Of course, Zheng did not stay in the palace, so it was only noon when he returned to Yingguo Gongfu.

She hadn't said a word ever since she returned to the room, and people would not pay attention to food and tea. She only felt that she would vomit when she saw everything.

Until Yingguo Duke heard that she was out of the palace, he took advantage of the noon to return to the palace.

"What's the matter, his face is so bad?" Shao Zhenyu's fur was still aside. Seeing that Zheng hadn't come, he was a little confused but didn't ask carefully. He directly picked the topic he was most concerned about: " What did Ah Xun in the palace say?"

Zheng cried a face: "Don't think about it, people don't want it."

Shao Zhenyu's movements paused, "Well".

Zheng turned his head: "Did you hear that? I said she didn't want to come back!"

Shao Zhenyu sat on the chair most, warming his hands with hot tea in his hand: "I heard it, and I don't need such a loud voice."

His voice was very calm, so calm that he didn't seem to be a father who was mercilessly rejected by his daughter. His attitude of being as stable as Mount Tai, no matter how angry other people were, and that everything seemed unshakable, made Zheng instantly think of Shao Xun.

This was the first time that she clearly felt that these two people were a pair of blood-connected fathers and daughters. In such an insulting indifference, it was exactly the same.

This kind of connection makes Zheng even more uncomfortable, but just like she has not dared to fight against Shao Xun in the palace, this man who has been her husband for more than ten years does not dare to resist, let alone express the anger in her heart. I asked incredulously: "She doesn't keep any affection like this, and refuses to save relatives in person, so you won't be angry or surprised at all?"

Shao Zhenyu took a sip of hot tea while holding the tea cup, feeling that the internal organs seemed to be warming up: "Isn't this something that had been expected, if she really agreed with one sip, it would not be Ah Xun."

"Predicted it long ago…" Zheng repeated murmured, raising his head: "Then you still let me touch this nail?"

Shao Zhenyu took it for granted: "Someone has to test it…"

After hearing this, Zheng's teeth were clenched tightly, for fear that he would yell out along his mind if he was not careful.

"If you don't come, don't come. It was originally the icing on the cake…" Shao Zhenyu glanced at Zheng, and when she saw her face turned pale, he asked casually: "Why is your face so bad? Is it freezing outside? "

What is frozen, it is clear that they are going to be pissed off by their father and daughter taking turns in battle!

Zheng held back for a long time before he swallowed the breath abruptly, and let his words return to his usual softness: "It's not like the eldest girl changed into a different person after entering the palace, let me say something she blocked…"

She said that except deliberately, she was really aggrieved, holding the veil and touching the corner of her eye, "I just thought she was thinking more before, who knows that I was so dissatisfied with me… I have been trembling for so many years. Stepmother, never dared to treat her a little bit wrongly. There is always hard work without credit, right?"

Seeing Shao Zhenyu's head turning around, Zheng clan considered the words, and continued holding the veil: "This palace can really make so many people. Everyone was so harmonious before, once you become a noble concubine……Can actually say that I am not her biological mother…"

She was indeed a little uncomfortable. Shao Zhenyu didn't know what Shao Xun said that made Zheng so dissatisfied, and he couldn't just let it go. Just about to open her mouth and follow her words to comfort her, she heard her continue to say: "…Perhaps it was a little faint after being spoiled by your Majesty for a few days…Her children's family, in front of your Majesty, may indeed be easy to forget, I don't blame…"

"Your Majesty's pampering?!" Shao Zhenyu's comforting words disappeared from his mind, and he couldn't wait to interrupt before Zheng could finish.

Zheng stared at him blankly: "…what, what?"

Shao Zhenyu suddenly became energetic, with an inexplicable light in his eyes: "Is your Majesty really close to Ah Xun? Can you tell me more about it?"

Zheng understood it instantly, and the expression on his face suddenly became flat.

Shao Zhenyu urged: "What is going on?"

