Gulu's limbs were swinging hard in the air in an effort to break free. Of course, it was of no help. He felt very frightened and shouted desperately: "Mom! Gaya! Help me! Mom …"

But the distance was too far away, and his voice was too small as a little dinosaur. Gaya couldn't hear it. Even if she could, she wouldn't be able to save him.

Steel-like claws grabbed Gulu and sent him to its fanged mouth. Gulu could not even look back at what dinosaur was eating him.

He knew that he would be bitten to pieces in an instant, and his extreme fear made him cold.

Perhaps it was the "mother-child connection" – or when a mother sensed the danger of her cubs, Gaya suddenly felt very nervous and looked into the nest of three young cubs. Gulu was gone! !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gaya's reaction was quick. She immediately looked around for Gulu. Seeing from the distance that Gulu was about to be eaten, she roared and rushed at an unimaginable speed.

But it was too late, and she watched helplessly as Gulu was put into the mouth of a Troodontid dinosaur.


Gulu, who was lying on the tongue of the Troodontid dinosaur, felt almost scared to death when he saw the distance between its fangs and his hair.

At this moment, a particularly strong male Tyrannosaurus rex suddenly rushed out beside him. The male Tyrannosaurus rex roared fiercely and hit the belly of the Troodontid dinosaur. With a loud bang, the Troodontid dinosaur was knocked to the ground.

Due to strong inertia, Gulu was violently thrown out of the mouth of the Troodontid dinosaur, which could be said to be a close save.

If Gulu was really eaten, Gaya would never forgive herself. She immediately ran to Gulu's front and rubbed her head gently against Gulu to check if her child was injured.

Gulu held Gaya's big head and shivered.

The male Tyrannosaurus rex that saved Gulu was the leader of the group, Mungo.

For more than half a month, Gulu has basically known the relationship between all dinosaurs in this Tyrannosaurus rex group. Mungo and Gaya were not husband and wife. Gaya was Mungo's older sister.

And Mungo, like other male Tyrannosaurus rex, was still an adolescent. Mungo, as an adolescent, was even bigger than Gaya, who was already an adult. This was really incredible. Gulu couldn't imagine how fierce Mungo would be when he grew up!

Mungo stepped on the neck of the Troodontid dinosaur with one foot, bit on its head in one bite, pulled hard, and blood spattered. In an instant, the head of the Troodontid dinosaur was bitten off.

Gulu looked at this scene and his eyes widened – this is too bloody, cruel and domineering! Really worthy of a Tyrannosaurus rex leader!

Gaya: "Mungo, fortunately you came in time."

Mungo didn't speak, just glanced at Gulu.

This glance directly frightened Gulu. Gaya felt Gulu's fear and immediately rubbed to appease him: "Gulu, don't be afraid, Mungo will protect us, Mom will protect you …"

Gulu hid behind Gaya's huge claws, revealing only a pair of eyes to secretly look at Mungo.

Mungo: "Just give the other cubs extra food. Gulu is not allowed to eat."

Gulu nodded to show that he knew he was wrong. He firmly acknowledged his mistake and accepted this punishment. He would not eat meat.

Although Gaya was very distressed that Gulu could not eat meat, she could not intercede anymore and returned to her nest with Gulu in her mouth. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Guji and Gudong had woken up for a long time. They wanted to climb out of the nest to see what had happened, but they couldn't climb out. They ran around anxiously inside.

After Gulu was returned to the nest, the two young cubs surrounded him and asked, "Brother, brother, what's the matter?"

Gulu said truthfully: "I almost got eaten …"

Gulu said very simply, and the two cubs fully understood, but they completely missed the point.

Guji: "Wow, my brother is so good that he went out again. I can't even get out …"

Gudong: "uh-huh, brother is great …"

The two cubs would always remember that their brother was able to climb out of such a high and large nest on the first day of breaking the shell.

There were loud bangs and a lot of minced meat fell into the nest. Guji and Gudong immediately plunged into the mountain of meat to eat. Gaya stopped them: "don't eat first! Listen to me!"

Gudong and Guji drooled and said, "Mom, speak quickly. We want to eat …"

Gaya: "Gulu is not allowed to eat meat today because he almost got eaten when he ran out …"

Gaya explained in great detail the process of Gulu's almost being eaten. Both Guji and Gudong were frightened, and they repeatedly promised not to sneak out like older brother.

Gaya only allowed the young cubs to eat meat when she saw that they were fully aware of the danger. Soon a pile of meat was completely eaten by the two young cubs.

Gulu watched them eat and pretended to want to eat. Of course, he was not interested in meat at all. What's more, he had already had enough ferns and was not hungry.

Gaya said sternly after seeing the two cubs finish eating: "Gulu, you have made a big mistake today. Mom must punish you!"

Both Guji and Gudong were too scared to make any noise.

Then Gulu was taken out. He was very frightened and did not know how Gaya would punish him. Maybe she would suddenly wake up and eat him directly.

Gaya put him gently on the ground and whispered: "Gulu, Mungo has gone. Mom has hidden meat for you. Please eat it quickly. Don't tell Guji and Gudong. Don't let your younger brothers think that you can eat meat if you make mistakes."

