Mungo roared as he ran, calling his brothers. Soon, a dozen very strong male Tyrannosaurus rex rushed out of the forest!

Gulu breathed a sigh of relief, at least Mungo's victory rate had greatly improved.

The Tyrannosaurus rex led by Mungo and the Triceratopses led by Pado rushed to fight each other. Suddenly, Mungo stopped. So did Pado. Of course, their brothers also halted behind their respective bosses. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

The distance between a dozen Tyrannosaurus rex and a dozen Triceratopses wasn't more than one meter.

Mungo stared at Pado. Pado returned his gaze.

The two "super teams" on the continent of Yukan looked at each other for a long time.

The three cubs had also been frightened all the while. They stood still and watched.

No one knew how long, Mungo and Pado walked toward each other at the same time. Their brothers thought they could finally go to war. They really would rather fight and bleed than stand like this.

However, Mungo and Pado didn't attack each other. They both stared at the other with warning eyes. Mungo rubbed Pado's neck and Pado also rubbed him back.

The series of "affectionate operations" by the two bosses stunned all the dinosaurs present. They didn't know what they were doing!

Gulu also didn't know what this was about and dared not ask.

In the end, Mungo and Pado turned around at the same time. Their brothers followed them.

All the dinosaurs were shocked. This was the most incomprehensible thing they had ever seen.

Mungo and his brothers took their three cubs back to the nest. Gulu sat on Mungo's head while Guji and Gudong laid on the heads of two other male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu didn't know how to apologize to Mungo. They caused such a big disaster. If Mungo and Pado fought, even if Mungo wasn't injured, it's very likely that one or two of his brothers would be injured or even killed. It's really horrible.

When they came near the nest, Mungo kept the three frightened cubs and let his brothers go back first.

The three cubs stood squarely in front of Mungo, too scared to move.

Unexpectedly, Mungo didn't scold them, but asked, "Gulu, do you know that you are a Triceratops?"

Gulu froze. He always pretended not to know that he was a Triceratops. This was also good. He no longer needed to put on an act. Mungo already saw it!

Now Gulu had only one thought in his heart: how to do, how to do, it will be too embarrassing to pretend again, but if not, will Mungo …

Mungo: "I have never raised a Triceratops, but I will definitely make you the best Triceratops, like Pado."

Gulu didn't expect Mungo's reaction to be this way. He thought Mungo would be very angry. After all, he lied to Mungo and Gaya for so long.

At this moment, Gulu could no longer hold back his tears. He never expected Mungo to be so caring. He didn't know which good deed he did in his past life that allowed him to meet a good Tyrannosaurus rex like Mungo!

He choked up and asked, "Mungo, if I told you that I knew I was a Triceratops long ago but pretended not to know because I was afraid of being eaten by you, will you be angry?"

Mungo shook his head and replied, "Why should I be angry? It's normal for you as a Triceratops to be afraid of being eaten by Tyrannosaurus rex."

Gulu: "Mungo, why are you so good? It's very kind of you, Mungo …"

Guji and Gudong: "Whether elder brother is a Tyrannosaurus rex or a Triceratops, he is our best brother!"

Gulu crazily rubbed his two younger brothers and said: "Whether I am a Triceratops or a Tyrannosaurus rex, Gaya will always be my Mom. You will always be my younger brothers. Mungo will always be my Dad …"

Mungo: "I'm not your Dad …"

Gulu: "You are! You are!"

Mungo: …

At this moment, Gulu realized a problem and hurriedly said: "Mungo, you can't tell Gaya that I'm a Triceratops. She will be sad to lose another cub …"

Mungo: "I won't take the initiative to tell her, but she will understand sooner or later …"

Gulu: "Mungo, I'm sorry. We shouldn't have gone so far to play … if it hadn't been for Guji and Gudong, we would have died …"

The three cubs were careful to admit their mistake. Mungo licked the blood on Gulu's head then carefully examined the lost teeth in Guji and Gudong's mouth.