Zheng's lips were pursed, "That's what happened. Didn't you hear that your Majesty treated her well?"

"Yes and pampering are two different things. The situation of the two of them outside is definitely not the same as in the sleeping hall… Others can't see it, don't you have the opportunity to see it with your own eyes…" He stopped here suddenly. I caught the point: "No, when is the time when you entered the palace, is your Majesty still in the Temple of Nectar?"

Zheng didn't want to answer at all, but he knew that if he didn't cooperate at this time, his husband would be dissatisfied, so he could only suffocate a few words: "It seems that I just woke up in the morning and didn't leave, getting along… it's better than ordinary couple Be intimate."

Shao Zhenyu's complexion was slightly red, and his eyes became brighter: "Is that true?"

Zheng felt uncomfortable, and couldn't help but pour cold water: "It hasn't been a few days since I entered the palace, if the freshness passes…"

"No," Shao Zhenyu waved his hand: "You don't understand your Majesty. I have known him since childhood. It's fine to know that he doesn't care about it. Heavy righteousness is better than ordinary people, and you will not easily lift your hands."

"Three thousand beauties in the harem," Zheng cried his lips and said, "I didn't notice his long love."

Shao Zhenyu shook his head and said: "This is not the same thing. You can't just rely on rumors. I have seen two face-to-face meetings more than other people. At least for so many years, you haven't seen your Majesty with Shu fei. He Is his attitude different from that of others?"

Not only Shu fei, but also Lili, who was said to be the "most favored" in previous years, is actually the case. Only when the emperor's number of visits to the harem is decreasing day by day, she just entered the palace so much more than others. Once or twice, it was a little special, but in fact the emperor's attitude was not different.

Thinking of the scene where the emperor held Shao Xun's hand in the Ganlu Temple and sat beside her to lean on her, as well as the scene in which she was awkwardly wiping Shao Xun's face with her handkerchief, Zheng fell silent. After a long while Said: "Ah Xun is young, so your Majesty should be kind and affectionate."

"Who first entered the palace is not young, isn't it all this age?" Shao Zhenyu turned around, staring directly at Zheng: "You mean, don't you want to be favored by Ah Xunde?"

Zheng felt a sudden heart, and he was shocked to realize that he was irritated today, and he didn't get stuck in front of Shao Zhenyu so ashamed.

She shivered slightly and didn't dare to look up, but explained in a low voice: "I'm afraid that the greater your hopes, the disappointment in the future, and there is no other meaning."

Shao Zhenyu stared at her for a long time, only to see Zheng's heart beating, then raised his eyebrows and opened his mouth: "Madam is worried, I didn't report much hope, just take a step and look at it, everything has to be seen. What is your Majesty's intentions, now everything is not yet clear and we still need to wait."

Zheng had a meal, and said in a low voice: "The master said…"

"There is also Ah Xun," Shao Zhenyu said: "You are not her biological mother, and there are two biological mothers, Ah Qiong and Ah Ying. Sometimes it is inevitable to be negligent. It is common for Ah Xun to feel a bit resentful, but she is a junior and young. It's also easy to get angry. For everyone's sake, you just let it go, but you can't care about the trivial things."

Zheng's blue veins blocked by these words are about to explode, but under Shao Zhenyu's eyes, he can only slowly respond with a yes.

Shao Zhenyu knew that his wife knows current affairs, and nodded with satisfaction at the moment: "Aku's marriage is set, so hurry up."

The sudden visit of Zheng did not dissipate Shao Xun's good mood. She and the emperor took advantage of their free time to spend a whole day in the Ganlu Temple, and had long forgotten the bad things Zheng said.

It's just that the emperor is the king of a country after all, and Xian can only be idle for a day or two, and then resumed the previous rhythm.

Shao Xun was very clingy when she should be clinging, and she was extra free and easy when she shouldn't. The emperor couldn't spare time to accompany her during the day, and she always had other things to do.

However, the emperor always remembered one thing, although he didn't say it, he actually kept it in his heart.

