Deng didn't seem to mind at all, but instead said: "It should have been more careful. With a mother watching over, this child will definitely be healthy."

Then she sat back to where she was and smiled and said, "At that time, such a painful child will definitely make the empress and Zhen'er love… to the heart."

The Empress Dowager breathed a sigh of relief.

On the other side, Shao Xun was still young, and he was not at the age when he liked children very much. In fact, the emperor grandson born to Qi-shi had a lot of roots with her, and she would not hug it, let alone Princess Kejing. Her son has nothing to do with her, and he doesn't want to wade through this muddy water.

She looked down at the child and said with a smile: "He was so delicate and tender. You are willing to give it to me. I dare not touch the emperor and grandson, let alone this child."

As soon as the Empress Dowager was about to say something, the emperor took the initiative to walk over and stretched out his hand and said, "I will come by myself."

The Empress Dowager had some surprises, and after the surprise, she was a little hesitated. After a pause, she carefully put the child into the emperor's hands.

After all, the emperor was a person with several children. His technique was not unfamiliar. He didn't return to his original seat when he hugged him. He sat next to Shao Xun, huddled with her, and glanced at the baby.

His expression hasn't changed much, and he can't tell whether he likes the child or not. He just commented faintly: "Looking at Bai Jing, it still doesn't seem to be strong."

Princess Kejing hurriedly said: "That's it, but it's said that children are long, and older ones may be fine."

The emperor nodded, and moved the child to Shao Xun's side: "Let's take a look."

Shao Xun really took a look: "You are right."

Seeing that she was not interested, the emperor called the nurse to hand the child back.

When the Empress Dowager saw this, she took the opportunity to say: "This child is not so smooth from birth. The emperor will give him a name so that he can be suppressed…"

At this time, Shao Xun suddenly held her hand under the sleeve.

At the moment when the Empress Dowager was stunned and stopped talking, Shao Xunruo took it up without any problem: "Yes, the mother was still chanting a few days ago, saying that the little emperor and grandson should have a name for three months now. , And said that the two children are only one month apart, and I would like to ask your Majesty to give a name together."

The Empress Dowager paused, then said: "The imperial concubine is right, that's exactly what he said."

Qi-shi immediately came in interest: "Our elder brother's name has not been taken, and I was thinking of waiting for his first birthday before coming to trouble your majesty. I didn't expect the empress dowager to be so worried."

De fei looked at Shao Xun and then at the Empress Dowager, her eyebrows stretched slightly, and a smile appeared: "This is a child's blessing."

Now that Shao Xun had spoken, the emperor would not refuse in any case. Besides, he should have taken the name of the grandson himself, but now it is only ahead of schedule, so he nodded and said: "I have already drafted a few names, and I will think about it later. Set it down."

Everyone is very happy now, and both families are decent, although they both feel that each other's children are given the name of their own children because of the light of their own children.

Shu fei looked coldly on the side, becoming more anxious about her son's marriage, and couldn't help but tentatively said: "It's really enviable that Sister De fei has a sweetheart with her grandson. Your Majesty, the third child is not too young, he Marriage…"

"Speaking of it," Princess Kejing intervened: "The second brother is older than the third, so he should be the first to consider marriage."

Shu fei paused, and had to say: "What the eldest princess said is that both children are reaching their age. I usually pay attention to many women of good character. I would like to ask you to show me when I can see each other. two?"

All of them couldn't help but prick their ears to listen to the emperor's answer.

The imperial concubines such as De fei and others are because the marriage of the two princes is closely related to their own interests. The eldest princess is already married, but they also have daughters, or their husbands have nieces, and there is another princess in the family. To deepen the relationship with her maternal family, only the princesses, there is no reason to mix in, just to watch the excitement.

If the emperor didn't see the different eyes of everyone, he picked up the tea cup and took a sip, then put it down and calmly said: "I have a charter for this matter, and there will be a will in a few days. You don't need to be busy."

Shu fei didn't hear any wind, she was shocked when she heard that, but she still pressed it down, and smiled strongly: "The ministers and concubines have already inquired about a lot of girls… But, of course, your majesty's vision is naturally deeper than ours. The palace lady wants to be long-term, but I don't know… which lady is it?"

The emperor put the tea cup down and said casually, "Um…you will know when the will is done in a few days."

The princesses knew that their family was out of play. After all, the emperor was pretty good to their sisters. To really choose their girl as a daughter-in-law, the ward must be heard no matter what. It doesn't matter.

As for De fei, while gloating over misfortunes, she can't help but feel a little shocked—this is the royal family. As biological mothers, they not only have no right to choose their daughter-in-law, but even the daughter-in-law can only talk to other people who do not want to do it. The same can only be known from the imperial edict.

Thinking of this, De fei was somewhat comforted. Although it was the emperor's idea when he decided on Qi-shi, he remembered that he had asked his mother's advice before giving the marriage, even if he was just leaving. In a cutscene, it must be impossible for her to really have an opinion, at least more decent than Shu fei.

Thinking about it this way, it seems that her status in the heart of the emperor might be higher than that of Shu fei?

Should I feel honored…

De fei barely curled the corners of her lips, and then realized that she couldn't laugh.

At the same time, the sacred purpose of giving marriage to the two princes was issued in a few days.

The waiter who came to report the news bent down and stepped back. The second princess made a stitch on the brocade, looked up and asked, "Do you know these two princes and concubines in advance?"

Shao Xun has always felt uncomfortable sitting down since his belly is big. He didn't care too much and replied: "Listen to your Majesty's mouth… Stagger the stitches again."

