The male Argentinosaurus raised his mountain-like leg. Gulu couldn't help shivering. He also wanted to run, but his limbs couldn't stand up at all.

The little Argentinosaurus jumped on Gulu and shouted: "Dad, don't trample on my brother. He saved me!"

Gulu didn't know if the big dinosaur could hear the cry of the little dinosaur. The voice of the little dinosaur was too small. Even if he did, it's useless. The main point didn't lie in him saving the young cub, but that Mungo had eaten the meat of this big dinosaur before. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

The male Argentinosaurus didn't hear the shout of the cub, but he couldn't trample his only cub to death and had to put his foot beside them.

The dinosaur's leg was so heavy that there was a loud bang. Gulu and the little dinosaur both bounced up. The little dinosaur then landed on Gulu's belly.

This small Argentinosaurus weighed only about 10 Jin. Gulu already weighed over 100 Jin. He looked at least seven or eight times larger than the little dinosaur.

The little dinosaur didn't leave Gulu's belly. He was afraid that if he came down, his Dad would trample his brother to death.

The adult dinosaur took several steps back then slowly laid down to put his head in front of them. All these moves caused a big shock. The little dinosaur hugged Gulu's front legs and remained on his belly.

The little dinosaur was too small. If he wasn't standing on Gulu's belly, even with the big dinosaur laying down, he couldn't reach the big dinosaur's head.

The height was just right now. The little dinosaur rubbed his small head gently against the big head of the larger dinosaur and shouted loudly: "Dad, I was playing in the nest. A big, ugly dinosaur wanted to eat me, so I ran. The ugly dinosaur chased so fast. I was almost caught. It's this little brother who let me hide in the cave, so I didn't get eaten …"

The big dinosaur listened to his young son.

He then looked at Gulu for a long time.

Gulu remained on his back and watched the male Argentinosaurus. He had been on this dinosaur planet for so long and saw many dinosaurs, but he never encountered such a big Argentinosaurus. He must be over 110 tons!

Moreover, the wounds on this male Argentinosaurus had basically scabbed. It's only been more than half a month. Without any medical treatments, this self-healing ability was too strong!

Even Mungo said that this Argentinosaurus could only live for three days at most. It's incredible how he had healed himself.

Gulu knew that he may be trampled to death, but he still had to admire the viability of this male Argentinosaurus. It's like having a resurrection armor!

The male Argentinosaurus called to Gulu, "You come with me."

The little dinosaur who was lying on Gulu's belly cried, "Dad! Don't step on my brother. He saved me!"

Big dinosaur: "I won't trample him to death. I have something to say to him."

The little dinosaur finally came down from Gulu.

Gulu still felt very scared. He was afraid that the big dinosaur wanted to bring him to the side to kill so the little dinosaur couldn't see and help him.

But he had no choice but to follow the big dinosaur to the lush fern bushes.

Gulu was trembling all over and barely stood, looking timidly at the big dinosaur.

The big dinosaur lowered down to his front and threatened, "I should trample you to death."

Gulu didn't dare to refute. He nodded his head, shivering.

The big dinosaur continued, "But you saved my son. I'll let you go once. Don't let me see you again."

Gulu was shocked. He didn't expect this male Argentinosaurus to let him off so easily. This was incredible.

He mustered up courage and said: "I'm sorry. I apologize for Mungo …"

The big dinosaur: "You don't have to apologize to me. Carnivorous dinosaurs eat us just like we eat ferns and tree leaves. What we need to do is protect ourselves and our ethnic groups, instead of trying to stop carnivorous dinosaurs from eating meat …"

Gulu looked up at the big dinosaur and instantly felt that this male would definitely become the best Argentinosaurus.

Gulu unknowingly asked in the tone of a fan, "What's your name?"

Big dinosaur: "Ray."

Gulu's eyes widened. It turned out that this was the famous Argentinosaurus king, "Ray"!

There were many ethnic groups of Argentinosaurus on the continent of Yukan. Each ethnic group had a leader, but the most legendary leader of Argentinosaurus was Ray!

The Argentinosaurus group led by Ray was the largest in Yukan, with about 1,000 Argentinosaurus and had the largest egg laying center in the continent.

Moreover, Ray was the largest of all Argentinosaurus, with a height of more than 15 meters, a body length longer than 50 meters and a weight heavier than 120 tons, which really let him stand apart.

Gulu now understood that Ray was able to lead such a large group of Argentinosaurus and become the most legendary leader, not only because of his large size, but also because of his tenacity, courage and fearlessness.

Ray finally returned with the stunned Gulu to the cave opening where the little dinosaur waited.

Guji and Gudong didn't dare to come out without their elder brother's command. The two cubs listened to his brother most. Fortunately, they did. If they came out, Ray would surely trample them to death.

Gulu told the two cubs that this little dinosaur was an herbivorous dinosaur. Guji and Gudong also understood that adult herbivorous dinosaurs would trample on cubs of carnivorous dinosaurs, so they hid in the cave all the time.

If Gulu was a carnivorous dinosaur cub, even if he saved Ray's cub, Ray would not hesitate to trample him to death.