Of course, Mungo severely reprimanded the three cubs, but he also felt very proud of them. They were so young, yet they could still deal with such a robust adult male Triceratops. The three cubs were very brave.

But Mungo wouldn't say these words of praise to them, as to not let the cubs think they're strong enough to run around. It's too dangerous.

Gulu: "Mungo, don't tell Gaya that we're in danger today. She will be very worried."

The teeth that Guji and Gudong dropped happened to be the front teeth. Now they talked with air leakage: "Uh-huh, don't tell Mom." (T/N: air leakage = lisp)

Mungo finally agreed and told his brothers not to tell Gaya about today when they went back.

As for Gulu's head injury and Guji's and Gudong's lost teeth, they unified to say that the three young cubs fought a little hard. Gulu's head was bitten by his two younger brothers who in turn got their teeth knocked off to the ground …

Gaya did believe it. She severely criticized the three cubs and told them not to bleed again in future fights.

In fact, Gulu later asked Mungo why he didn't fight with Pado, but the latter said nothing. When he pestered several times more, Mungo became angry, so he didn't dare to ask again.

For the next few days Gulu could hear Ulam's roars every morning. Different from the previous roars, something must have happened.

At noon, Gulu finally asked Mungo to take him to see Ulam on the other side. Mungo also liked to take Gulu out to play.

The distance between the nest and the river wasn't far. But Mungo still let Gulu sit on top of his head and they soon arrived at the river.

Because Ulam's position had changed, Mungo found two other giant Alsophila trees to lay under their shades.

Gulu climbed down Mungo's big head to his shoulder, then slid down his back to rest comfortably on Mungo's forelimbs before watching the other side.

This time Ulam stood not far from the river and roared at the lush fern bushes.

Not long after, a very strong male Tyrannosaurus rex emerged from the fern bushes. The male Tyrannosaurus rex had an adolescent Protoceratops in his mouth.

(In comparison to a cat)

After killing their prey, carnivorous dinosaurs usually eat at the scene. Obviously, this male Tyrannosaurus rex was bringing this food as a gift.

During the courtship process of Tyrannosaurus rex, the female Tyrannosaurus rex behaved very aggressively. The male Tyrannosaurus rex sent food as to not get attacked by the female.

This male Tyrannosaurus rex walked toward Ulam with a Protoceratops in his mouth. He put the prey in front of Ulam then retreated to one side, keeping a distance in between to ensure his own safety.

Gulu knew that a male Tyrannosaurus rex must use prey as "bride price" when pursuing a female, but Ulam was not satisfied with this bride price.

Tyrannosaurus rex's favorite food was a Triceratops, which was also the most difficult prey to hunt.

Triceratops was known to be the most rigid and hard-core of all herbivorous dinosaurs. A formidable Triceratops could challenge an adult Tyrannosaurus rex with a win rate of 55%.

A successful hunting of Triceratops to use as "bride price" would not only give the female Tyrannosaurus rex the most delicious food to eat, but also prove that the male was very strong and possessed first-class hunting skills.

Therefore, Triceratops was the best "bride price" for Tyrannosaurus rex.

If Ulam ate the Protoceratops, she would have accepted the male Tyrannosaurus rex. After eating, they would mate immediately.

The male Tyrannosaurus rex was very happy that Ulam had eaten the prey he sent, but he still didn't dare to go in immediately. A bite by such a strong female Tyrannosaurus rex would cause serious injury. He couldn't take the risk.

Gulu saw the male Tyrannosaurus rex growling at Ulam. This was him testing the water.

Ulam didn't care about the male Tyrannosaurus rex. The male walked slowly in. He just took a few steps when Ulam suddenly raised her head and roared at him, looking very cruel.

The male Tyrannosaurus rex was frightened, but he's too fond of Ulam and took a few more steps forward. Ulam made a few more fierce and brutal growls. The male Tyrannosaurus rex was scared and didn't dare to move.

However, Ulam was still not satisfied. She rushed at the male Tyrannosaurus rex.

The male Tyrannosaurus rex actually knew that Ulam didn't accept him. Ulam had driven him away many times before. He repeatedly didn't leave, holding a glimmer of hope that if he sent a prey to Ulam, maybe she would change her mind.

