interested, wondering what idea came up in the Guogong Mansion: "Please grace? What grace?"

The Zheng hesitated, and still said: "Just let you go back to the province on the day you get married…"

"What?" At first hearing this, Shao Xun thought he had heard it wrong, and couldn't help but widen his eyes: "Province you?"

But surprise is just a moment of effort, and Shao Xun immediately wanted to understand the whole story.

If it is really normal to return to Ninh Province, then Yingguo Gongfu will have to prepare for at least half a year. This is not the grace that Shao Xun can ask for. It should be Yingguo public music welcoming the imperial concubine and the provincial relatives. Later, he asked the emperor for instructions. After the emperor agreed to approve the red, he passed on the will step by step. The Ministry of Ritual sent people to supervise the restoration of the mansion, the layout of the furnishings, and the planning process. In short, it was very, very cumbersome. , It is said that most of the year will be fast.

But the young lady of the Shen family obviously couldn't wait any longer, maybe they would have to give a big gift in the next two months, so what they said could not be the kind of formal provinces in the true sense, but Shao Xun asked for help in private. Please, dress up more formally and go back to the palace.

This is not to give Shao Xun a chance to meet her relatives, nor to show her grand favor. It is purely that Shao Zhenyu wants to use her status as a noble concubine to raise her value for the marriage between Yingguo Gongfu and Shao Kui.

Shao Xun had to ask for grace from the emperor himself, without spending money or effort, and was criticized for a whole day.

To be honest, if Shao Xun and Shao Ku are really close and loving brothers and sisters, without Shao Zhenyu speaking, she might have taken the initiative to go, but now…

Their relationship is really not as good as that.

Shao Xun leaned back: "This is really…forgive me."

Although Zheng had a vague expectation, she still felt unbelievable. She was shocked: "…The elder brother is your brother, and the light on his face is your benefit."

"His brilliance is enough," Shao Xun said calmly, "I won't add that dispensable flower to the brocade."

"This is what the Duke meant," Zheng's lips tightened: "You are not satisfied with me, you should listen to what your father and brother said."

Shao Xun glanced at Zheng and tilted his head slightly: "Mother, I am not dissatisfied with you. I was just telling the truth. Between mother and daughter, shouldn't you tell the truth, do you hold grudges?"

Zheng was choked sturdily, and could not argue with her over here, so he could only continue: "Anyway, you are the daughter of Yingguo Gongfu, not to mention adding luster to the family… Daughter, don't you miss your home? Shu fei went there back then. As a noble concubine, you must be more filial than her!"

She said that this was when she married to Yingguo Gongfu. Although she was a second wife, Shili Hongzhuang was very magnificent. It was even more respectful that Shu fei went out of the palace and came to congratulate her cousin's mansion in person.

No, it should be said that Shu fei had just given birth to the third prince, and it was only Shao Zhaoyi.

But Shu fei is filial piety? She was a cousin who was separated from the house, and went home in the name of provincial relatives, but she did not return home, but the government of the government. The whole time she was born in the government of the government. Her real parents and brothers can only be guests in the crowd. I looked at her in my child.

This is called filial piety.

Shao Xun said: "In that case, please ask Shu fei to make her more filial."

As soon as Zheng was about to persuade him again, he was shocked by a man's voice.

"What filial piety?"

When she turned her head, she saw that the emperor was also wearing a light gold uniform with a cotton kerchief in her hand, and Shi Shiran walked in so quietly.

"…The minister's wife knocks on Saint Ann!"

Zheng never thought of seeing the emperor in this early hour, she was so shocked that she could only kneel down instinctively.

Shao Xun already felt boring. The emperor couldn't raise her spirits when he came. She sat still, but stretched out a hand: "Why are you here?"

The emperor took her hand and sat beside her: "Let me wait for a while, I can't wait for anyone."

He glanced at Zheng, and said casually: "Madam, please exempt."

"I heard what you are talking about…what are you talking about?"

Zheng, who was getting up, became stiff.

She quietly raised her eyes to look at Shao Xun, and said with some anxiety: "In response to your majesty… the minister's wife, the minister's wife are filial when they say that the imperial concubine is at home…"

Shao Xun stopped relying on the pillow, leaning on the emperor, and said directly: "It means Shu fei is filial and knows to return to her family."

