The son of Princess Kejing was born in the early morning of the second day of the first lunar month. The days are very big, and it may have brought this child the blessing of turning a good fortune. Therefore, he was able to be given up by almost everyone, but was finally born under the insistence of his mother.

The princess's condition was not very good. Although there was no more bleeding, the redness was still dripping, and most of her vitality was drained. During the confinement, it was impossible to move back to the princess mansion. Therefore, the Empress Dowager granted Zhao Ruozhen permission to temporarily stay in Ningshou. Stay in the palace until the child's full moon.

Except that Lin Qun, who is a prince, cannot visit his wife and children from time to time, there is nothing inconvenient for him.

During this period, the Empress Dowager was very old, and the Empress had always been taking care of her daughter. She had never stayed outside Xianning Palace for such a long time in the past ten years, so that she could not help but criticize in the harem, thinking that the Empress would "cure" with this.

This is not difficult to understand. After all, the "murder of the emperor's heir" was almost 20 years ago. Moreover, the incident has not yet been completed. The De fei and the eldest prince have been alive and well until now, and even the emperor's grandson now has it.

The intrusions between the harems in the harem were uncommon. Even De feie never thought that she was so important at the time. A murder that was not a successful attempt to their mother and son—a large part of it was added by De feie. It was an exaggeration. The effect of this has actually caused the mother of a country to fall out of favor completely and be under semi-house arrest in Xianning Palace for so many years.

At first, De fei concubine only thought that she could use this to discourage the empress. As for falling out of favor, it would be half a year of effort at most. Then the Empress relied on other reasons, such as the state banquet that must be attended, the daughter's body, or the empress dowager's plea. Although the status of re-petition for such reasons is not as stable as before, it can maintain the dignity of the middle palace.

She thought it over, and then used the long water milling time to make her completely unable to turn over a little bit. De fei couldn't do it herself. Isn't there a "sister" in the palace?

But no one thought that the emperor's punishment was so prolonged, so long that it made the scalp numb for the onlookers.

Eighteen years, it shouldn't have been nineteen years. Nominally because of illness and training, it's not suitable to walk around. The Empress can get out of her palace for a total of four days: Qianqiu Festival, New Year's Eve Banquet, New Year's Day Banquet, and New Year's Eve Banquet. Three of these days are concentrated on the New Year's Day.

If you want to come out the rest of the time, there are always special circumstances-like this time the princess is pregnant or confinement, or the Empress Dowager is seriously ill.

But this time, in order to take care of the frail Zhao Ruozhen, the Empress can stay in Ningshou Palace from New Year's Eve to the fifteenth, which has exceeded the sum of the past two years.

Everyone is wondering if the Empress will take this opportunity to completely lift the ban. No one is happy to see this, but after thinking about it, they can only admit their fate-such a long time of neglect is beyond imagination, they can't Looking forward to be able to shut the Empress for a lifetime.

Then the facts proved that everyone underestimated the emperor's memory, he could really shut his wife for life.

Princess Kejing slowly recovered and was completely out of danger. On the second day of the Yuan banquet, the Empress was caught off guard and became "ill" again. The reason was that the Empress was weak and she was not considerate in serving the Empress Dowager, so she wanted to go as usual. The visit to his daughter was stopped in Xianning Palace, and it has been a long time to recuperate from then on.

This hand can be said to give people hope and then to despair, no one dared to guess whether the emperor did it on purpose.

More subtle, the Empress Dowager remained silent this time.

Princess Kejing naturally refused, but she was no longer in a situation where she had just finished giving birth and she would not stop bleeding when she was stimulated. No matter how she asked to lose her temper, it would not work, and even the Empress Dowager could not persuade her. This objection did not even reach her father at all. Go in your ears.

In addition, she is weak, but she still has milk. After drinking her mother's milk once, Young Master Lin no longer gets close to her mother. Every day, she needs the princess to feed her breasts by herself, because the son really doesn't have the energy to make trouble. .

She actually had a dystocia this time. Both the adults and the children were not good. The Empress Dowager just postponed her confinement to two months, and even the little son's full moon banquet was not held. She waited until the princess's confinement. When it was over, this was a decent family dinner at Ningshou Palace.

"Oh, look at this little girl," De fei looked up and down, "It's more like a princess."

Princess Kejing wore a red palace dress, with gold silk inlaid with eight treasures and phoenix hairpins on her head, her lips were painted bright red with rouge, and her cheeks were also thinly painted with pink powder. She looked very energetic and almost died of dystocia. The haze also seemed to leave her.

