On the 30th day of the New Year's Day, the taste of the New Year in Beijing is actually very strong. The Tai Chi Palace is also decorated with lanterns and decorations. There are lanterns and window grills everywhere. The palace eunuchs also put on new clothes regardless of their status. Everyone sees. It was all celebrating.

On the contrary, the Ganlu Temple has been busy for Shao Xun's pregnancy these few days, calling for a new seat, adding some early-born sons and hundreds of thousands of grandchildren, and then decorating them one by one according to the rules handed down in ancient times, but also want to take it. It's a good luck, but the New Year event has been pushed back a bit.

The emperor had already sealed his pen a few days ago and no longer went to court. He only called the ministers to discuss occasionally important political affairs, so he was a lot idler than usual, and he also had time to stay in the Ganlu Hall for a while.

Shao Xun is pregnant, and can finally rest assured to have a good night's sleep without worrying about being called by the emperor. Some time ago, half of the day was asleep in bed, until he was dizzy. After being sober for a while, the emperor was frightened to see, and would ask every time the emperor came.

As a result, at the end of the twelfth lunar month, Shao Xun suddenly opened his eyes one night and couldn't sleep anymore.

The emperor who held her tightly in his arms woke up keenly: "What's the matter? Where is it uncomfortable?"

Shao Xun opened his eyes and said in confusion: "I don't know, I'm suddenly not sleepy anymore."

It is usually a trivial matter that is not worth mentioning, but once it happened to a pregnant woman, it always made people more serious. After another half an hour, Shao Xun was still not drowsy, so the emperor made a decisive decision and got up and put on his clothes. Someone came to palm the lamp and called the imperial doctor on duty overnight.

As a result, the imperial physician had examined the pulse for a long time, and did not ask for a result. In the end, he couldn't say: "This…maybe the imperial concubine is sleeping enough, it's nothing serious."

Shao Xun was very embarrassed, but the emperor was relieved that the people in the palace, going up to the emperor, and going down to the palace, quarreled in the middle of the night for a little bit of his own.

After sending away the imperial doctor, the two of them lay down on the bed again, and Shao Xun said said, "If you do a little bit of things in the future, don't stir up the crowd. You think it's a mess, but it's just sleeping more and less."

The emperor closed his eyes and held her in his arms: "Their duty is to serve you. Besides it is related to your body, you can't be too cautious. Don't hide any changes in your body in the future. The imperial physician is specialized in this. , Isn't it better than you think about it yourself?"

"Also, the New Year's Eve banquet the day after tomorrow, I will pick some people for you, and bring a few more palace people into the hall. You can't leave them wherever you go. Have you heard?"

His tone was tough and could not be rebutted. Shao Xun could only answer, but couldn't help muttering: "So many people were there that day, what can happen to the public?"

The emperor said: "The bigger the palace, the more people there are, the easier it is for accidents. There are people who like to fish in troubled waters, and all the banquets that follow the etiquette are enough. What I am afraid of is this kind of people who are more casual. feast……

As he spoke, the emperor asked slowly: "Do you…do you know which day of the year is the most accidental in the palace?"

Shao Xun hesitated: "Is it… New Year's Eve?"

The emperor lightly nodded her forehead with his hand, and said quietly, "You are right."

In the dark night, the emperor's voice had a meaningful feeling, causing Shao Xun to shiver unconsciously, his goose bumps were all up, and he couldn't help but drill into the emperor's arms.

Shao Xun froze for a moment until he felt the tight chest cavity vibrating silently, and then he reacted and said with shame, "You, you deliberately frightened me again?!"

After all, the emperor couldn't help laughing, but he was afraid that Shao Xun was really annoyed, and then explained: "I'm afraid you don't have a long memory. Although it's a bit exaggerated, it's not a lie."

Shao Xun snorted and pushed him away: "I'm not such a reckless person. Under your nose, you may be staring at every turn. What can happen."

