Shao Xun's feeling is very keen, especially when it comes to matters about the emperor, perhaps even more sensitive than he himself.

The emperor is indeed a little worried, and even said that worry is not enough. It should be said that fear and fear may be more appropriate.

If De fei and Shu fei heard this kind of statement, they would laugh out loud, and even the Empress Dowager who was the biological mother might think it was nonsense.

The emperor is so stable and powerful. He has been sitting on the throne for nearly two decades. During this period, the state affairs, foreign ministers, and military strategy are all in his palms. He will not be shaken easily, and he is stable enough to just stand there. Shi is already a statue of a god, like the throne placed on the Tai Chi Hall, more like a sign, rather than an ordinary, flesh and blood living person.

The idol can be worshipped, looked up, loved, and may even provoke fear or hatred, but he himself does not adore anyone or fear anything. He cannot—and does not deserve to own the world. Emotions.

But in fact, human beings are human beings. As long as there is sincere blood growing in the body, there will be joy, anger, sorrow, and fear and worry. This is human nature, even the Ninety-Five Supreme.

The emperor's heart was naturally joyful. Shao Xunneng had a child earlier. This was what he had always expected. But when she was really pregnant, in addition to being happy, he was inevitably scared.

When the palace people retreated and the two were alone, the emperor calmly expressed his inner thoughts.

"This child was what I asked for day and night, but when I think of the inevitable suffering of childbirth, it is inevitable in my heart…"

At this time, Shao Xun had already recovered from the horror of first hearing that she was pregnant. Although her mother Zheng passed away due to a dystocia, she also knew that not every woman would encounter such misfortunes, even if she was really unlucky. I can only blame God for being like a knife, there is nothing to complain about.

It's just that she didn't expect that she was not afraid, but the emperor had concerns.

"You are so young." The emperor touched her cheek, joyful and worried: "Can you bear it?"

Shao Xun teased him: "It was you who couldn't wait to want a child at the beginning. Now I am afraid that it is also you who are afraid of that. If this child comes or not, I am afraid that you will be blamed."

The emperor shook his head and said, "This is actually not a contradiction."

Wanting Shao Xun to have a child is a long-term consideration, but when she was pregnant, she was worried that she would not be able to bear the suffering.

Besides, having children… is inherently risky.

The emperor's thoughts and considerations were all for Shao Xun, so that she seemed a little worried about gains and losses, vacillating, how could she not appreciate it.

Shao Xun stopped joking, leaning on the emperor and whispered, "Wu Wang just gave birth to a young grandson a few days ago, isn't it going well?"

That child was the emperor's eldest grandson. The emperor was naturally happy for his birth, but this is not the same as the joy and worry for Shao Xun's pregnancy.

He was not a father for the first time. Naturally, he knew that it was not easy to give birth. Not to mention, the biological mother of his fourth son died because of childbirth, and the oversized fetus forced his mother and himself into it. Huangquan.

If it was said that the emperor was out on the expedition, and the impression was not deep enough, then the only time he waited anxiously in the delivery room was a tragic result.

It was produced by the former princess Deng's.

That day he lost his father and elder brother at the same time. Against the voice of the ministers urging him to ascend to the throne as soon as possible, he stood at the door of the East Palace with the same widowed Empress Dowager, suppressing all complex and negative emotions, looking forward to his sister-in-law. Can safely give birth to the blood left by my brother.

But it was useless. The child was doomed to die due to premature delivery and the weakness of the mother.

The baby boy was no more than an adult man's palms, his whole body was bruised, and his breathing was unusually difficult. He could still catch his breath when he was born. But a few hours later, no matter how the doctors rescued, or how Deng and the Empress Dowager prayed, the child was still slow in the end. Slow stopped breathing, and the unity lived less than two hours in this world.

The other children of the emperor were born smoothly, which made him gradually forget the tragedy that night, but Shao Xun's pregnancy made him instantly recall the tragedy.

Even if he knew that Shao Xun's situation was completely different and that it would be better for her to get pregnant as soon as possible, he still couldn't be completely at ease, and he was always afraid of an emergency.

The emperor shook his head to drive away those bad memories, gently placed his hands on Shao Xun's abdomen, and lowered his eyes: "You and your children will be safe."

"That is to say, I am not worried about the child in my stomach," Shao Xun did not know his thoughts and experiences, but he was still very calm.

Then she didn't know what she was thinking of, blinked, and then turned and said: "After that, I always thought that men know very little about childbirth, you seem to know quite well…"

Shao Xun smiled and said, "Is it because you have experienced a lot, so you know a lot?"

The emperor was startled, and immediately awakened from the memory, then his eyelids twitched, and he instinctively became cautious. He slowly opened his mouth: "Well…not really. I often hear that the Empress Dowager talks a lot with the parents of the old princesses. Now, I naturally know some things, these things are usually the Empress Dowagers in charge…"

He hesitated to answer this, because it involved other women in the deep, afraid that Shao Xun would feel uncomfortable, and if it was shallow, he was afraid that Shao Xun would think that his father was incompetent.