The Empress Dowager was afraid of hurting the children's blessings. Except for the decent harem concubine, Zhao Ruozhen's younger siblings, only invited the eldest princesses and princesses who knew each other outside the palace. There were not many people, but it didn't appear to be that noisy.

When Princess Kejing saw De fei's usual faceless face, she didn't say anything at all. She only pointed to Princess Wu Qi who was sitting at the bottom of her head and said: "Your child, why don't you hug it over to see who is born? "

Qi-shi now has a son and is satisfied with everything. Even the eldest prince's habitual twisting of flowers and grass can not reduce her good mood when she sees the child. What's more, the eldest prince hasn't known whether her temper has changed in recent months, and she has become more restrained. Many.

In the past, Qi's face to the princess's questioning had to be secretive to her, but she was now the mother of the emperor and grandson, and she was unwilling to lose her dignity. He just hooked her lips: "The eldest brother just learned to look up a few days ago. Every day is very novel, but if he is strong, we will leave him at home so that we don't have time to run into the Empress Dowager."

When the Empress Dowager heard the words, she was pleasantly surprised: "This will raise her head? The eldest brother is really strong, you have to take care of it."

Qi-shi responded with a smile, and then said, "The eldest brother is skinny, it is not necessary for us to raise it carefully. I look at the young master Lin, but he is cute."

The Empress Dowager subconsciously glanced at the baby in her swaddle, a little worried: "This child is not strong, but it is also not well-behaved. He has to cry and wake up several times at night. If he doesn't see his mother, he will be uneasy for a moment."

One of the emperor's younger sisters, Princess An Qing interjected: "So two of the recent births are Pi Boys?"

Shu fei slowly said: "Isn't she still pregnant with one? Maybe the concubine will give birth to a well-behaved one."

The princess Anqing was taken aback for a moment, and then said unequivocally: "The imperial concubine's temperament, whether it is a princess or a prince, is very well-behaved."

In front of Shao Xun, the Empress Dowager always disliked the emperor being naughty when she was a child. She always said that she would have a good obedient child, but at this time, in front of everyone, she said: "The beloved or not are my grandsons. I still think that Ningshou Palace is not lively enough, when a lively and clever little prince will be placed here, how much people like it."

Tsk, at this time, whether it is De fei or Shu fei, they have the same idea, and they are all in their hearts-you didn't say that just now. When the concubine's children arrive, everything will be fine…

Still a little prince… Does this know that it must be a boy?

He was slandering, saying that Cao Cao had arrived, and the voice sang outside began to ring.

It turned out that the emperor and his concubine came together.

Although it was the beginning of spring, it was still a bit cold on this day, and everyone hadn't changed their winter clothes yet.

The emperor who entered the door was tall and tall, without wearing too much thickness. He only wore a sapphire blue cloak outside the casual clothes. As soon as he entered the door, he took it off and threw it to the waiter. He revealed a very light gown. He looked very young and really personable. Elegant and handsome.

On the contrary, the imperial concubine wears layer after layer, and there is a silver-gray fox fur cloak outside the jacket, which is tightly wrapped in the emperor's arms, like a round ball.

When the Empress Dowager saw Shao Xun, she smiled and pointed to her with joy and said, "Who made this for you, haha, can you still walk?"

The room was warm like spring. As soon as Shao Xun entered the door, sweat oozes from his forehead. Hearing the words, he untied the cloak and looked at the emperor in awe.

Just saying that it would be teased to dress up like this.

The emperor didn't feel wrong, but thought she was very cute in this way, took the clothes she took off and hung it between his arms, and touched her slightly frizzy head rubbed by the hood.

The two crossed the crowd and sat next to the Empress Dowager. The emperor knew that Shao Xun and the Empress Dowager were doing well recently, and he consciously didn't want to get in the way. This was not a formal feast, so he moved the seat next to the Empress Dowager to her. .

The imperial concubines don't say what they think. The emperor's sisters find it very interesting to see this. His youngest sister and Princess Changchang smiled and said: "The emperor is late, if you don't tell me why. , But we have to take out all the rewards to compensate us."

To say that the emperor's ability to be a father is not very good, he is qualified to be a brother. He is very kind to these concubine sisters. Compared to his children, he is always a gentle and good brother in front of these princesses.

Therefore, I smiled after hearing this: "Naturally, there is a reason, but the reward is indispensable for you."

Several emperor sisters all asked, but the emperor just looked at Shao Xun and smiled without saying a word.

Today is Princess Kejing's home court. Shao Xun is unwilling to steal the limelight. She wants to bring the topic to the newborn child. She can't help but ask the Empress Dowager repeatedly.

