T. rex breaking shell

Gulu looked up at Pado. Under such close observation, Pado was really too huge. His whole body was not as big as Pado's half-sole.

The blood on Pado's head has basically been licked by his brothers, but the blood on the three horns were still intact. This was the rule of Triceratops. After killing predators, the blood on the horns was not cleaned to warn other predatory dinosaurs.

Now Pado had three long bright red bloodied horns. The thick blood on each horn flowed downwards, which showcased that these deadly horns went very deep into the body of predatory dinosaurs.

Gulu thought Pado was simply too domineering and too powerful. He had forgotten his fear and was left with worship and admiration.


A drop of blood fell right in the middle of Gulu's horn shield. This drop of blood flowed down along the horn shield in a large amount, forming a line, and finally solidified on the horn in the middle of Gulu's head.

Because Gulu was still too small, none of the three horns grew out, but little horn tips did emerge. This drop of blood dyed red all these horn tips, as of Gulu also used them to pierce the Tyrannosaurus rex's belly.

Pado sank down, rubbed his head lightly and grunted, "little fellow, why are you running so far alone? Which Triceratops group are you from?"

Gulu didn't know whether he was scared to react that he remained speechless for a long time.

The Triceratops next to Pado said: "Pado, don't talk nonsense with him. He's not from our ethnic group anyway. Just trample him to death, so he can't rob our young ones of leaves to eat later! Look at him, he must be especially good at eating!"

Gulu sat down on the ground in shock and cried, "Don't trample me to death. I eat very little. I really eat very little …"

The Triceratops added: "How can you get so fat by eating small?" !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Gulu didn't know how to refute it at all, and could only whisper: "I, I have a fat-prone body …" although he knew that these Triceratops certainly didn't know what a fat-prone body was.

Pado nudged Gulu again, "Don't be afraid, I won't let them hurt you. What's your name? Who else is in your family?"

Gulu stammered, "I, I, wu wu, my name is Gulu, my home, wu wu, there are Gudong, Guji, Gaya …"

Only when Gulu finished did he react: It's over! All my family have been called out!

Gulu didn't know how he became so stupid in front of Pado!

The Triceratops that threatened to trample Gulu just now said: "He seems to be the little Triceratops that Mungo adopted. He mentioned Gaya just now. Isn't Gaya that female Tyrannosaurus rex of Mungo …"

The explosive news of Tyrannosaurus rex raising a Triceratops cub certainly spread quickly. Although Gulu didn't often come out of the nest, flying pterosaurs could see him, so could the Argentinosaurus that passed near the nest that day, thus spreading the news from one area to the other.

Moreover, Mungo's "reputation" was quite loud in the whole continent of Yukan. Mungo's name stood for "death" and "killing". It was the nightmare of all dinosaurs in the continent of Yukan and could be said to be notorious.

Gulu didn't call out Mungo just now, because he knew Mungo was too famous. It was very likely that he would die when he said it, but he forgot to refrain from saying Gaya. When he finished, he remembered that he shouldn't say it!

Now, he could only try to muddle through: "Gaya is my Mom. She's a Triceratops. I don't know any Mungo, you don't talk nonsense, wu wu …"

Pado glared at the Triceratops threatening Gulu and said: "Heili! Stop scaring him! He is still young. You will scare him if you frighten him so much."

The Triceratops named Heili, after being stared by Pado, bowed his head and did not dare to say another word.

Then Pado gently rubbed his head against Gulu and said, "Gulu, don't be afraid, we won't hurt you. I've never heard of any Triceratops called Gaya. Where is your ethnic group? I will send you back. You are so small, and the outside is too dangerous … "

Under Pado's reassurance, Gulu was not so afraid. He looked at Pado gratefully and unconsciously asked, "Pado, when can I be as powerful as you?"

If there was no Pado, Gulu believed that he would have been trampled to death by these Triceratops. He didn't know why Pado wants to help him, but he had regarded Pado as the highest goal and pursuit of his dinosaur life!

Other Triceratops made all sorts of mocking sounds after hearing Gulu's words:

"So small. With your body, it's good enough just to grow up."

"Young cub, you'd better think about how to survive first!"

"You're not even as strong as the weakest Triceratops in our ethnic group. Are you talking in your sleep?"


Only Pado didn't laugh at Gulu. He gently licked the blood on Gulu's head before saying: "When you grow up, you will be as good as me, but you must remember to sharpen your horns, eat more leaves, sleep more and fight more …"

Gulu listened very carefully and nodded continuously.

Pado once again rubbed against Gulu and went on: "Gulu, be careful on your way back. Don't step on the blood. The smell of blood will attract other predators. You can't protect yourself." !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Gulu nodded desperately. He waited and watched foolishly as Pado and his brothers turn to leave.

Pado took two steps then looked back to Gulu and said, "Go on, little cub, the scent here will soon attract many carnivorous dinosaurs."

Gulu shouted loudly: "Okay, Pado!" Then he immediately turned and ran into the fern bush, looking back as he moved. He didn't know why he felt reluctant to leave Pado.

Pado took his brothers and left without looking back.

Heili followed Pado closely and kept talking, "Pado, that little brat has the taste of eating meat! Really! I smell it! He must be the Triceratops adopted by Mungo's ethnic group. We should trample him to death …"

Pado said nothing.

Gulu ran desperately in the direction of the nest. After running for a long time, he finally returned to its vicinity. He saw Gaya standing beside the nest looking very worried.

