Gaya looked very sad. She rubbed against Gulu carefully and said, "Gulu, what's wrong with you, why do you want to eat this, you eat meat …"

Gulu was scared to death. He thought Gaya would eat him when she found out that he had eaten fern plants. He didn't expect Gaya to love him so deeply that she thought he was ill.

The time had come to test his acting skills. If he pretended well, he could live. Otherwise, he would be eaten alive.

He hugged Gaya's big head and said pitifully, "Mom, wu wu, I don't know why, I just want to eat them. I can't help myself. Am I sick? Will I die after eating these? Wu wu, Mom …" !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

The other male Tyrannosaurus rex nearby said: "You are a …"

The male Tyrannosaurus rex hadn't finishing saying when Mungo roared. They dared not stay any longer and dispersed.

Mungo's majesty as a leader was inviolable. These male Tyrannosaurus rex were not satisfied but dared not speak out in front of Mungo. After walking away, they finally couldn't help spitting out:

"He is a Triceratops, of course, he can't help but want to eat those plants. If you look at it, he and we simply grow completely different …"

"When on earth will Gaya understand that Gulu is a Triceratops!"

"Mungo is really too fond of Gaya, how can he let Gaya raise a Triceratops …"

"Maybe Mungo wants to raise that Triceratops and eat him later. Now Gulu is too small for us to have a bite."

"Oh, then I also won't eat the small Triceratops head. Wait until he grows up to have a satisfied meal."


Of course Gulu had no idea that these male Tyrannosaurus rex were discussing his future in this way behind his back.

Gulu was still trying hard to act. He pretended to be very sad and asked Gaya, "Mom, I ate these plants. Am I going to die? Wu wu, Mom, I don't want to die …"

Gudong and Guji also thought that Gulu would die if he ate these plants. They threw themselves on Gulu and cried, "Brother, wu wu, you don't die. You spit them out, you won't die, brother …"

Gaya looked at Mungo and plead: "Mungo, please, save Gulu. Why does Gulu like to eat these? Is he sick? You must know how to save Gulu …"

Mungo has a headache.

After thinking for a long time, Mungo said: "Gaya, we are not completely unable to eat these plants. Sometimes we also eat them. Gulu is not sick. You don't have to worry."

Gaya was still uneasy: "But we all hate eating. Plants are so disgusting, Gulu likes eating so much and eats so much. He must be sick …"

Mungo: emmm…… …

Gulu felt that he had gone too far in the performance. Looking at Gaya so sad, he felt very guilty.

Mungo was very calm in his nonsense: "Gaya, I heard that a very few Tyrannosaurus rex like to eat plants especially. I saw this small Tyrannosaurus rex on the other side of the Dada River that day. It was very strong and grew faster than other small Tyrannosaurus rex. You don't have to worry. Gulu is not sick, because Gulu will become the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex …"

Gulu: If I was not a paleontologist, I would almost believe it! Mungo is really a leader!

Gaya: "Really?"

Mungo: "When did I cheat you?"

Gaya was very happy and kept rubbing her big head against Gulu and said, "Wow, Gulu will become the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex in the future."

Gudong and Guji also cheered for Gulu: "wow, my brother will become the best Tyrannosaurus rex in the future. I will also eat ferns, and I will become the best Tyrannosaurus rex!"

Mungo: …

Gulu felt that he was so lucky to meet such loving Gaya Gudong and Guji, and also Mungo, who loved Gaya so much that he would lie to protect her.

In a word, since then, he could eat fern plants openly, which made Gulu the happiest.

Then Gaya and Mungo splashed out the water in the nest together. The sun was very high, and the nest soon became dry.

The cubs were playing on one side. Gulu leisurely ate the fern plants. Gudong and Guji also ate the fern plant like their brother, but they vomited it out after one bite. Even if they felt so bad, they still insisted on eating to become the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu couldn't bear to see any more. He urged the two little fools: "Gudong, Guji, you will become the best Tyrannosaurus rex even if you don't eat these. Don't eat them."

Gudong and Guji: "Really?"

Gulu: "Really, I promise."

Gudong and Guji rolled on the ground into a huddle: "whoa, we will become the best Tyrannosaurus rex even if we don't eat these. What my brother said is the best. What my brother said must be true …"

Gulu: What do I do with my younger brothers who are so cute? Waiting online urgently.

