Having spoken, Gulu forcibly climbed up Cassie's back. Cassie heart did a horizontal flip even as he flew up. He silently made up his mind. Even if he had to die or the group destroyed, he must ensure the safety of Gulu!

Cassie was bigger than Ned. He was a very powerful pterosaur and Nassau's best assistant. Cassie was also stronger than Ned. He believed that he could protect Gulu.

Soon, they reached the core area of battle. Cassie flew very high. Many pterosaurs of Ned's group couldn't fly as high as him. Their wingspans weren't as large as Cassie's, so they couldn't fly to the same height.

Nada, of course, noticed Cassie and Gulu. As he resisted the pterosaurs of Ned's, he thought in his heart: Cassie is crazy. Why did he bring Gulu here? Gulu is so weak. He'll only be a drag. What second leader! It's my brother who went crazy and made him the second leader!

Cassie let out a loud scream. Immediately, about 20 pterosaurs appeared below them, forming a tight protective layer. If a pterosaur wanted to attack Cassie and Gulu, they must first pass this first level of protection.

To tell the truth, pterosaurs that could fly to this height were very small in number. With Cassie being able to fly so much higher than them, Gulu was already very safe.

Gulu: "Let your brothers fly higher, away from the sea and the ground. Tell them to concentrate on attacking Ned's pterosaurs!"

As Gulu gave his order, Cassie used "simultaneous interpretation" to relay Gulu's instructions through his loud screams that resounded across the sky. It's fortunate that Cassie could basically understand Gulu's poor dinosaur language. Otherwise, the was no way for Gulu to join this battle.

Dinosaurs of any ethnic group absolutely followed the orders of their leaders during their fights. These pterosaurs immediately flew upward at all costs. Even if they were beaten down one by one by Ned's group that was hovering higher than them, they still kept flying up.

At the same time, Cassie was also constantly flying upwards.

Gulu felt the sea breeze blowing toward the south. The morning air flow was even stronger in the southern direction. He immediately called, "Go south, south, quick! Let them stop guarding the cave! Evacuate all!"

Pterosaurs always relied on wind and air flow to fly. Of course, they knew best about how to take advantage of the wind to fly upward, but it's too chaotic without a unified command for them to do so.

There was also a split off group of Nassau's pterosaurs attacking Ned's pterosaurs by the cave entrance on the ground. This was the result of having no leader in command. These pterosaurs didn't know how to fight effectively.

It's possible that Gulu's dinosaur language was really bad. After Cassie conveyed his order, the ethnic group flew in the opposite direction, which made it even more difficult for them to rise up!

Gulu almost spit out one mouthful of blood. He added a gesture and shouted, "It's backwards! Reverse! This way!"

Cassie immediately realized his meaning this time and gave the correct flying order.

Maybe it's lucky that the whole ethnic group flew backwards under the wrong guidance, because Ned's group also flew backwards. However, Gulu's group managed to quickly rise up under the new direction. It's too late for Ned's pterosaurs to catch up.

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It's this false guidance for a few seconds that caused Nassau's group to lose more than 20 pursuers!

Nassau's group instantly felt that Gulu was just like a sea god who came here especially to help them through this genocide.

Since Quetzalcoatluses often hunted above the sea surface, they also believed in the sea god. The sea god could bring them more prey and help them avoid tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. when hunting.

All pterosaurs flew higher into the air. At last, those Gorgosaurus and Kronosaurus could no longer reach them, which reduced a lot of losses.

At the same time, the addition of their pterosaurs that were originally guarding the cave made their current fighting force even larger.

Nada looked at Gulu and felt vaguely that Gulu had become his big brother. In his heart, only his big brother Nassau was so powerful!

Gulu: "They're coming up! Don't separate! Fight as a group here! Don't get knocked down by them!"

Under the guidance of Gulu's "just made up" strategic policy, all pterosaurs no longer attacked desperately but kept high in the air.

