Gulu didn't understand. Ulam was such a powerful and domineering "goddess". All of the male Tyrannosaurus rex in the whole continent of Yukan could be her choice. Why did she actively pursue an adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex?

Mungo poked through Ulam's meat with his claws and said to Gaya, "Take the cubs back first."

Gulu knew that this represented Mungo's rejection of Ulam. He was both very happy and worried. He's afraid Mungo couldn't beat Ulam.

Mungo was still an adolescent. Although he's about the same size as Ulam, Ulam was five or six years older and had much more combat experience than him. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Ulam stared at Mungo in disbelief. She couldn't believe that a male Tyrannosaurus rex would refuse her.

Even if Mungo was still an adolescent now, it's not a problem at all as long as the female Tyrannosaurus rex was willing to wait. Moreover, as an adolescent who's being actively pursued by a female, and she's still the most powerful female Tyrannosaurus rex in the whole continent of Yukan, how glorious is that!

The three male Tyrannosaurus rex who were watching from the distance: Is Mungo crazy? This is Ulam! Ulam!

Ulam was really worthy of being the most powerful female Tyrannosaurus rex in the whole continent of Yukan. She quickly adjusted her state and looked at Mungo with fierce and cruel eyes, which frightened Gulu.

He didn't know how Ulam could make her eyes "soulful" one second before then suddenly turned into "homicidal" the next second without even a transition.

Gaya hurriedly took the cubs to the distant hillside. They could still see the situation on Mungo's end while ensuring their safety. The fights between Tyrannosaurus rex were terrible.

They saw Ulam roared in all directions. Her voice grew louder and louder.

Mungo stood quietly watching her.

Gulu didn't know what Ulam was doing, but he's still frightened by her momentum. What a domineering female Tyrannosaurus rex! Even if rejected by a male, the momentum didn't lose at all.

Then, the three male Tyrannosaurus rex, who were standing at a distance watching, came forward and stood behind Ulam, ready to fight or die for her.

As Ulam's roars resounded longer, some particularly robust male Tyrannosaurus rex gradually gathered around her from all directions.

Gulu anxiously scurried around. This Ulam was really too vicious. She's afraid that she couldn't kill Mungo. So, she called all her suitors to come and organize into a group to fight with him.

After a while, dozens of adult male Tyrannosaurus rex had gathered behind Ulam. It must be said that her "goddess" title wasn't for nothing. Its appeal was too strong.

Gulu felt very worried. How could Mungo beat so many male Tyrannosaurus rex?

Moreover, Mungo was too cruel and overbearing at ordinary times. He "offended" too many small fries (T/N: weaker dinosaurs). Normally, there was no leader to unite them against him. This time Ulam brought everyone together. They no longer had to be afraid of Mungo.

Gaya also quickly let out a loud roar. Mungo's brothers immediately rushed up.

However, Mungo's brothers added up to only 15. They're all adolescents. Meanwhile, there were more than 30 adult male Tyrannosaurus rex on Ulam's side, each one stronger than the next.

Arguably, Mungo's brothers were loyal to him. Even with their loyalty, they didn't need to take part in this battle because they would surely die. Moreover, Mungo was attacked because he refused a female Tyrannosaurus rex. They would be despised by other Tyrannosaurus rex if they helped Mungo.

Nevertheless, they stood behind him without hesitation or fear.

Guji and Gudong were scared to tears by so many aggressive male Tyrannosaurus rex. Gaya even more anxiously wanted to help Mungo, but she also needed to protect her cubs.

Gulu kept digging nervously at the ground. He also wished to save Mungo, but there's no way. He's completely stumped.

Behind Ulam stood more than 30 male Tyrannosaurus rex, who were ready to fight for her at any time.

Mungo was also ready to fight to the death. He stared at the other Tyrannosaurus rex and Ulam without fear.

Just when all the male Tyrannosaurus rex were ready for the war, Ulam let out a roar then turned and ran away.

Mungo was stunned. All of the male Tyrannosaurus rex summoned by Ulam were also shocked.