Gulu looked at the minced meat hidden by Gaya under the cycad leaves, and his tears became a little uncontrollable. This Tyrannosaurus rex's maternal instinct was too strong.

Although Gulu had already eaten enough ferns before, he threw himself on the meat and ate it like he had not eaten meat for generations.

The size of the Troodontid dinosaur was too small for Tyrannosaurus rex. The Troodontid dinosaur and its tail were two meters in length and weighed about 100 Jin. There was not much meat except bones. A Troodontid dinosaur could only be regarded as a snack.

Adult Tyrannosaurus rex needed to eat hundreds of Jin of meat a day. Tyrannosaurus rex cubs also needed to eat tens of Jin of meat a day, and it must be pure meat with bones and fur removed. In other words, a human with average weight was almost enough just for dinosaur cubs.

Generally speaking, Tyrannosaurus rex would not hunt prey of the size of the Troodontid dinosaur. Troodontid dinosaur was very clever and ran very fast. It was very difficult to hunt and did not have much meat. The competition in the age of dinosaurs was very fierce. Even if Tyrannosaurus rex was a top predator, it had to be "prudent".

Who told this Troodontid dinosaur to "send its own dinosaur head from thousands of miles away" to find food in the vicinity of Tyrannosaurus rex's nest. It deserved to be eaten as snacks.

For more than half a month, Gulu secretly went to the nest to eat ferns every day. He had never been attacked before, because there was too much smell of Tyrannosaurus rex near the nest, and no dinosaur who valued its life would come near.

Not long after Gulu finished eating the meat on the ground, Gaya rubbed Gulu very gently and put him back into the nest.

"Brother, did Mom hit you? Brother, does it hurt? Brother …"

Gulu comforted the two little guys: "No, it doesn't hurt, just scolded me a few words …"

Just like that, the two little guys also felt very sorry for their elder brother, who was almost eaten and even scolded after not eating meat! Too bad!

The two brothers looked at Gaya stealthily, blocking Mom's sight with their own bodies. They gently gouged open the cycad leaves at the bottom of the nest, revealing the meat hidden inside. They whispered, "Brother, eat quickly, Mom can't see. We hid it secretly …"

Gulu was moved and also wanted to laugh. Two silly younger brothers, how can you keep Mom from seeing them when she stood so high? You didn't have much meat. Why did you hide it for me?

Although Gulu was really full and felt nauseous when he saw the meat, he threw himself on it and ate the meat. After eating it, he smiled and said, "It's delicious. It smells good."

Gudong and Guji scampered happily in the same place.

Of course, Gaya saw everything all the way, but pretended not to know. She was very happy that the feelings of the three cubs were so good.

That night Gulu still cuddled up to sleep by Gudong and Guji.

Gaya did not go to accompany the cubs who had not yet broken their shells. She laid down beside the nest and put her big head in front of the three cubs, so that Gulu could sleep against her big head.

Gulu knew that Gaya was afraid that he would not be able to sleep at night due to excessive shock, so she specially accompanied him.

After almost got eaten, anyone would have a psychological shadow, but Gulu was not afraid now. His two younger brothers held him tightly while he held Gaya's big head and felt safe.

That night, Gulu slept soundly.

Until noon of the next day, the three cubs were awakened by a series of thunderstorms. Soon it began to rain heavily.

During the Cretaceous period, the climate was warm and dry. The cubs were very happy to see little rain, but Gaya and Mungo were very nervous.

Gaya said very seriously to the cubs, "Mom must bring you out. Don't run away after you come out. It's very dangerous now …" !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

The two little Tyrannosaurus rex seldom came outside the nest. They were very excited. They didn't listen to Gaya at all. Gulu did listen carefully, but he didn't know what danger happened when raining.

Gaya took them out one by one and placed them at her feet. They were not allowed to leave.

Mungo came back with all the male Tyrannosaurus rex. Gulu was very afraid of the male Tyrannosaurus rex and held Gaya's paw tightly.

Gulu hasn't seen these male Tyrannosaurus rex for more than half a month. Mungo brought back food for the cubs every time. Gulu actually knew that Mungo deliberately refused to let these Tyrannosaurus rex come back, fearing that they could not help eating him.

He now saw Mungo with these male Tyrannosaurus rex scattered and stood not far from them, at the same time they let out a loud roar, doing everything possible to protect them.

Gulu was very curious about what made them so nervous. Their behavior showed a super defensive state.

Gaya bowed her head and said, "Mom will show you how dangerous it is now. Gulu will climb on Mom's head first."

Gulu quickly climbed on Gaya's head.

Looking at the higher and higher ground, Gulu held his mother's head. With the height getting taller and taller, he saw far away but couldn't say anything from the shocked sight before him.

Crowds of Argentinosaurus were migrating in the rain, passing through a swamp covered with volcanic ash. They were too big. Sands formed a sand pit under their feet, and every step became a death trap.


Gu Lu personally excavated a fossil pit. There were many skeletons in the footprints of Argentinosaurus, including two mammals, ten small dinosaurs, two crocodiles and a turtle … One footprint contained 18 animals!

(T/N: hmm, not sure why it's 18 and not 15? Maybe there are more in the '…' part?)

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