The emperor touched her head: "You are right, I have one eye on you all the time… So, be obedient, you have a special body now, and you are not allowed to eat those outside without knowing how many hands have passed. Things, if you're hungry, you can ask the Yushanfang or your small kitchen to prepare snacks, and you are not allowed to drink when you are thirsty."

This nagging sounded that Shao Xun's hardship was about to come up, and he hurriedly agreed to make the emperor stop.

In fact, the emperor used to let go of things about the harem. There was always the Empress Dowager, the handprints of De fei and Shu fei, and the assistants of several concubines. He didn't care about what it was like, but it was just that he was too lazy to take care of it. Once the heart is on, Gong Quan just tightens up, and can immediately move down from the hands of the imperial concubine to the bottom of the twenty-four yamen. Headed by the director of ceremonies, it can easily take over the authority of the harem.

At that time, Shao Xun was about to enter the palace, and the emperor didn't worry about putting her safety in the hands of other women, so he started making arrangements early in the morning.

Now De fei and Shu fei still hold the palace power, but they are not able to be arbitrary and issue orders as before, but the decision-making needs to be affected by many factors. In the event of a major event, they have to report to the noble concubine and the Empress Dowager. In short, it still seems to be OK. Dealing with matters in the harem, but in fact, there are more bosses who can suppress them, and the people who execute them are not directly under them, and they do things to stop them.

They feel that it is not as practical as before, but in fact the palace affairs are clearer.

But Qingming returns to Qingming. This is also relatively speaking. If there are more women in the harem, it is naturally easier to get into trouble. Moreover, the more favored Shao Xun now, the more grievances he gathers, but he is not qualified enough and the time is too short to be in the palace. The status is still unstable, and it is difficult to guarantee that someone will take the risk when their brains are hot.

The emperor usually believes that Shao Xun has the power to protect herself, but now she still has a small one in her belly, which is especially fragile. If there is a real chance he can't afford it, he will simply not take the risk, whether it is dangerous or not. , Treat them all as dangers.

The emperor thought for a while. He thought that the person in his arms was already asleep, and closed his eyes. After a while, he felt Shao Xun's slightly cold fingertips gently touching his face.

He remained silent, and then, as expected, a soft thing pressed his lips very gently.

The corners of the emperor's mouth couldn't help but twitched, and he held Shao Xun's back head with his hands, and kissed her lips where she was about to leave. After a while, he let go of her: "Why, come to provoke me if I can't sleep?"

Shao Xun moved his eyes and said softly, "If you are sleepy, go to sleep."

The emperor smiled helplessly, then lowered his head and kissed the corners of her lips, stretched out his hand to untie her straps, and embraced her in his arms to comfort him: "You can do anything you want, but you are not allowed to move. I am alarmed. The child is not well."

Shao Xun closed his eyes and leaned against him obediently with a blushing face. He really obediently bit his lips in the end and didn't move.

The night of New Year's Eve is the royal family banquet.

Those who can enter the palace to have a banquet on this day are all Zhao's clan relatives, and even the married princess and her husband's son-in-law and children, one of them must attend.

The only brother of the emperor is the compassionate prince Zhao Ying of the same mother. Since he has died prematurely, there are only a few concubine sisters who are closest to the emperor by blood, and Gu has been named the eldest princess.

There are few brothers and sisters of the first emperor, but there are many cousins, but these relationships are far away. There is only one king Chen. Because of his old age, he is close to the emperor.

So when Shao Xun arrived at Xi Zhong, he realized that he didn't know many people.

The concubines and princes and princes of the harem have all been seated, and they have their own places according to their identities. Beyond that, there are the elder princesses, princes, county kings and princesses, princes and county owners. A few, they are all raw faces.

Shao Xun was accompanied by the Empress Dowager. She subconsciously observed the crowd, and the eyes of other people present were also vaguely intertwined with her.

The eldest daughter of Yingguo grandfather, the cousin of Shu fei, eventually became the emperor's concubine, and she has the ability to be loved by the Empress Dowager.