These male adult Tyrannosaurus rex: As soon as the Goddess shouted, we rushed to the rescue. As the result, the Goddess left first? Are we just spare tires with no dignity?! (T/N: spare tires = extras)

Ulam's roars rang farther and farther away until her body could no longer be seen. Yet, her shouts that shook the earth didn't stop.

Some male Tyrannosaurus rex turned to chase Ulam while others stood still and considered whether to fight with Mungo.

Once more than half of the male went after Ulam, the rest of them dispersed because Mungo was difficult to deal with.

In fact, as long as Ulam "commanded", this world war could definitely kill at least 20 male Tyrannosaurus rex.

In the process of Tyrannosaurus rex courtship, one-on-one fights and group fights were common. A group of male would fight for the right to mate with the strongest female. The female Tyrannosaurus rex could also compete for the male…

Therefore, Tyrannosaurus rex had the highest death rate in the courtship stage of their lives. Many fossil studies show that Tyrannosaurus rex were "short-lived" simply because the risk of falling in love was too high. They would die if they're careless.

This was probably also a natural way to maintain the ecological balance. Tyrannosaurus rex were too powerful to be killed by other dinosaurs after they grew up. So, let them kill each other.

Gulu knew that because Ulam had provoked so many male Tyrannosaurus rex, there would certainly be a lot of trouble in the future. These males weren't "lackeys". They wouldn't allowed themselves to be fooled in vain, but Ulam wasn't afraid at all.

If Ulam had ordered the fight, more than half of the males would die. They couldn't give her troubles in the future. Yet, she didn't do so.

Gulu stared at the direction of her departure. It's already evening. The sun was setting and showed color of blood. He knew that the "first generation of queen" was rising in Yukan. Ulam's legendary life was only the beginning.

Gulu thought: Mungo is still too young. He will regret turning down Ulam in the future.

Mungo led his brothers to Gaya and the three young ones.

The cubs flew past and all hugged Mungo's hind legs. They were really scared just now.

Gaya and Mungo took them back to the nest.

Along the way, Gulu kept asking: "Mungo, will Ulam come to trouble you again? She's so fierce …"

Mungo comforted the cubs that Ulam wouldn't trouble him anymore.

In fact, Mungo didn't know whether Ulam would or not. He still didn't know why she liked him.

After returning to the nest, the three cubs were not in the mood to play and slept beside Mungo.

When Gulu woke up, Mungo had already left. Guji and Gudong were still asleep. Gaya stood not far away picking leaves for Gulu.

Munroe hesitated for a long time before he walked to Gulu and said, "Gulu, do you dare to come with me?"

Gulu was very wary of Munroe, but he knew that Munroe didn't dare to do anything to him, so he followed. He wanted to see what tricks this guy had.

Munroe brought Gulu to the lush fern plantation nearby. He gently spread apart the bushes. There were several fresh berries of all colors – black, red and blue, which looked delicious at first sight.

Gulu stared at the berries then at Munroe. He felt very puzzled and asked, "Are these not poisonous?"

Munroe became a little angry. He tilted his head to one side and huffed, "Do you want to eat or not?"

In fact, Gulu knew that these berries couldn't be poisonous. They're exactly the same as those Mungo often brought him. He just thought it was strange that Munroe brought them for him to eat.

Gulu: "Why did you suddenly treat me so well?! What do you want?"

Munroe: "Don't eat then." He picked up the berries to leave.

Gulu rushed up. Eat! Eat! He was already hungry, and the berries tasted really delicious. Soon they were all gone. Juice spread all over the corners of his mouth. He burped and praised, "It's delicious."

Munroe: "Wipe your mouth on the ground. Don't tell anyone that I have you delicious food!"

Gulu: "You are kind to me. Why can't I say?"

Munroe whispered: "I told everyone before that I would eat you. Now, I brought you delicious food … if other brothers know, wouldn't I be ashamed …"

Gulu: Ha, ha, ha, ha, suddenly I think Munroe is a little cute. What's going on?

No wonder he asked him to come here and eat. He's afraid of being seen by other male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu threw himself at Munroe's back leg to clean his mouth. He thought the ground was too rough. Munroe motionlessly let Gulu rub against him.

