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Gulu blocked his two younger brothers with his own body and shouted at Heili: "You can't hurt us. Pado likes me so much. If you hurt us, Pado will find you trouble!"

However, because Gulu was too small, his roar sounded like milky cry, not terrible at all, but rather adorable.

Heili also let out a loud roar. At the same time, his two-forefoot stamped on the ground, "Pado is the leader of my group! Not yours! If Pado knows that you are the Triceratops adopted by Mungo, he won't hesitate to trample you to death!" !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Guji was frightened. His voice trembled, "Brother, let's run to the Stegosaurus group."

Gudong also said: "Yes, brother, let's run. There must be Stegosaurus nearby."

Last time these two little guys dodged a bullet there, so they thought that the Stegosaurus group could save their lives.

Actually, Gulu wanted to tell them that there were no Stegosaurus groups near here. Even if there're any, Stegosaurus generally wouldn't attack a Triceratops, an herbivorous dinosaur that posed no threat to them.

Of course, this was not the time to explain this to the cubs.

Gulu: "Guji, Gudong, don't be afraid. I will protect you."

Heili stamped his foot again. An enormous leg stepped directly in front of the three cubs. He pointed his long horn against Gulu's head and ordered, "Kill these two little Tyrannosaurus rex! Hurry up! If you don't move, I'll stab your head!"

Gulu's head was hurt by Heili because he couldn't avoid the horn. He was afraid that if he hid, Heili would trample Guji and Gudong to death.

Since Heili already knew that he was the Triceratops adopted by Mungo, he threatened, "Heili! If you trample us to death today, Mungo will surely seek your revenge! No matter where you hide, Mungo will find you and eat you alive!"

Heili: "I'm so scared! Mungo is the strongest Tyrannosaurus rex in the whole continent of Yukan. But who made my leader Pado? Even Mungo is afraid of Pado. Try again …"

As Heili pressed forward, Gulu's head was torn by the horn and blood flowed down.

Gulu felt very painful, but he must hold on. Even if it's hopeless, he must fight for it. How long could he last? Maybe Mungo would come to save them.

Heili pushed his head harder and frightened him: "I will see how long you can hold on. My horn will be completely inserted into your head. It'll be very painful. You won't die right away. Those pesky worms, scorpions and small dinosaurs will run into your head to eat meat. I don't know if your brain is delicious …"

Guji and Gudong were originally very afraid, but when they saw their brother in such pain, they became emboldened.

Gudong roared: "Let go of my brother!" He jumped onto Heili's head to bite his head shield then refused to let go.

Guji also roared, "Big bad dinosaur! Dare to bully my brother!" He also jumped on Heili's head to bite the other side of the shield.

Although the two little guys were still young and their roars sounded more adorable than domineering, a Tyrannosaurus rex that was more than three months old already had very strong teeth. Heili's thick and hard head shield was bitten bloody.

In pain, Heili fiercely rose up. He crazily shook his head to throw down the two cubs. But Guji and Gudong bit on too tightly. He couldn't get rid of them.

After the large horn retracted, the dizzy Gulu became neglected. He watched nervously at the two younger brothers holding on to the shield. Because Heili shook his head too fiercely, they were finally sent flying into the air.

While Heili was swaying and shaking his head, Guji broke off a piece of meat from the shield and was thrown out.

Gulu ran quickly, then use his belly to catch Guji. Fortunately, his belly was soft and elastic, so Guji didn't get smashed.

Gudong's teeth directly pierced Heili's head shield. But as the hole grew bigger, he could no longer hold on and was flung away. At the same time, many of his teeth were left embedded there.

Gulu hurriedly ran over and caught Gudong with his belly.

Seeing that Heili was enraged, Gulu shouted, "Run!"

But they were too small and slow. Heili ran a few steps and blocked their path, leaving them with no way out.

Heili raised his big feet, wanting to trample them to death. Gulu slammed his two younger brothers aside.

Guji and Gudong were scared but still cried out: "Big bad dinosaur. We will beat you, bite you and eat you alive!"

Heili felt very curious. Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex could really become brothers?! Did these two Tyrannosaurus rex cubs not know how delicious a live Triceratops tasted!

