Taiyi Zhang is nearly eighty years old and is the oldest doctor in this palace with the highest medical skills.

Before, in the entire palace, only Ningshou Palace and Liangyi Palace were in need of his daily consultation. Since Shao Xun entered the palace, there has been an additional nectar hall.

He didn't find it too hard. After all, the imperial concubine was a young girl, and she was controlled by the emperor. She could not eat or eat. She was very healthy. He would only go through the process for the next month. Even Zhang Fangzi hadn't used it for the next month. It was still white. Take a reward.

He was already a sentence of the Supreme Hospital since the first emperor entered the Taiji Palace. At that time, he was in charge of the medical case of the prince, the king of Qin and the princesses. , It's not too shallow, the emperor also respected the old man.

The doctor Zhang walked slowly, but as expected, he was yelled at by the emperor.

"Your Majesty?"

The emperor and the doctor Zhang were considered old acquaintances, and they didn't circumvent their words. "Lao Zhang is afraid of knowing what I'm thinking, so I asked directly—the concubine's most recent monthly event was on the tenth day of the previous month. It's only one day from thirty-eight to forty-fifth… You see, it really can't be…"

He could have asked in the Ganludian, but he was afraid that blindly asking would easily misunderstand Shao Xun and increase her pressure. It is estimated that Doctor Zhang also understood what he meant, and the emperor and ministers were talking here tacitly.

Doctor Zhang carefully calculated the calculations, and said: "It's really possible… It's just that the days are too shallow, and the pulse is inaccurate. I have to wait for at least one month."

The emperor nodded: "I think the same is true."

Dr. Zhang is cautious, and he will not easily export things that do not have an eight-point accuracy. Moreover, this matter is of great importance, and it requires 100% assurance. If it is found that something is wrong in the end, it is true that no one can get off the stage. Therefore, although the emperor saw that he didn't reveal anything in front of Shao Xun, the questioning in private was indeed a bit shadowy.

When the emperor said this, he did not show any obvious emotions, but Doctor Zhang found that the thumb of the opponent's right hand rubbed with the other four fingers.

This is something that a person is worried about, and it is difficult to express it calmly.

It is quite rare for a person like the emperor to let him expose this kind of anxiety.

Doctor Zhang comforted: "The imperial concubine has only been in the palace for a month or so. There will be opportunities in the future. Even if it is not this time, why should you worry when the fate arrives?"

The emperor shook his head quietly and looked at the sky beyond the palace wall. The golden sun was hanging far away from the sky. It took a long time before he sighed: "Old Zhang, I am not young anymore…"

"How come." The emperor's ominous words uttered ominous words, which inevitably made the doctor Zhang panic: "The old man is about to die, he is more than old, and he does not want to be old. Your Majesty is in his prime of life. It is not difficult for the empress to have children. You are in the sky, why bother to say this. What?"

It was less than noon, and the golden sun was already shining brightly. The emperor watched for a long time in a trance before saying: "As the sun is in the sky, the next step may be the sun shining…"

"Your Majesty……"

The emperor Zhang's words of persuasion were not uttered, and the emperor waved his hand to stop him: "I am much older than the noble concubine, so I must make plans for her. I can protect her for a day, but people will have misfortunes and blessings. The Emperor Xian was so burly and strong, no one knew that a common wind-cold could cause him to cause old injuries and eventually die. No one knows how lucky I was."

No matter how powerful he is, he is just a mortal, and birth, old age, sickness and death cannot be avoided. However, Shao Xun is still so young, and he is still far from the age that he can let him go. On the one hand, the emperor feels that he can still stay with her for a long time. Time, on the other hand, has to think about it. If there is an accident, he must have his girl to rely on.

a child.

Regardless of men and women, she can at least assure at least that her future will not be wronged.

As for the deeper things, he hadn't thought about it, but this was only a secret plan in his heart, and it was not easy to reveal it to anyone.

When the emperor walked forward, Zhao Ruotong sat beside Shao Xun.

Shao Xun was still a little embarrassed in front of her because of what happened just now. He covered his face and said, "Don't look at me anymore."

Although Zhao Ruotong is a little younger than Shao Xun and has not yet been out of the pavilion, the topic that has been discussed most by the palace maidens since childhood, including Concubine Gong, is not the emperor's favorite, but the emperor's heir, so even though he is still a girl, I told this Uncertainty knows more than Shao Xun.

She was still thoughtful at first, but when she saw Shao Xun ashamed, she quickly calmed down: "What's so shy about this? Isn't it all human nature?"

Shao Xun said: "I have only entered the palace for such a short time, so I must be anxious about these things."

Zhao Ruotong thought for a while, and rarely echoed Shao Xun's words, but seriously said: "In fact, your majesty is not wrong, you must have a child as soon as possible."

Shao Xun had heard these words twice within a few days, but when Zheng Shi said it the previous time, she could clearly hear the other party's unkind intentions, and she could not detect half-heartedness. But when the similar words came out of Zhao Ruotong's mouth, it was a different feeling.

It is not that Shao Xun treats her differently, but she is not stupid, so she can naturally tell who is really worried about her, and who wants to see her jokes and deliberately stabbed her with words.