Gulu: "They're down there. Peck at their wing membranes! Scratch their wing membranes! Aiya, I'm dying here! Are you going to fight or not?"

Under normal circumstances, there would be no such fierce fighting between pterosaurs, even for a better habitat. Pterosaurs in weaker ethnic groups would take the initiative to leave and give up their luxurious caves.

In the beginning, although Ned was reluctant to leave, he still left with his ethnic group after Nassau killed several of his pterosaurs. It's impossible to fight just to defend his caves. Pterosaurs didn't have such strong territorial consciousness. If a cave was gone, they just need to find another one.

Additionally, all pterosaurs had been taught since childhood. No matter how, when fighting with another pterosaur, they couldn't attack the wing membrane. They could only attack the head. This teaching was to lessen the heavy casualties from fights within a group.

Compared to fighting with pterosaurs from other ethnic groups, most of their fights happen internally when competing for food.

So pterosaurs habitually didn't attack each other's wing membranes. They all knew the importance of wing membranes. Destroy other pterosaurs' wing membranes was the same as sentencing them to death. Furthermore, those who did so would be looked down upon by other pterosaurs!

Gulu's order wasn't immediately carried out, so he urged Cassie: "Hurry up! Don't you understand! Cassie, let them attack the wing membrane!"

Seeing that several of their pterosaurs were attacked and fell into the sea, Cassie immediately conveyed Gulu's instructions.

All of their pterosaurs were shocked, but they immediately carried out Gulu's orders.

Soon, Ned's pterosaurs were scratched, pecked and fell down.

More and more carnivorous dinosaurs and fishes gathered on the sea surface, not to attack Nassau's group, but because they were attracted by the strong blood scent.

From the sky, pterosaurs keep falling into the sea.

Amidst the higher sky, the black mass of pterosaurs looked just like a dark cloud. Two dark clouds were frantically winding and fighting. Large broken pieces from these dark clouds continuously fell down.

The sea water near the coast was red and this red sea water was crowded with carnivorous fishes and dinosaurs.

As noon approached, the sun grew bigger, turning the surface of the sea water scorching hot. The whole sea now looked like a boiling pot of blood. There're more and more horrible creatures in this pot of blood that couldn't be boiled down.

Ned knew that as long as Gulu was left in command, they couldn't win.

So he took dozens of his strongest pterosaurs and flew directly to Gulu's side. Although Cassie could fly very high, these strongest dozens could do the same, especially since they could fly easier without having to carry people.

Soon, they reach their height.

Cassie hurriedly spoke, "Gulu, hold on tight!"

Then Cassie's body spiraled down. Gulu hugged Cassie's neck. His legs tightly clamped Cassie's back. Half of his entire body was almost suspended in the air, but he wasn't afraid. He already knew how to ride on a flying dinosaur very skillfully.

Immediately following up, dozens of their pterosaurs completely protected Cassie.

Ned's pterosaurs attacked wildly. They knew that success or failure was at stake. Gulu saw the pterosaurs protecting him fall down one by one. Boiling hot blood sprayed all over his face.

He didn't know whether it's because pterosaur's blood was already this hot or because it's scorched by the sun.

Gulu felt heartache. This was the first time that he felt these pterosaurs were really his brothers, brothers who died and lived by him.

He patted his hand on Cassie's neck to direct him how to fly. He soon got rid of Ned. Their pterosaurs could now fight back better without the burden of protecting him.

Under Gulu's command, the battle was soon over. No pterosaur group could afford such heavy losses.

Ned let out a long scream and flew away with his group.

In contrast, all pterosaurs of Nassau's ethnic group were circling in the high air.

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Hundreds of pterosaurs formed large dark circles under Gulu, one layer after another. They appeared like black holes blocking out the sun.

If they only completed the leader recognition ceremony before because of Nassau's order, they now truly regarded Gulu as their real leader. In order to protect Gulu, they would give up their lives, just like they would for Nassau.

