After Shao Xun woke up, he found that the Empress Dowager was already awake, sitting next to him, counting the Buddhist beads one by one.

She hurriedly got off the bed and apologized: "I'm sorry, my mother, I fell asleep."

The Empress Dowager shook her head, her eyes were too complicated to say: "You…oh, you should take a good rest."

Shao Xun was here to take care of her mother-in-law. If she was taken care of, what would it look like? He would cheer up and accompany the Empress Dowager, waiting for the princess to give birth.

Shao Xun had never seen such a scene. It was obvious that everything went smoothly when Qi-shi was giving birth. There was nothing special about the birth of the child, but when it came to Zhao Ruozhen, it seemed that it was all that difficult and unsatisfactory.

Another basin of water stained red with blood was brought out, and even the hands of the palace lady who held the basin were full of blood.

The Empress Dowager fell backwards, and she couldn't bear it, but Shao Xun saw less than her. How could he not be afraid the first time he saw such a lot of blood, and subconsciously stuck to the Empress Dowager, turning his head and dared not look at it again. : "Niangniang!"

The Empress Dowager subconsciously held her arm, and the breath eased strangely.

She looked around and saw that she and Shao Xun were the only two masters in front of her. If she couldn't hold on, leaving Shao Xun with a young girl who had never given birth and happened to be pregnant, who would take care of her?

Sometimes people are like this, originally they feel that they are quite fragile, but once they are more fragile by their side, they can hold on to it.

The Empress Dowager settled down: "Don't be afraid, it's how women give birth to children."

She told Shao Xun this way, she seemed to have found comfort, but she was stabilized after all.

However, until the night, when the two big banquets were over, and the emperor and empress rushed over, the child had not yet been born.

The emperor first saw Shao Xun as soon as he came in. It was not surprising that he walked to the Empress Dowager and pulled Shao Xun to her side: "How?"

Shao Xun couldn't help shaking his hand, shook his head and said: "There is no news yet."

In fact, the emperor wanted to ask her whether she was working hard, and she felt tired, but it was not easy to explain in front of the Empress Dowager, so she stroked her hair without saying anything.

He and Shao Xun were sitting next to the Empress Dowager, and seeing an imperial doctor coming out, they asked directly: "What's going on."

The imperial physician wiped his sweat, his face was ugly and said: "Your Royal Highness's amniotic fluid is flowing too fast. If it is dragged on, there may be accidents. The Minister asks your Majesty, can you use heavy medicine to induce labor?"

The Empress Dowager held Shao Xun tightly with her hand, she was afraid to make up his mind. Instead, the emperor said, "Am I a doctor or are you a doctor? If you feel necessary, use it!"

Of course it is necessary. If this continues, the fetus will easily be suffocated and die in the womb, and the adult will also be dead, but there is also a risk in inducing birth. The doctor just wants to make an idea so that he can share the risk. He no longer hesitates after hearing this.

After the time went down again, there were bursts of pain in the delivery room, which was originally quiet, and this was about to give birth.

This time shouldn't be long, but somehow, after a long time, the princess's voice changed from stern to weak, and finally fell silent, and she still didn't give birth to the child.

Even Shao Xun vaguely understood-this is going to be bad.

Sure enough, both the imperial physician and Wen Po came out and knelt down. There were a lot of blood stains on their hands, and they only said, "The fetal position is not right!"

The Empress exclaimed, almost unsteady, the Empress Dowager even turned her eyes down and fell down, or the emperor tried to hold her back, he said solemnly: "What is the statute, how can I help? !"

The imperial doctor hesitated and said: "It's not a matter of everything…"

After the Empress Dowager was relieved for a while, she still couldn't speak, Lin Qun's eyes were red, and she couldn't help saying: "What will happen then?"

"Yes, just please make an idea, if it's for that matter…Is it an adult or a child?"

The sound was small, but everyone present heard it.

The Empress Dowager closed her eyes, leaving two lines of turbid tears. Lin Qun, as her husband and father, stood still on the spot, subconsciously saying: "Save both! Madam! Please save both of you!"

The imperial physician was embarrassed and did not dare to promise anything.

