After hearing what Munroe said, Guji and Gudong immediately became anxious. Guji said, "How can it not hurt?! It will definitely hurt!"

Gudong: "Munroe is a big bad dinosaur. Our brother is the best brother and the best dinosaur in the whole continent of Yukan. We won't bite him, not a bite. Don't hurt! Don't hurt!"

Munroe: "How is Gulu good? Lazy and greedy. He eats so much. He lectures you and also fights with you. What good is he?" !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Guji and Gudong: "Our brother is good. wu wu. Brother …"

The two suddenly couldn't remember Gulu's specific advantage.

Munroe: "Look, you can't say it either. He's nothing good, just tastes especially delicious. If you don't believe me, you can take advantage of his inattention and secretly bite him. Biting his tail really won't hurt."

In fact, Munroe also knew that it's unrealistic to eat Gulu. The three cubs had such close feelings. But if Gulu was bitten, Mungo would realize that a Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't raise a Triceratops and send Gulu away.

Guji couldn't do it. He cried and refused, "Don't want to. Munroe is a big bad dinosaur. We won't eat your meat again! Big bad dinosaur!"

Munroe was a little helpless and tried again: "As long as you can say Gulu's good points, I won't hate him. I'm a big bad dinosaur, okay?"

The two cubs shouted in a hurry. At first, they couldn't say anything specific. Now, they thought of the key points because of Munroe:

"Our brother is the best … he lets us sleep in his arms at night. Brother protect us. He saves us from Stegosaurus's feet and Velociraptors. Brother is powerful …"

One couldn't blame these cubs for not being to list Gulu's good points in the beginning. They didn't know how to say it. They just felt Gulu was good. Even if Gulu didn't save them and had no other advantages, they still thought highly of him.

After hearing the key points, Munroe kept questioning them for details, such as why they entered the Stegosaurus group and how Gulu rescued them.

When hearing their answers, he was stunned and couldn't return to being for a long time.

At this time, Munroe saw Gulu and Mungo coming back from the distance. Gulu was sitting on Mungo's head, leisurely eating leaves all the way.

Munroe: Gulu can really eat. He also picks and chooses like this. He only eats the tender leaves on top of the tree. He even looks at other trees next to him while chewing. After he ate one tree bald, he lets Mungo take him to the next one. He just lies on his back to eat. He really looks lazy and greedy, but …

Seeing them coming back so soon, Munroe was afraid that Mungo would ask why the cubs cried and hurriedly coaxed them: "Well, don't cry. I am a big bad dinosaur."

Guji: "No, I won't talk to you anymore!"

Gudong: "I won't care about you either! Big bad dinosaur!"

Munroe: …

Looking at the attitude of the young cubs, Munroe felt that he definitely wouldn't be able to coax them. These little ones would certainly complain to Mungo, so he quickly hid himself.

Sure enough, Guji and Gudong cried and complained about Munroe to Mungo immediately after their return, saying that Munroe was the worst dinosaur in the whole continent of Yukan. Mungo must protect their brother, who was really too poor …

Gulu felt so pitiful after hearing Guji and Gudong. But he's clearly so well protected that whatever Munroe tried to plot, it couldn't harm him.

Mungo, of course, was very angry and immediately ran out to settle accounts with Munroe.

Gulu didn't know how Mungo taught Munroe, but he must have given him a good lesson. Munroe didn't return to the vicinity of the nest for several days.

When he did come back, Gulu found that Munroe didn't dare to look at him. He must be afraid of being taught by Mungo again.

Gulu also noticed that Munroe seemed different from before. Although the former Munroe was afraid of being beaten by Mungo and didn't dare to embarrass him openly, he always played little tricks secretly and stared at him with disgust.

But now he didn't dare to look at Gulu at all. Even if Gulu took the initiative to face up to him, his gaze was evasive. Gulu saw no previous disgust in his eyes, even though Munroe still didn't like him.

In any case, Gulu felt that it was enough for Munroe to never bother him again.

In the early morning of this day, Mungo suddenly returned and asked Gaya to wake up the three young ones who were still asleep.

The woken cubs came to the predatory scene with their heads still in daze.

Of course, Mungo left Gaya to look after them.

At this time, the three cubs suddenly became awake because they saw a super terrible hunting scene!