Now it seemed impossible, he thought to himself. Since Ulam refused him, he must bring back his prey.

He's also a well-known male Tyrannosaurus rex in the whole continent of Yukan. He couldn't afford to fail courtship and lose his prey at the same time. Otherwise, he wouldn't have any face left.

So he also roared at Ulam.

Ulam wasn't afraid of a male Tyrannosaurus rex the same size as her and bit at his neck.

If the male Tyrannosaurus rex hadn't hide fast, his whole neck would have been gnawed off. Even so, Ulam's sharp teeth still snapped off a large piece of meat from his neck.

The showdown ended with the male Tyrannosaurus rex running away screaming.

Ulam roared at the direction where the male escaped, declaring her victory and dominance.

Gulu looked stunned. This proved that Ulam wasn't just big and strong, but also had fierce fighting capacity. She defeated such a strong male Tyrannosaurus rex with one move. Ulam wasn't just a "goddess" but a "female war god". It's too cool!

After defeating the male Tyrannosaurus rex, Ulam came back to eat her prey slowly. She knew that the male Tyrannosaurus rex would never step into her territory again.

However, Gulu didn't understand one thing. He looked up and asked Mungo, "Ulam doesn't like him. Why should she accept his prey?"

Mungo: "Because she is Ulam."

Gulu somewhat understood, because Ulam was too powerful. She knew that she could beat this male Tyrannosaurus rex. Other females wouldn't dare to behave like this. This was the age of the "law of the jungle" for dinosaurs.

In this way, Ulam was also a bit of a scumbag. She relied on her own greater strength to take advantage of other males. She ate a male's "bride price" and still wanted to kill him.

Even though the male Tyrannosaurus rex was not dead now, he lost such a large piece of meat. Tyrannosaurus rex's teeth were poisonous, making the wound likely to be infected. His hunting ability would be greatly reduced. He may either starve to death during this period of recuperation or attacked again by other Tyrannosaurus rex and died.

This was also why Tyrannosaurus rex had a particularly high mortality rate during the "courtship" period as an adult – because Tyrannosaurus rex was too aggressive, and every attack was very deadly. They would fight to the dead at the slightest displeasure.

Gulu couldn't help spitting out: "Ulam is so overbearing. That male Tyrannosaurus rex is too miserable."

Mungo: "He himself is not strong enough. Yet, he wants to court the strongest female Tyrannosaurus rex in Yukan. He asks for it."

Gulu also agreed on second thought.

Mungo: "Enough watching. We should go back."

Gulu: "Mungo, you raised me so well. Do you want to give me as bride price to a female Tyrannosaurus rex when I grow up?"

Mungo: "Yes, so you have to grow up quickly. I can't wait longer. It will take a long time for me not lose face when giving you as a gift …"

Gulu: "Humph, I won't grow up then, I won't, mad at you, mad at you …"

On the other side, Guji and Gudong played around the nest.

Munroe pulled Guji and Gudong aside, took a large piece of meat from the fern bush and put it in front of the two young ones, saying: "Eat it quickly, I secretly hid it for you. This is Triceratops meat. It's super delicious!"

As much as he hated Gulu, he doted on Guji and Gudong. He felt that Guji and Gudong were so pitiful to have a Triceratops as a brother. They would have no face when they grew up.

He often brought back all kinds of meat for them to eat. Guji and Gudong knew that Munroe didn't like Gulu. Every time they tried to call Gulu to come eat together, Munroe didn't agree with them. In the end, they stopped asking and hid the meat for Gulu.

This time too, they secretly hid meat for Gulu while eating.

The two cubs got so used to hiding meat for Gulu. They forgot that they already knew their elder brother was a Triceratops and didn't need to eat meat.

When the two cubs almost finished, Munroe asked, "Guji, Gudong, are you feeling more and more uncontrollable about wanting to eat Gulu? You can try a taste. Just take a bite. Aim for the tail. Biting a Triceratops's tail won't hurt him …"

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