In the end, I can only tell the truth.

He has been with Shao Xun for so long, and he has learned to some extent that Shao Xun is particularly keen on things his parents do not care about their children.

The emperor was not really a good father to tell the truth. Shao Xun expressed dissatisfaction with this when the two first met. At that time, the emperor's feelings for her were already a little bit obvious, and he subconsciously wanted to please her, so more or less later. After giving a snack to the children, I would also ask a few more questions every day, which several children can feel.

But the smaller ones, such as the sixth prince and the fourth princess, are still useful. The other children show fear when they face the father's a little more caring, just like Yingguo Duke's politeness when facing the emperor. , The princes and princes have almost the same idea.

But fortunately, the emperor showed his attitude, even if it was a rare improvement.

When Shao Xun heard such an answer, she really forgot the jealousy that had just passed by. She pursed her lips and snorted: "You men, you are all in charge of your childbearing and raising, as if children are being forced by others. You are born like this."

The emperor was speechless, so he had to say the excuse that most men would find: "I…I am busy with things in the past, and sometimes I can't take care of that much."

All excuses!

Shao Xun sighed: "Why are you busy? Is it that common people are not busy in farming and farming every day, or are they busy in business and business? I don't want you to be with you every day, but how long can a greeting be… just like me Father, it seems that one more question would prevent him from becoming the super-star country lord… and you, what is the conflict between being an emperor and being a father?"

The emperor couldn't explain why he was wrong, so he stretched out his arms as if he was holding a child, and hugged Shao Xun's exclamation neatly on his knees.

Shao Xun was taken aback, and subconsciously went to grab the emperor's neck, and after he recovered, he agitatedly hammered his chest: "Your Majesty, what are you doing!"

"It's me who was wrong," the emperor said in a low voice, surrounding her to prevent her from moving, "I don't know what a good parent is like, or how to be a competent father…but I will learn. "

Shao Xun looked up at him.

The emperor held Shao Xun's hand, and the two of them touched the abdomen that was already gestating: "I admit that I want him just because I want to protect you, but you can teach me…I will learn to love him. "

Shao Xun stared at the emperor's sincere and gentle eyes, and then closed his eyes for a while and hugged the emperor tightly with his backhand, and said in horror: "Your Majesty, neither will I…I don't know how to be a mother…"

Shao Xun only knows that parents should care for their children, add food when they are hungry, add clothes when they are cold, and give whatever they want, but other than that?

Her mother was dead when she was born, and the love of the grandmother who raised her when she was a child is full of the four words "click to stop", fair and impartial to everyone , She gave her children and grandchildren the proper etiquette and decent care that she should have as a mother and grandmother, but in addition, she would never give more than a single cent.

Her stepmother is indeed a kind mother to her sister Ah Qiong, almost responsive, but the facts have proved that such indulgence and love do not seem to have any good effect on the child.

What does a really good mother look like?

Shao Xun had fantasized about the appearance and temperament of his biological mother Zheng Yongqing countless times, and instinctively thought that if she were there, she would be the best mother in the world.

But in fact, this is also her wishful thinking. No one has ever told her what her mother-in-law is like, and her grandmother said how beautiful, gentle, and likable she was when she was a young girl. Where's the child's mother?

Is it kindness or strictness? Is it peaceful or impatient?

No one said it, and no one mentioned it. It seems that once a woman dies and someone has taken her place, the time from marrying to giving birth to a child does not exist.

Shao Xun criticized the emperor's incompetence as a father, but it was only then that he realized that he didn't know how to be a mother.

The child had been conceived in the womb, and she suddenly discovered this frightening fact.

Shao Xun clung to the clothes on the emperor's shoulders, his tone was uneasy and worried: "I don't know, let alone teach you…"

The emperor gently patted and supported her back, and said softly: "Then let's learn together, I will accompany you…"

The emperor can teach her anything by hand, but this is the only thing that he and she need to start all over again.

The emperor's words will always give Shao Xun an unparalleled sense of security, and this time is no exception. Leaning tightly on his shoulder, Shao Xun nodded solemnly: "I will…I will!"

Shao Xun's body was less than two months pregnant, so the emperor ordered people to conceal it for the time being, and waited until it became more stable and public.

It was just a coincidence at this time. The birth date of the little emperor grandson of Qi-shi was already at the end of the year. When the New Year was approaching, everyone was busy to celebrate the New Year, and naturally lacked attention to other things.

Shao Xun's reaction to pregnancy was also surprisingly small, except that she slept more than usual. He did not feel bad, his dietary preferences did not change much, and he didn't even need to avoid others. No one thought she was pregnant. pregnant.

It wasn't until New Year's Eve, when the child was almost three months old, that the incident was officially revealed.

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