When the nest was dry enough, Gaya spread a layer of cycad leaves and told the cubs to go back. The sun was too high outside and the cubs were tired of playing. They went back to the nest to sleep obediently.

Since then, Gulu still ate meat like Gudong and Guji, but Gaya would prepare various ferns and leaves for Gulu. Gulu's life could hardly be better.

On this day Gulu heard Mungo and Gaya arguing. Since Mungo always loved Gaya very much, their fight made Gulu feel incredible. He climbed to the edge of the nest to carefully listen and watch secretly. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gudong and Guji also wanted to climb up to see, but they didn't grow as fast as Gulu. They also didn't have Gulu's motivation to climb out of the nest every day to avoid starving to death. The two practiced inconsistently. Now, it was impossible to climb out.

Mungo looked at the dinosaur eggs in another nest and said, "Gaya, the young ones in these eggs are already dead. You can't spend any more time hatching and looking after them. I'll bite them to pieces."

Gaya was very stimulated. She threw herself on the nest to protect the eggs and plead, "No, don't hurt my children. They will hatch out. They will!"

Mungo was very helpless. He didn't want Gaya to be sad, but the long pain was worse than the short one: "Gaya, you know, no Tyrannosaurus rex egg needs to hatch for such a long time, they are dead, you have to accept the fact."

Gaya roared: "No! No! I forbid you to hurt my child!" Then Gaya plead again: "Mungo, please, give them a little more time. They just fall asleep and will wake up soon. They will come out when they wake up …"

Gulu's eyes were hot. He had never seen such a strong maternal love. Even human mothers did not love their children as much as Gaya did.

Human mothers wanted their children to be aborted if they didn't want sons or daughters. Human mothers would also abort their children if they got pregnant accidentally. Even if they were born, they may abandon their own children. Human mothers would also give their children away because they couldn't afford them …

Of course many human mothers loved their children very much, but there were still those who didn't love them.

Gulu felt that his mother didn't love him when he was a human being. He was an orphan. Grandpa Gu, who adopted him, said he that found him beside a mine. He never knew who his parents were.

He thought that if the human mother loved him, how could she not want him?

As a human being, his life was very short. His only relative, Grandpa Gu, also died. He stopped thinking about it and looked intently at what Mungo would do.

In the end, Mungo did not bite the eggs, but said, "Wait until the moon is full at the latest. We can't keep them anymore."

Gaya did not argue, but Gulu knew that when the moon became full, Gaya would not let Mungo bite the eggs.

When Mungo left, Gaya was still very sad. She laid down beside the nest and said softly: "Young cubs, hatch quickly. Only after hatching can you eat meat. Ankylosaurus has the chewiest meat and Stegosaurus has the most fragrant meat, but the best food is Triceratops."

Hearing that the best food was Triceratops' meat, Gulu swallowed saliva and rolled back into the nest.

Gulu: Er …

Gudong and Guji asked what happened around Gulu. Gulu told them briefly. The two little guys said firmly, "My brothers and sisters will hatch out. My Mom is the best Mom …"

Towards noon, Gaya went out to gather various leaves and ferns for Gulu.

Gulu heard something outside the nest. He knew Mom was out and Mungo wouldn't come back so early. He told his brothers to hide in the innermost part of the nest and not to make any noise, while he crept out secretly to watch.

He was lying on the edge of the nest and saw a small mammal stealing eggs on the edge of another nest! Those eggs were the ones Gaya desperately wanted to protect!

Gulu recognized the egg thief as a Didelphodon. The Didelphodon of the dinosaur era was a little bigger and more powerful than hyenas on the modern African grasslands. He ate dinosaur eggs and even dared to steal Tyrannosaurus rex eggs.


The egg thief came up to their nest with the egg in his arms. Gulu knew that if the Didelphodon entered their nest, none of them would live. He had to go out and distract the Didelphodon.

In fact, he was very scared, but there was no way out. He roared and rushed over. The Didelphodon was startled and all the eggs he held were dropped.

Didelphodon: Sure enough, there are little dinosaurs. What kind of eggs do you lay? Why did a Triceratops come out of the Tyrannosaurus rex nest? No matter, eat first!

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