The little dinosaur rubbed against Gulu's head and said: "Brother, thank you for saving me. What did you talk with Dad for so long? Can you let me know?"

Ray: "Nothing. Beibei, we should go back."

Then Ray gently grabbed the little dinosaur's body to pick him up. The little dinosaur hurriedly asked, "Brother, what's your name?!"

Gulu: "My name is Gulu."

The little dinosaur: "Brother, you must remember to come and play with me! If you don't come to me, I will go to you when I grow up …"

Gulu would like to say to the little dinosaur that your Dad wouldn't let you play with me, let alone come to my place, because there're many terrible Tyrannosaurus rex in my family.

Ray took one last look at Gulu then left with the little dinosaur still chattering.

In fact, Ray felt that Gulu was a bit pitiful. As an herbivorous dinosaur, he was raised by Tyrannosaurus rex. Gulu would have to return to the Triceratops later. Even if no Triceratops took him in, he still had to leave the Tyrannosaurus rex group.

Ray imagined that Gulu would be in a very difficult situation when he grew up. Neither the herbivorous dinosaur group nor the carnivorous dinosaur group would accept him.

Gulu looked after the Argentinosaurus father and son who were fading away. He wanted to say this to the little dinosaur very much: You have a great Dad.

It wasn't until they walked far off that Gulu returned to the cave to let the two younger brothers out. He also told them simply that these heavy footsteps belonged to the father of the little dinosaur who already took him away.

Guji and Gudong were frightened. Of course, they heard the terrible footsteps and roars of the big dinosaur. They kept asking Gulu, "Brother, is the little dinosaur's Dad very fierce? Did he hurt you?"

Gulu certainly wouldn't tell his younger brothers that the cub's Dad almost trampled him to death but bluffed: "We saved the little dinosaur. The little dinosaur's Dad was good to me. Still, you can't play with these herbivores. Their parents would trample you to death …"

Although Gulu saved the little dinosaur, he must make his younger brothers understand that carnivorous dinosaurs and herbivorous dinosaurs couldn't play together to prevent them from getting harmed.

Guji and Gudong desperately nodded.

Scared by the giant Argentinosaurus, the two cubs didn't dare to play any more after leaving the cave and hurried back without stopping.

They didn't dare to rest until they reached the nest. Gaya hadn't come back yet. They already discussed it. If Gaya asked, all three would say that they didn't go anywhere today.

Gaya and Mungo came back with a lot of meat and berries. The three cubs were so hungry that they rushed to the foods and devoured them.

The three full cubs laid on their back and rested for a while before they started to play and fight. Dinosaur cubs loved to fight from an early age. Fighting would make them grow faster and stronger.

Mungo and Gaya settled besides them and watched the cubs.

Tyrannosaurus rex fought by biting in various ways. Gulu grew up with Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. He also liked to bite when fighting.

Of course, Triceratops couldn't compete with Tyrannosaurus rex in bite force and teeth strength. When fighting, it's actually very disadvantageous. Gulu was often bitten and rolled all over the floor without any resistance. This time, too.

All of a sudden, Mungo roared, "No more fighting! Gulu! You come with me!"

The three cubs were so frightened that they didn't dare to move. Even Gaya was startled. They had no idea why Mungo was angry.

Gulu dared not refuse to listen. He followed behind Mungo with grievance. Gaya wanted to go see but finally refrained. Mungo would not teach Gulu without a reason.

Mungo took Gulu to the lush fern field by the river and let Gulu stand squarely in front of him before saying, "Gulu, do you want to be a Triceratops as powerful as Pado?"

Gulu looked up at Mungo and agreed, "Yes, it's my dream."

Mungo: "From today on, you will fight with me every day until you can beat me."

Hearing this, Gulu was very excited and jumped up to speak, "I will win you one day!"

Mungo: "In the future, when you fight with Guji and Gudong, bites are not allowed. You are a Triceratops, not a Tyrannosaurus rex. Triceratopses fight with head attack and horn bump. Any time that I see you bite, I'll beat you up!"

Gulu finally realized that Mungo was angry because of this. He felt very touched. Mungo considered so much for him. He's actually worried that because Gulu didn't live in a Triceratops group, he wouldn't know how to fight with Triceratops' advantages and couldn't survive outside.

Mungo: "Tyrannosaurus rex's forelimb is a weak point. If you meet a very powerful Tyrannosaurus rex, and you can't guarantee to kill him in one move, think of some way to bump into the forelimb … Tyrannosaurus rex have a very thin belly, use your horn to pierce there …"

Gulu listened carefully and nodded incessantly while thinking: A Tyrannosaurus rex is teaching its prey how to defeat itself, which is completely against the nature of predators. If this isn't love …

In the hot afternoon sun, Gulu felt that every piece of Mungo's body was shining with golden light, just like wearing a golden armor, so domineering and mighty!

At this moment, Gulu recalled a question: "Mungo, if I go back to the Triceratopses and teach them how to defeat Tyrannosaurus rex, will you regret telling me so much?"

Mungo gazed at little Gulu and answered, "I want you to be invincible."

Gulu looked up at Mungo, his eyes full of stars.

Mungo and Gulu didn't notice it, but Pado was staring at Gulu from the lush fern bushes nearby.

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