Shao Xun was also a little excited, his eyes were very bright, and he put the Empress Dowager's hand on his stomach: "Manny, I went to the Liangyi Hall to sit just now, and he moved abruptly, never before…"

De feifei Shu breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the words, wondering if it was just a fetal movement, who hadn't had it yet.

But the Empress Dowager didn't think so much. She placed her old hands on Shao Xun's already bulging abdomen, and immediately felt something moved slightly, and said excitedly: "Yes, that's right, it's the fetal movement!"

The old lady smiled so much that her eyes were almost gone: "I said you were pregnant late in this child, and you don't grow up fast, and you have been hanging your heart. Looking at it now, it is no better."

Her joy was so affectionate and sincere, that several princesses were a little surprised.

They were both the Empress Dowager's concubines. They used to serve their aunts when they were not married. They spent much more time with the Empress Dowager than the emperor. Naturally, she knew that although she was not difficult to serve, it was not easy to please her. Only the princess Kejing did not know where to vote for the old. His wife's eyes were extremely friendly when she was born. Although she treats other people with a smile, it's hard to say how sincere she is.

But now when you look at the way the Empress dowager treats the imperial concubine…how can it not be described as acting on the spot?

This is really…is the relationship between people and people so wonderful?

Princess Kejing felt uncomfortable seeing this scene. She was the only young master of Ningshou Palace before. The Empress Dowager loved her far more than her brothers and sisters. Apart from her, the emperor had to retreat.

But these days when she was in confinement, although the Empress Dowager said that she cared about her as before, she always said that Ah Xun Chang and noble concubine were short, and she did not forget to send a copy of any good things to the Temple of Ganlu, and she did not want to think about the emperor. Maybe I picked the best one and sent it.

Once the princess Kejing feels tasteful in her heart, the palace people around her always say that she is unreasonably worried. After all, the empress dowager's eccentric granddaughter is obvious to all, but now it's only because of the concubine's belly that she has a blushing effect, which is nothing. On the contrary, if the princess is no longer satisfied, she would seem too greedy.

But Princess Kejing knew that was not the case. She was the closest to the Empress Dowager, and she could understand the love and hatred of her grandmother only by instinct. She could understand that the Empress Dowager really loved the imperial concubine, and this affection also occupied Princess Kejing every inch. Own territory.

If the princess Kejing had spoken ill of someone before, although the Empress Dowager would not be on the spot, but her impression of that person would inevitably be lowered by three points; but now, once she complains about the concubine's order, the Empress Dowager will always be silent first, and then look for opportunities. He seemed to tell her the benefits of the imperial concubine over and over again.

Her love is far less open than her preference for the princess. It seems that everyone would like everyone to know that she wants to support her granddaughter, but subconsciously she will like it so much that she only shows seven or even five points. Princess Kejing doesn't know this. Is it because I am afraid that I am upset-but in fact, the more the Empress Dowager conceals her, the more upset she is on the contrary.

If it is not special, why hide it?

However, she was not completely winced, knowing that this kind of dissatisfaction as if something was robbed was not easy to express here, and even a word could not be revealed in front of the emperor. It was really aggrieved and uncomfortable.

Shao Xun and the Empress Dowager were a little excited about the first fetal movement of the child in her womb, and they couldn't help but say a few more words.

Then Shao Xun then smiled and said, "Speaking of which we haven't seen this young man today, Niang, don't you ask someone to hold it out for your majesty to see?"

Only then did the Empress Dowager react, and subconsciously glanced at Zhao Ruozhen. Seeing that she didn't seem to be dissatisfied, she felt a little relieved, and ordered the nurse to hug the child, hold it herself, and want to show it to the emperor.

But she felt old and afraid of losing her great-grandson, she couldn't help but hesitate a little.

Deng was naturally there on today's occasion. She first understood the Empress Dowager's thoughts, and then smiled and stood up: "Mother, let me hold her."

Before her hand touched the baby's side, she was subconsciously avoided by the Empress Dowager.

Deng's hand stiffened, and when she looked at the empress dowager's expression, she was also at a loss.

The Empress Dowager herself was stunned for a moment, and then she woke up and said: "You, your body is not good…can't be tired."

Deng slowly retracted her hand and smiled slightly: "My mother is still thoughtful, it's because I didn't think well…"

The Empress Dowager obviously apologized for her subconscious action, but she didn't know how to say it. She could only change the subject and turned to Shao Xun said: "Ah Xun, you come and show it to the emperor."

I am willing to give the child to the imperial concubine who is not in harmony with the princess, but subconsciously he is unwilling to give the princess a good self.

Deng was taken aback for a moment, and the smile in her eyes deepened.

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