Mungo was keeping watch over Gulu beside the nest when he became too manic to control his bloodthirsty desire and ran out. Unconsciously, he reached the seaside.

Of course, Mungo, as a terrestrial dinosaur, couldn't cross the sea to find Gulu. He didn't even know which island Gulu was on. His desire to kill pterosaurs made him lose control over himself.

Every Tyrannosaurus Rex was crazy, violent, and addicted to blood. Before Mungo raised Gulu, he belonged to the type who would eat other dinosaurs when he wanted to and kill them when he's unhappy. That's why he was called the "Devil" and the "Grim Reaper" of Yukan Continent.

Even with Gulu, Mungo's temperament hadn't changed much. He's still very ferocious and violent.  He only seemed to be "better" because he didn't have as much time to kill as before. In fact, a Tyrannosaurus rex's nature was impossible to change.

The seashore was one of the main hunting places for Quetzalcoatluses. They either flew above the sea surface and caught big fishes with their claws, or picked up those big fishes with their beaks to bring to the shore to enjoy them slowly.

Mungo hid in the luxuriant fern bushes beside the beach. Whenever a pterosaur landed on the beach to eat its meal, he would run over to bite the pterosaur into two pieces and throw it aside.

Mungo was also very intentional. He piled up these dead pterosaurs in one spot. Soon, they formed a small hill.

Seeing the bodies of so many pterosaurs being displayed together, the rest of the pterosaurs no longer dared to bring their prey to this beach for enjoyment. When that happened, Mungo switched to another beach.

On this beach, a team of pterosaurs was attacking a group of Pachyrhinosaurus passing by the sea.

This group of Pachyrhinosaurus should be migrating from one fern field to another for food. They must be trying to avoid other horrible carnivorous dinosaurs in the plains by passing near the sea. Even if there're pterosaurs here, they could do less harm to their group than other carnivores.

Pachyrhinosaurus looked very much like Triceratops and belonged to the same family of Ceratopsidae. However, Pachyrhinosaurus wasn't as strong as Triceratops because it didn't have horns, so its defensive ability was much worse.

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The team of pterosaurs soon isolated an adolescent Pachyrhinosaurus from the group. The Pachyrhinosaurus group tried to save him, but there're too many pterosaurs and they quickly gave up.

An adolescent Pachyrhinosaurus was enough for the 20-plus pterosaurs. They no longer attacked other Pachyrhinosaurus and just concentrated on killing this isolated one.

Mungo rushed up unnoticed and bit a pterosaur. The fragile body of Quetzalcoatlus was completely vulnerable to the terrible biting force of Tyrannosaurus Rex. One bite could tear a pterosaur into two pieces.

This team of pterosaurs had yet to react, seven or eight of them already lost their lives.

In addition to biting, Mungo used his two forelimbs to grab the claws of these pterosaurs. He pulled them off the air and slammed them to the ground. He also used his front claws to tear their wing membranes. Pterosaurs that injured their wing membranes couldn't take off at all and could only struggle on the ground. Mungo crushed each of them with one foot.

Tyrannosaurus rex's forelimbs were short, but they could casually lift hundreds of Jin. Using them to grab and slam a pterosaur to the ground was easy.

In this way, only three out of more than 20 pterosaurs managed to fly to the sky and escape the fate of being killed. The rest of them all died.

The wounded adolescent Pachyrhinosaurus covered in blood ran desperately towards its ethnic group while Mungo was killing these pterosaurs. Just as it was about to reach the group, Mungo chased from behind and snapped its neck.

Mungo, who killed until his eyes turned red, lost control over himself. He rushed to the Pachyrhinosaurus group. The Pachyrhinosaurus group ran desperately. Nevertheless, several of their adult dinosaurs were still killed.

By this time, the sun was almost setting. Mungo knew that Gulu would wake up at night. He needed to get back before dark.

On the way back to the nest, Mungo indiscriminately killed several more carnivorous dinosaurs and herbivorous dinosaurs that he met.

The whole continent of Yukan was shrouded in a "blood shed". All dinosaurs were trembling with fear, praying never to meet the mad Mungo.

All dinosaurs in the continent of Yukan summed up today's event: Mungo hasn't been so violent for a long time. It seems that Mungo has no time to be violent since he started raising that little Triceratops Gulu. Now because Gulu is sent back to the Triceratops, Mungo finally has time to kill again?!

As the result, all dinosaurs in the continent of Yukan hoped that Gulu would return to Mungo instead of the Triceratops. At least then, Mungo wouldn't be so violent and endanger their lives!


When Cassie returned to Nassau's cave with Gulu, it's already evening. The setting sun covered the entire Sada Sea with a golden red coat. The sky was full of fiery clouds. It's very beautiful and spectacular.

Nassau was eating a Gorgosaurus. Several pterosaurs stood beside Nassau, including Nada. Obviously they were here to bring food for Nassau.

As soon as Gulu came back, he heard them talking about Mungo. Nada was reporting to Nassau about the situation of their ethnic group.

Nada: "No one knows what kind of madness Mungo had. He ran to the sea and bit a lot of pterosaurs. The pterosaurs on the east beach suffered serious casualties. One ethnic group of pterosaurs lost more than 20. Others lost more than 10 …"

Nassau didn't hear the main point after listening for half a day, so he asked, "What about our ethnic group?"