Gulu noticed that they stood on a high ground, from where all the hunting spots below could be seen. It's a 360-degree view without dead corners, just like a super VIP seat.

Gaya laid prone on the ground and encircled them in her arms. The cubs were not allowed to run around. They comfortably sat on her two front paws to watch.

There were six giant adult Argentinosaurus, seven Mapusaurus, and three Tyrannosaurus rex. Mungo joined in and became the fourth Tyrannosaurus rex.

Last time, the cubs learned how to capture Diplodocus prey from under Mapusaurus's hand. This time it was hunting Argentinosaurus.

Argentinosaurus was much larger than Diplodocus and was the second largest dinosaur discovered so far! Meanwhile, Mungo didn't bring any of his brothers!

Gulu knew that these Mapusaurus must belong to the same ethnic group. Mapusaurus generally hunted in groups. But these four Tyrannosaurus rex shouldn't know each other. There's no need to talk about Mungo. The other three Tyrannosaurus rex were all adults. Adult Tyrannosaurus rex lived alone.

Tyrannosaurus rex was strictly a solitary animal. Only adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex would live in groups for a short period of time and become independent when they grew up. Adult Tyrannosaurus rex either lived alone or in the form of a family.

An adult Tyrannosaurus rex needed a lot of territory to hunt. It could also hunt alone without the help of its companions.

If adult Tyrannosaurus rex lived in groups, the food couldn't be shared at all. Every adult Tyrannosaurus rex was extremely cruel and could never be led. They were the so-called "one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers unless one was male and the other female".

Mapusaurus was 10-14 meters long, weighed about 10 tons, had 8 cm long teeth, but wasn't as good as Tyrannosaurus rex in terms of size and bite force.

(In comparison to human)

Gulu saw these Mapusaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex rush to the middle of six Argentinosaurus together. They were choosing the best target to attack. In the end, they decided on the last male Argentinosaurus very tacitly.

This male Argentinosaurus was the largest of the six, so it shouldn't be hunted. Generally, the weakest one in the group would be chosen for the purpose of minimizing loss while still obtaining meat.

However, this male Argentinosaurus seemed to be the leader that protected the other five Argentinosaurus. They have to hunt this largest one.

The four Tyrannosaurus rex were responsible for driving away the five Argentinosaurus who tried to come back to save their leader, while the Mapusaurus surrounded the male Argentinosaurus to prevent him from joining the other five.

These carnivorous dinosaurs were born with super strong coordination in terms of hunting. Even if they didn't know each other, they never needed to plan and discuss in advance. This coordination was written into their genes for survival.

Gulu felt that this natural cooperation was really too strong.

The separated male Argentinosaurus let out an angry roar and raised his giant foot to stomp down. The whole ground was shaking violently. But no matter how he tried, he couldn't return to his companions.

A Mapusaurus dinosaur jumped onto the upper belly of the male Argentinosaurus's back and scratched out deep blood marks with one paw. The male Argentinosaurus stomped on the ground one foot after another. The tremor caused by this action was comparable to a magnitude 7 earthquake, with left Gulu, Guji and Gudong stunned.

The other five Argentinosaurus tried very hard to come back to save their leader, but the four Tyrannosaurus rex were too strong to let them return.

Although Argentinosaurus were very large in size, they had no particularly powerful body structure for defense, let alone attack, so they could only be driven away.

The five Argentinosaurus were very sad, shouting sorrowfully as they fled for their lives. They were mourning for the male Argentinosaurus who was in danger of dying to protect them.

After chasing the other Argentinosaurus away, the four Tyrannosaurus rex jumped onto the back of the male Argentinosaurus, tearing at it crazily.

Mungo won the "first kill". With the Tyrannosaurus rex's super-strong bite force, he bit off a large piece of meat on the back of the Argentinosaurus. The male Argentinosaurus shook his body with great pain. All the Mapusaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex on him were thrown down.

However, the Argentinosaurus was too big to do much harm with just one bite of meat.

(Repeated image for reference)

Mungo won the first kill and stopped attacking. Instead he ate his meat on one side.

Then a brown Mapusaurus got a large piece of meat. A black Mapusaurus wanted to share the meat but was chased away by it.