But the emperor did not hesitate, his voice was steady and composed: "Princess Bao."

The Empress was in tears, and suddenly raised her head when she heard the words: "Your Majesty…"

The emperor didn't look at her at all, "Do your best to keep their mother and child safe, if…whatever, save the princess."

He looked at Lin Qun, and slowly asked, "What opinion does Ma Ma have?"

Lin Qun has a weak temperament, but he knows what is good or bad, sobbing and nodding when he heard the words: "The minister also wants to save Your Highness…"

The Empress Dowager was trembling and speechless, just nodding her head vigorously.

The family agreed, and the imperial doctor felt confident and turned around and went to the delivery room.

I don't know if he was inspired by his family, Zhao Ruozhen raised his enthusiasm, and in the middle of the night, he finally gave birth to a boy with great difficulty.

This child is not as good as Emperor Sun Kangjian, but he survived anyway.

Regardless of dissuasion, the princess insisted on giving birth to the child. After experiencing a severe bleeding, she almost lost her life, and finally managed to stop a little bit. At any rate, she pulled back the leg that had stepped into the ghost gate, at the price of the possibility of childbirth in the future. There will be difficulties.

But this is nothing compared to life, but no one cares.

The Empress Dowager was also scared for half of her life by this day. After hearing that Zhao Ruozhen's life was unimpeded, her energy was completely relieved, and she could only take a look at the newborn great-grandson, and she couldn't hold back to rest.

The Empress stayed with her daughter, and the emperor took Shao Xun back to the Ganlu Temple.

This day opened up Shao Xun's vision. It can be said that there is a lingering fear in his heart, and he still can't calm down until he sleeps. If he is really tired, he is afraid that he will suffer from insomnia.

The next day was the second day of the new year. There was nothing in and outside the palace. Shao Xun didn't ask anyone to wait, sitting in front of the dressing table and combing his hair lazily.

Combing and combing to find that the emperor has also woken up, is sitting leaning on the bed and looking at himself.

She blinked: "What are you looking at?"

Emperor Dao opened his hand to her: "Come here…"

Shao Xun put down his comb and spread his long hair to the emperor's side and nestled in his arms.

The emperor touched her satin-like hair, "Do you still feel scared?"

She was restless in her sleep last night, obviously in shock, and she was absent-minded this morning, he was worried that she was frightened.

Shao Xun was not that fragile either. It would be fine if one of the adults and children really made a mistake yesterday, but although there were more twists and turns, the final result was finally good.

She was thinking about another thing: "Don't be surprised, I see the princess acting very publicly, and it doesn't look like she has suffered, but she is so dangerous when giving birth, so she must give birth to the child regardless of dissuasion. After coming down, she simply won the bet, but if she really loses her life because of it… Isn't she afraid?"

The emperor thought for a while: "This question really turned me down. I am not a woman. After all, I can't understand the feelings I had for the child when I was pregnant in October. I just feel that my courage is commendable."

Also, asking a man such a question is not embarrassing people.

Shao Xun was silent for a moment, and said, "I don't know whether mothers are all alone and courageous, and they can sacrifice here for the sake of their children."

This is the case with her mother. The princess usually doesn't seem to care about others, but it is also true.

Ordinary women give birth, and there may be controversy about protecting their parents and children, but as a daughter of the heavenly family, marrying a son, it's already saving face to risk giving birth to a child. It's a critical moment, and no one will say letting go. The princess went to change the life of an unborn fetus, which can be seen from last night.

But Zhao Ruozhen heard the decision to take her as the most important thing, but he was unwilling to comply with it all the time. He had to keep trying a few more times until he barely gave birth to the child, which caused the bleeding and almost lost his life.

It doesn't matter if others don't have a choice, but Zhao Ruozhen clearly has it. She can choose to live on her own. Isn't she afraid?

Shao Xun lowered his head and touched his stomach, rubbing around in the emperor's arms with a harp, holding his waist but not speaking.

The emperor reluctantly lifted her up, looked her eyes straight, and smiled lightly: "What happened to this today? Is something in mind?"

Shao Xun was consciously hypocritical and hesitated for a long time, before finally propping up and pressing his ears and whispered: "Your Majesty…In your opinion…I and my child, which… is more important?"