Two days later, Shao Xun was making a female celebrity with Zhao Ruotong in his palace.

She learned her needlework deliberately back then. At first, it was for Shao Qiong to start studying as a female worker. She clamored to make clothes for her parents. The family members began to discuss that Shao Xun's ten fingers were not touched by Yang Chunshui, saying that she was caught by Zheng. She is so spoiled that she can't even handle the needle and thread, so she is not as diligent as her sister.

She was so old at that time, and couldn't listen to these words the most, so she specially invited the top embroiderer from outside, and she devoted herself to learning it solidly for more than a year.

In the end, she learned how to learn, but her sister Shao Qiong dropped her hand without even a few days of excitement. In the end, she didn't even learn how to do a socks.

Others will never mention this issue again, but Shao Xunxue has already learned it, and the things that have been put in hard work are not easy to waste, so it is still very easy to get it now.

Now she doesn't think that women should be female workers, especially Zhao Ruotong, who is a princess, who wants her to do everything, what the maids on the needlework do.

It's just that Zhao Ruotong is energetic now, and she wants to touch everything when she has the opportunity. She happens to be interested in what Shao Xun is good at. She is a ready-made teacher, just to kill time.

Zhao Ruotong arrived very early, and not long after the emperor left in the morning, Shao Xun just felt a little bored, and she arrived.

The two of them were embroidering in the embroidered shed while they were talking and laughing, but time passed by very quickly.

At this time, the imperial doctor Zhang from the Taiyuan Hospital came to Shao Xun for routine consultation.

Shao Xun glanced at Zhao Ruotong, and when he sat down, he invited him in.

As a result, the emperor came in and asked without a word, the pulse didn't match, and the emperor came.

As soon as he came in, everyone was busy saluting. The emperor waived the ceremony at will and helped Shao Xun up: "How's it going?"

Shao Xunshi smiled and said: "The imperial doctor hasn't gotten the pulse yet, does it bother you to come again?"

The emperor came back deliberately. He shook his head, took Shao Xun to sit down, and said to the doctor Zhang: "You continue, I just have a look."

Poor Doctor Zhang, who was originally just a routine visit to the imperial concubine's palace for a consultation, did not expect to be watched closely by the emperor. If it weren't for his old age and rich experience, he was really afraid that his hands would tremble.

"…Dare, dare to ask your mother, have you had any discomfort in your body these few days?"


"She has eaten in the past few days. She doesn't have much preference for food, and she doesn't get up at night. It's just that even if she sleeps enough at night, she won't be energetic during the day. She always gets sleepy after sitting for a long time."

Before Shao Xun could say anything, the emperor gave her a careful stroke of what she had noticed and hadn't noticed.

His words are very directional, and the imperial doctor knows in his heart, and specifically asks: "Is the Niangniang month letter late?"

Only then did Shao Xun know where the emperor was making trouble, and he couldn't say with laughter or crying: "I didn't come, but I didn't come, but my… menstrual affairs are always inaccurate, and they are later than ordinary people. It is always not the time to come. "

The imperial doctor nodded and gave Shao Xun a pulse. After a long time, he put down his hand and shook his head slightly to the emperor. Then he said, "The empress is healthy, and there is nothing else."

The emperor let out a breath: "That's it."

In front of Zhao Ruotong, Shao Xun was particularly embarrassed by the emperor's sigh, and hurriedly said, "Thank you, Doctor Zhang, Yuhu…"

The imperial physician gave a reward for the result, and kowtowed: "The minister retire."

The emperor shook Shao Xun's hand: "There are cabinet ministers waiting ahead, I have to go back."

Seeing that he was really trying to stare at the imperial physician to check his pulse, and to find time to insert the needle, Shao Xun reluctantly said: "You go quickly, if someone knows what it looks like."

The emperor left the gate of the palace, stepped a little faster, and he caught up with the old-fashioned clock in a short while, I don't know if it was the doctor Zhang who walked slowly.

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