As soon as the news that the imperial concubine was pregnant came out, it was like cold water poured into a pan, boiling in all directions.

In the Yanjia Palace, Shu fei is comparing portraits to each other, "The daughter of Liu's family is beautiful, but her father is a concubine. Even if the protagonist is suppressed in the official career, the name is not good at all. ."

Pearl drew in interest and gave an idea: "How about the niece and granddaughter of Princess Chen's family? Noble family, who also has a knighthood, can't be better in the army."

Shu fei glanced at the portrait of the girl, and said critically: "This look… is really ordinary. Besides, she has been reprimanded by Your Majesty twice in her house recently, and she doesn't look very safe."

Pearl felt a little embarrassed when she heard it—the family background is here. As for the girl's appearance, can she be more beautiful than that? The third prince can never be satisfied.

But she didn't dare to say this. Just when she wanted to pick another girl, someone from the palace came to pass the news.

——This is really bad news that can't be worse.

Pearl cautiously calmed down: "Manny, don't worry…"

Shu fei took a deep breath: "I'm not in a hurry, isn't it just pregnant? It's the same as someone who has never been pregnant… It's just that it's too fast, she has only been in the palace for a few days…"

"Aren't you happy when you gave birth to your Three Highnesses? Back then, people in the palace were envious."

Speaking of this incident, Shu fei closed her eyes and calmed down when she opened them: "You are right, as long as you are a woman, you can have a child. This is not important. Take some scrolls, Bin'er… A concubine…"

Pearl put her heart down, thinking she had wanted to open it, but after a long time, the scroll of portraits was almost finished, and Shu fei, with her head down, suddenly said abruptly: "Is she pregnant with a boy or a girl?"

Pearl was stunned for a moment, and reluctantly said: "Now…I can't see it yet, but the concubine looks good…it would be a pity not to have a princess."

Shu fei's voice was soft: "How nice it is to have a girl… and there is no need for others to bother."

While talking, she ran her fingers across the drawing paper, and the sharp nails left a deep scratch on the face of the beautiful beauty in the painting.

Here, the imperial concubines reacted differently, but the Empress Dowager over there was surprised: "Really? How many months have it been?"

The Empress Dowager usually went out to visit the imperial garden, and it was difficult to get the residence of the imperial concubine. This time she heard that Shao Xun was pregnant and went to Ganlu Temple to visit her, which shows her sincerity.

Shao Xun said: "It's been almost three months. In fact, the doctor came out a few days ago, but Your Majesty said it was not good to be public, so he held it down for a while."

"What he said is very true!" The Empress Dowager nodded repeatedly: "It is not allowed to talk outside for the first three months, otherwise it will easily alarm the fetal god."

Shao Xun had never heard of this: "Is there still such a saying?"

"You child," the Empress Dowager pretended to blame: "I'm going to be a mother. I don't know anything about these things."

Shao Xun smiled: "I can't blame Princess Wu and Princess Kejing until they were only a month old before they talked out. It can be seen that they all have your true teachings. Pity me, I don't have that blessing, and you don't teach them."

The Empress Dowager was overwhelmed with joy, her silver-haired step swayed: "Where I have told them this, they are all inquiring about them. But if you believe in these things, you will not believe it or not… At that time, some people said that they can't eat rabbit meat when they have a body. Otherwise, the child's lips will be cracked, and as a result, I ate all of it, and not all of their brothers were born with all of them."

As he was talking, the emperor who was being talked about by his mother happened to be here. After hearing those words, Shao Xungang couldn't help but want to look at his lips.

The emperor saw that she stared at her with a strange expression, so he hesitantly touched the corner of her mouth: "I…Is there something on my mouth?"

His expression is rarely confused and overwhelmed. Shao Xun was able to hold back a smile, but the Empress Dowager didn't need to be patient. He immediately pointed to the emperor's nose and laughed out loud, "This kid is seeing your mouth leaking…"

The emperor was still confused, and the Empress Dowager told him the rumors. Then he understood, and said helplessly: "No wonder you are laughing so happily, because you are making fun of your son."

The Empress Dowager shook her head with a smile and turned her head to tell Shao Xun: "Ah Xun, don't listen to the rumors outside that are not four or six. It is hard to be pregnant with a child, and you can't wrong yourself, except for those who are easy to invigorate. Things, you can eat whatever you want…Are you hurting your mouth now?"

Shao Xun shook his head and said, "No, it's still the same as before."

"Then this child is very well-behaved," the Empress Dowager said in deep thought. "This is like a prince…but I can't tell. I can't eat anything when I was pregnant with the emperor. I can't wait to vomit it out, saying that the boy loves his mother. It can be seen that it is not always accurate."

Shao Xun touched his stomach, but still didn't feel anything: "He hasn't moved at all. I sometimes wonder if the imperial doctor made a mistake, but in fact there is no child at all."

The Empress Dowager said: "Then you should be content. If you want to be like the emperor when he was a child, let me not eat a good meal for eight or nine months, then wait for the crime."

This is the first time the emperor has heard the Empress Dowager talk about these things, and he couldn't help being a little surprised: "You…were you so hard back then?"

The Empress Dowager looked at the emperor: "Actually, both of you brothers don't stop, and A Ying is only slightly better than you…So it's not easy for a woman to get pregnant. You can eat more snacks. This girl is young and doesn't understand anything. "

The emperor said with a smile: "…I'm worried about my mother after bothering me, so don't worry."