Gulu wanted to give the brown Mapusaurus a voice: Get out of here! Bite the meat yourself!

Then another Tyrannosaurus rex bit off a piece of meat.

Those who succeeded would stop attacking to concentrate on eating the meat, because they knew that such a big Argentinosaurus wouldn't die from several bites. It's enough to get meat to eat.

The rest of the Mapusaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex continued to attack. Because half of the helpers were gone, they became overwhelmed. The Argentinosaurus went crazy and rebelled fiercely because he lost several large pieces of meat.

Both Mapusaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex were too small compared to Argentinosaurus. Yet, the main food of Mapusaurus was Argentinosaurus.

Although the Mapusaurus was far less powerful than Tyrannosaurus rex, it hunted Argentinosaurus in groups. Since the prey was too large to kill with one bite, Mapusaurus could feed themselves without killing the Argentinosaurus.

Argentinosaurus was like a mobile supply station for Mapusaurus dinosaurs, a walking buffet, a mobile meat rack … it's absolutely fresh, albeit being a bit too cruel.

Adult Tyrannosaurus rex usually hunted alone, so they rarely preyed on Argentinosaurus unless they chanced upon a scuffle like this.

Gulu felt that this male Argentinosaurus was also unlucky. He met not only Mapusaurus hunting in groups, but also three adult Tyrannosaurus rex and a particularly large adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex. In contrast, these dinosaurs were lucky enough to buy lottery tickets.

However, this male Argentinosaurus was also very tough. Even after being bitten so many times, he's still struggling to resist.

Tyrannosaurus rex had all bitten off the meat, leaving only a few Mapusaurus still biting their share.

The Argentinosaurus turned around and all the Mapusaurus were thrown down. Before one of them could get up, the Argentinosaurus raised his huge foot and stomped down hard. There was a loud bang and body explosion …

Gulu's eyes widened in horror. The Argentinosaurus's move of "trampling war" was too severe, winning in just one hit!

The rest of the Mapusaurus were frightened and didn't dare to attack again. The Argentinosaurus finally found a chance to escape while these Mapusaurus didn't have the courage to chase.

Even though this Argentinosaurus had lost so much meat, it's not fatal to his huge body.

Gulu thought that the scene of the Mapusaurus hunting the Argentinosaurus was probably the bloodiest and most brutal. The Mapusaurus ate the Argentinosaurus alive. In return, the Argentinosaurus could "explode the Mapusaurus" at any time.

Mungo came back to Gaya after eating the meat and lectured the cubs, "See, you will also eat this type of big prey in the future. Don't attack again after getting a piece of meat. Don't be greedy, or you will be trampled to death …"

The three cubs nodded like chicken pecking rice.

Gulu looked at the Argentinosaurus covered in blood and asked Mungo, "Will he die because he's so badly injured?"

Mungo: "This injury is nothing to a prey of that size. He can survive as long as he wasn't attacked again. But this injured prey will become the favorite of predators. He will be attacked continuously for a short period of time and may die in three days …"

Gulu recalled the Argentinosaurus that Mungo took them to eat. It must have died after being attacked many times, and eventually became food for the entire ecosystem nearby for several days.

At this time, a particularly strong female Tyrannosaurus rex came running towards them with a piece of meat in her mouth.

Gulu recognized this female Tyrannosaurus rex as Ulam.

Ulam stopped not far from them, then walked slowly to Mungo's front and put down the meat in her mouth.

Gulu knew that this was the meaning of a female Tyrannosaurus rex actively pursuing a male Tyrannosaurus rex.

But Mungo was still a minor!

The three male Tyrannosaurus rex also stopped to watch from nearby. Ulam was their goddess!

In general, a female Tyrannosaurus rex would not actively pursue a male. Yet, as long as the female actively pursued but the male refused, the female Tyrannosaurus rex would definitely kill the male Tyrannosaurus rex.

If Mungo didn't agree, he would definitely have to fight Ulam. Ulam was too powerful. Mungo may not win.

But if Mungo agreed, he would leave to set up a territory with Ulam. None of them could enter his new territory.

Gulu was very selfish in his hope. He didn't want Mungo to promise, but Ulam was so fierce, beautiful and strong. Mungo probably liked Ulam too.

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