Zhao Ruotong nodded, moving his hands non-stop, and whispered: "The Xiao family and the Miao family are not high-born. The Empress and Shu fei are afraid that they will become uncomfortable. When summer comes, they will have to get married at the same time. Sealing the king and opening the mansion is more hasty than Brother Dahuang."

Shao Xun actually pondered this, because although she didn't "dream" of who the second prince and concubine was, she knew that the third prince was named the king of Chu and married to the princess Chen, and her grandfather was the third vice-duyu of the imperial court. History is also the home of generations of officials, but the parents are not very popular.

As a result, this time, the family of the future Princess of Chu, the Miao clan, was actually one level lower than that of the Chen clan, which was almost unknown.

Shao Xun didn't know if this change was due to her own sake, but when she thought that Shu fei would compare all the ladies from the Manchu dynasty and martial arts family, she would pick and choose like dishes. In the end, none of them were useful. She thought it was a little funny.

The last time Concubine Chen's Shu Shu was very dissatisfied, not to mention that Miao's background was not as good as the former.

Shao Xun closed his eyes slightly, only to feel that more than half a year ago, the scene where Shu fei suggested to be her daughter-in-law in front of the concubines was as far away as a hundred years.

Zhao Ruotong's eyes were painful when he stared at the needle and thread stare, so he simply let it go, and focused on chatting with Shao Xun: "Did the imperial physician diagnose whether the child is a male or a female?"

Shao Xun came back to his senses, touched the already swollen abdomen, shook his head and said: "The educators will not speak before ten, but they are not the eyes when the pulse is separated by a layer of belly. Men and women who cut off the abdomen can have You can be called a genius doctor with a score of six or seven, how can they say it."

Zhao Ruotong looked at her belly, wanting to touch it but not daring to touch it, but Shao Xun smiled and took her hand over and put it up: "I just had a fetal movement a few days ago. I was new to it. As a result, this child was not willing to touch it. It's been a long time before I feel it."

Zhao Ruotong herself is a girl with infinite patience, let alone facing Shao Xun, guarding her belly for a long time, after all, she waited for a short fetal movement.

She reluctantly put her hand down: "This child looks very quiet."

Shao Xun nodded and said, "I'm just wondering if it's a quiet girl."

Zhao Ruotong's eyes narrowed slightly, and he raised his head and said, "Have your Majesty mentioned that he wants a boy or a girl?"

"Um…" Shao Xun thought for a while: "It seems that there is no, as you know, your majesty does not often show up in front of people, but I guess he can be both men and women, after all, he has the prince and the prince."

Speaking of this, she suddenly realized that the friend in front of her was one of the emperor's "imperial daughters", and she couldn't help but feel a subtle sense of confusion, so she entangled: "We talked about it before when we were chatting. The child should be called the other's aunt. I didn't expect…"

Zhao Ruotong is very different from ordinary people in this respect, and he smiled when he heard the words: "I think it is very strange, Xun'er, the son in your womb is my younger brother and sister, can you imagine that he has half the same blood as me? …"

The blood relationship that couldn't be closer is a bond, and there is no closer connection than this.

Zhao Ruotong smiled and returned to the question just now: "Do you want a boy or a girl…Xun'er, you should ask your Majesty, it might be different to him…"

Shao Xun was startled for a moment, then slowly nodded.

When the emperor returned to the Temple of Ganlu with a large stack of memorials that afternoon, Shao Xun really asked this question.

The emperor was taken aback for a moment, then sat next to Shao Xun, and the palace man who was serving on the side saw this and retreated very naturally and skillfully.

"How come you want to ask this?"

Naturally, Shao Xun would not say that Zhao Ruotong reminded him, and said: "It was just a sudden thought."

"I haven't been asked this question for a long time."

Shao Xun raised his eyes and asked extremely sensitively, "Is there ever been?"

The emperor said helplessly: "Did I say something wrong?"

Shao Xun's dark eyes rolled lightly: "That's not enough…"

She said so, but before she finished her words, she asked, "Who have you been asked before? Empress Empress? De feie or Shu fei?"

It's rare for her to be jealous. This jealousy is not at all obscure, and she can be sour ten miles against the wind.

"What are you thinking about," the emperor couldn't help but smiled and nodded her forehead: "They are not as bold as you-the Empress Dowager asked."

"It's the empress dowager…" Shao Xun relied on her back, suddenly lost interest, and turned to the topic just now, "Then do you want a son or a daughter?"

The emperor did not answer for a while.

This is quite rare in front of Shao Xun. She is even more curious: "Why, haven't you thought about this problem?"

"No." The emperor gently placed his hand on Shao Xun's belly and said slowly: "On the contrary, since you were pregnant these few months, as long as I relax, this question will linger in my mind. , Almost never stopped."

Shao Xun was really stunned, she couldn't believe it: "What?"

Obviously he hadn't mentioned a word, every day was calm and calm, and he had never questioned an imperial doctor. Shao Xun thought he already had children and daughters, and it didn't matter whether the child was a boy or a girl.

Isn't it?

Shao Xun was the person next to his pillow, and he didn't notice it at all—this man was really…tolerable.

Shao Xun unconsciously adjusted a more formal sitting posture: "I thought… Then do you want it to be a prince or a princess?"

"I like both sons and daughters."

Shao Xun curled his lips and said, "You are a lie."

"I'm telling the truth." The emperor said, "Actually, I can give birth to a little princess who looks like you. I must regard it as a palm pearl…"

Hearing this, Shao Xun knew the answer to this question, because there was bound to be a turning point.

"It's just," Sure enough, the emperor finally said: "I… still want your prince."

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