She felt that she was inexplicable when she asked this. Her heart was filled with shame, but in the face of the emperor's all-inclusive, gentle eyes, she couldn't help asking honestly what was in her heart.

Shao Xun's heart was tangled and swaying, but when the emperor heard this question, he didn't even blink his eyes, and said without hesitation: "You."

"Huh?" Shao Xun took a moment to react. The emperor had already answered her question. Something seemed to be choking in her throat, and after a while he repeated: "I… more important? "

The emperor smiled, and he held Shao Xun's face affectionately, "Silly girl, what is the problem? Isn't the answer obvious? Is my love not enough? It makes you feel unreasonable."

Shao Xun rushed to bury the emperor's chest, and heard his heartbeat sound as calm and powerful as he was, her eyes were a little hot unconsciously, she felt that she was too pretentious now, and she was almost catching up with Shao. Joan was gone, so he swallowed his tears abruptly: "If… I mean if, I am as difficult to give birth as the princess…"

The emperor's movement to soothe her suddenly stopped, and Shao Xun couldn't help but shrank his neck subconsciously, and he dug it out of his arms in the next moment.

The emperor's eyebrows sank, looking a little stern: "Who told you such a jerk? The Qin family? Or Liu Xin, or… the Empress Dowager?!"

Shao Xun hurriedly waved his hand: "No, no, I felt it, and scared myself…"

The emperor had a slightly lighter look, but at this time it was like dark sea water. He stared at Shao Xun unblinkingly, and said every word: "Kejing is dead on his own. Honestly, self-seeking dystocia, how can you be like her?"

He was mostly with Yan Yueshen, especially to Shao Xunshi, and he couldn't bear to say a heavy word. Now he calms down, if outsiders see it, people can recall his disposition when he first became the throne.

Shao Xundeng was frightened and wronged, but with a little guilty conscience, he couldn't help but sniffed: "I, I just ask…I don't mean that he will…"

Seeing that his temper seemed to scare her, the emperor couldn't help frowning, then reluctantly slowed down his voice, hugged her and coaxed softly: "Okay, I was wrong, I shouldn't lose my temper… it's just you. Don't think about it, how can our little girl be like Ke Jing when she is so good?"

Now Shao Xun can only tell that she is pregnant in terms of her temperament-her emotional ups and downs have become larger, and she is more likely to be sentimental. When she is fierce, she can't help crying, and she can't cry after being coaxed for a few sentences. I came out, now I want to cry or not, but the tears disappeared, really embarrassing.

The emperor couldn't help but smile when she saw her like this. He touched the corners of her dry eyes and joked: "Like a child, thunder and not rain."

Shao Xun felt that he couldn't get off the stage, and was so angry that he twisted him twice. In the end, his hands became sour, and they didn't even move.

In the end, I had to lose my breath and said: "I don't have to say bad things… It's just…"

The emperor saw her hesitant to speak, but he understood something, "I know what you want to ask… Look, if Ke Jing encounters this kind of thing, I also want to protect the adults, let alone you, let's talk about the children. You can have it anytime, there is only one life.

I saw that Ke Jing was too reckless yesterday, and didn't want to be really in case, but she herself gave birth to a child consciously, and she was complete, and she didn't want to think that the Empress Dowager who had always loved her could not bear it. "

He had just said clearly that Princess Kejing's actions were "excellent for courage." Until now, he was trying to persuade Shao Xun, but he said that she was reckless and not filial. But the two sets of arguments made Shao Xun amused.

The emperor saw her look relaxed, his eyes drooping, and he couldn't help but ask a question: "You just asked me the question, and I want to ask too-in your heart, which one is heavier between me and this child?"

He knows that once a woman becomes a mother, she is afraid that she will put her children more seriously. The answer is self-evident, but he doesn't know how, such a question that has no suspense and meaning, but it seems like there is something in it. He couldn't help asking what he was urging or instigating, with little hope.

Shao Xun was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled: "What are you asking again?"

She moved the emperor's answer roughly intact, "Is my love not obvious enough? It makes you feel uneasy too?"

"Of course it's you… how can anyone in the world be more important than you?"

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