Mungo and Gaya had been looking for Gulu for a long time but had not found him. Mungo asked Gaya to stay with Guji and Gudong while waiting for Gulu to return. Mungo then took his brothers to look for him separately.

It was very dangerous for a small dinosaur to be alone outside. If they couldn't find Gulu within half a day, or if Gulu didn't return by himself, then Gulu was dead.

Gaya, how could she not worry?

Gulu ran to Gaya. Gaya saw Gulu and rush to him excitedly.

Gulu flung himself on Gaya's huge claw and held it tightly. In fact, he was almost eaten by a Didelphodon and trampled to death by a Triceratops. He was also frightened. Returning to Gaya made him feel safe and secure.

Gaya let out a loud roar. She was telling Mungo that Gulu had returned.

Then Gaya asked angrily, "Gulu, where have you been? Do you know how worried we are about you?!"

Gulu didn't want Gaya to know that he was facing such a dangerous situation. He could only say: "Mom, I'm sorry, I, I ran out to play. I don't know why I ran so far. I will never do this again …"

Gaya was very reproachful when she heard this. She scolded Gulu harshly, thinking of digging deeper into the nest so that Gulu could not climb out anymore!

Mungo soon returned to the nest after hearing Gaya's roar. Gaya was still reprimanding Gulu. Mungo then brought Gulu to the side alone.

Gulu was very afraid of Mungo. Gaya had a great mother's love for him. There was no such thing as "fault". As long as Gaya still thought he was her own cub, she would continue to love him, but Mungo was different.

Mungo's attitude towards him had neither been cold nor warm. Although it could accommodate his presence in the ethnic group, it was only limited to accommodation.

Gulu rattled nervously: "Mun – Mungo, I'm sorry, I dare not anymore …"

Mungo: "did you get chased by the Didelphodon to save those eggs? You can also hide in the hole and not come out, why …"

Gulu was shocked. How did Mungo know? Then he thought again. In fact, as long as you were careful, you could find the footprints of the Didelphodon, the eggs falling outside the nest, etc …

The more Mungo said, the angrier he became: "Those eggs are all dead, you don't know! You are stupid! No, I have to let Gaya bite those eggs today!"

Gulu hurriedly said: "Mungo, I know those eggs are dead. It was because the Didelphodon found the nest where I hid with Guji and Gudong. If I don't go out and distract the Didelphodon, all three of us will die … You can't bite Gaya's eggs. Gaya will be very sad …"

Mungo looked at Gulu and watched him for a long time.

Gulu was so nervous that he was trembling all over. He didn't know why Mungo looked at him like this. This kind of mental torture was hard to endure.

Mungo just felt more and more that Gulu was very different from ordinary small dinosaurs. From a lot of small things, Mungo had long found Gulu to be too smart and knew much more than many adult dinosaurs.

Mungo was puzzled by how a little dinosaur like Gulu who still remained in the nest knew so much.

At last Mungo didn't want to pursue this further either, and warned, "Don't do such foolish things again! If you dare to run out again in the future, no matter what the reason, I'll beat you up."

Gulu kept nodding to indicate that he would never dare again.

Mungo brought Gulu back to the nest. Gaya carefully examined Gulu's body for fear that Mungo would injure him.

That night Mungo brought back many ferns and leaves for Gulu to eat with his brothers. This was Mungo's first time to voluntarily feed Gulu, which was normally done by Gaya.

Gulu was very moved and rushed to eat wildly, but he vomited after eating two bites. He also didn't know why he could not swallow them as if his mouth tasted very bitter. His stomach churned violently, and he felt nauseated.

Mungo thought at first that he had trained Gulu too hard this afternoon. Gulu was angry with him and didn't eat the food he had picked. Gaya also thought so.

Gulu explained many times that he wasn't angry with Mungo, but Mungo just didn't believe it and gave Gulu another lecture.

Of course Gaya couldn't bear the sight and left to harvest ferns and leaves for Gulu. When Gaya brought them back, Gulu also couldn't eat them.

This attracted Mungo's attention. He carefully checked the fern leaves Gulu ate. They were all those Gaya fed Gulu at ordinary times. There was absolutely nothing different!

In the next few days, Gulu felt that nothing tasted delicious. The amount of food he ate decreased sharply compared with before. His whole body lost a circle. Gulu didn't want Gaya to worry about him, but he just couldn't eat them.

Gaya found different ferns and leaves for Gulu to eat every day, but the situation didn't improve much, making Gaya very anxious.

Mungo thought, perhaps because they were Tyrannosaurus rex, they didn't know how to raise a Triceratops. Maybe Triceratops cubs needed to eat different things at certain age.

As a result, Mungo lurked in the vicinity of Pado's ethnic group to observe.

Pado's ethnic group was the largest Triceratops group in the whole continent of Yukan. Other Triceratops usually had hundreds of Triceratopses, with a maximum of 1,000 Triceratopses. Pado's ethnic group had 2,000-3,000 Triceratopses!

Because of this, Mungo thought that Pado's ethnic group must have the best way to raise their young.

Other dinosaurs in the continent of Yukan felt very strange. The brutal Mungo seemed very busy recently. When they knew the reason …

All Dinosaurs: Unexpectedly Mungo also has today! Ha, ha, ha, ha, I'm sorry, I'll laugh first as a token of respect!

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