The Empress Dowager nodded and patted Shao Xun's hand: "You are good to live."

Speaking of getting up, he was going back to Ningshou Palace.

Shao Xun wanted to send it, but was pressed back, it was the emperor who sent the old mother out of the Temple of Ganlu.

When the Empress Dowager got in the chariot and was about to order to go, the emperor suddenly said below: "Mother, Qi-shi has already given birth, and the few imperial doctors and stable women who are good at this way, I sent someone to the princess mansion. , Ke Jing is coming soon too."

The Empress Dowager was taken aback, and she was delighted: "What you reminded is very…it is difficult for you to be thoughtful."

The emperor smiled gently: "Then you go slowly, and I will talk to the concubine for a while."

The empress dowager was very happy, "Go ahead."

This kind of joy lasted for a long time. The old lady just became a great-grandmother a while ago and is about to become a great-grandmother. Shao Xun still has a grandson or granddaughter in her belly. Since the birth of the youngest prince, there have been no new children for six years.

Finally, coupled with the son's long-lost concern for his granddaughter, it is no wonder that she laughed all day.

Until the news of the princess mansion came.

"What? Isn't Zhen'er about to give birth? Why do you have to join in the fun?"

Wu's brows also frowned: "The words from the outside are unclear, just saying that the princess missed you, maybe she hasn't been in the palace for a long time, the New Year's Eve banquet is a rare family dinner, she wants to come anyway."

"Naughty," the Empress Dowager only felt that the sorrowful energy turned up again: "It happens every year on New Year's Eve, but the child is the first time he is born. What if there is a mistake…"

Wu Clan pondered for a while, and guessed that he was not far from it: "Do you think she knows about the imperial concubine?"

The Empress Dowager was taken aback: "Don't you wait until after giving birth to tell her?"

Wu said: "Where is there any impermeable wall in this world? The princess does not leave the house, and there are not enough people chewing her tongue. There must be no concealment about the imperial concubine's body. The princess has always been interested in these things. End, it's common to be anxious."

"Is she still a child?" The Empress Dowager was even a little irritated: "I can't even distinguish the priorities, what is important for safe delivery!"

"These New Year's banquets are occasions where a few Empresss must come forward throughout the year. The princess…wouldn't you worry about the imperial concubine's favor and arrogance, relying on her pregnancy to insult the Empress?"

The Empress Dowager waved her hand without even thinking about it: "Ah Xun is not that kind of person. She always knows how to measure. If anyone in this palace can see the mother of the motherland and step on her feet, it must be her. Up."

"You know this," Wu said in distress: "The princess doesn't know, she had a conflict with the concubine before…"

"There is nothing to discuss," the Empress Dowager shook her head directly: "If you agree, it will hurt her. Tell me, keep the eldest princess in the princess mansion firmly, and you will not be allowed to go anywhere until the child is born safely."

It is rare for her to be angry with the granddaughter who has always been loved and responsive: "Don't say it's'fear' that the Empress will be wronged, even that woman will die in the palace immediately, and she will not be allowed to leave the house!"

Wu's attitude towards the Empress Dowager was a little happy. After all, if she was the same as before, she would be willing to rely on her if she was crookedly said by Princess Kejing. That would not be a good thing for the Empress Dowager and the princess herself.

Not surprisingly, the empress dowager's original good mood was running out, but the remaining anger had not dissipated. When Deng came to ask for peace, one could still see it from her face.

Deng is a careful woman. She immediately noticed something. She has always been close to the Empress Dowager, and she doesn't need to hide anything. She just joked: "Mother, you are going to be a grandmother again at this sight. Why are you so sullen? What? Isn't it the noble concubine Nyonya that you are upset?"

The Empress Dowager shook her head: "Where can the noble concubine make people angry?"

Deng smiled, her voice faint but sweet: "I said, the noble concubine is beautiful and good at doing things. It compares us to the corner of the wall. You may feel comfortable at a glance. Where will she be born? How angry."

The Empress Dowager wanted to laugh, but the hidden worries in her heart made her really unable to laugh: "It's not yet Zhen'er, it always makes me feel like I can't finish it."

Speaking of the fact that Princess Kejing is going to enter the palace with her pregnant belly, she said: "I don't know who it is. I am afraid that the excitement is not big enough, and I have nothing to say to Zhen'er. These months have been Okay, things will happen at the very last moment."

Deng blinked. Her eyelashes were very sparse, and the color was light, which made her look unhealthy: "Zhen'er doesn't know who she looks like with her temper, but it is for her mother's consideration. It is also a heart of innocence. It is rare in the world to have a filial piety like her, but I am quite envious of the Empress…"

The Empress Dowager was worried: "filial piety is a good thing, but… anyway the Empress must be worthy of her filial piety."

"What do you say again," Deng thought for a while, as if he understood: "Do you still mind what happened back then? Alas, it's not me talking for her, it's just what she did in the first place. It may not be that ruthless, and De fei's own contribution is also indispensable.

The Empress Dowager opened her mouth, swallowed again, and said again: "She wants to not be wicked, and no one can frame her. Her own egg is cracked with a big thumb. Could it be possible to blame others for the biting of flies… Not mentioning her, I will not allow Zhen'er to enter the palace to join in the excitement."

Fei Deng coughed a few times, covered her mouth with her kerchief, and nodded, her eyes were gentle and gentle: "What you said is that the child is born safely, so I can say anything in the future…"

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