The Pliosaur Dad swam to a clean sea area before stopping. There was no smell of blood and the red sea spot was now almost invisible.

Gulu laid his whole body on the Pliosaur Dad and said, "Uncle pliosaur, thank you for saving me."

In fact, according to age, Gulu should call him Grandpa pliosaur. However, the son of this Pliosaur Dad was less than one year old. Shenshen even called him big brother. Of course, Gulu couldn't call this pliosaur Grandpa.

Pliosaur Dad: "I should thank you for saving Shenshen. I can't lose him."

Speaking of which, this was also fate. Gulu's poor dinosaur language seemed to be very practical for the sea. The marine dinosaur Dad could fully understand him.

Gulu replied with some embarrassment: "I just pushed Shenshen into the sea and didn't do much. I saw the sea turned red after Shenshen entered and thought that he was eaten …"

Shenshen: "Brother, that's my Dad eating other dinosaurs. I met my Dad when I went to sea. Without brother, I would have died. My Dad is too big to come ashore to save me …"

Gulu: "Then I also want to thank you for saving me. If there's no Uncle pliosaur, those sharks and dinosaurs would have eaten me alive."

Pliosaur Dad: "What's your name, little one?"

Gulu: "Uncle pliosaur, my name is Gulu."

Pliosaur Dad: "My name is Dark. If you want to come play in the sea, you can find me at any time. But I don't know if your dinosaur type can swim or go in the sea."

(T/N: the literal translation of their names: Shenshen = Deeply, An = Dark)

The whole continent of Yukan knew Gulu, but the dinosaurs in the sea didn't. It's mainly because land dinosaurs and sea dinosaurs didn't have any intersection at all. No matter how infamous, news from the land couldn't reach the sea. Similarly, news from the sea also couldn't reach the land.

Dark, of course, didn't know what a human was. He thought that Gulu was a kind of land dinosaur that he had never seen before.

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As a paleontologist, how could Gulu not want to go in the sea to see all kinds of dinosaurs? In terms of research, fossil studies of ancient marine organisms were far inferior compared to those of terrestrial dinosaurs. In fact, Gulu would like to go in the sea to play now.

He hurriedly replied: "Uncle pliosaur, I can swim. I can go into the sea. I know how to hold my breath really well. I'm an extremely good oxygen-free diver!" (T/N: he's good at freediving)

Gulu didn't explain to the pliosaur that he still had a Triceratops body, which wasn't important anyway. It's impossible for his Triceratops body to breath in the sea.

As a human being, Gulu had undergone more than 20 years of very professional training to achieve "oxygen-free diving" to a depth of 90 meters. The highest record for freediving was 113 meters. Gulu wasn't the best, but his ability was already very good.

Gulu had to sigh again that Grandpa Gu was really a fairy godfather. If he hadn't studied professional diving with Grandpa Gu, he wouldn't have been able to follow this Pliosaur Dad under the sea. Ordinary people needed to take a breath after just diving down to 10 meters. They also couldn't stand the deep-sea water pressure at all.

Of course, if there wasn't such a powerful Pliosaur Dad besides him, Gulu would never dare to enter the sea to play. Any small sharks or sea dinosaurs could eat him in one bite.

Dark couldn't understand Gulu's professional terminology about anaerobic diving, but he got that Gulu wanted to go into the sea with him very much. Of course, he wanted to satisfy him: "I can take you into the sea now."

Shenshen also hurriedly said: "Brother, the sea is really fun, There're a lot of delicious and beautiful coral. What do you like to eat? My Dad can catch them for you …"

Gulu also wanted to go down to play at once, but now wasn't the right time.

Since he had fought a "century war" with Nassau's pterosaurs, he was sure that this explosive news would soon spread across the entire continent of Yukan. He must quickly return his consciousness to the Triceratops body to avoid worrying Mungo.

Gulu: "I can't go today because I have very important things to do. How can I find you when I want to come to you later?"

Dark: "We live in this sea area. You can let these pterosaurs circle with you above and I will come out to meet you when I see them."