Gulu looked at the pterosaurs below him. Each of these pterosaurs had a lot of blood on it. The blood dyed their wingspans red. However, because their wingspans was too dark, the color of blood could hardly be seen. Instead, it made the blood-soaked wings appeared even darker.

This group of already dark giant pterosaurs now looked even darker as if they would drip ink at any moment.

There was a constant flow of blood from these pterosaurs. Gulu didn't know whether these blood belonged to Nassau's or Ned's ethnic groups.

Gulu was also covered in blood. The top of his hair was constantly dripping blood. It's all pterosaurs' blood, from both Ned's group and his pterosaur brothers'.

Gulu's eyes were also red. He licked off the blood that fell on the corners of his mouth. The blood tasted bitter and hot. He shouted, "Nassau! Nassau! Nassau! …"

The pterosaur below also chanted, "Nassau! Nassau! Nassau! Gulu! Gulu! Gulu! …"

Gulu was instantly amused: When shouting Nassau, they sound so domineering. But when it reaches Gulu, their chant sounds like a joke! There's no blood boiling momentum at all, okay! What kind of name did Mungo give me ah!

Gulu laughed until tears came out of his eyes. He saw many pterosaurs falling into the sea. They were all his brothers. In order to protect him, at least 20 pterosaurs died!

Even so, Gulu became the most legendary "pterosaur leader" who saved their group.

It's really a great achievement, but Gulu didn't think that he deserved any credit. So many brothers died to protect him when they didn't have to.

Gulu: Animals with simple thinking are really more loyal than human beings.

One didn't know how long these pterosaurs screeched around him before Gulu let Cassie calm them down to rest. They finally dispersed.

All of the Gorgosaurus on the ground was long gone. In contrast, the red sea attracted more and more carnivorous fishes and dinosaurs. They were enjoying a feast of these giant pterosaurs.

Cassie was carrying Gulu to Nassau. They didn't get far before Gulu fell down. No one knew where so many giant pterosaurs came from. They rushed at Gulu.  

Between the crackles of electricity, Gulu fell from Cassie's back and dropped into the red sea with a splash. Countless carnivorous fishes and dinosaurs instantly swarmed him.

(T/N: crackles of electricity = like in anime when those OP characters clashed)

The joy of victory had turned their heads and made them complacent. None of them noticed that Ned's pterosaurs had not left. Instead, they were waiting for a chance to kill Gulu.

Gulu wasn't Nassau. His human form was very fragile. Ned's pterosaurs could easily kill him, so they took a risk by staying.

Cassie screamed and rushed down heedlessly of danger. Nada hadn't gone back to the cave. He also recklessly rushed down.

Gulu kept sinking. He was holding his breath, but the strong smell of blood still made him extremely nauseated.

He knew that he was going to die. There're so many horrible carnivorous marine monsters here. He would be torn to pieces in an instant!

Suddenly there was a bang. He landed on an enormous object. At the same time, he saw a huge unidentified creature open its big mouth and swallowed many large carnivorous fishes and dinosaurs.

Gulu: Oh my god! What the hell is this? Don't you think I'm a little too small to eat?!

He was pushed up by an enormous creature and soon surfaced. He finally managed to draw in a great deal of fresh air. His whole body was now covered in blood.

At this moment, Gulu saw Cassie and Nada frantically looking for him, completely ignoring the fact that the sea was full of carnivorous fishes and dinosaurs.

Gulu: "Cassie, Nada, you two are stupid! You will be eaten like this!"

But the two were constantly searching. Even though their heads were all wounded, they didn't stop.

Cassie and Nada kept submerging their heads completely into the water. Their cries resounded through the sea, spreading far and wide.

A Kronosaurus lunged at them. This one bite could definitely take off both of their heads.

Gulu's heart was in his throat as he shouted, "Cassie, run away!"

The giant creature carrying Gulu suddenly accelerated. It bit off the Kronosaurus in one bite, splitting it into two pieces and spraying blood all over Gulu.

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