Most importantly, she is still pregnant with the emperor heir in her womb.

In fact, it is full of calculations. From the time when the Empress Dowager fell ill and recruited the Shao family's daughter, it has only been a few months now, and even the prince is about to give birth.

This made the other women in the harem not jealous and envious.

Although Shao Xun doesn't know what other people are thinking, she can guess it by guessing, but she has no time to think about it now. This is the first time she has appeared in front of others since her pregnancy was public. Each has its meaning, and if it is to be transformed into substance, it will burn her belly through.

But she didn't pay attention. After accompanying the Empress Dowager to her seat, she put her hand on Qin's arm and sat down unhurriedly.

Today is a family banquet. The emperor's throne is still high, and on both sides are the seats of the Empress dowager and the Empress. A separate table is reserved behind the Empress dowager. Sitting is the first prince's widow, Deng, and the Empress dowager's next head is Shao Xun. , Shao Xun's next head is Shu fei. Below the Empress's position is De fei.

In the back row of the imperial concubine are the princes and princesses, or the elder princesses of the older generation.

Since Shao Xun entered the palace, she has never seen the Empress. Her Xianning palace has been closed tightly. It is generally said that the Empress is unwell and unwilling to see guests. However, although the New Year's Eve palace banquet is only a private banquet for the royal family, it is relatively not as big as tomorrow's New Year's Day. The banquet was as grand and formal as the banquet, but it was actually even more important to the female family members. It was an occasion where they had to participate as long as they had a breath, so this time the position of the Empress was still retained.

The empress has not yet been seated, Shao Xun is the focus of everyone's attention. Even if he talks with acquaintances in private, he will always talk about the imperial concubine unconsciously. Fortunately, the time is not long. Otherwise, even if Shao Xun is calm, he will inevitably feel that uneasy.

After a while, the emperor came from the Hall of Liangyi and was already seated on the throne. Shao Xun was no longer the subject of everyone's topic. Only then did he realize that there was one missing person.

——The Empress hasn't arrived yet.

In the palace banquet, the emperor who is the emperor must be the last to appear in accordance with the rules. The Empress is usually with the Empress Dowager, or a little earlier, but this time the Empress Dowager and the concubine enter the venue together, if the arrival is later than the Empress, it would be too much. Hit her in the face, so the two arrived a while earlier.

But in any case, with the emperor already seated, the Empress hasn't arrived yet…

All the clans present were not as cautious as foreign ministers, and the discussion inevitably sounded.

Consort De fei raised her eyebrows and bowed her head to the confidant beside her: "What's the matter with the Empress, is she finally dying?"

The palace man was taken aback, and when he saw that no one heard her, he relieved his heart: "Don't say such things outside—the Xianning palace was still preparing the dress a few days ago, so how could it not happen suddenly today? Can't get out of bed… Isn't your Majesty not letting her out?"

De fei concubine looked up, and the emperor's eyebrows condensed slightly, as if he was also ordering something to He Jinrong, and said: "Your Majesty will not know, it is really ugly, and always thinking about what to do. Be noticeable, and don't see who remembers her."

What she said is a bit biased. Even if the Empress has a low sense of existence, she is also the mother of a country. Such an occasion cannot be ignored by people in any case.

The emperor had just sent He Jinrong to the Xianning Palace to invite the emperor, and the announcement came from outside the hall: "The empress is here—"

Although it was only after the emperor, but after all, everyone except the emperor and the Empress Dowager stood up and saluted.

Shao Xun lowered his head, according to the rule not to look directly at the Empress, waiting for her to pass in front of him.

As a result, the guard of honor in the middle palace hadn't even come in, and Shao Xun first heard a few clear movements from the table of the Empress Dowager above.

Shao Xun was taken aback.

——That is the sound of the teacup being thrown on the table by the Empress Dowager, and then rolling to the ground and breaking.

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