Gulu: "Wow, that's great. Uncle pliosaur, that's very kind of you!"

Shenshen: "Brother, you must find me to play. I have no other dinosaurs or fishes to play with. Those sharks are all afraid of me. I am bigger than their parents. The dinosaurs are also scared of me. They won't play with me …"

Gulu thought to himself: If I'm those sharks and dinosaurs, I will definitely be afraid of you too! And you still have such a terrifying Dad!

At the same time, Gulu felt that the cubs of these top sea overlords were a little pitiful. These top sea overlords lived alone and generally gave birth to only a small cub. Basically, there're no playmates.

Gulu: "I will definitely come to visit you, maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow."

Shenshen couldn't help rubbing Gulu's belly with the soft Q-bomb spot on his big head. Gulu laughed and hugged Shenshen's big head.

Pliosaur's skin was a bit similar to whale's, because it looked slippery after living in water for a long time. However, this skin felt very hard and rough. Being dark brown, its color was also not as beautiful as that of the whale's. On the other hand, its skin actually appeared very scary.

The entire big head of Shenshen was hard to the touch. Only an area as large as two palm sizes at the top of his head was soft. They were just like the frontal forehead of a beluga whale. One pinch could change them to different shapes.

Shenshen was very happy now. His frontal forehead unconsciously bulged like a bag. Gulu couldn't help but pinch it with his hand. It could be round, flat and square, simply lovely.

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Gulu suddenly felt that Shenshen was too cute. What huge size? What mouthful of fangs? What terrible appearance? All of them could be ignored. As long as he could play with his Q-bomb spot and QQ candy forehead, he would be satisfied. Shenshen was really too lovely ah!

Shenshen liked Gulu to pinch his forehead very much, so he kept rubbing on Gulu's palm and puffed himself up to change the shape of his forehead.

Gulu couldn't help leaning down and kissed Shenshen who gave out a very low-frequency sound wave. It's especially pleasant to hear, even better than human singing. It had a strong penetrating power. Gulu felt that the sound wave had radiated through the entire Sada Sea.

Shenshen: "Brother, I'm waiting for you to come to me."

Gulu rubbed Shenshen's forehead, then climbed on Cassie's back. He's afraid that if he was late, Mungo would die of anxiety.

Nada flew right behind Cassie.

As soon as Cassie took off, Gulu saw a very large Mosasaurus swimming toward Dark and it's a male Mosasaurus!

The genitals of many large creatures in the sea were hidden when not in use. They were usually hidden under the skin. Their appearance looked like a seam. It's difficult to distinguish between male and female.

But Gulu could recognize it as a male Mosasaurus at a glance, because its things were visible and simply too big. Each specific individual parts were different in appearance and ranged from 5 meters to 10 meters. The back was also curved…

(T/N: The author's description is purposely vague to avoid censorship, use your best imagination lol. FYI, I don't really get what the author is trying to describe here either haha)

The Mosasaurus was very large. It's so huge that Gulu couldn't believe his eyes.

This Mosasaurus was bigger than Dark. Gulu was very worried. Mosasaurus and Pliosaur funkei didn't belong to the same species and were likely to attack each other. Once these two ocean overlords fought, the surrounding area would fall into a terrible state.

First of all, Dark body wasn't as big as this Mosasaurus. It's highly probable that he wouldn't win. Second, there's Shenshen besides Dark's body. If Dark was injured, he wouldn't survive.

However, Gulu's worry was unnecessary, because he saw Dark and the Mosasaurus rubbing against each other with a very ambiguous expression.

Gulu also knew that marine creatures were very open, such as dolphins. It's very difficult to meet females during the life time of these top overlord types like Mosasaurus and Pliosaur funkei. So, it's normal for them to turn to homosexuality to quench their thirst.

Marine creatures wouldn't only use the same S*x, but also rocks and coral reefs in the sea, perhaps even the mouth of a big fish without teeth. These were all their routine operations.

Gulu: What should I do? I really want to stay and watch!

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