So he stepped on Gulu's tail with his sole and said, "Take a good look, you two. Your brother is a Triceratops, exactly like me. He is completely different from you."

After looking between Heili and Gulu, Guji and Gudong all shouted, "So what? He's still our brother, and you're still a big bad dinosaur!"

Heili continued: "You don't know how much Triceratops meat you've already eaten. Don't you want to know how your brother tastes? Trust me, just one bite and you'll love it."

Guji and Gudong: "No way! We'll never eat our brother. If anyone dares to eat our brother, we'll eat him alive!"

Heili: "Gulu, would you like to save your brothers? As long as they eat a bite of your meat separately, I'll let all of you go. How about it?"

Gulu thought for a moment. Heili said one bite but specified how much. What about losing a small piece of meat? He'll grow it back soon!

Guji and Gudong were greatly stimulated: "We won't eat, not a bite, not even a bit. Our brother will feel very painful!"

Heili raised his other foot and threatened, "Fine. Once I drop this foot, all three of you will become patties."

Gulu shouted, "Wait a minute! I can persuade them. Don't step on us!"

Heili dropped his foot to the side but still didn't let go of Gulu's tail.

Gulu spoke to his younger brothers in a very low voice: "Guji, Gudong, he's too big. We can't beat him, and we can't escape. He told you to bite me, but he didn't say how much. You will just bite a little. It won't hurt much and will grow back soon."

Heili didn't care about their whispers either. He didn't believe that these little brats could play any tricks in front of him.

After hearing this, Guji and Gudong repeatedly shook their heads.

But Gulu couldn't think of any other way. He kept persuading his younger brothers many times before they agreed.

Guji: "Brother, can I bite your back? Does it hurt? I have very small bite …"

Gudong: "Brother, let me bite your horn shield. I think it doesn't hurt there …"

Guji: "Then I'll bite the horn shield too …"

Gudong: "Or I can bite the tail. I feel that the tail isn't very important …"

Gulu: Dear lord, you still think about giving me a good time? F*** …

Guji and Gudong were still in constant discussion. Of course, Heili heard them. He listened happily, enjoying Gulu's fear and pretense of not being afraid. Clearly, he was trembling all over.

Gulu couldn't stand it anymore. He roared, "Bite me! Right away! Immediately! Right now!"

In fact, Gulu also knew that Heili's words might not count, but he had no other way. Faced with absolute power, they didn't have any bargaining chips at all.

Gulu gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, waiting for the sharp pain to come.

All of a sudden, there came a loud cry. Gulu felt his tail was loosened. He opened his eyes and looked. Wow, the two younger brothers actually jumped onto Heili's head! One of them even clawed his eyeballs!

Gulu: F***! My brothers are really good! Big boss, big boss!

Heili who was in pain let out constant roars. He fiercely shook his head. Soon, the two cubs were thrown off. Gulu once again use his belly to catch his younger brothers.

Both eyes of Heili were seriously injured at this time. For a while, he couldn't see the road or the three little ones.

In return, Guji and Gudong also lost several teeth. Their mouths were bleeding profusely. Gulu felt distressed.

Gulu was about to take the chance to run away with his younger brothers when the roar of Tyrannosaurus rex came from behind them.

The three cubs looked back and saw Mungo!

Mungo came roaring toward them. Heili turned and fled.

At the same time, on the other side, Gulu saw Pado leading several very strong Triceratopses charging here.

Heili was blinded in one eye and couldn't fight at all. He quickly ran to hide behind Pado. Because he couldn't see the road clearly, he almost fell down.

Mungo rushed directly to Pado.

Gulu's heart was in his throat. How could Mungo, a lone Tyrannosaurus rex beat so many Triceratopses? And Pado was very powerful!

If Mungo got injured or died because of them … Gulu dared not think anymore.

Pado was Gulu's supreme pursuit and super idol. He once saved Gulu's life, so Gulu hoped that Pado and Mungo would never fight. But now they had to.

Gulu's feelings toward Mungo was greater than Pado. Of course, he hoped that Mungo would win. Mungo usually won anyway.

But in this case, Mungo's chances of winning were too small.

T. rex growth chart
(You can see how small Guji and Gudong are / They're less than 1 year old)

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