Nada: "Our ethnic group is fine. Mungo didn't go to the beach where our ethnic group was active. I think Mungo killed those pterosaurs but didn't eat them because of Gulu. He's doing this as a warning to you. Maybe our ethnic group will be bitten next …"

Nassau: "I know."

Nada added, "Mungo has killed many other dinosaurs, but none of them has lost as many as the pterosaurs today. He's definitely targeting us …"

Gulu hurriedly ran over and spoke: "Mungo won't eat pterosaurs of your ethnic group. I'll go back and tell him immediately. He will definitely not eat pterosaurs of your group …"

Nada couldn't understand Gulu's mixture of human and dinosaur words. Gulu's pronunciation of dinosaur language was also not very standard. Nada looked puzzled and asked, "What did you say?"

Nassau understood most of his words and corrected Gulu, "Gulu, you should say 'our' group. You are the leader of our ethnic group."

(T/N: technically Gulu is the second leader but often time he's referred to as the leader)

Gulu didn't care about these details either. He repeated, "Our ethnic group. Our ethnic group. Mungo won't eat our ethnic group."

Nassau: "I know."

Gulu hurriedly found a clean boulder and laid on it while saying to Nassau, "Nassau, I want to sleep until tomorrow. You must protect me well. Don't let me get hurt!"

Nassau also knew the relationship between Gulu's two bodies. He walked to Gulu's side and affirmed, "Rest assured, I will protect you."

Gulu stroked Nassau's big beak with his hand then fell asleep.

Nassau knew that Gulu's human body was so fragile that he couldn't bear even the bite of a small insect. So, he let several pterosaurs take turns to gently flap him with their wingspans to drive away these annoying little things.

Gulu's consciousness had not completely disappeared. He could feel the gentle breeze blowing his body, making it very comfortable.

When Gulu's Triceratops woke up, it's already dark. Mungo also came back. He's tired after killing all afternoon and laid down beside the nest to rest.

Mungo saw Gulu wake up and felt his tiredness dissipating at once. He wildly rubbed Gulu's little body and asked a series of questions: "Gulu, how's it going over there? What time are you coming back? Did you encounter any danger there? …"

Gulu wanted to have a good talk with Mungo, but he was so hungry that he had to eat first.

Mungo immediately noticed Gulu's hunger. He took him out of the nest and said, "Go and eat, you must be hungry."

Gaya hurriedly took out the collected foods for Gulu.

Gulu immediately began to eat wildly. After finishing his berries and nuts, he went to eat ferns near their nest.

Guji and Gudong were playing nearby. When they saw Gulu woke up, they all crowed around him. They felt very satisfied just watching their brother eat.

Mungo let Gulu sit on top of his head and took him out to eat leaves because Gulu still felt hungry after eating these ferns.

Guji and Gudong originally wanted to follow, but now it's nighttime. It's dangerous outside. Mungo couldn't watch over all three cubs. Gaya didn't let them follow.

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Gulu stood on Mungo's head and ate for a long time before he was finally satisfied. He laid back and rested. Mungo began to walk back slowly.

The two were silent for a while. When Gulu had enough rest, he asked, "Mungo, did you kill many dinosaurs today?"

Mungo answered in the grievance tone of a wronged father, "I didn't kill the pterosaurs from Nassau's group."

Mungo might only be a Tyrannosaurus rex who had no human IQ or EQ, and had a difficult time controlling his bloodthirsty and violent nature, but he held the deepest love for Gulu.

Mungo didn't want Gulu to face any injury. That's why he refrained from killing Nassau's group at this time. After all, Gulu hadn't come back yet.

Even if Gulu returned later, he still wouldn't kill Nassau's group. He didn't want Gulu to feel sad. Of course, he would have no more scruple in killing them in the future if Gulu broke off all contact with them one day.

Mungo's actions would always consider Gulu's feelings first, then his own.

Gulu felt very distressed. Mungo was a Tyrannosaurus rex, the most ferocious and bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus rex. Even if he killed more dinosaurs, it's still in accordance to his nature and understandable. Yet, Mungo wouldn't eat dinosaurs from a certain ethnic group because of him, because he was afraid of his anger.

In contrast, he still insisted on rescuing Nassau despite Mungo's strong opposition and made him so worried.

Gulu: "Mungo, I'm sorry. I let you worry so much. It's all my fault. You can beat me hard. I won't shout pain."

Mungo: "I won't beat you. I don't need to worry anymore if you come back early. When will you come back?"

Gulu truthfully told Mungo the situation over there: "I don't know if Nassau's wing bones are fractured or dislocated. They need to be observed for a few more days to make sure they're fine. I will come back then. Before I return, I will wake up like this every night …"

Mungo: "You must come back soon."

Gulu wildly nodded.

In fact, Mungo was also very angry now, but he listened to Pado's instructions and refrained from punishing Gulu. He thought: When Gulu's human body returns, he must be taught a good lesson!

Gulu originally thought that Mungo would be very angry. He might not beat him now but will definitely scold him. As the result, Mungo just wanted him to return soon. He felt so moved. He absolutely had no idea that when he came back, he might face "double beating".

Mungo: "Tired? Sleep if you want. I'll walk slowly."

Gulu was really tired today, but how could he sleep now? He still had a lot of interesting things to share with Mungo.

Mungo: "Sleep, I'll tell you the story of other dinosaurs on Yukan Continent."

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