While rubbing, Gulu found some bruises on his back leg. They didn't seem to be from a fight. What could have caused it?

Gulu gently licked the wound with his tongue and asked, "What happened here?"

Munroe wouldn't tell Gulu that when he was picking these berries, he accidentally rolled down and scratched himself because the mountain was too steep.

How embarrassing was that! He's a Tyrannosaurus rex, a super terrible Tyrannosaurus rex ah! How could he roll down a mountain? It's too shameful!

Munroe: "I fought with other brothers and got hurt. You should go back soon after you're full. Stop talking so much nonsense."

Gulu probably guessed it too, so he stopped asking and went to play with Guji and Gudong.

Because Munroe had "surrendered" to Gulu, no longer targeting him and even secretly treating him well, other male Tyrannosaurus rex were even more afraid to finding trouble with Gulu.

Moreover, these male Tyrannosaurus rex had to admit that they liked Gulu running around on their backs. Gulu's soft foot pads were really comfortable. They felt even better when he rubbed his horns against them.


The three cubs were always restless. The last time they ran out, they almost got trampled to death by Heili. This stopped them for less than half a month. They took advantage of Gaya's hunting time today to run out and play.

This time, it's Gulu who wanted to see the "super egg laying center".

But when they were approaching the egg laying center, a small Argentinosaurus came running towards them, followed by several Skorpiovenators.

(repeated for reference)

Skorpiovenators ate not only small Argentinosaurus, but also small dinosaurs.

Gulu knew that according to this trend, they couldn't escape the misfortune of being discovered by Skorpiovenators.

He looked around and saw an abandoned hole of a Didelphodon! (T/N: the egg stealer that looked like a larger version of hyena)

Gulu called out to his younger brothers, "Run, run with me!"

Guji and Gudong immediately followed him and ran toward the mouth of the cave. Gulu let his brothers go in first while he stayed at the opening.

Gulu just went inside the hole when the little Argentinosaurus arrived. The young cub couldn't find the opening.

Since the cave was still spacious, Gulu poked his head out to call the little Argentinosaurus, "Come on in!"

The little Argentinosaurus was about to be caught by the Skorpiovenator. He had no other choice but to rush into the cave immediately.

This Argentinosaurus was born only a short time ago and didn't know about the danger of Tyrannosaurus rex. Therefore, he's not frightened by Guji and Gudong. He trembled and cried out, "brother, brother, how terrible …"

The Skorpiovenators found their prey inexplicably missing and went away after searching several rounds.

Gulu saw that the predators had left and was about to bring the cubs out when he heard very heavy footsteps coming up.

As the footsteps drew closer, the strong vibration caused the mud and stones in the cave to fall down. The four cubs were also jolted from one side of the cave to the other while hitting the roof of the cave many times over their heads and banging into each other …

Hiding inside the cave was not a safe option. Such a big dinosaur could level the hole in one step. Gulu wanted to climb out to see but failed. He just climbed up a little and was knocked down.

Suddenly, these footsteps stopped at the entrance of the cave.

Gulu told his younger brothers not to come out first. He climbed to the mouth of the cave and dared to stick out his head to look. The sight scared him almost to the ground: F***! How tall! How big!

The little Argentinosaurus also stretched out a head to see. Then he rushed out excitedly and yelled. But because he's too small, his voice sounded like milky cries.

The little Argentinosaurus jumped onto the front paws of the male Argentinosaurus excitedly and shouted, "Dad, this brother saved me!"

Gulu recognized that this male Argentinosaurus was the one that Mungo and the Mapusaurus had bitten many times that day. He's still not dead!

Gulu thought: It's no use. Little brat, it's useless for me to save you. My Dad, Mungo, once ate your Dad's meat. Your Dad will definitely trample me to death.

When this male Argentinosaurus was attacked that day, Gulu was sitting in the audience at the VIP seat.

Of course, the male Argentinosaurus recognized Gulu. He lowered his head and glared at Gulu. He was very angry and let out a loud roar. Gulu was scared and sat down on the ground.

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