Zhao Ruotong hesitated and said softly: "Xun'er, I know that children don't want to have them. There are so many maidens in the harem, but there are only a few people who have children. It is enough to show that the emperor's heirs are rare. But you should not blame your majesty for this. I'm impatient, I know his mind, it's all for your own good."

Shao Xun laughed after hearing these words: "This is really rare, do you have the time to speak for your majesty?"

Zhao Ruotong was taken aback, and then pouted: "As long as he plans for you, it doesn't matter if I keep saying good things about him."

Shao Xun couldn't help laughing.

At this time, she still thinks that the child is a very distant concept. She always feels that she and the emperor can be with him for a long enough time, and that the children's affairs are natural, anytime.

She now has all the things she once wanted but couldn't ask for, so happy that she always feels that if she thinks more, she might get retribution, so even if she doesn't have children, she doesn't feel any regrets anymore.

But Zhao Ruotong didn't think so. She wanted to persuade Shao Xun, but she also knew that if the emperor's lifespan were to be used as a matter of fact, she would be angry if she did not keep the balance, so she took a different approach and whispered in Shao Xun's ear: "I still have to plan earlier, I listen. Said the man's age…"

At first Shao Xun thought she was going to say something serious, but the more he listened, the less it looked like that. In the end, he couldn't listen anymore, and his eyes widened and covered Zhao Ruotong's mouth: "Ah Tong, what are you talking about? Ah! Who is talking nonsense to you, I will tear her skin off!"

Zhao Ruotong was also a little embarrassed, but still endured shyness and whispered: "My former nanny… talks about things between husband and wife and doesn't shy away from me."

When Shao Xun heard this, he didn't blush anymore, and he curled his eyebrows and said, "It turns out that it's her, let's handle it well!"

Zhao Ruotong carefully looked at Shao Xun's expression, held her hand and put it down, "Are you angry?"

"It's not mad at you," Shao Xun said: "It's just… you shouldn't have heard this, so don't say it even in front of Concubine Gong."

Zhao Ruotong breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: "I understand, I only tell you."

Shao Xun sighed lightly, and then said: "It's not that I don't know what you mean, but it's a matter of fate. Who knows how God arranged it…"

Shao Xun was originally worried that the emperor would be too concerned about this. She herself felt that it didn't matter whether she had it or not, but she was also afraid of letting him down.

However, when the emperor came back that night, he seemed to have let go. Without mentioning this matter, Shao Xunbian was relieved, relieved the pressure, and resumed the rhythm of his life.

Her days in the palace are still short, she doesn't often go outside to scream, and the concubines are also watching. In addition to occasionally going to the Empress's Palace to ask for peace, Shao Xun met Shu fei and others. Got to be as usual.

It's just that the princess Kejing's childbirth is approaching. No surprise, she should have more than a month to give birth. The Empress Dowager will inevitably worry about her. Shao Xun sometimes accompanies her to chat, laugh, and pass the day, which can actually alleviate one or two.

Another thing is that the month of the eldest prince Qi's is a bit older than that of Princess Kejing. Without telling her words, De fei concubine was already anxious to sing, and she went to her son's palace seven or eight times a day to inquire about news. Wanting to live there, even the emperor personally sent two or three imperial physicians to Jinfang's residence where the princes lived, in case of emergency.

Everyone's eyes were gathered on Qi's stomach, even if the Empress Dowager paid more attention to Princess Kejing.

This is the third generation in the main branch of the royal family. If the boy is the eldest grandson of the royal family, it will naturally affect everyone's hearts. Even Shu fei has no time to stare at Shao Xun. The third prince choose the concubine in order to narrow the gap between the two princes in the age of their children.

Shao Xun is also a little concerned about Qi's birth, because if she remembers correctly, the child "Mengli" could not be born.

When Shao Xun and the eldest prince were trapped in Nuanxiang Pavilion by Shu fei, Qi-shi was actually pregnant. It was just to be more stable and didn't say anything about it. Later, Shao Xun's incident made her furious. After a lot of anger, she was already narrow-hearted, and many things were not easy to think about, and this made her fetus unstable.

Later, Shao Xun was helpless and forced to be sent to the Wu Wangfu. Qi-shi was actually more violent than Shao Xun's objections. It is said that there was a big quarrel at the time, and she was pregnant again. It was difficult for others to stop it, and even the eldest prince suffered a face. Two times, until De fei saw that she had hurt her son, she reprimanded her, and then she managed to suppress Qi's anger.

Later, Shao Xun didn't remember much. It was just not long after she entered the house that Qi's first child had a silent miscarriage. There were rumors that it was a boy or a girl. It's just that. When the month was still young, it didn't cause any waves. When others mentioned it, it was just a sigh for Qi.

At that time, Shao Xun was a little horrified to guess whether this child's death was related to her own affairs. In fact, she was always guilty and uneasy. Therefore, every time Qi Shi made things difficult with hatred, she even stood up with resistance and resentment. Unstoppable.

The smooth growth of this child in Qi's belly in this life undoubtedly confirmed Shao Xun's guess.

Once there was no such thing as her and the eldest prince, the daughter of Yingguo grandfather did not become the side concubine princess of King Wu, and Qi-shi would not be irrational by the pressure and fear. The child really survived.

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