Until now, Zheng didn't want to understand that he was just entering the palace to see Shao Xun, how could she still meet the emperor, she didn't know why the whole palace was still so quiet, and she didn't rush to pick up and drive her a little bit. No precautions.

This was interrupted abruptly, and before he could react, Shao Xun made it lightly. He was shocked and shivered in front of the emperor, and almost knelt down to this unobstructed ancestor.

Does she know the severity at home? How could she lose all sense in front of the emperor in the palace? Didn't she know that the foundation of her own foothold in the palace was Yingguo Gongfu, and let her, especially her majesty, know that she was not in harmony with her family, so she wouldn't worry about it? Was it out of favor for this? !

Contrary to Zheng's expectation, the emperor was not angry, and his tone was still gentle: "How come you mentioned this well?"

Shao Xun blinked, "Isn't my brother going to get married? The family wants Shu fei to have a look…"

"Niangniang!" Zheng cried out in horror.

She didn't expect that Shao Xun could turn black and white in front of the emperor. If the emperor believed it was true, he really gave this grace. Then it was not the noble concubine but Shu fei who saved the family. She would do it herself. It was almost impossible. I can't imagine how Yingguo Association would react!

The emperor smiled softly, what could he not know, and then he squeezed the tip of Shao Xun's nose fondly: "Small ghost."

Shao Xun was holding his breath because of the family's request, but he didn't show it on his face, but now he was joked with such affection by the emperor. This breath was magically lost for most of it, and even his slightly stretched body relaxed. Down.

She snorted, but immediately couldn't help but smile: "Who is stubborn, isn't this someone more filial than me?"

The emperor laughed with her: "Then I have made an order?"

Shao Xun glanced at Zheng's expression from the corner of his eyes, shivering, looking at himself with an imploring look, and then he paused for a while, and then the tone came out: "No matter, they want to invite. Shu fei may not be willing to go. Well, people in the winter are happy to nest in the house, who wants to run around."

The shoulders that Zheng was about to shrug suddenly loosened, as if after a catastrophe, a layer of cold sweat broke out all over his body.

Seeing her appearance, Shao Xun pursed his lips: "Mother sit down."

It's strange to say that Shao Xun used to rely on them in everything, daily greetings, taking care of illnesses when sick, taking care of the cold and asking for warmth, morning and twilight, no one takes it seriously, but no one takes these seriously. Now it is clearly her slap. About to slap Zheng's face, but when the slap stopped, Zheng felt a little grateful in fear.

It's really rare. When Zheng was sick and couldn't get up, Yingguo Gongfu was busy with official duties and caring was caring, but he didn't have much time to take care of him personally. The two children were too young to be useful, and Shao Xun was busy. After holding a meal and feeding medicine, she stayed day and night. At that time, she was just a little bit emotional that the child was so good at teaching, but she couldn't say how grateful it was.

Isn't it right for children to serve their elders?

Maybe the sweet jujube after the slap is extra delicious.

Zheng sat down unsteadily, listening to the emperor talking to Shao Xun in a daze.

"Why is this crooked again…"

Shao Xun defended: "I fell asleep just now and haven't woken up yet."

"Nonsense, how long this has been, I should have been energetic." The emperor wiped Shao Xun's face with the wet kerchief on his hand, trying to refresh her: "Sure enough, it's easy to lose energy after sleeping for a long time. I'm so listless and sleepy without a few words…"

Zheng was still in a daze. When he heard the word "sleepy", he immediately trembled, and said, "Is pregnant?!"

Shao Xun was startled, and the emperor's hand suddenly stopped, and he subconsciously looked at her abdomen.

Shao Xun reacted and slapped his hand amusedly: "What is your majesty thinking? The imperial physician takes the pulse every five days. He just came to ask the doctor two days ago. If there is anything you can say?"

Zheng's body was relaxed, and he exhaled heavily, but he didn't even realize what his mentality was.

On the contrary, the emperor unconsciously squeezed the napkin tightly in his hand, and lowered his eyes thoughtfully.

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